The Joe Rogan Experience podcast

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  1. Zachary Brunet

    earth romemer

  2. Alex Dumitrescu

    My Jabra Elite 65t's have sound cancelling and that thing where you can hear everything around you better

  3. Tiago Martinho

    We are all in quarantine here, my daughter is starting to look very tasty 😆 just a bit of dark humor

  4. J R

    Bryan "Its pronounced Af-Gon-E-Stahn" Callen

  5. Montana P

    1:35:55...Joe not sure how to react to Joey's gnarliness on record. Hahahahaha!!!! Joey Fn Diaz aka Joey Boombatz!

  6. Tani Thompson

    Love your new special Tom! Your awesome! I would love to watch a special with you and Kristina, peas and carrots

  7. Kevin Kev

    Unless deemed medically necessary, late term abortions are fucked up

  8. Rem Dreamlight

    I wish people would listen to scientist as much as they believe in Alex Jones.

  9. theKMFDM machine

    You can't believe Buzz Aldrin? Lol

  10. Douglas Lenz

    Joey always trying to one up Rogan...I'm gunna say it, Joey is scared liar, trying too hard...every word he says is bullshit

  11. Jacob Walls

    Bryan, buy the EarthRoamer

  12. Jacopo P

    Bryan: I did coke 5-6 times Me: yeah sure

  13. The Yungavelle

    Joe is absolutely an excellent interviewer, him and Tom Bilyeu are really considered elite in my eyes when it comes to this. Hats off to them man. It does the ppl they interview a great great service. You can tell in the way the ppl that are getting interviewed open up

  14. chad henderson

    One of my favorite guest!!!

  15. Brian LAFLESH

    Um, Brian's great but isn't it time for Bravo's take

  16. wytefoxx

    This is somebody's aunt. hahahhaha

  17. johnaaron37

    Joe always pulls mystery figures out of his ass trying to support trophy hunting.

  18. luis anaya

    Talk bout how the mormons run drugs from mexico ! .

  19. mwmulv

    17 data is entirely misleading. Viruses are not alive, from my understanding. They found RNA, not active virus 17 days later. That's the gist of it; I'm sure i butchered the explanation.

  20. Maury Hutchins

    Callen doesn’t know shit about what he’s talking about but he acts so confident

  21. Chilli Palmer

    But hes ok with me

  22. Sam Folden

    Time stamps please?

  23. Chris Cockrell

    Ego and knowledge.

  24. Chilli Palmer

    Dudes the definition of hollywood tool bag

  25. Troy Russell

    I can't help but think that Mr science is all adderalled up... Maybe, maybe not but I can dig his enthusiasm. These jre podcasts that I missed or doing remember listening too are coming clutch now.

  26. Greg Sieracki

    The people that run canned lion hunts are some of the lowest forms of life!

  27. DMGD Wolfy

    Objectively, a grizzly is built to fight other grizzlies; claws, teeth, overall strength. And gorillas don't have any of that at worse that bear is getting punched and bitten but science says grizzlies would win over the gorillas.

  28. Gurpreet Bhamra


  29. Robeil Hailu

    Mike Tyson is Broly

  30. Rich Money

    Mormons are having a party in joes head 🤣🤣 he sits there taking shots constantly.

  31. Guillermo Parapar

    Minute 35 Joe Rogan explain Yoel Romero’s gene. Well it is clear that he won the last two fights.

  32. Joseph Szewczyk

    You should research Cuomo before you support him. Only reason I want him to run is so he won't be governor anymore. NYC keeps voting him in because they believe his bullshit too, but he is truly a POS

  33. Tyler Thompson

    It’s annoying how they mirror each other’s personalities.

  34. metal m

    Probably my favorite guest of the show, this goes puts off such a positive vibe Duncan does to he s just a little bit of a rambler here and there but love him to lol

  35. Rootz H

    Joe I really appreciate you taking this virus so serious 👍and talking about it,because it's a serious problem

  36. Marans Candy

    Too much zinc has been known to cause loss of smell. Too much zinc can also cause copper deficiency.

  37. Marans Candy

    Too much zinc has been known to cause loss of smell. Too much zinc can also cause copper deficiency.

  38. Marans Candy

    Too much zinc has been known to cause loss of smell. Too much zinc can also cause copper deficiency.

  39. J. D.

    Nobody saw this coming? Bill Gates did. The w.h.o. did... Oh by the way they're funded by guess who? Bill Gates. People better wake up.

  40. Jim Hill

    "Turtle's are awesome as fuck"

  41. Billy Beane

    Pelosi NEEDS the time outs more than most politicians.

  42. Zachary Brunet

    the laws around my place make that crossbow season is very long and you dont need the hours of practice you need with bow

  43. Robeil Hailu

    Mike Tyson should be president

  44. Zerx

    Joe "that 20 year old boy cute" rogan

  45. Mikeyy12 C.Lennz

    Create - innovate- build your next Tesla or podcast or whatever online venture like these two gentlemen right here. Feel free to adapt.

  46. Mario The Texan

    A friend does billions with the multi millions...smh

  47. Mike Am

    Business bought into right on time delivery because of inventory taxes. Nobody is going to stockpile spares when their tax liability increases every year for simply having items on the shelf.

  48. joaquin portocarero

    my building has a fallout shelter.. I doubt it's stocked w anything though..

  49. Alexandria Green

    Absolutely did not inhale any of that hit he took😂😂

  50. Luis A. Cuevas

    Joey Diaz is New Jersey if New Jersey was a person.

  51. D E

    Joe sold out he doesn't care about america. Wealth is more important to him than freedom

  52. jess jerZ

    Wearing a mask over your face and doing an interview was not the best idea. 👂🏼

  53. Christopher Formhals

    There is no way he is not on shrooms lol!

  54. Charles Haines

    Hey Joe - Get Jamie to show the videos or images you are talking about !! WTF !!

  55. I only reply to sex propositions

    Bryan Callen is the most anti-socialist socialist in America.

  56. andrew chard

    51:42,my wife talks in her sleep .sometimes i can qeustion her about her dream & influence her ,one time i told her she was eating dog shit off the lawn, she started moaning & making chewing motions,

  57. Cicada Smasher

    SO many animation worthy insanity moments.

  58. Wind of change

    Joe was a grade A douchebag this podacst, Hugo is a great Dev team creative lead, the kind of game's director you do not see anymore. The exact kind needed to reinvigorate ID software and Doom as a whole. He's a big part of what brought Doom into the modern game's era and did it with this era's tech, without all the baggage of this eras way of making videogames. Doom isn't in the 90s anymore bro a lot has changed since then and this eras Doom has done a great job of what made the old games so great on top of invating and improving upon an already successful formula. This podcast really showed how much of an ignorant Boomer Joe can come off as and how much he's still stuck in the past on certain topics. Not the first and last time Joe has had a shitty retarded ass take, but it doesn't make it any less frustating to listen to how he shat all over Hugo, when he's doing a fantastic job in bringing back Doom to the forefront of gaming.

  59. Welsh Radz

    what did i just watch, this whole episode felt like a parody

  60. MrHunterseeker

    I have no idea who this person is. I thought it was a 12 year old boy. I thought this person was the kid from Bad Santa at first.

  61. Sihle Hadebe

    Tom is 40. Joe is 52.

  62. Thinker

    Is it me or snipers always look like Tim Kennedy?

  63. Hope Taylor

    Joe is so toned down for him. RIP man.

  64. ThePOUNDhound

    *They should invite Pete Davidson on this podcast*

  65. Mj Drush

    Alot of college students don’t have any where to go, especially the international students, they can’t go home. If you kick them out of dorms they will be homeless.

  66. Lee Grinnan

    Bruh - Jabra been on that listen through shit for a while. Airpods are trying to catch up.

  67. Robert Saucedo

    Well see if this beats khabib

  68. Earthsounds

    1:59:08 your welcome

  69. Jerry Kalas

    I dont watch his stuff normaly, came for some commentary on Bones. Disappointed...does he usually not talk mma on this podcast?

    1. c grib

      Watch the mma one

  70. D1agram

    Fuck China, park a few SSBNs off the coast of China and demand they release all information on this fucking virus. If they don’t hand over the data within 1 week, they get nuked.

  71. Michael Gunn

    Would love to see Lomachenko on the podcast...if only his English was better.

  72. jesse black

    Everyone move to Colorado and ruin it

  73. K KLO

    Wish I was sitting next to Joey to smell that cigar 👍🏻

  74. Kent Baumgardt


  75. Kent Baumgardt

    C/2019 Y4 Atlas + ANGLO SAXON MISSION

  76. Sticc Von Haugen

    JRE Alex Jones + Eddie Bravo Make it happen Joe!!

  77. Eliah Z

    Have Adam from PsychedSubstance on, also maybe Hamilton Morris again

  78. MWM Midwest Mini Boats

    I used to print the MCD's game pieces at the printing company I used to work for. Red ropes would be brought out and circled the press on those days lol

  79. Jamie Sloan

    Soooooo many Americans live paycheck to paycheck. A lot of these people will genuinely face starvation , because they're broke. The virus is the LEAST of their concerns. I'm not sure that our country will bounce back from this, economically. The U.S. dollar could potentially become WORTHLESS.

  80. Theunis Jansen van Vuuren

    What a frustrating interview! Joe is sincerely interested in sharing and discussing ideas, but this Dubner character appears to try intimidate him and take control of his podcast with a series of often unrelated questions. Let me ask you this, let me ask you that, what do say about that! What utter nob! He is obviously intelligent, but his integrity and sense of common decency as a guest sucks.

  81. addisonblck102

    I fucking love it when this dude is on.

  82. Jimmy Reese

    FUCK YEAH Nobody remembers the fallout shelters

  83. Some Guy

    Reminds me of the key & peele sketch about black ice/guys

  84. Snyperbane

    Who's here after his arrest in Mar 2020?

  85. Top Play Games

    This is my single most favorite podcast ever! I keep coming back for more by rewatching! 👍👍

  86. Steven Carpenter

    "Just start whacking people' Joe's face at 1:36:35

  87. Eisah Vakohler

    To be honest, I think blackface was "revived" in order to be offended by it. When I was young I don't remember ever, ever hearing a thing about it. It wasn't until this PC culture rose up that suddenly they're even attacking other cultures where blackface never even existed. Blackface referred to a very specific thing. They apply it to anyone who ever darkens their skin ever. If someone dresses up as their favorite character, who happens to be darker, because they LOVE that character, they consider it 'blackface', when blackface was about making fun of people, not praising them. They've distorted it so far outside of what it actually was in order to be permanently offended by anything and everything. I can absolutely see people being confused by it these days because it no longer makes sense. People might very well wonder, "Why IS it offensive to dress up as my favorite character?" because that doesn't even make sense anymore.

  88. cody olive

    the science president and the border king

  89. Insanitypepper

    Too bad you can't buy a gun in California now. They appear to have just discovered the second amendment and there was a bit of a run on personal protection equipment.


    The USA isn't the ruler of the world lol, just saying XD

  91. TheCnicus

    Only Americans eat duck sauce

  92. Kip

    2:17:35 here is proof bryan likes to fuck little boys

  93. Allen Monroe

    If you meet a person especially an older man usually gray bald on top wearing glasses maybe a large valet and everyone around him has the bow down to his authority and he is high on his authority and the first time you meet him he tries to exercise authority over you you have met a pedophile this is the same way they exercise power over their victims and when they meet you they immediately try to gain authority power over you it’s not even a good disguise

  94. Josh Leckenby

    At 2:29:30 Elon realised he was appearing less human. Had to resume control

  95. That Guy Bert

    I love how everyone is just now finding out about the big black guy, I feel special because my friend group has been memeing him for years lmao

  96. Jack Fahy

    I dislike this guy so much, should’ve had Eddie Bravo on instead of this handicap

  97. Chuck

    California once belonged to Mexico...You know Joe, the same state that you have your mansion. The same mansion that houses a restored Ford Bronco. Did you know Ford Motor Company dumped a bunch of toxic chemicals on the land where the Ramapo Indians live? Stop being a sanctimonious hypocrite when it comes to the legacy of Christopher Columbus...You are certainly benefitting from the same system you are chastising....Self proclaimed hippie driving in a 200k Tesla... Keep smoking your peace pipe son...

  98. Klaus Bolvig

    I wonder when a person have earned enough money. Wilder only took you after 3 years away from the ring, he clearly underestimated you. And as 50% he couldn’t beat you, which showed us at the second fight. He ruled the wbc for a long time. So how come wilder haven’t fought anyone who are top contender from, IBF,WBA,WBO . It Could have been political and and Shelly fingel is knowing how one dimensional a fighter wilder is. Diasapam ain’t a anti psychotic medicine. It’s a relaxing benzodiazepine which has its own family. Neuroleptical is a psycofarmica , . Believers are using faith as placebo effect. Fine but please don’t expect me too go at that road.

  99. Sean Doupe

    9:40 - Joe reveals what he thinks of Brendan Schaub’s arms

  100. Christopher Rosenbalm

    Tested positive for covid19..had a mild fever and slight cough then it was gone..its weird how it effects different people