First in Line at KOD Listening Event in London

J. Cole

J. Cole

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    J. Cole listening session for the album 'KOD' in London, England. Album available 4/20/18 on Dreamville Records.

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    1. Slixsterious 4 Lyfe

      now thats a real fan

    2. dubb

      that man needs new shoes.... shits scuffed bruva

    3. LOE Gino

      Yo my name is LOE gino an up and coming artist from Berkeley CA, peep my new video and subscribe to my channel... #salute

    4. mathis claes

      humanity testing trunk tear dump detective.

    5. Sir Ronimo

      Only clicked cuz I thought him to be Samwell Tarly lol

    6. praval kushwah

      Luigi looks adorable

    7. Kame Fukuro


    8. coolkid53

      So many type of people are cole fans thas dope

    9. Linus Blaney

      In London rn searching for this absolute lad

    10. Fabo Andolini

      I thought it was Samwell Tarly from GoT lol

    11. Johana

      Why did the very first guy reminded me of johns best friend samwell from game of thrones 😭or is that actually him😭

    12. Lisseth M

      I thought that was Sam Taryly for a min lol

    13. Young Queen Cole

      This is awesome

    14. JU5S

      Oooooo weeeee baby baby 😋

    15. yasmin oladapo

      🤦🏾‍♀️really and truly when I saw that tweet i thought I could leave school and go straight to the concert,but then I forgot one thing,that there was no chance in hell that my mother would let me go on such notice.😂😂

    16. Jesus

      Even Brits admit US artists are better. Beatles suck.

    17. LookAtThisGuy

      Mans is actually a legend. Convincing his boss to leave to listen to J Cole. That’s a true fan right there

    18. Francis Zinni

      More than a fan.

    19. Omar Syed

      I honestly thought that was James corden in the thumbnail for a second

    20. m

      my boy Luigi

    21. XaviTooHype

      Gibby from icarly? Is that you?

    22. jorge tinoco

      He's so white lol

    23. BennyTheGreat


    24. Akuma Sin

      j-cole rap god

    25. Ghost_Tales72


    26. Pig Playz

      This is what you call a true fan

    27. RMJerich0

      Jesus I thought that was game of thrones guy.

    28. Julius Joseph

      4 your Eyes Only

    29. Together Agency

      hahaha legend. This is what music is all about.

    30. Eddie Ramos

      Thought it was the dude from Game of Thrones 😂😂 john Snows homie😂

    31. Robert Soto

      I can't wait ima have my crib jumping with he's fire album

    32. Aaron Urias

      How the FUCK did you convince your boss to let you leave early, for a listening party, mine won't let me have a day off if I died.

    33. Tarantino Bobby

      Thought he said no phones😂

    34. potlovingchef14

      My man looks like wall street banker gezza 'Middle finger to the suit wearers' lol jokes a side well dun son

    35. Odist

      Honestly the only thing comparably as great at j coles music-his fan base

    36. Nonso Mokwuah

      This man is the embodiment of Jcole's fans. No coloured dreads, no slurred speech. Just a real dude with a real job. The Jcole effect. #realRap

    37. Lemuel Reyes

      Guy thought KOD meant Kash On Derivitives

    38. Phil Mortimer

      Luigi is my favourite meme of 2018.

    39. Damon B

      This album is abbreviated for 'King of dissing'

    40. Miko T

      Luigi is a legend !

    41. Dante Player


    42. fun snaps

      Guys I was RIGHT THERE

    43. ASAP ANIME


    44. timon vroom

      Slope Dutch apparently issue eventually tunnel largely somewhere content.

    45. j h29

      You'll be surprised how many supporters in the UK, God bless j cole man

    46. Robert Caserta

      Did no one else hear em say "See you Edward?" I love the subliminals

    47. Champagne davy

      J.cole has a really diverse fan base

    48. Zyndetta

      Luigi is the GOAT!

    49. Doshu A

      Could’ve cried when I saw that tweet in the evening, missed out😭😫

    50. Dione Goree

      Wow...the people that art can inspire.

    51. Shak.

    52. zuriel lofton

      I thought that was my mans Sam from game of thrones 😂😂

    53. Michael LeRoy

      I love the ATM video! It inspired me to get back on my music grind! People always say I remind them of J.Cole because I'm lyrical and speak the truth!!! Check me out! God is going to bless me too! You as well! Peace and love!!

    54. Chubless The Bear

      Hip Hop came along way man its beautiful how it brings people together

    55. Goldmind Productionz

      They will compare u to people who ain't complete , people who never discover , made , or even touch tha surface ..... ''irrelevant vultures '' scavenging on dead artist Foh

    56. SRMR93

      Only a liberal idiot would wait in line for someone to say that he is racist because of the colour of his skin

    57. mamoooamn

      ITS <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="721">12:01</a> WHERES THE ALBUM AT

    58. Kana Beats

      why'd he have to do us like that. first in real life was cold lol

    59. Abreia Delgado

      Its so dope to see so many people from so many different walks of like vibing to one dope artist

    60. Michael Wesley

      Luck asf😡😭😂😂

    61. texan_ fan4life

      Are they releasing the song on here. At the same time as they are on Spotify and Apple Music?

    62. GoodxJ

      Luigi is stoked and so are we! #DREAMVILLE #KOD

    63. Mia Garcia


    64. El Pharaohsace

      WISH this happened in South Africa...#sad #Jealous but extremely excited for KOD

    65. Vashawwn Nelson

      If you're a J.Cole fan you'll love this artist. Next dreamville Signee! Check out their work!

    66. Angel B

      6 more hours

    67. mishael johnson

      Now that’s some dedication

    68. kaylin Bellamy

      You can tell his feet were hurting when he walked away 😂😂💯🔥 loyal fan❤️

    69. tenc m

      Hello everyone I got the deleted video trailer on my channel

    70. brandon imperial

      Dude looks like the guy from the office UK

    71. Dé-Vonté Hunte

      Am I the only one who saw them drop an album teaser then deleted it?

    72. mtlgb

      the dedication is real!

    73. Nathania

      Soooo lucky man

    74. Mia C

      ONE. MORE. DAY.

    75. YooAJ

      Anybody heard the snippet? 🔥🔥🔥

    76. big lad iggy

      what a legend

    77. Andre Haywood

      I thought this was Samwell Tarly lol

    78. King Turkey

      My brothas we are diverse around the globe #ColeWorld

    79. DH Kram

      I was on the phone and when I ended it it was <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1170">19:30</a> fucking hell im pissed

    80. Rafael Trinidad

      The only bad thing he said was Friday night lights was he favorite album . Real Cole fans know it was a mixtape . Still respect to him !!

      1. Anthony Scott

        Tripp Trinidad Real fans would know J. Cole has a silent ay-Z after the "J".