"Living life on the goon side"

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  1. Robert Evans

    GOONZQUAD fighting boredom making things great again one bolt a a time

  2. Fresh Love


  3. Jed Brown

    Why not get a butcher block countertop that way you always have a cutting board as well.

  4. Sam09 Sung09

    Boring very super

  5. Robert Evans


  6. wiccan FPV

    You should run all solar panels as 48 volt system pretend there batteries as your doing series parralel design and you should do the same with batteries do series parralel till there is 48 volts at the connection at charge controller.48 volts is more effecient and you should be useing proper batteries car batteries wont work worth crap get 6 volt golf cart batteries good luck you guys give a good try thats how you learn love watching

  7. Zx the legend


  8. Landon Coleman

    Some of the electric awnings have LED light strips at the end.

  9. Korey Kuehni

    Could use the 2 panels with a separate controller to charge the main batteries. Mount those batteries outside too, you don’t want them inside the cabin.

  10. Virgilio Dieppa

    Corian counter top😎

  11. Nic Henry

    I think you need to put two more post on both of the ends so your table doesn’t bend and possibly doesn’t break

  12. Reb Khosh

    What ever happened to the boat?

  13. whitewallentgrp

    I would use the extra two panels dedicated for your refrigerator and the others for everything else

  14. Brandon Miller

    Idea for the roof: AstroTurf, outdoor couch and chairs, fire pit and a grill.

  15. Jorge Acevedo

    You need air conditioner inverted

  16. Tommy Marlin

    Great job guys!!

  17. Keegan Spivey

    Y’all should do a damaged camper rebuild

  18. Luke Plays

    Cut open the roof and get a tent that can pop up for natural air and more head space

  19. Thymonerade HD

    you can’t get coronavirus without lime disease

  20. Da Shop

    put a rack on the top a small one beside the solar system

  21. E Dogg36

    you guys are nuts I could have told you what was going to happen to your inverter but you guys were lucky you didn't burn anything down because I've seen it happen I'm not criticizing I think what you guys do is great just be careful you don't want to hurt yourself shit I have years of experience and I'm still learning might want to consult a master electrician this isn't something you just learned on the Fly and by the way I still gave you guys a thumbs up

  22. Reese Benjamin

    I would put mini fans under the table to remove heat the inverter and put wood over the battery and inverter to add storage

  23. eric versachi

    You need to run the ac off the generator not the solar Its a must, Youll eat those batteries alive.

  24. Debsi GT

    What about a toilet?

  25. Stephen Siano

    I would highly recommend not using a stone top for the counter, but if you really want a stone top I would say go for a man made material. You might be able to find a scrap piece at a stone fabrication shop that’s local. If it was my project I would say look for a piece of butcher block or reclaimed wood.


      I agree not to put a stone top it wont absorb the bumps it would crack and break I suggest using a different material somethings strong bendable and doesnt weigh much


    I like one of these vids


    You should get a thermal camera system for the apocalyptic truck so no zombies or Corona patients gets to you (JDM SHADOWZ)

  28. David Villegas

    The mustang FS

  29. Johnny_Gee

    Hurry up and get to 2 million.... 😁😁😁 stay safe DUUUDES

  30. Isaiah Beck

    Need a fold down bed off the side of a wall where y’all both have somewhere to sleep

  31. AC4643

    16:03 that caught me off guard

  32. Chris Perriam

    Enjoying what you guys are doing with the truck. Wonder what you think of having a sliding door ( maybe not glass but something along those lines ) so you can keep the truck doors open , so when your parked up it will give you more light and protection from the weather.

  33. Robert Melendez

    Let’s get back to dads truck!!

  34. Kaiser Sose

    Great content guys...I think the turret above the cab needs an airsoft minigun...😆

  35. Dad Life

    So I’m waiting to see what you guys do for some tunes in that rig. Looking good so far given you guys have never tackled a project like this before.

  36. Jeremy Bentley

    Save someone's life. Look forward to watching your videos, really like how you show your mistakes and not cover them up. At the same time you take large overwhelming takes and break them down into stalls tasks. Well done. About saving a life, make your own goonsquad face shields. They will go beyond this pandemic. If you want to know more just ask me. Cheers.

  37. Keto Beach

    Couldn't have picked a better time for that vehicle. Just stack it with toilet paper.

  38. Mark Copland

    Remember when you are not using your refrigerator, make sure you leave the door open so it won't smell. You may need to put something in front of your solar panels so when you travel the wind won't get Underneath and rip your panels of when traveling.

  39. Big D

    Kicking ass and taking numbers ✊🔋💥

  40. Dropsy

    back in 1986 chernobyl blew up, and I was born, SO happy birthday to me, thanks for this build lockdown has me bored as fuck.

  41. Tim Glass

    Sorry, but I just have to question the education level of these boys, I'm watching them making some really dangerous mistakes. A lot of what they're doing on this build is common knowledge stuff that I learned in High School.

  42. DetailingQc

    You can install fan whit wood for best aération whit électric module for dont take fire 🙂

  43. rk22cc

    5 coats

  44. Mahi Mahi

    No plan at all

  45. Noel & Kaylee

    Put a roof rack above the cock pit

  46. Todd R


  47. Cristhian Rodriguez

    this project is lit


    Here’s one built in WA you might like if you haven’t already seen it :) slsel.info/video/video/p82YZ82qpKOfetA.html

  49. Luis Gutierrez

    You guys need to watch this one here! Tons of ideas for you guys slsel.info/video/video/p82YZ82qpKOfetA.html

  50. Trevor Koch

    Next build should be A Cadillac CTS V......

  51. Kadin Roy

    What happed to the super charged cop car you guys should drive it on video

  52. Michael J. Rusyn III

    Put the batteries outside under the box, that will be safer and give more storage inside

  53. discscscs

    No way u need 8 solar panels bruh but I’m no professional 🤷‍♀️ gotta save some room to chill up there

  54. rorythekid89

    You guys have the smallest arms and legs I have seen. Glad you can actually get work done with them.

  55. GuillotineStare

    I love these guys. They are learning every video and have no fear! Love it. BUT the Ryobi tool use is not acceptable. I see yo got a mix of tools. But ryobi is never the answer.

  56. Brian A

    2 scrapped solar panels + 2 blown converters = tax write off

  57. Frank Schultz Auditing News

    Call 1-800-DIG

  58. Virginia Villanueva

    What happened to your boat

  59. Austinthebiga

    LED all the lights on the truck so it looks 😩👌

  60. MannyRomero

    You guys are going to die in your sleep with those batteries

  61. Andrew Johnson

    I almost spit out my food when you guys said it was "hot" outside and close to 90! It's like 37 degrees up in MA! I still have my friggin heat on!! 😫

  62. Tim Glass

    To many lead acid batteries in a small enclosed space. whether they wanted to or not, they just made themselves a cute little Gas Chamber. Oh My God.

  63. TheRogBar

    never connect solar to controller before connecting controller to battery , else u burn out controller. Always connect controller to battery before connecting solar. And disconnect solar before disconnecting battery.


    Consider putting the batteries under the chassis rather than taking up space inside the living area

  65. Domane 1035

    I really appreciate you guys creating content every 3 days. It keeps me entertained during these crazy times. I found this video about AGM vs. LiFePO. 4. He talks about how AGM typically can discharge to 50% to extend the cycle life of the battery. LiFePO. 4 can discharge up to 80% and is lighter but more expensive. Maybe you can benefit from this or not. slsel.info/video/video/p5mgqs6MZYRxfqY.html

  66. Bodean Digs

    don't forget to vent those batteries fellas

  67. jason duncan

    put terf on the top

  68. tkosta08

    Wire 4 panels in series then combine the other 4 in series then connect the two arrays in parallel. This will lower your voltage and increase your amperage which the charger will handle.

  69. Compete Faith

    Jimmy is a little bit j-j-jumpity with the hand movements there

  70. imaslowlerner

    You guys might need a plastic container to store your batteries, the acid will damage your nice floor also needs to be ventilated being it's in an enclosed area where you will be spending time. I sure you guys already had that figured out.

  71. Pegasus 898

    That battery bank won’t even last 5 mins for that air conditioner lol

  72. ankit kumar

    cooling will be the issue.. mind it

  73. rollnthundr99

    I say keep the 2 unused panels but mount them to the doors that way when the doors are open you are getting some energy and those 2 should be able to power ur canopy and other stuff u wont be using all the time just an idea where you could use em.

  74. AMGPilot

    Just an accident waiting to happen..............................

  75. msj2324

    I love the channel guys, but I feel like you don’t listen to your viewers. From previous videos there were many great suggestions from ppl Who know exactly what there talking about, clearly telling you the type of batteries you Need, as well as not to mount them on the inside.. but keep up the good work.

  76. Cris Nuyt

    You're going to keep frying electronics until you figure out that those things all rely on a specific voltage and configure your batteries to work on those voltage. You use that to run the AC and you're going to kill your batteries (not just drain). There's a reason full sized homes with real battery banks don't run AC off solar unless they are special ramp up types. But, I guess if you have the money to piss away, trial and error works too. Just don't expect reliability and life expectancy. Others already mentioned battery ventilation, even on sealed units. Bottom line, run the AC off the generator, and learn about how to add the solar panel voltage to match battery configuration and inverter also must be at that voltage.

  77. Dallastexas05

    Put tv on there

  78. Brent Uchtman

    Hi Guys, You probably need to rubber mount your ac so when you are driving and 4x4 driving it will bounce around heaps and likely get damaged. Keep up the good work.

  79. John W

    Glad to see you guys taking precautions. Masks, gloves, Lysol 👍

  80. Matthew Harris

    Are they gonna do bunk beds because one bed isn’t gonna do it😂

  81. shawn alexander

    Get back to dad's truck please

  82. Jorge Sandoval

    Try solid surface as the countertop

  83. Mark Clayton

    Looking great guys. For the counter top, you should just get one of the pre-made wooden top from the cabinet section at Lowes or Home Depot. They'll be easy to cut for your stove and sink, and won't crack. Also, I find them all the time at places like Habitat Recycle or Good Will stores for pennies on the dollar compared to new. However, if you just wanted to buy new the pricing is already good for what you're getting.


    Butcher block for countertops would be the best

  85. Beast Mode

    Keep the 2 solar just in case

  86. crazy jeeper

    I think if you use a granite countertop you stand a chance of cracking it. I would go with a composite

  87. Bhilbert44

    You should upgrade all exterior lights to LED

  88. Earl Richardet

    Bus Grease Monkey on SLsel just did a battery and solar conversion on his RV Bus... Check out his videos to see what batteries he recommends for RV use... Its been fun so far, sorry to see that you crashed a couple of devices.

  89. BISES 8E 2K17

    Guys please improve the table

  90. Yehuda Goldberg

    Lead acid batteries are last centuries tech. Use lithium ion phosphate batteries like Battleborn. Or you can build your own. Edit: I see people recommending AGM, while definitely better than lead acid, lithium is better in every way.

  91. Chris Veliz

    I'd love to see a (Tractor Supply) tractor paint, black paint job on this.

  92. John Paul Jansen

    I like the new music

  93. Blackfoot Minuteman


  94. liudas5377

    U could have wired those extra panels in parallel. More panels = faster charge times.

  95. Cooper Twyman

    Normies:use that for the covid outbreak Me and the boys: CRAWL OUT THROUGH THE FALLOUT

  96. Jayson10115 [OSG1]

    I would keep the Solar panel’s for a nother progect

  97. Sydney Charter

    some hope for trying times : "But you know, happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light." ― Albus Dumbledore

  98. Sebastien D'Amours

    This is a nice project guys but please dont cut corners! use the right battery type, use metal conduits for the mppt and all cabling inside. Get an electrician to check cabling and make the right bypass circuit to switch from sector to battery or generator. There is no « negative » in AC electricity. Use a mini split instead of a cheap window ac. Get a real fridge to get proper amount of food for your needs. Check solar panels option to switch to series/parralel, series has many advantages but no good in partial shading, parrallel require bigger cooper and voltage drop is more significative, but in this case short length and small setup could be 12v

  99. Pfajai

    slsel.info/video/video/q5mcjpJ6r5Chh6Y.html Bus Grease Monkey has a couple good vids regarding solar setup on his bus.

  100. JesusandDee

    Hey guys, Try Corian counter tops. It is synthetic, but it looks very close to granite. Should be a a lot more flexible for off-roading.