Behind the Scenes of Fresh's $100,000 Birthday Party



2,4 mio. ogledi309

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    1. Laniboy

      fresh birrthday: has a 100,000 dollar birthday party my birthday: gets clothes I already own (literally out of my own closet)

    2. DrizzyJD

      Australians man hahaha

    3. DrizzyJD

      Ngl loser fruit was straight cringe. It was clearly to early in the party for that behaviour. Not impressed...

    4. Jade Texas ආන්දෝලනාත්මක චරිතයක් ඔහුගේ

    5. kason leung

      nothing yet close to the vlog squad

    6. Rylan Valentine

      Fresh got a lot of people at his bday I got a clown and 3 friends at mine BEAT THAT I actually didn’t but I was joking lol

    7. JetColt

      I love how they got a yacht and they say only $100,000

    8. Sam on Sticks X2

      Wtf is Lacey wearing lmao

    9. TheElderplaysROBLOX

      Bruh they should of invited misfits

    10. Kaeson Lynch

      Wheres lazarbeam at

    11. Kaeson Lynch

      Ya happy late birthday fresh

    12. DJGalxy

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="365">6:05</a> dam I’m dead

    13. DJGalxy

      I’ve never seen Lufu that crazy that lap dance killed me in laughter

    14. bored person

      I've watched this so many times bc I wanna see josh and mully

    15. Hyperz

      Laser beam wright

    16. Saaketh Katta

      You complete fucking idiot fresh drinking alcohol and kissing girlfriend

    17. night bot

      Goddamn it why don't I get stripers for my birthday

    18. Steph Corbett

      I've subscribed

    19. eli a clown

      i’m lost in words wut a mess wow dreadful

    20. YH Mixels

      Fresh: * celebrating* Fortnite: updates Lannan: fresh carry me (I know that fortnite did not update that time)

    21. pvrewbazar sodbaatar

      I am so suprised fresg didnt get it on with a girl

    22. Storm_Drex

      I’m not even 12

    23. Dio

      Man the new fortnite graphic and new event looks sick

    24. Patrick Macmillan

      who else is watching this during lockdown

    25. SimplyLotus

      Dude I fucked tessa before!! Nice shit fresh!

    26. Ixzie._. Mxtes

      Damn imagine not breaking the drinking age law 😂 me when I just turned 13 drinking my 1st glass of WKD 😂 yuh Ik it’s not much but like gimme a break...


      I wish they let ree kid come even tho he’s not 18

    28. Andrew antill

      Who's waching when lanen has a bierd Orso life advise for fresh don't end up like lazerbeam lol like if u know what I mean

    29. Keelan Byrne

      Happy birthday fresh

    30. sadia qureshi

      Fresh mom is his manager

    31. SirKnockBackGames -

      I get drunk from just watching this vid

    32. Itsyaboy_hunter19 Orb clan

      March 28th is my sisters birthday

    33. Itsyaboy_hunter19 Orb clan

      Wait Eliot has friends Huh

    34. Lewis Barks

      Did anyone see Lachlan at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="273">4:33</a>

    35. Lewis Barks


    36. Logan Heinlein

      I'm guessing alm the couples fucked

    37. Ari Saxon

      I was thinking that Lannan would go up to fresh and say "happy birthday son"

    38. Giorno Deluca

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="158">2:38</a> Happy birthday Elliot you fucking idiot😂 that got me dead

    39. Sean Mackay

      Why are you drinking Stellas are you a wife beater

    40. sentinels

      some body come get her loserfruit is an stripper ay

    41. Super cookie 5304

      Man being an American is nice but it sucks that you can’t stick any alcohol at the age of 18

    42. Jonas Chung

      Happy belated bday to fresh!

    43. Ehmet Reed

      Even joshdub is there

    44. Ehmet Reed

      This feels like I’m watching the office

    45. Creeper Castle

      Nice social distancing

    46. Take the Lol

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="353">5:53</a> Lufu’s that drunk already?

    47. Jeffy Ng

      "we'll do bonding now and bondage later" - Mully 2020

    48. Evan Vedders

      all that just for a birthday...

    49. Tigran-T

      Is no one talking about the fact that loserfruit was lapdancing

      1. Tigran-T

        Lol ur right but she was lapdancing

      2. Just Bait X Gaming

        Tigran-T that doesn’t make sense you cant strip with clothes on do you even know what that means

      3. Tigran-T

        It was stripping. Stripping doesn’t have to be nude or half nude. She stripped with clothes on.

      4. Just Bait X Gaming

        No she wasn’t they wouldn’t be aloud to show her stripping

    50. SnowyxzYT

      I bet he got laid after the party

    51. Ben Lorentz

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="358">5:58</a> nope see ya later



    53. Ace Anime

      Click said screw covid 19 and quarntine

    54. Volt

      18 HA! here it's 16

    55. Ali -A

      The corona virus started in the hummer

    56. Strike

      Family friendly content creators ladies and gentlemen

    57. Brooks Mullen

      Love to see lachy spinnin records lol

    58. Small Harold

      fresh: never drank before me 14 year old: already been drunk

    59. pixlk

      day 1 of fresh being 18 - party day 2 of fresh being 18 - alcoholic

    60. JDT

      Happy bday fresh i love your content and i love your fortnite vids i❤️To play fortnite v you and ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️Fresh Power

    61. zackii lonely

      Are fresh drunk

    62. Jackson Wright

      did he get laid

    63. Roberta Tsosie

      What about you’re quarantined

    64. Emily Kelly දෙමාපියන් ගෙන මීට වසර තුනකට පෙර වසර

    65. Sawyer 8950

      I am going to do the same for my kids

    66. Ghoti Fish

      Feel sorry for any american watching this inbetween the ages of 18-21

    67. Kydo Kydo

      This is the start of freshs alcohol addiction

    68. the moment man of eggs

      a time before social distancing :(

    69. bailey da cool person

      Whats the song called at the start

    70. rowell hi

      Yo lufu chill keep it pg your a fortnite channel

    71. Chicken Brotherz

      His party cost almost as much as my frfaking house 😂

    72. TwitchSpidey 23

      did lazer ever go

    73. TwitchSpidey 23


    74. Sarah S

      Aww I wanna see more videos with Tessa 😂

    75. beefstew_ASURoman unknow

      Fresh looks happy just to be on the boat

    76. Nolan Blewitt

      poor lachy

    77. tarek agha

      Fresh: Gets a giant yacht. Me sitting at home:

    78. Aidan Lawler

      lol at the end of the vid Fresh said he was fucked up

    79. Mando TheMAN

      Bit too far for an 18nth birthday

    80. PlanetB1ue

      Australians man