How hard is it to score the greatest Premier League goals ever? - PART 1 (2000-2010)


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    Can amateur footballers recreate the greatest Premier League goals ever?
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    How I record my gameplay!:


    0:00, 15:27 | Hallmore - The Sky
    0:40, 3:52 | Hallmore - Quite Like You
    1:26, 13:17 | Typecast - End of it All
    1:44 | Arc North - First Light
    2:10, 8:32 | Hallmore - It's Her
    2:41 | Arc North - Slash
    3:32 | Hallmore - Astral Projection
    4:16, 5:48 | Danny Cocke - Harbinger
    4:32 | Killrude - Get Thru The Night
    5:13 | Renzyx - Prey RenzyxOficial/ Buy at:
    6:11, 7:41 | Stoned Troopers - System
    7:09 | (Audiomachine) Martyn Cornet - Octane Test
    10:59 | Hallmore - Saharas
    12:24 | Poitr Adam Musial - Festival of Light
    13:40 | Catiso - Pegasus
    14:46 | Aero Chord - Boundless
    Music by Epidemic Sound ( & others.

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    1. ellahound

      #bring back olly

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      2:11 why does that looks so close up but from side view the distance from eachother is far

    3. TGM //TheGuardianMaster

      8:52 to 9:26 Does anyone know that song?

    4. Neeraj Tyagi

      3:06 my favourite moment

    5. Lord Melonshmuck

      Nobody: Phillip Schofield when the milkman touches his leg: 0:50

    6. 7andGo

      10:46 I saw the goalkeeper moving to let the bal in

    7. Toby Banks

      Rugby is a good sport

    8. 강동훈

      Why do you like volleys so much ahhahaha

    9. Denion Jarazi

      People: W2S Chris MD: SIDEMEN

    10. Daniel Adeleye

      The dislikes are rugby players and Jake Paulers

    11. Jack Watkin

      "the difference between rugby and football is that in rugby they try to keep on running where" found that quote on the internet, Neymar must be confused.

    12. xEclipseRaptorx X

      What song is it 9:25

    13. Adi Samsudim

      can you try do faiz subri's goal?

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    15. Luis Blandon

      this isn't blue if you don't want ollie back

    16. Alfie Bromley

      How are you not recreating yeboahs volley?🤦‍♂️

    17. Elijah Aydin

      ceo of roasting jake paul

    18. Cubing Inc

      SG on FG again?

    19. Thomas Wex

      Chris, next you should try to recreate the best premier league near-misses of all time.

    20. brent basha

      where can i get older PL footballs

      1. brent basha

        from 04 for example

    21. Jonah Kielty-Collins

      allow rugby

    22. SonOfPoseidon

      whos the girl with harry and chris

    23. Daniel Stewart

      i fell in salted that he said rugby is a wast of life and football is for wimps and they are way to over dramatic about injuries

      1. Daniel Stewart

        or if you can even call them injuries

    24. Exotic Eli


    25. DDF

      Have you tried cisse's goal for Newcastle when he volleyed it and it just curved into the goal

    26. Éire Abú

      Jake Paul is a waste of a life but at least people that play rugby don't roll around pretending to be hurt every two seconds

    27. RoGreen358

      Who actually wants Ollie back though?


      This video has 1mil views in a week bring square root boy more

    29. kian mcquillan

      The OGs will remember when he recreated the Henry goal about 2/3 years prior to this video, maybe even longer

    30. Xavier PDecastelli

      “Amazing volley against US”

      1. seeni gzty

        Hi can we get Chris to like this it will make my year 😍😁

    31. Henry Buxton

      4:07 Will actually started running away in celebration

    32. Sean Fourie

      Why you gotta hate on rugby like that :-(

      1. seeni gzty

        Remember when Chris used to be soooo funny and have amazing funny edits😂😂 the good old days

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      O:08 how dare you

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      Chris Congrats On 1 BILLION veiws

    35. Kari Bollard

      When is part 2 coming

    36. dylan hughes

      A rugby player sees chris I'm a ruin mans whole career

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    38. bouytt guyt

      "recreating goals is a bit like playing rugby a huge waste of life" CORRECTION: recreating goals is a bit like watching arsenal play football a huge waste of life"

      1. ZAgas Services

        bouytt guyt just like your comment

    39. Fraser Saunders

      Try recreating brosovics volley against ac milan

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      #bring ollie back


      It’s been like 1 year and how many months since I’ve watched u and ur voice got deeper

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    44. CheeZy Alberto

      Remember when Chris used to be soooo funny and have amazing funny edits😂😂 the good old days

    45. TFRE_Dolphin92

      Hi can we get Chris to like this it will make my year 😍😁

    46. Shrey Kakkar

      Every time Chris starts playing the hype music... This is why I have trust issues.

    47. DE 2 FOOTBALL

      Very good

    48. dcoog anml

      Who else is irritated by Harry’s boots? Only me? Ok.

    49. zeb rana

      best youtuber

    50. benbrickland0gmailcom Brickland

      Please let me go in goal for you..I am intrigued to know if you could score bangers against a actual keeper

    51. Hugo Dring

      Chris at least rugby is a sport and we do lie on the ground for 90 mins

      1. dcoog anml

        Chris MD Vs Jake Paul fight let's go

    52. F3 football and more team

      Chris attempt to play Fortnite for 24hrs straight without rage quitting with Ollie and last to quit wins 10,000 V-Bucks or FIFA points

    53. taj MP9

      13:53 me on the sofa with a balloon thinking I’m ronaldo

    54. Luchian Alin

      The legend said that they still search the ball in the bush

    55. cnmmd qiuoo

      Moral of the story: Don't park near a football pitch

    56. McBoliver YT

      Don’t say that about rugby it is the best sport and foot ball is just fake rugby and u use the wrong shapes ball Like if u agree

    57. diungy alisnr

      Moral of the story: Don't park near a football pitch

    58. Wesley McCallum

      Most of the goal the goalie didn’t even move when it was right beside him

      1. cnmmd qiuoo

        Rugby is the best sport out there !🤟🏼

    59. Leandro Triana

      I love the exciting music and then Chris just flops on the ground while trying to do a bicycle kick.

    60. Mr. Megalodon

      We know it took a long time becuz big man will did not want him to any in

      1. diungy alisnr

        Has harry been investigated for serious brain injury?