36 STRINGS BASS SOLO (World Record)



7 mio. ogledi430

    Playing the only 36 Strings Bass Guitar in the World.
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    1. Davie504

      Finally a new dining table

      1. Baby Yoda

        Oh boi

      2. Lol Rekt

        where's the 69 string bass

      3. Vodoomka


      4. Jashan Sharma

        69 STRINGS!!!!

    2. luan iizuka cassettari


    3. Мария Доценко

      Я одна тут русская? :D Это ж сколько такую...гитару настраивать :0

    4. Pain死神


    5. Mundo AUAU Gems


    6. MrDuckFlup

      Impressive, But can you do 48 strings on bass?

    7. Digital Gaming

      He needs to be in a band just saying

    8. Ferreira Ferreira

      Vc toca muito , muito mesmo ,gosto mais dos seus vídeos lá do começo de 2016 ,agora vc está muito idiotizado

    9. Herbert Schaeffer


    10. Shine WAI yan

      so best

    11. Gabriel Josh Mojica

      Smol pp

    12. DuDePie

      Very impressive but can you do 69 string bass

    13. Kennedy Souza

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="43">0:43</a>. it's time, Davie504

    14. Yusuf Ahmed

      Should of made this a 69 string bass

    15. Carl Capuano

      That is Epic and incredible! Way to go Davie!

    16. searcher

      Big Bass means small PP. :(

    17. Swaziland Tsimbo

      Where's the 69??

    18. Isaac

      Play the 48 bass I calling it. That second top bass melody was dope

    19. кити фокс

      69 strings are on the way

    20. Johnerol Coloma

      When he play the 64 strings bass guitar , you will wondered how easy he play those . IN FACT we realize too,that we can do that so easily in imagination than in reality..😁😂 Phil supporter her ebruh

    21. Ash Flash

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="140">2:20</a> song please!???

    22. SteelSkull_GAMES

      😨 This time I have nothing to say

    23. razz aquino

      you will try 100 string bass

    24. Gilly Kun

      Davie504: noh slapp today Also Davie504: *slaps bass* Me: nani?


      Very impresive, but can you play at a bass with 48 strings

    26. Spex

      davie. Shave your head bald

    27. sona zen

      Наслышана о том что ты уважаешь Россию? (я из России) Блин ты очень крутой человек.

    28. Ryan Chamberlain

      Dats a THICC BASS

    29. Luke Dennis

      So what do you play? *window*

    30. End Of all hope

      shaving time...

    31. pranjal pandey

      hey bro,how about a playing a street?

    32. Caine Hosband

      Davie has to now play the 69 LMAO bass because he has surpassed 690000 Likes

    33. John Carl Bulan

      You're the man. Just hilarious seeing you putting all your stuff on 64 string bass!!! Davie504: Thumbs up/Slapp

    34. *MATROX* TEAM

      He's a pro bassist boi

    35. Thomas Nonting

      Tuning that must've taken years lmao

    36. Laimonas Svilpa

      We got over 700k likes bruh

    37. Cyruz 1145

      Thts at thicc bass

    38. pranjal pandey

      the 18th string wasn't played

    39. Nanay Laus

      Big bass = small PP

    40. sunfI0vv3r

      Big bass, small PP

    41. Mateo Aravena

      Guys, i know why Davie didn't brought to us the 69 strings bass *He's still tunning it*

      1. Mateo Aravena

        @Zechariah Hye 0:42

      2. Zechariah Hye

        Oooooo😯 that sounds intresting

    42. Jesus Sosa

      Davie504 please answer me: how much USD was that bass?

    43. Lucas Russell

      I heard pumped up kicks by foster the people

    44. Agata K

      Duuuudee, I can listen to you playing for hours :D you're absolutely the king of bass! awesome!

    45. Degenerate Freak

      *HA!* smol pp

    46. Doppio

      Stil waiting for the 69 string bass Edit: And him to shave his head

    47. h m

      How long are your hands

    48. Kaan Septicher


    49. Angel E. Cruz Aguilar


    50. Clem Martin Calusa

      Waiting for your 69 string base Davie!

    51. Samarrah Purple UwU

      Whats it called?

    52. Gök2

      your better than todays rock musicians lol

    53. Bardia Parand

      Where's 69 LMAO string Bass

    54. ĐPŽ Gaming

      Scacco matto

    55. janku 989

      Very impresive or bass 50 strings

    56. Lee Faith

      Where the 69 lmao bass

    57. Jalle Willems

      Well, now you have to play the 69 strings bass

    58. Mettyplays_ Gacha

      Small Pepe U_U

    59. Anonymous

      The life of a bass player. Even his table is a bass

    60. ToyBonnieTheDankMeme

      Well, Piano's have 88 Strings, And I've played a Piano, CHECKMATE Davie504!

    61. Ernie Brunt

      When no one beats Davies record: "Fine I'll do it myself"

    62. Δεσποινα Μπουναρτζη

      Can you play with 100 strings??

    63. Person XII

      He now has to play a 69 (lmao) strings bass

    64. Tunca

      it doesn't count. half of strings from guitar. not epic.

    65. Mosko Gaming

      if you do a 50 stringed bass solo i will make a sandwich

    66. Maccarooni

      Imagine tuning that

    67. Thenumbertaker PSN

      69 strings?

    68. ERROR_404_NOT_FOUND

      Bald guy: Couch Davie504: table

    69. Danica Jade Altares

      Why your bass is only 36😂

    70. Ethan Otto

      this guy's commentary style reminds me of pewdiepie

    71. xty ndrw

      now your like is over 690k.where is your 69 senar bass video?

    72. Laz Perry

      Kirk Handpool?

    73. Cit Vanessa

      No entiendo un comino pero buenoooo

    74. anna puu

      Sounds like video game music except when it's dubstep

    75. Atlas Count97

      BASSO ENORME = ce l'ha piccolo

    76. risita1122

      Very impressive but can you play a 48 stringed bass?

    77. Andy Lotenzo

      what´s song in 2 13

    78. Ogurchick 906

      Davie: big bass - smol pp Also Davie - 36 strings bass

      1. PoorPro Og

        Ogurchick 906 sad noises intensifies

      2. Ogurchick 906

        @PoorPro Og 1 have 2 string base(Kazakh dombra), big pp(Sorry for my level of English, I from Russia)

      3. PoorPro Og

        I have a 6 string bass so my pp smol