Billie Eilish said WHAT about BASS??



2,7 mio. ogledi202

    Billie Eilish said this about BASS... unbelievable news in this EPIC episode of SDAIAY
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    1. Davie504

      *slap like = big PP*

      1. Lol Rekt

        361k likes... you know what to do.

      2. Zinerab Kaito

        i don't have pp sir haha

      3. ッSemara

        Why my PP is still small

      4. Peu Barbosa

        Davie504 epico

      5. SantixROBLOX


    2. 無名

      casually stealing lwiay

    3. blue.

      I slap like for the therapy session. Thanks.

    4. kingjohninirvana

      She said "she=billie" she likes bass but she said she used it alot in songs and I know bad guy isn't a good one to use cuz it has bass drum and bass guitar but what I'm tryna say is you dont know if she meant bass guitar or bass drum

    5. Abel Cortez

      The slapper LMAO 😂 that was hilarious

    6. The Willing Muffin

      Being a perfect Italian I have to say...I love pizza with pine apple..yeahhhhhhhhhhhh

    7. spooky

      Subtitles - Slappers - Slappers bass.... b a s e 😡

    8. Junior Stark

      I want a first bass, give me bass

    9. Flick - Standoff BR


    10. John Anthony Barkow

      Teach me as a guitar player to slap my strat!I want to SLAP!

    11. Malik Christiansen

      I wan't big pp

    12. Noah Cahiles

      Watching your SLAPP BASS makes me wanna play BASS (epic) (lmao) idk how to play BASS (smh) and I don't have BASS yet coz I'm still student.. No cash for BASS (checkmate poor students) Like me (lol) you make me inspire to play BASS soon (checkmate to you davie 504) godbless you I love your SLAPPING BASS I'm from Philippines btw, (OMG)

    13. Rebecca Ramsey

      it said slakers

    14. Rojan Alexei V. Granado

      Ooooh, you got 413000 likes, you need to play the bass with your PP. Checkmate

    15. Termiramtor Animatronic

      What's up slappers

    16. Никита Лисс

      slapp is life

    17. ToyBonnieTheDankMeme

      Me: Big Bass' is for People with Small PP. Davie: I know, It can be Scary.

    18. Brian Hogan

      What's the song playing during therapy session?

    19. Gabriel Baya

      Davie in 2017: 'thank you for watching!" (cute smile, happy background music Davie in 2019: 'SLAP LIKE RIGHT NOW OR ILL CALL THE POLICE.' Davie in 2020: 'slap like = *big PP*



    21. X Swiggity


    22. Jonathon G

      Davie you should go DJ clubs so you can slap everyone with your BASS.

    23. wona wyn

      *"Your silence is my favorite sound." -You Should See Me In A Crown by Billie Eilish hahahaa*

    24. Mr Alien

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="364">6:04</a> HMMMMMMMM

    25. crislyn calipjo

      Slapp more bass

    26. ujjwal rawat

      extra marks for therapy time.

    27. Gemma Dela Cruz

      davie504 👉 slapp liked 👉 please make a merch 👉 slapped button

    28. Giovanni Strangis

    29. Aisling Dennedy

      Playing bass with pic,the worst crime ever a person could commit OMG😮


      Davie : turn on subtitles Also davie : SDAIAY SLsel: sytle

    31. Precision R

      I need a bass davie 🙄

    32. Ross D'Arcy

      Me subbed and this is the comment u wanted lol.

    33. Rj GT

      u didnt do the HOLY SLAP lmao

    34. Bryan Otero

      Sooo did she reply👀


      bAiLeY eYeLaSh

    36. Jacob Bingheim

      6.13M subscribers

    37. Jacob Bingheim

      I got Slappers

    38. Alex Raiford

      Therapy time made me have to take piss and you best bet I SLAPPED that flush handle.

    39. jouz 126

      At tharapy time I said I fapped to 177013

    40. Thisistrash043 23


    41. Daniel Hiew

      pewd allowed this? copyright???AAHAH

    42. Jaela Rose

      Mine said SLAPPERS!

    43. Phil Swift

      My captions.said.slammers

    44. CreeperHead783 - Subscribe to his channel.

      Great, now he should watch YIAY

    45. zemario xikozei

      Davie / Therapist: Tell me anything Me: Mum found the piss drawer. Davie: Sad.

    46. Maximilian Jatzkowski

      Honestly this channel is strangely wholesome

    47. Bryan Banks


    48. Jeffrey Deguzman

      Playing base with pp

    49. Rodrigo Delgado

      Whassup clappers

    50. Rodrigo Delgado

      Davie has allready laughed and showed his ears on 6 years ago videos smh

    51. Family Vlogs


    52. Family Vlogs

      I put the subtitles on and you said SLACKERS hahhaaa

    53. Anthony Cole

      I play guitar but I’ve always wanted to play bass. Maybe I’ll save up and get one so I can slapp like you 🤔

    54. Chrizzip

      Therapy time Me: I accidentally played guitar Davie: *do it again, it's good for you* Me: *SO YOU HAVE CHOSED DEATH*

    55. Kira 3AQ7

      When are you going to play bass with your pp. The goal has been reached

    56. Endo Double

      Me: I wanna play BASS My parents: When you can play acoustic guitar PERFECTLY you can play bass Me: I guess I will be a bad guitarist forever

    57. papa mac TV

      Davi can you spare bass for worlds biggest peepee

    58. LM :v


    59. Cyrus Ramos


    60. Uroš killer

      Davie I have a guitar but there are three bass strings

    61. tlee1235

      You reached the like goal, I expect a video

    62. Benley swat

      Im a drummer and I dont have a Bass to SLAPP😉

    63. newac4534 ROBLOX

      Play your BASS with your pipi <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="185">3:05</a>

    64. Florin

      I've always wanted a bass One of my friends had one and he sold really cheap but didn't told me about IT.. I had a guitar that my parents bought for me as Christmas present. It was nice. But I gave it away to someone as long as my Amp, cable. Picks And so on Only your bAss videos fullfil my desire of owning a Base. Checkmate stonks Checkmate davie504

    65. Thrillseeker8922

      Wait, this guy is Italian? For some reason I always thought he was Russian.

    66. Raafi Khasha

      It did says slappers when you say it

    67. AdUp Active

      I want bass

    68. Beth Garvey

      How dare you Billie Eilish

    69. B ASS


    70. B ASS

      Your pee pee smol


      Base is so boring I guess that's what it is🤔

    72. Armand Revillo

      Do you have corona virus

    73. saffolinelovesgaming Maharjan

      Say slappers in captions

    74. Alex King47

      Bass is The best instrument

    75. AdamP.R.

      EPIC intro

    76. bubblegod381

      Me: "i fed kfc to a chicken" davie504:" i like that"

    77. Georgina Guinevere

      Davie: im here listening to you. Me: im so uncertain of my future. Like idk wht will i be aftr i graduate Davie: i know it can be scary. Me: yah real scary..

    78. James Gillespy

      I have watched 20 to 25 of your shows and just now I saw the bed scene in the intro.......

    79. sovidjia hangsoth


    80. sovidjia hangsoth

      Lol ur ear but ur sdaiay video I see ur ear ahahahahaahhahaha