Fortnite - Love and War



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    All is fair in Love and War. Play the new Search and Destroy LTM, earn a free Pickaxe, Emote and Wrap by completing free Challenges and keep an eye out for plenty of themed Outfits coming to the Shop!
    Read all about it here:
    Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.

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    1. Jah 2

      Tf2 hey that’s my name for a event

    2. Mr. Noob

      Damn, Epic went too far with these TF2 copies.

    3. P.C bug

      This title remember something mhhhhhh Fortnite the burning you feel IT IS SHAME

    4. Gigi

      I like the music

    5. pro gamer roblox

      He boys survive

    6. Xetsuo YT

      pls bring back old stretch res with fov

    7. Xetsuo YT

      pls bring back old stretch res with fov

    8. Xetsuo YT

      pls bring back old stretch res with fov

    9. Xetsuo YT

      pls bring back old stretch res with fov

    10. Xetsuo YT

      pls bring back old stretch res with fov

    11. John DeRocher

      I love your video

    12. StylishNINJA_ 308

      Please unban Jarvis

    13. CrazyGamesPlays

      *Now where have I seen this before*

    14. R5G wilifer villaman


    15. Cowboah

      Tf 2?

    16. Rz_- BieL

      Music ?

    17. Mystic Yau

      I want to do my challenges

    18. Mystic Yau

      Please fortnite I haven't done all my challenges yet

    19. Syires Money

      I see everyone on the season 2 battle bus

    20. Xev

      L ove A nd W ar

    21. Tom Stormbreaker95288

      We need Jarvis

    22. Tom Stormbreaker95288

      Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz we all beg u

    23. Tom Stormbreaker95288

      Plzzz unbann him

    24. Tom Stormbreaker95288

      Xbox player needs him he is the only Xbox god that we know and don’t talk about isharp I bet Jarvis could beat him to like 5-3

    25. Tom Stormbreaker95288

      Plzzz we beg u unbann him

    26. Tom Stormbreaker95288

      Fortnite plzzz make Jarvis account unbanned and pllzzzz beg u he is the only best player that represents Xbox player

    27. Megan Bushnell

      hey fortnite, I'm just a normal person that'd like to make one small request. please could you do a free battle pass for the season coming up or the next one. I would love a free Battle Pass and so would my brother but we simply do not have to money to pay for v-bucks to get it. I'm sure it's like this for countless people as well so please. just a small favor

    28. Ready Rex

      Mañana nueva temporada

    29. Hero Legends

      What trailer chapter 2 season2

    30. PhyferEU

      So when is the phub collaboration coming?

    31. Vladimir Samson

      I saw from the houses that it spelled nothing ando the map is gonna be gold

    32. Luis 99LyB

      El evento más aburrido

    33. Ned Pringle

      Sounds like the Wiggle but a song remix

    34. DanSan

      M'y skin us beatiful bullseye 😍😍😍

    35. BLND GAMER

      Hi my phon didn't dawnlood fortnite but my phon 6g RAM name phon infinix s4 please

    36. Kenyce07 Crmp

      Yesterday I got a redacted message and there was a golden missile in some weird Al location when I saw lyrics running that image up so fortnite if you listening or reading this comment you're in big trouble cuz I can see everything that you hide

    37. Tam Le

      Someone hacked me pls

    38. Tam Le

      Pls give me my account back pls it FORKNITE 4 LIFE

    39. Salawati Zainal

      Fortnite can you put xxxtentacion in fortnite

    40. CrackedMossed


    41. Hacker 007


    42. Hacker 007

      Please V-Bucks

    43. R1honeGO

      Fortnite-love and war Me: flashbacks tf2 update 😭

    44. Mark Manygoats

      Wasnt really into this. I dont really like creative challenges to be honest.

    45. nothiing nothing

      Unbanned FaZe Jarvis

    46. neo donovandragon careyblade

      I wanted to buy those cool Love and War skins but it was to late

    47. Aj vacco

      Dude how many things have Fortnite stole now this is like the 15th one day but team fortress two already made that title

      1. Aj vacco

        Btw tell me when mvm gets out

    48. Geruf


    49. Harry Baulsach

      Fortnite needs to make every character have optional styles for every race like the fourth down (NFL), goalbound (Soccer), goalbound Halloween, cozy command, permafrost, and siege strike sets

    50. Abaan Nsaba

      When this has more view than apex season 4 trailer and it’s just an ltm

    51. mycle introy

      Nota have discord? ;-;

    52. Mihail Chivu

      Is this a cs:go reference?

    53. MisterGrooves

      I like how the skins are shown on the rewards page for the mode but they are not rewards for the mode. Very cool, Epic.

    54. Cyril ツ

      I don’t know why the challenges are too hard 🥺

    55. Clementine Zida

      Epic game Tu peux me donner 1111,000 v-beuk et mon compte à fortuite c'est tatine225zoe

    56. bola shop

      trailer keren...ajib

    57. MAG1K


    58. Spider___Lachlan

      They spent longer on this than the actual update.

    59. Whight Wolf

      Hat i bought the 400 harley quinn bundel for the two pick but not for the skin i heard this was a mistake my fortnite name is HungloKnee

    60. Dauz1e