Charli D'Amelio's Insane TIKTOK CHALLENGE ft. Hype House Addison Rae, Lopez Brothers

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    Charli D'Amelio is the biggest TikTok star on the planet, but these dares freaked her out so much she made her Hype House friends do it too! Thumbs up if you want to see the Lopez brothers try some TikTok dares next!
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    Lopez Brothers:
    Charli: charlidamelio
    Me: jordanmatter
    Addison: addisoneasterling
    Tony: lopez_tony
    Ondreaz: ondreazlopez
    Heather: 16heather
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    1. Unicorn Girl

      My guesses: 1. Renegade 2. Gimme some 3. Beggin' 4. Love songs 5. No idea 6. Dopebwoy 7. Throw it back like a cadillac 8. Woah 9. Ahi challange 10. Say so 11. Lip gloss 12. Renegade

    2. Logan Smith


    3. Indie L

      Everyone is pretty much just doing tictok

    4. Ruby Rose

      How do you go in the live chat

    5. Delilah Hill

      I only know 2 renagade and say so

    6. Kimberly Perez

      The first dance Charlie D’Amelio was ragened dance

    7. Amashjra Rangel

      omfg I want to try

    8. MaddieMaddie 18

      I love the old hype house and how there was no drama this is turning into the jake paul and Logan Paul drama

    9. Ati-Bug Chavez

      Charli DemilioI am on TickTock and I love you so much because TickTock you’re the best dancer on TickTock even better than me

    10. Ati-Bug Chavez

      Renegade renegade Hah Hah

    11. Roman Kaczmarek


    12. Allison Puente

      1. renagade

    13. Eustathia Vaitsi

      i love that

    14. Bennett Murff

      1st renagade

    15. madia Diop

      Charli is so cute with fan🥺

    16. linsiya 02

      Chali are sooo cute

    17. Sparkle Squad

      I feel like one of them was run in the gane

    18. Nathaniel Cropper

      1. Renegade 2.get busy

    19. Kimberly Morrow

      Jordan Matter was talking to random people lol!

    20. J

      that dude made it weird af

    21. Active Gamer Girl

      I love how Jordon is like: yeah I’m with Charlie in every Tik Tok.

    22. Silvia Martinez

      I LOVE Charli's is the BEST tik toker i like to see but i am of other contry

    23. Alyssa Beharry

      You can see Tony's face in the coca cola machine

    24. Tali Ullman

      I think some are remixes

    25. W E N D Y

      Charli:That was scary Jordan:Ohh ok😅

    26. Hearty Zirtalue

      Charli: I dont like breaking the rules Jordan: give us 50,000 likes we are gonna do a part two Charli: No....never, never again, nope,nope,nope.....😂

    27. Zaira Lopez

      The renegade

    28. Summer and Cotton candy

      Hi 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

    29. Miles Prower

      #10 lipgloss

    30. Miles Prower

      #9 Say so

    31. Miles Prower

      #8 Ahí

    32. Miles Prower

      #7 yeah didid

    33. Miles Prower

      #5 no idea

    34. Mario Gozo

      1 renegade 4

    35. Miles Prower

      #3 beggin

    36. Miles Prower

      #2 gemme something

    37. Miles Prower

      #1 renegade

    38. Dragonspyre

      1 ranagad

    39. Farhat Hayat

      Can Annie Leblanc do a 5 minute photo challenge because she is good at gymnastics

    40. Luli Beauty

      Coca butter kisses

    41. Rexhep Derguti Derguti

      Charli and addisonrae❤️❤️🥺

    42. Leah Bekele

      The first one was Lottery ( Runagade) by K Camp

    43. neejoy sola

      I wouldn’t want to do a Tik Tok with a soldier with and ar-15 standing there

    44. Abdurrashyd Muhammadh

      Charlie and the hype house is the best tic tocers


      We would've had a part 2! :-(

    46. Karen Dacillo


      1. neejoy sola

        i love you charli

    47. Ella ELU

      songs i think 1. renagade 2.idk 3.cannibal i think 4. coco butterkisses 5.let me gt this straight uh uh cuzz i dont a shhh 6.idk 7.cant take big brick but i 8.idk 9. hi my name is tokyo wip wop wip wop 10. say so 11.

    48. SaVannah's Way

      Was that guy filming her but 😮??

    49. Someone Someone

      Addison did say so it’s the only one I know

    50. Mya kimberlin

      Lottery/ Renegade, Yonce,Coco butter kisses, Beggin, Love Song, No Idea, Dopeboy, Throw that Back Like a Cadillac (I can't remember the name), Woah, Ahi Challenge/Ahi, Say So, Lip Gloss

    51. Rocio Leites



      Here are my answers:1.renegade thats all i know

    53. CRIAN V

      The first one was ranegad

    54. SK - 04BJ - Kingswood Drive PS (1536)

      THE one Addison did is say so

    55. Univibes OA

      In the back of the bus a man was filming you

    56. Nikita Solis

      Charli I am a big fan

    57. Judy Temple

      Omg I love you Charli

    58. Milk N’ Cookies

      Charli: so this time I’m going to dare my friend Addison to do a TikTokon here. Me:Ok then what do you want ME to do, Charli?

    59. Juan Dela Cruz

      At the first Charli was dancing Renegade ☺

    60. Sophia Alderete

      i love you charli

    61. Ambrose Haynes

      And that guy is wanting a filming you guys

    62. Ambrose Haynes

      Hi Charlie Demilio I am a huge huge fan love you. 😍😍😍😍🥰❤️🥰😘🥰😍😍❤️❤️💕😘

    63. Aisha Fahad

      One of the songs was renegade

    64. amonni ya

      The first Tik Tok she did is Renegade

    65. Stephen Pile

      I only got one rong

    66. Megan Razavi Ottawa Real Estate

      The tik Tok Addison did was say so



    68. Alexa Gil

      Omg pls tell Charli this for me I got a add from likee and it had a video of her but it was a TikTok dance but they were using a different sound

    69. Abigail Nereus

      Answer 1 renegade

    70. Zahra Choudhury

      If love these type of videos

    71. Brandon Cruz

      Ahi say so lottery

    72. Brandon Cruz

      Lottery and gime some begging love songs no idea can’t take woah

    73. Michelle Lafreniere

      songs that she used: lottery , love songs, no idea, throw it back like a Cadillac ( i know the dances but not all the songs)

    74. Janice willson

      Who is older tony or his brother

    75. Aly OvO

      Charli ; Nervous about getting arrested Jordan; LaUgHiNg

    76. Niamari Snell

      Didnt even notice

    77. Niamari Snell

      Remix song

    78. Niamari Snell


    79. rolatry2

      I love you lopez brothers 😍😍😚😚