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    No matter the weather, some people always feel cold. But others swear they have fire running through their veins.

    Even a hot cup of tea can evoke opposite reactions in people.
    When you’re hungry, what kind of food would you rather eat? Ice cold? Or piping hot?
    As you’ve probably guessed - we’re taking the Hot vs Cold Challenge!

    Would you try any of these foods at weird temperatures? Share this challenge with your friends and be sure to subscribe to 123 GO! CHALLENGE for more awesome videos!

    #123GO #hotvscold #24hours #DIY

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    1. adithi shaju

      The video like

    2. Burbuqe Idrizi

      I’m so hungry

    3. Burbuqe Idrizi

      That chase burger looks like 😛😋😋yummmy

    4. Hind Diamond

      123 go is everyone's favorite video. Am I right 👇💖💖💖💖💖

    5. john

      Why are you guys so sorry stupid for the soda

    6. Jehnny Jagorin

      The other food theyve change

    7. Melanie Munoz

      Y’all eat nasty and ugly

    8. Rodalyn Santos

      I love this video 😍

    9. Iyla and Mila

      😍. I love 123. Go. It’s good

    10. Elva melendez

      Vencen Vez!n,,n Sf no cedía nada me, m se ns d d cc;@&3'reljdbnnm,,,..

    11. Michelle Lloyd

      i hate you hanna

    12. The Gray Husky

      I prefer warm instead of 🥵hot or 🥶 cold

    13. Taytay Phillips

      My family actually being nice is the exit where is the bank of you. Can you please show megh f

    14. Diondra Hamilton


    15. luanas playroom


    16. Jacquilyn Caronan

      Cringe :/

    17. Fuzion_Gaming

      I don't get it it's confusing but ok

    18. Iverra Han

      I hate that girl on the right side

    19. Its Hunter Plays

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="234">3:54</a> is the best part of this kids video.

    20. Esther Joseph


    21. Chiera A. Randall

      I love it so much I will be so happy

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    23. mary lucy

      P Good witch

    24. Its Hunter Plays

      They copied Azzyland so bad.

    25. Its Hunter Plays

      It's a bother because of our weather. (I don't care if that rhymed). We have a typhoon together with summer.

    26. Edis Kadrioski

      Hanahh: itiing frozen soup like lolipop me: i have to try that won day 😮

    27. Sky Nice

      I want ya to see what a sunny side up tast Like

    28. Nakia Greyssa


    29. Elvira Husic


    30. R Cleveland

      the pickels were cucumbers

    31. latasha Schultz

      e v e e

    32. Ayaa Solyman

      Sun and moon

    33. Rio Fuller

      I love it so much but why are to guys a not yoosing your voses

    34. Biju Kumar

      I love cold

    35. Biju Kumar


    36. JoycesToyDaycare Videos

      I wood bee worme😇😇😇😇😇

      1. JoycesToyDaycare Videos

        I hat hanner 😠😠

    37. Iz_Snow Flake

      Soup. Lollipop. Soup pop

    38. Marshall Morris


    39. Nina Emily

      I love this challenge

    40. Joann Afal

      Me to I like cold 🥶 coke

    41. Rohey Jarjue

      I like the hot side

    42. Sanjuachu Achu

      🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵

    43. Majeed Musalam


    44. koolenny

      Hot and cold


      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="184">3:04</a>

    46. Maral Maral

      They lying with (its gonna broke my teeth) its a lie

    47. Jana Krayem

      Cold egg is gross Hanna

    48. Ben Dyer


    49. Murthy Viji


    50. Saif Shaza fathima

      I wish to come 🏠🏫

    51. Beth Tyrka


    52. Kunjalata Basumatary

      So Funny

    53. The Alan Gotshell

      How do you get a like melting that's the problem how did you

    54. Kathryn Petty

      I don’t mm. No.

    55. Pesona HATI Cik BUNGA


    56. Iyonie Briscoe


    57. George Alemnji

      My sensitive teeth could NEVER!🤣

    58. Damien Shack

      The thumbnail for this vid.....

    59. soviea regina

      Cold well win

    60. Aliyah Albertelli

      I think hot is the best

    61. Lucy Hinson

      I love your video

    62. Zandra Lodge

      Hi I am Zoey I love 123 go

    63. Juan Figueroa

      I like the ice to

    64. Roger rhoten

      I like watching the video

    65. Lou C

      The hot soda is EMPOSSIBLE u cant even make the c0la hot

      1. Honey Comb

        Yes you doesn't completely evaporate

    66. Ghezel Moutraji

      I love spicy chips and hot ramen and cold water

    67. Gekyume XXX

      I love cold 🥶 and hot 🥵 Olivia i like your hair

    68. Ruth Nolasco

      Hanna is mean

    69. Crystallized by Sparkle

      I love ❤️ cold and hot

    70. Afraa Qundeel

      You've couldn't blow dry the burger

    71. jytte jørgensen


    72. Jennifer Sanchez

      I love ❤️ cold and hot

      1. Huzaifa Ali

        I Love 123 go

      2. Colton Twoyoungmen

        Ekydte Greg eyeyye

    73. Bokang Ramophe

      I got hungry with the MCDONALD'SCHIP'S

    74. king TV

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    75. shannon denihan


    76. Liberty Efird

      I really want to hear their voices!!!

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      2. Jenifer Kilbury

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    79. angie isagan

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    80. Mei Chang Huang