EXTREMELY normal Bass tutorial video nothing to see here AT ALL move along



2,1 mio. ogledi119

    Even if you don't have a bass, you'll know how to play it by the end of this video thanks to this very serious bass lesson on how to play BASS guitar.
    B A S S
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    1. Davie504

      playing bass = big *pp*

      1. Bloody Marvelous

        But playing guitar = bigger pp

      2. thomas bialek

        Wow me pp is big

      3. Boomer

        does air bass count

      4. Handson Plays

        Davie504 I play guitar

      5. Creepy SL

        I havent a BASS

    2. Fishing Brasil

      Não sou americano mas sou inscrito são as melhores músicas que já escutei

    3. Fishing Brasil

      Tem algum brasileiro vendo esse video

    4. Master Shifu


    5. Jeddie

      I dont have bass :(

    6. Alexander Stucke Carlsen

      what is the song called that @davie504 played at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="327">5:27</a>

    7. Salvador Sanchez


    8. ComicFlame 117

      7 nation army

    9. JW Hew


    10. JW Hew

      ear reveal at profile photo :)

    11. Zeniotico82

      i need bass = i need at least one bass to learn bass

    12. Christian Gaming

      I dont have bass but i SSLLAAPP

    13. GuyLhe

      i need a bass, to get a big pp

    14. Blaine Robertshaw

      If you don't send me a bass, you have a smol pp

    15. Jackaroo

      i already know how to play bass but this is f***ing funny

    16. Ok Bmszoomer

      At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="387">6:27</a> I realized he was playing megalovania and I guessed correctly

    17. AJ Plays

      I need a B A S S

    18. name

      hit me up... I N E E D 🅱️ A S S

    19. name

      M E N E E D 🅱️ A S S

    20. Eunhan Choi

      I bet the bass he sends me is gonna be a toy bass

    21. Felix Riedel

      i need a b a s s dude

    22. Hunter Craig

      I really wish I could afford food let alone a bass

    23. Giulia Armato

      nope I what at least one part drums (thanks for at least one drum part)

    24. Miranda hall

      Smoke on the water

    25. Nova Paredes

      Hey davie im your fan can you give me a bASS?

    26. kerolose nashaat

      well , i don't have a bass but i just love watching you.

    27. Brando Dio


    28. Polz

      Remember Davie504 words People who play B A S S with a picc have a smol d*cc

    29. Lemar Macauba

      If you'll not send me a bass, I'll be buying a drumset CHECKMATE DAVIE!

    30. Dark Angel

      7 nation army

    31. Gaming travels Trips

      The song was a seven nation army

    32. Clazlor Maddock

      I need bass so i can have a big pp that is all

    33. GDgod 783

      Giv bass or I biy gitar

    34. joruno jobanna

      I don't have a bASS

    35. Dave Ruado

      Did just Davie wrote "autistic" instead of acoustic?

    36. Malik Christiansen

      I want big pp

    37. TheColombianSpartan

      My violin teacher: Me: The violin is just a high pitched *bass* that you need to use with a *bow*

    38. Archeloff

      im waiting for the B ass

    39. Rj GT

      I dont have a bass NOT EPIC

    40. withoutsideboard

      Can u tune ur bass to B A S S and play some riff?

    41. Charlie Acosta

      Davie504, you MUST send me a BAss, you have no option because if you had an option you should PICK.... and that´s illegal….Checkmate Davie504!! (just jocking xD)

    42. Black Ink

      Picking a bASS

    43. Namaste

      Hi Davie! A bit late to the comments but i love all ur content! no free bass jebait but i would like to ask you if i wanna get into playing, what bass guitar should i buy for starters? google reccomends "Ibanez GSR200 ElectricBass. Yamaha TRBX304 Electric Bass." thanks! keep bein u and bein epic!

    44. Lucas Ignacio Vega

      Leave a comment

    45. Akaash Banerjee

      S e n d B A S S

    46. RookEE player

      Seven BASSly sins

    47. RookEE player

      Seven BASSion army

    48. RookEE player


    49. Wiilver

      And my bass?

    50. Aditya Rahardian

      Me :plays the guitar Davie: i'm proud of you

    51. ツE C L I P S E

      i play guitar

    52. Christopher Kean

      Davie can I have the bass because I’ve been playing for about a year and only have a bad quality bass, please and thank you (I love the vids, keep it up)

    53. Maur1c1o 1nac1o

      I did

    54. Jackson Cryp

      I would play bass but I already play 69 other instruments and I’ve been playing all of them for 420 days

    55. zach Barahona

      I want a B A S S

    56. hello, can u hear me

      Only have a guitar at home? ,solution:remove 6 strings and replace with 4 strings *big brain*

    57. Daniel Gurley

      me need bass

    58. Sly Ace

      When i wrote bass he actually came up on top of the page.

    59. camel Can

      Send bass for me or I'll call the police.

    60. Anastasia Kazantseva

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    61. Karen Stauffer

      do not play any type of giutar

    62. Isaac Williams

      I have big pp so I guess you have to send me a bASS Davie. Checkmate!!!

    63. Mr Ruthless

      I need a BASS PLZ

    64. Migueloteiro

      Send me a bass I just have a 6 strings bass

    65. Dimas Gaming19

      Iam not have a bass

    66. B Series

      My bass has 6 strings and tuned an octave hire

    67. Matt Dyk

      The song was 7 nation army

    68. Jasper Clion Pacate

      I have no bass😔

    69. Le Neutroniseur

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    70. Neoyagami Yasakani

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    71. Yasin Koray


    72. crisp squad

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    73. 2,5 δεκαετίες πίσω

      most epic Bass tutorial video ever

    74. Dude Tube

      I want a BASS. RIGHT NOW


      I dont have a bass :(

    76. Hami Tin


    77. sandya wisanggeni


    78. lego mini creation

      I play bass

    79. Cloaked Y

      I don't even have any bass

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      Seven Nation Army