GIANT vs TINY FOOD FOR 24 HOURS! Last To LEAVE Wins! DIY Miniature Candy!Pranks by 123 GO! CHALLENGE

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    Looks like bigger is better when it comes to food. But when it comes to everything else?

    Let’s take the Giant vs Tiny Challenge to find out!
    Do you think bigger is better? Leave your comment below👇

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    1. Hari Lado

      aku gak suka sama yg rbut y kroting soalnya curang banget

    2. Ava Sullivan

      I hate That list is getting everything

    3. Thick Foam

      If i was claire i would throw alice off the roof >:(

    4. Mr been Mr been

      I love the giant duck

    5. Dickie Dee

      Alas is so rude because she lick the big Kitcat

    6. Ryan Goods

      She stole the kit Kat

    7. Rain Cyre Santos


    8. Sanjay Keshri

      Are you mad eaten atogether chocolate .

    9. Walter Borromeo

      Bruh the girl who stole the Kit Kat is gonna be fat

    10. Mohd Haflan Mokhtaza

      It is not only food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    11. Venice Conde

      I hate alice

    12. Midnight Shadow

      lol fake money

    13. Toothless Some

      The girl who licked the whole KitKat when the other girl offered A bite it was a selfish thing to do

    14. Anthony Davis

      It was really rude when the girl stole the kit cat that’s why I did not like the video I put a thumbs down

    15. Armie Orbeta

      Not fair alice

    16. reper Chara

      I hate it when she licked the KitKat I hate her😠😠😠

    17. Samara Tupas

      i like giant and tiny

    18. Trin Lynn

      NOT THE KIT KAT!!!

    19. Ryna SHARMA

      I would rather have the GIANT DUCK😅😅😅😅😉😉😉😊😊😊😎😎😎😎

    20. Cherree M

      the girl that liked the kit Kat is stupid

    21. Aethan's Vlog

      Can you do a voice reveal

    22. Princess 2012


    23. Anil Deochan

      I. Hate. Alice

    24. Wolf girl Miller

      The Oreo made me eat it so I got a piece of Oreo in mah Oreo bag

    25. Allianna Aberdeen


    26. Jeffrey Santiago


    27. Shati Barua

      Alice is kind of weird

    28. sawasdee toronto


    29. Shamara shamara


    30. Hung Chu

      I hate Alice she is mean to Claire

    31. Hung Chu


    32. Raissa oliveira

      Nossa... Eu amo assistir vocês 💋❤😘

    33. Araiya Rohr


    34. kusinerna sol

      Of course bygger is better

    35. HappyChick BackyardFun

      Fuck you

    36. Emily playz

      Alice your a slob

    37. ريام مصطفى

      Philips Philips

    38. Sumon Akhand

      You say that the challenge is 24 hours food challenge but it is not true 🤐😖😠😡🤭🤫

    39. Ella Britton

      LOL 😂

    40. Abigail Rubiano

      I don't like Alice she is so mean when she took that KitKat away from Clare ☹️☹️☹️☹️

    41. Jane Lara

      So much 💰

    42. Fei Voon Loo


    43. Jheijhei vergara

      Wth you will get corona virus with you licking a nutela with your hands

    44. Rusilawati Sayuti

      I don't like Alice!!

    45. clare walsh

      I hate alice

    46. Ali Khan

      I miss you helly,mia and jess

    47. Priya Jadhav

      Alice did cheating

    48. wanshamsiah wanharun

      Look Alice is so rude 123go look everyone been saying that Alice the bully is gross rude and mean

    49. Norazlan Sulaiman

      And she is. So not charing

    50. Norazlan Sulaiman

      Alice is so nasty and sooooo~ evil~~~~~

      1. wanshamsiah wanharun

        I know norazlan Sulaiman 🙄😂

    51. ValentiumSoul

      Woman: Hey you want some giant Kit-Kat? Woman 2: Yes! Woman: Okay. Woman 2: *Licks the whole thing* Woman 2: You want a bite? Woman: Okay! Woman: *Throws the whole candy in the incinerator* Woman 2: *Aggressively yells at woman*

    52. Nisha P

      She is cheater

    53. Niraj singh

      09 3”r9y,bu has Hwwwe

    54. Anusha Gurung

      hey Alice why are you so mean it's only a KitKat you can share it and eat it half I have never seen my life like this girl

    55. e4a æiz ärn

      alice is mean even it's her birthday

    56. Karlene and Cameron Peake

      Hey that Nutella is mine

    57. Goh Chong Aik

      㕽 必 w 的 mu

    58. Goh Chong Aik


    59. joy mhar vlogs


    60. Avery Q

      At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="370">6:10</a> where did all of that money come from

    61. Alisa Pham

      I thought she was gonna break the Kitcat in half so they can share

      1. wanshamsiah wanharun

        Yes I know

    62. Liezel Anne Angeles

      Since she lick the whole big kitkat

    63. Liezel Anne Angeles

      Is so rude the girl who has a red shirt is so shellfish but it’s ok because she will have a cough

    64. Kenyetta Stanford

      I love your episodes

    65. CVM CPLM

      Why did they use my name, Claire? hahaha

    66. نور محمد

      والله مو بالبيت بس ارجع أ و الله عليك ياروحي انتي شلونج حبي انتي شخبارج ورا سليمان من اهله تظدهمتكغدخاخع

    67. Amanda Nicholson

      Alice is mean😑😐

    68. Princess OreoPower

      I feel bad for Claire on the KitKat one

    69. Jordan Adkins


    70. Olumese Patrick

      i hate what alice did she is making me hate 123 go

    71. Sougata Mukherjee

      Bad Alice😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    72. Sanela Durmisevic

      Claire And Alice

    73. Shetu Karim


    74. Cláudia Simões

      A menina que lembeu o kit ket é porca

    75. Alice Plays

      You guys copy other videos of life hacks copycats

    76. Janelle Waln

      Yes I

    77. Janelle Waln

      Yes I

    78. Diksha Singh

      Alice you are bad

    79. Lorelai Kidd

      Chocolate mountain on the Nutella

    80. Emilia Lavender