Dallas Mavericks vs Sacramento Kings | February 12, 2020

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    In his return to action, Luka Doncic recorded 33 points, 12 rebounds and 8 assists, as the Mavericks defeated the Kings, 130-111, tonight in Dallas. Buddy Hield led the Kings with 22 points and 9 assists in the losing effort. The Mavericks improve to 33-22 as the Kings fall to 21-33.

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    1. djarvils EU

      Porzingis made the biggest boost in 3rd. Stop talking like Luka is all the team!

    2. Çağatay Ç

      Not a single Kings highlight. I'm totally OK with this

    3. Dario Nmds

      Kleber's block should've been here

    4. OGGOAT_ _

      Luka Walton David goat

    5. Raül Torras

      Lukaout boys!

    6. Rc7 Youtube

      Thats foul? 0:10

      1. Sociología Animal

        @Rc7 SLsel Copy and paste in any online translator -or learn Spanish, up 2 u m8 ;)

      2. Robert J

        Yup. slsel.info/video/video/YbWpd5J1p4dpgqI.html

      3. LSN

        Apart from the arm, there is also a lateral contact, but It can be not called and doesn't happen anything. My english isn't very well, but I think this can be a proper translation.

      4. Rc7 Youtube

        English please

      5. Sociología Animal

        Bueno, hay un contacto lateral también más allá del brazo. Típica acción que pueden no pitar y tampoco pasa nada.

    7. Peng Sun

      luca is not a rookie

    8. Mikaelo P

      1 min video? Bitch please

    9. fikaso

      What the heeeeell! Luka's just special

      1. Vera Krušič

        Luka Doncic is the best. ..

    10. mradhayuda1

      Luca is back

    11. habshabsrule

      Luka Magic!