Boris goes London - Country review

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    Boris goes London. There is Vidcon London 2019 taking place. Met with "Music by Blanks", Tomska and others.
    uamee - BEAT FOR BEAT 2019
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    1. Askaline21/31

      Lada in Indonesia mean pepper

    2. iggy pro PL

      Oh yeah kurwa mać

    3. Donut Trump


    4. Daniel Yon

      Where is the California one Boris?

    5. 1Niceguy

      Watch out on California they might have western spies there

    6. Kacp3rrak

      Forgot to pack an AK-47. Just in case some Chernobyl mutants arrive in London

    7. Cool Inquisition

      You are not a slav you are from the Balkan region

    8. misheel ishdorj 11-2

      Boris didn't realized he was in western-spies.

    9. alex carter

      California as in .... SF Bay Area??? I hope so! I am in Silicon Valley which is not cheeki breeki at all, it takes me AN HOUR AND A HALF to upload ONE MINUTE of video. So, I can't be a youtuber. But, what is so funny is, your hands look exactly like mine, the size shape etc EXCEPT .... mine are nice brown Lithuanian Tatar color, so yes mine look tons better. All the Slav, all the squat, sweet Tatar mahogany paint coat!

    10. scrambled tents

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="348">5:48</a> theodd1out

    11. A_GamingChannel

      Wait.. theres walls where the train enters the station over there?? In the US you just have a yellow line saying “ey no crossing blin”

    12. jackie grice

      Before the event Boris walked into a phone booth and out came Boris Slav Superstar.😂

    13. vaccinated karen

      I like his mouth like that- lol

    14. Riko Saikawa

      London is not a county

    15. Malk

      The next vidcon is at california Me : *Knowing that theres covid-19*

    16. Сефош

      Where, blyat, russian subtitles?!!!! Nihera ne ponyatno zhe....

    17. Martijn Schimmel

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="349">5:49</a> thats theodd1sout

    18. cplan22

      Happy birthday

    19. scam catcherz l roblox Adopt Me

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="348">5:48</a> is that James from Theoddonesout????????

    20. Jithu Gayu

      In kuwait you bring vodka.. Yur fucked And if you guys dont know where is kuwait Look up in google you lazy asses sitting in a couch for 24/7 during this quarintinr

    21. Ayush Panda

      Love you Borisovich

    22. Dragos Laurentiu

      If i dont get my daily dose of slavness i die

    23. Ini Jawad Yak

      Goes to indonesian boris

    24. Anime and Coffee

      Tom’s alive?

    25. XxGacha polandxX

      who saw the oddonesout? I love u Boris Me too X3 logic

    26. ambulantgames

      Alguem br?

    27. Tyler J

      Hey Boris, You got a lot of fans here in the United States of America, you should come over here one day and do a meet and greet at an event like this or something.

    28. LOL at everything


    29. Matthew McDonald

      Boris is best youtuber 10/10 always change

    30. Hermann Göring

      How many vodkas do you want to bring Boris: Yes

    31. Caterina Vuković

      Bi boris

    32. Michael Kowalski

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="22">0:22</a> A Russian guy saying "kurwa mać" xd

    33. Frezzz TV

      Russian Language Hello=Privyet Water=Non Alcoholic Vodka

    34. ZergTPS

      ЕБАТЬ МОИ НОСКИ, ТОМСКА, УУУУУУ, помню фанател по Эддсворлд

    35. Cheatez

      Polska? 👍👍💪💪💪💪💪

    36. Dogegamer TV

      Welcome to britain

    37. Dogegamer TV


    38. Ng Zen Ray

      I'm scared

    39. Börk

      Boris: Blin I should start making animations instead *foreshadowing*

    40. Abigail Benítez

      rip vidcon 2020 😞🙏🏻

    41. Saiyan Vexy

      I come here for the hardbass

    42. Turkistan Republic

      Komrade boris burn the kapitalist inglend

    43. Huebman

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="348">5:48</a> - cyka blin, is dyat James????

    44. SadRainbow #KrytykKrytukuje

      Kurwa mać haha i love you Boris

    45. Shiella Petalco

      Philippines plz

    46. VQSkrub

      Kurwa Mac...

    47. SAS Commander

      Piccadilly shootout intensifies

    48. The Hunted Gaming

      This is the most amazing creature ever produced by the human race

    49. the song of mario

      Only he wears strange clothes😅😅

    50. Jakub Jeden

      Oh Blyaaa I break something.

    51. flup pup


    52. ItzLukka

      The begining made my day you are slav

    53. Soviet Union gamerkaiju9000

      Poloski 😂🤙

    54. jotaro kujo


    55. Mikooljohn

      WTF who are this fcking plebs, would die to see you.

    56. Mirko Ab

      Boris, what is ur nationality, where u from?

    57. Crisim Jales

      I got really excited when he said vidcon was in California even though it's on the other side of the country and then I saw that it was a year ago. The disappointment was immense.

    58. mathias andersen

      come and visit Denmark

    59. Pakistani Tech Support 2

      all the Scots are probably screaming in their kilts after watching this.

    60. Chhay Sing

      Imagine wearing that mask in the airport

    61. declancalisthenicsuk 18

      Imagine Boris going up to the North East he'd love it up their

    62. Fanni Veres


    63. Kuba Antkowiak

      OOOOPA Boris take picture with thicc gopnitsa DAVAI <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="233">3:53</a>

    64. Crafting Gaming HD


    65. Mr Magnus

      Stay cheeki breeki

    66. Sparky

      when you realize theres no Boris meet and greet this year because of Corona

      1. Itteldop


    67. layne adams

      Anybody else noticed tomska in thumbnail

    68. Chimpomatic

      I was at vidcon london last year and was in that room where u talked about shit

    69. Ж

      Next time Boris is making a planet review of the earth..

    70. weebboi


    71. FRP Game

      Normal youtuber : review gadget or stuff Boris: *REVIEW COUNTRY*

    72. berzek k

      We want you to Thessaloniki Greece

    73. LETHALWEAP0N09 Ogle

      Welp California is in America boris look out for them western spys good luck and you cant really come due to this Corona virus so stay safe and stay cheeki breeki

    74. Shoddy Peasant

      Nobody: Not a soul: Boris: country review

    75. Alberto Alexander

      hey boris just wanna find out, are you touring around the city with the mask and stuff?

    76. ForestDragon

      "non alcoholic vodka"

    77. Beppe1509

      How to type cyka blyat with an English keyboard and Russian layout : cerf ,kznm

    78. DhmzzGanzz

      Hey boris, come to Bali pls

    79. Kevin Vallecer

      ey i see theodds1out and let me explaim studius

    80. fire fox

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="348">5:48</a> theodd1sout