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    Is there any other way to make pizza other than boiling it? Wait, there is? Ok, so apparently there's also oven-baked, cast-iron and microwaved pizza. In fact, Amiel Stanek is here to show us almost every way to make a pizza. We're betting the waffle iron pizza may be a method to avoid.
    Filmed on 2/11-2/12/20

    Check out each method here:
    Baked Pizza 1:42
    Pre-Heated Sheet Pan Pizza 2:30
    Twice Baked Pizza 3:13
    Pizza Stone Pizza 4:00
    Ceramic Tile Pizza 4:38
    Baking Steel Pizza 5:21
    Crisper Pan Pizza 6:09
    Frozen Pizza 6:52
    Rack Baked Pizza 7:40
    Oven Floor Pizza 8:24
    Grilled Pizza 9:02
    Baking Steel Grilled Pizza 9:42
    Flip Grilled Pizza 10:24
    Kettle Grilled Pizza 11:10
    Ooni Oven Pizza 11:57
    Grandma Style Pizza 12:40
    Deep Dish 13:58
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Oven Pizza 15:13
    Waffle Iron Pizza 15:53
    Pizzazz Plus Pizza 16:55
    Breville Oven Pizza 17:44
    Stovetop to Oven Pizza 18:31
    Stovetop Pizza 19:32
    Boiled Pizza 20:33
    Deep Fried Pizza 21:30
    Steamed Pizza 22:20
    Stovetop Oven Pizza 23:08
    Pizza Stone Firepit Pizza 23:59
    Wood Grilled Pizza 24:36
    Camping Pot Pizza 25:17
    Easy Bake Oven Pizza 25:55
    Microwaved Pizza 26:37
    Pizza Cone Pizza 27:23
    Dehydrated Pizza 28:19
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    Every Way to Make Pizza (32 Methods) | Bon Appétit

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    1. Mitchell Nelson

      How do you know when your in America? when my guy bakes 30+ pizzas for a youtube video.

    2. Cinphoria

      God, what a waste of perfectly good flour, tomato, and cheese.

    3. Danielle Cox

      Sure wish he'd stop saying undercarriage. Other than that we appreciate your culinary sacrifices Amiel, lol

    4. Lord OOF

      When can he cook things that arent raw? Or does he wanna die and get sick?

    5. Astor Ezequiel

      How did he managed to get an uneven cooking in almost all the tries? D:

    6. Respha

      Are you trying to tell me that because the crust is crisper it tastes 200% better.

    7. Dawson

      Wouldn't the deep-fried pizza just be a pizza cheburek?

    8. zimbelrianer 1337

      Yeah, no video without the microwave ^w^

    9. Radioactive Kitty

      I can read the instructons on the box of frozen pizza and cook it perfectly. Can I have your job?

    10. K.O. Sounds

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="635">10:35</a> is Kiss Cactus approved.

    11. oingo boingo bruzzax

      "Pizza dumpling " I think the word your looking for is calzone

    12. Ruben Cabrini

      Che americani figli di puttana stuprati da Don Gino

    13. Oat The Goat

      Amiel: *boils and steams and cooks pizza in many, many horrible ways* Me: What monsters has Amiel made today

    14. Johnny M

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1231">20:31</a> that's a calzone

    15. Joshua Tang

      He missed one the blow torch pizza

    16. Ralph Reagan

      Microwaves should all be thrown in the Creek

    17. Davis Winn

      Chicago style isnt pizza... its a disgusting casserole. only chicago can make the greatest food ever, suck

    18. Haven’t found Dad yet

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1696">28:16</a> he says “Pizza is good don’t mess with pizza” SAYS THE GUY LITERALLY MESSING WITH A PIZZA FOR 30 MINUTES.

    19. Khushal Shah

      You missed Jiko Pizza

    20. TheCrazyOne

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="730">12:10</a> that cheese got jiggle physics

    21. KreamyMeme

      I refuse to call chicago style or “midwest style” pizza

    22. Oliver Savage

      So this is were all the flour went

    23. LC might make music

      How will pizza get a job now?!

    24. PruCo

      "It's a bit wet and doughy" That's raw. Just cook it longer man stop undercooking pizza

    25. Daniel Stafford

      can we pleeeease vote Amiel off the island..

    26. kombokil

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1280">21:20</a> we name it pierogi XD

    27. chris usdr

      “Pizza dumpling” you had one chance to call it a jumbo hot pocket and u failed miserably

    28. benben123ism

      Why is he copying BWB

    29. Broadway Lover

      You forgot panini press pizza

    30. the life of pokemon

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="327">5:27</a> i thought that this is a pizza Video i am so disapointed

    31. Monochrome gaming

      See, in UK broil isnt really a term. We just use grill. It's how we make cheese on toast so that's kinda like pizza.

    32. BeyondTheRifts

      you used the pizzaz wrong! D: you cook a thick pizza like that on the lower heating element setting first for about 10 mins, then you cook the rest of the pizza for almost another 10 with the dual setting on and then it comes out perfect! >sencirely, some one who legit has a pizzaz

    33. Patrick Lira

      try making a steamed pizza like a dumpling

    34. Gaelle Cantave

      Can he cook them for longer gadamn

    35. Pickled Peckers

      They all look the same wtf

    36. Frozengengar

      The fried calzone we call Panzerotti. At least in our region in Apulia

    37. TheGreatAlfini

      *boils pizza* “So you’ve chosen death?”

    38. Eragon Morningstar

      This man has tortured Italians Italy and the Texan with a headache all in 32 ways. He's got a good career in the movie or torture industry.

    39. Anders Kremer Franklin

      If you listen carefully you can here Italian is screaming in fear


      Does this dude eat all of this stuff or give it away

    41. nome cognome

      Fried pizza is actually very popular in the south of Italy

    42. The Tube

      Boiled pizza

      1. Олег Тищенко

        As a russian I can confirm it's good. But we make it smaller.

    43. TheBrandonDawson

      The pizza pizzaz has a setting where you can cook the bottom without cooking the top. You noob.

    44. Michelle Thaxton

      thank god he doesn't do the mouth noises anymore

    45. Sabrina McDooling

      A deep fried pizza can also be called a panzerotti

    46. MC Chase

      Deep Dish Pizza is not only not better than New Your Pizza.... it's not pizza......

    47. nick meeussen

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="734">12:14</a> how would puzza get a job now

    48. nick meeussen

      just to say you better tried the gas bbq whit a pizza stone in my words 'it's glourius.

    49. logdopzip 56

      description : there is any other way to make pizza without boiling it? me : haha funni joke me : *wait*

    50. Lokotaku Uod9san

      This pizza itd a litlle bit overcooked

    51. Markos P

      So he eats undercooked chicken and says its over cooked but he eats burned pizza and its PERFECT

    52. Try And Stop Me

      Thanks for teaching me how to make a pizza flesh light

    53. egg salad

      Wood fired pizza? How’s pizza gonna get a job now?

    54. JAM 2707

      This is more of a 31 expirements with raw pizza

    55. SSDigital PS4

      hello, 911? yes, please send help. this madman put cheese on the pizza before the sauce

    56. Savage_beast 1012

      He stopped making fake eating noises, but now he's making fake crunching noises

    57. marki cat

      Hey! If you acept sugestions Every way to make rice

    58. StormyKid5000

      Or you can make southern style pizza which is pizza crust and Macaroni and cheese

    59. Hariq

      me: *sees this video* still me: _inaccettabile_

    60. black reaper

      My favorite are the grandma style and the cast iron method. They’re the most practical and deliver the best results.

    61. I want to die

      Dude complains about how its undercooked as if he wasnt the one cooking it, I can cook better drunk and half asleep

    62. Alice Meza

      “The crust development is outstanding” ... He didn’t even try the crust-

    63. brianeds1993

      NY style pizza looks awful. Too little cheese and the salsa seems to be really bland.

    64. ex. jiminx

      Why was there still flour at the bottom of the pizza...

    65. Wojak Feels Guy

      always throws me off when we cant hear him eating it.

    66. Samuel Collins Monster Movies

      Please let someone cook the dough in the waffle iron then top it with the sauce and cheese

    67. Hollow86

      I love how when he undercooks it he blames the method

    68. BlaireFlair

      Did you ever consider that you just suck at making pizza?

    69. caberwikijack

      Anyone else notice how the sound mix is off?

    70. Arthur George Blake

      What about the Calzone?

    71. Kenna Bee

      Is it just me or is there FAR too much flour on the bottom of these pizzas?

    72. Emma Chang

      that boiled pizza looks disgusting

    73. Outdoor Adventures

      The secret 33rd pizza is just your phone

    74. Jake Orrock

      theres no way im going to watch every method of this

    75. RainningHoTBULLETS

      *All the dislikes are the people who make pizza's in the worst ways in the video*

    76. John Q Public

      steamed pizza is what they have at china buffets

    77. threezerol944t

      Way too much flour on EVERY pie!

    78. Phoebe Truong

      I haven't seen so much pizza dough wasted :))

    79. Sutart

      Pizza do be like dat doe man.

    80. Zoe Tranter

      I find these videos so relaxing. They’ve helped me through panic attacks because some of things he makes are so awful that I have no choice but to ignore my pain and focus on who hurt Amiel.