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  1. BrandNuEnt.

    Anyone else out of weed?

  2. elani c

    proud to have him as my governor!

  3. Flik

    That ventilator remark goes to show how disconnected the dude is. Also, he said that 'once production outpaces need, ventilators will be shipped to European countries' - now that's an amazing thing to say, but it'll take a while still before the hardest hit country in the world will have that many ventilators 😂

  4. chez421

    Why is no-one talking about how Trump is being a POS extraordinaire by trying secretly to coerce a German pharma company that is in adnance stages of a vaccine to move to the US and make it exclusively for him and the US? Does this not strike you as DumbFuckery of the highest order?

  5. Pieter Rossouw

    Trevor was funnier when he was a South African comic...

  6. Mehedi Hasan

    The tiger king is trending at number #1 in America right now. I guess everyone is watching tiger king on Netflix lol.

  7. Sonia Jerome

    Thank you for adapting to the current situation and continuing to upload your shows! I look forward to each episode as it helps me keep my sanity and provides much needed levity :)

  8. Trading with Hamry

    I just hope all trump supporters use condoms to prevent more idiots from being born


    society as 1 will owner this ship.


    no ownership media platforms are the only future.

  11. Darren Kam

    What's wrong with wearing a bicycle helmet when riding a bicycle? Anyone who rides outside on the bike should be wearing a helmet for their own head safety. I'm sorry, but making a fuss over that is so stupid.

  12. Ebony Fair

    Jerry fighting over the remote🤣

  13. Shayla Piso-Morris

    Trevor, you make me laugh out loud. We are going through such insane times, however, hearing you makes me a little more grounded. Thank you, for being able to distance from insanity a few times a day!


    when Freedom coined a name the Media was in place to take it. dom gives it the rolling on effect to fade away.... Free needs no dom. but medias Free-dom in truths way does. free dominion media dominoes itself....

  15. pop5678eye

    A coherent politician with direct answers... Wow, they still exist? (whether or not you like their policies or their personal background, it's a welcome relief)

  16. TheEskilator3

    I wish this show would stop putting "Jabokie" or whatever his name is on air. Any time he comes on an episode I immediately switch it off because I find his tone of voice to be horribly annoying.. Just sayin.. Loved this show since Colbert was an intern for John but there are just some characters I cant deal with.. Like "Jabokie"

  17. y.r. zhao

    Such an informative interview from Noah with Dr Fauci. He took a point of view from pure scientific perspective. It is a global pandemic now, the way of overcome it should also be scientific but not racial. Ps: stay health and stay safe

  18. Zachariah Wiedeman

    He already ran for President:

  19. Pedro Valente

    Trump is making America n1: in coronavírus cases.

  20. saranya v.s

    Love you Trevor

  21. pakalu papito

    well I think it's time to officially downgrade US status to third world country

  22. Darren Pene Junior Pati

    I wish DT gets the virus, goes to the hospital and they say 'sorry, sir, we dont have enough ventilators...' oh the irony.

  23. zamev

    I can't believe that orange lard with a tiny turd for brain vomiting words randomly is the president of the United States.

  24. mary jones

    beautifully explained, ty gov newsom and mr noah. time for us all to be the adults in the room and save ourselves, because it is clear that trumputin won't.

  25. brandon smith

    So much more educated when not trying nto be a comedian, I love your journalism

  26. Marie Fan

    Great job as usual!! Thumbs up! I appreciate the fact at least we have you during this difficult time!

  27. Shenbaga Chella

    Gosh!! I love his laugh.. ❤️❤️🥰

  28. Meredith Haskins

    Weekd 9 for Hong Kong!

  29. sleevedh22

    Hey Trevor, Would you kindly call that fucking idiot of a "president" a dumb cunt for us? Trump = CUNT!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  30. aldeshsa

    If method smoked itself. Fuck.😂

  31. Tristan_81

    Trevor you’re truly a remedy for the soul. The laughter you’re providing in this madness is truly vital!

  32. OTR

    I wonder how Trump would react when he is on the receiving end of the bullshit decisions that he make. One litmus test would be if Trump get the virus and his refuses him the treatment. What a unfortunate moment it is in our lives that we as world are yearning for the our leader may act responsibly and with compassion, and yet, they're still acting like idiots. Most of them don't even deserve to be called leaders. They're a disgrace to that word.

  33. this kid

    Did anyone also notice... How unfunny he got ?! Or was he always like this and the laughter noise made him look funnier


    your good at future sIs Freedom abusive media laws pre-making!

  35. HIRA

    Trevor you keep us going!! Oh and sorry for you but we got Pres. Ramaphosa and hes got us locked down army style. Love to all be safe 💓

  36. pop5678eye

    DT's only care is that he is worshiped. He reversed stance on COVID-19 just hours after something somebody else did became popular so many times it's a virus of its own. 'What? Extending quarantine guidelines beyond Easter is actually popular after I said that all the economy should reopen by that time? How can I get credit for that idea?'

  37. DarkSkay

    Let's be real, men and women in power exert (sexual) attraction. Everybody saying he/she would not give Trump a blowjob is probably lying. Even Trump would. Look, his mere signature and prospect to gain personal popularity is already making him very horny. Said without embellishment, that's just the way (human) nature is.

  38. meg Xiong

    never play chess with president

  39. D.J. Blast

    Theres no sound Is it just me or did they silence you

  40. They should have never given me internet

    They all look like three idiots fused together into balls of BS and fat, with a cherry red cap on top of it.. Look at them. The principle of human degeneration in full effect.

  41. Blackbright News

    Thank you for the entertainment .. so needed at this time x

  42. Carl A

    Joe Exotic threatened me on my SLsel notifications and videos for over a week. I'm glad he got convicted and put away. My son, a 6'7" hard ass ex-con was really pissed at the guy. We got enough problems without Joe's kind of shit. Thank you Trevor for putting a face on this creep for me. Have been a fan since day one man. But that dirt bag (Joe Dirt) as president? gtfoh.

  43. Harika Mohan

    I really wish one of the correspondents would ask, "so you're willing to let people from certain States die because their governors were mean to you?" Despite Trevor's and other comedians' efforts, it's hard to find any humour when discussing Trump these days.

  44. Anaiss T

    I don’t understand why people are hating on Trump ... I like him. Nobody’s perfect, cut the man some slack.

    1. Sisu Guillam


  45. Jessi

    I can literally hear where the laughing tracks would be

  46. TheTaptaptappy

    what is even worst is that the states he won't help or call back are the states that pay the most in federal taxes, and they have to beg this man for there money back. if these states said that they would not pay there federal taxes welfare states like Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, ect. would not have schools and other things. I wish they could say until this is over we will not pay any fed taxes, we will keep it to get the items we need we will cut out the crazy middle man.

  47. Ralph Turner

    I wonder when he'll run for president of the U.S.

  48. Angela Johnson Keys

    Corona and chill!!!😂😂🤣🤣

  49. ramflyer1899

    This one of the best interviews I’ve seen on this subject. Trever used his time wisely to ask the right questions.

  50. Eric Norgren

    A new day, different year, the Amazon was already gone and then went bankrupt. After 21 million Iphone accounts suddenly disappeared in China, people stopped writing apps for iphones, then Apple's global markets crashed because the US put sanctions on China and US businesses selling Iphones to all those other countries that didn't want a communist system or a tyrannical dictatorship in the USofA. Google would then begin censoring the US, Europe, and anywhere their competition from Microsoft had its hand in everyone's cloud, when it began faltering along with many other technology sectors that could no longer maintain the increasing complexities of maintaining it, or for that matter absolute control over the world's populations.

  51. Amani Ndoroma


  52. pattithestranger

    I'm not an American, but I really appreciate these videos. Dr. Fauci is great at answering these questions, very clear answers, that we all need, after all we are in this together.

  53. Alex Ooi

    Come back 2019....come back :(

  54. Guevara 59

    Tiger king jokes kill "like this is what happens when meth smokes itself" 😂😂😂


    being a MediAcontext compilitard is seemingly contagious as well... ? is why to do this to yourself, career, etc? ..... you get the? yet?

  56. tony1967ify

    All claims and no evidence. Why no talk about the US patent foe this virus or European patent for the vaccine? Where's all the proof of these deaths and what people claim are deaths from this virus?

  57. Tracy Hollen

    I Love You Trevor!

  58. Sence Elec

    😂 imagine best of 2020 Everything is just corona virus

  59. AL Shakoush

    Yo, I have that same fking hoodie. That's lit !!


    Trump wanted to make American people like Indians...... Moron

  61. Cool breeze joe

    Trump gives his Klan governs like Florida first 1000% masks & rest PPE.

  62. Thanh Ly

    California has the fifth largest economy in the world. In so many ways, governor Newsom is a very powerful man. He would make a great president, but it’s a heavy sacrifice!

  63. Angela Johnson Keys

    Why does -45 think he's some benevolent God God distributing supplied from his own personal stash that he bought himself? ugh!

  64. Tomy Varghese

    The Daily Physical Distancing Show.. Yep Govt is right

  65. James Griffith

    “It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.” Deuteronomy 31:8 Are you feeling afraid of the what ifs? If you’ve put in more effort to control everything out of desperation, take a moment to consider if fear is the driving force in your actions. The Bible tells us that when we are afraid, we can put our trust in Him. God is trustworthy! He goes before you and is beside you every step of the way. Everything we are going through has passed through His hands first. Rather than focus on fear, focus on faith.

  66. tony1967ify

    8:00 Trevor says they don't have much time because apparently they gotta go, but where are you going? No one is suppose to leave and can't work unless essential and this is suppose to be an improtant topic and if you do gotta go, why not pick a time when you can talk more or pay for it if you care soo much? Why don't people ask these questions? I use to take Trevor Noah serious, but i can't anymore, he's full of shit and so are his guests that push these facts but don't actually prove them as factual.

  67. armen 05/12/66

    I’d vote for tiger king than trump

  68. harish kumar

    Stop criticising Trump, do something good... Trevor, I was a big fan of u, but now u r too much to swallow

    1. Sisu Guillam

      He is doing what you are asking him to do already.

  69. Deborah Blackshear

    He is just stupid. Why America?

  70. The Vicious Chicken of Bristol

    The Dr.'s intelligence and temperament have been such a bright light in all this mess. Hope he stays well. Hope people listen.

  71. DaFigaro's

    Don't know about yall but Baltimore MD, is in the house by 8pm every night we have a curfew we are fucked

  72. Exion Studios

    President Newsom? mmmmm sounds quite good

  73. binoy johnp

    #Noah I feel the ( world )leader's are not capable to handle the pandemic situation. #foolish_Leaders #Save_Life

  74. Pratish Bhatt

    Eeyyyy, my heart skipped a beat when you were pressing those microsoft laptop keys so hard!!! I love Microsoft. Don't do this again 😂

  75. Delrois Fierro

    Omg I cant Trump is soo unfit its nauseating!!🤮🤮

  76. Robert. Hansbury

    Come on Doc... it's a real virus but why was it created and what was the purpose don't bullshit these people...If I know tell the world why...Duhhh...🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  77. YFA

    Gov Brown GAVE AWAY all of our resources that were stocked to the hilt with all of these things per Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger during his reign in California. Had we left that stock of emergency supply an not GIVEN it away at taxpayer expense we would have been fine!!!!

  78. Vene305Rican

    If it was not a violation of H.I.P.P.A. compliance guidelines, they should put a direct feed of the people needing these ventilators to shut Cheeto Head's mouth. The Commander of Tweets cannot continue to run the country as businessmen providing the citizens second class support as he does with his employees. He is El Cheapo when it comes to expending in resources. I believe he still thinks that he is reporting to shareholders, oh wait, he still is. This is why he refused to enforce the defence production act. His gulf buddies would not let him play with them anymore. When a scientist have to argue with a businessman, it is generally because there is no best interest at hand other than money. Money is the only thing that matters to this incompetent, egocentric jerk. We cannot forget all of those minions and trum-p-ets who allow people to perish without saying goodbye to their love ones.

  79. T Rex

    If joe exotic becomes president in the future I'll blame you trevor Noah for putting that idea in trump supporters minds

  80. Amjad Hanna

    The donald trump show , this guy is pathetic

  81. Greg K

    Oh the humanity. Lucky thing we've got the leadership of Donald "J is for Jenius" Trump during the worst crisis in 100 years, instead of that Barack Hussein Obama guy. Obama would've dealt with the pandemic with calm and intelligence, but he might have taken his jacket off. Dodged a bullet on that one.

  82. Soraya van der Schyff

    Another level dumbness, and Americans vote for him like South Africans continue to vote ANC, #beyondshocknow#

  83. AdA January


  84. Wanda Prock

    Problem is people are not going by the guidelines

  85. Daily updates



    Nice and clear


    It’s the weekend baby 😂😂😂😂

  88. Katherine Amador

    Dear Trevor Noah, please keep on making The Social Distancing shows. It’s my favorite thing of the day, especially being quarantined like this. Much love Kat 💕💕💕

  89. Agnes Metanomski

    Yes! I want to see tigers!


    U funny 😄

  91. Yanira Mccutcheon

    TRUMP OR THE VIRUS, I am more afraid of trump!


    Joe exotic 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Americans can be nuts attimes