Chinese Speaking White Guys Catch Gossiping Nail Salon Workers Red Handed

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    The other day we white guys who speak perfect Chinese went out to NYC’s Chinatown to the nail salon. They were “gossiping” about us (in a loving way!), not realizing we spoke Mandarin, and then we totally shocked them by switching to Chinese! We ended up having a really deep and interesting conversation with them in Mandarin and the rare Chinese dialect of Fuzhounese.
    So to find out what they are REALLY saying about you at Asian nail salons…just watch the video! It was a funny prank / social experiment but also a really meaningful experience. Plus of course it’s interesting if you’re interested in language learning!
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    1. Jacqueline Molloy

      Why would they assume that you can speak Chinese.

    2. TheWildOnesie

      Anyone else notice her head looks way to big on the thumbnail?

    3. ryze l632


    4. Qing Ying Jin 小马的真面目

    5. Brandon Ramirez

      8:50 uhhhhhhhhhh...............

    6. Antonio Gill


    7. luigi vallillo

      Who is the guy filming.. wow!! Is he single?

    8. Soon the Toasted will rise

      In the thumbnail why is her head like bigger than her body?

    9. Nol Valdez

      When he said chsnrhsnarawa i felt that

    10. joeh2401

      Damn,this was good until you revealed you know Chinese. Thumbs down.

    11. Agent Nine

      That look on her face lol

    12. RandotheRaptor Yeet


    13. StickTheDeuces

      Do you speak Corona virus too?

    14. Damdolla Time

      He’s literally gonna get the corona virus

    15. PreMIUmm MatchUP

      Dont come to any country."corona"

    16. mr_harrpie


    17. Jamie Buckhannon

      Great content👌

    18. S G

      so awkward

    19. i o n c s

      *wait that's not illegal*

    20. Dora Winifred Read

      Is nobody gonna talk about how huge her head is in the thumbnail

    21. Jaime Stubbs

      I love these video's so much. Makes me feel like I've wasted my life, not learning any other language than English. I know basic phrases in French, but that's it

    22. Gaming Clips

      Is he gay

    23. Anime memester


    24. who dis

      gavin’s intonations are on point

    25. Damian Rangi

      him: shows off nails after the first part is finished hands: ΓĦIS ISṈ'Γ EVEṈ MɎ ҒIṈΔL ҒORM

    26. John Diro

      8$ to get nails done.... free with a fingernail cutter, I'd pay that much for my toes though, toes really need a manicure ...

    27. Alexis Garcilazo

      It’s all fun and games till he brings corona virus

    28. Zainab Hasni

      Lmaoo😂😂😂 that one HUH tho

    29. 100 subcribers with no videos

      Dude you should've said in Chinese that u know I can speak Chinese and understand it right


      loved the conversation that was kind and kinda wholesome

    31. Feel.s

      I would've called them crazy too. The way they spoke made me want to kill someone.

    32. dollarstoremakeup

      i cannot believe ppl are actually mad at what she said...

    33. dollarstoremakeup

      so this whole time this guy was not even in china???

    34. Maldives mapper


    35. ru zala

      I've been waiting for this all my life

    36. Jam Lim

      Gavin speaks really good putonghua, did he learn it in Taiwan or something? He sounds just like a Taiwanese or a Singaporean.

    37. Diana P.

      not even mad about the clickbait because this was so cute and nice :)

    38. Drujienna Mecuria

      Ugh I suck at language this is cool

    39. V a p o r W a v e

      Once you go corona you speak corona

    40. Anita Harris

      Did you get corona

    41. Ralph Daimler

      You are awesome!!!

    42. / Wetsock \

      I know y’all heard him say the n word about every other sentence

    43. Mark Njo

      Seems like she is ready to adopt him as her son.

    44. Dontmindme

      5:54 guys: **start speaking madrin** lady: wait a damn minute

    45. Noel Z.

      Yeah I find that Chinese people like talking smack. I went to a school with tons of chinese exchange students, and my friend would hear them talking shit all the time. They would be nice to ur face, then say something incredibly mean to their friends in chinese.

    46. Aidan Anthony

      cool til i found out your gay

      1. I am bot

        Aidan Anthony lmao right, I was like “why”

    47. Danelle Wright

      You guys just seem the sweetest!

    48. XxLouuieeeXx

      He speaks so well and they were all so impressed lol

    49. GrasmereGuy

      I come here just for the "boing" sound effects

    50. Skylar Wolf

      She deadass said “you speak better than my daughter”

    51. Sarah Beee

      She never apologies lol

    52. Fatima Ashraf

      And we’re forgetting the corona (Issa joke don’t come at me)

    53. Hacaii's Notorius outlaw 6597

      What's wrong with her head size in the thumbnail

    54. Christian Hershey

      Me when my black friend gets in trouble at school 1:46

    55. Dylan

      u look like jesse from nelk

    56. Nne Unfiltered

      I enjoyed watching this video so much 😭😭😭

    57. Dylan


    58. Dann Hall

      So hes gay?

      1. I am bot

        His friend is he said “a queer eye for the straight guy” as in he is going to try to Make him self look good in the eyes of what a gay guy would do I guess,

    59. Green Lugar.

      Having fun with the corona virus

    60. Anna Ferrara

      You speak better than my daughter, are you single?