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  1. Victoria Young

    How do you feel about the bright new headlights

  2. Steven Horner Raffaele

    I think you guys are awesome. I do not understand how fuses work in a car.

  3. no name

    As a dealer I can say now its worth half book retail and cannot be financed. Cash buyers only. Cash buyers who feel ok with a rebuilt salvage title. Good plan if want to keep it. Not so good to resale.

  4. Jonas Bennett

    I absolutely love this channel. The energy, positivity, work ethic etc.. great stuff guys and keep it up!

  5. Charles sanders

    Read that these jeep trucks not selling so well. Not surprised.

  6. Marc van Heugten

    Did you realy buy matching tools and gloves to work on that door?

  7. borgardj

    I love your channel!! Once again you guys knocked this one out of the park.

  8. Teagan Sweitzer

    *that did buff out*

  9. supreme robloxian milan

    How much for it I'll buy it

  10. Soldier f

    Any updates on the Mustang???

  11. savagedwyne 123

    Can y’all get back to the boat plzzzz

  12. javiersambrano36

    What are your plans with the Denali?

  13. Spencer Smith

    Why wouldn’t u just drive the f450 to haul stuff?

  14. photohum

    Love the doggo 🐕 😍😍

  15. ElTioStan Official

    Hello! Friend, I'm from the Dominican Republic and I only speak Spanish, I like all your SLsel content and I would like you to add Spanish subtitles to your videos. Thank you (don't tell anyone but use the translator to write this) 😂

  16. Elijah Ramos

    I love when y'all do the bright paints they look great

  17. Elijah Ramos

    Looks amazing

  18. adam marks

    everyone missed that big fish blow up in the back ground at the river lol at 18:36

  19. Billy Ward

    I just bought a house where this Jeep was registered and we are almost ready to move in, I think it’s I sign I should have this bad boy in my garage

  20. Hugo De Alba

    Do you have to reset that module?

  21. Marcio Luis Lorenzi

    You are definitely multitask guys and I appreciate it. Keep going!

  22. WEBO 305 Logan

    You showing me a lot I Don’t do car am n to bike soon on my page am going to take my time and do it right soon to come like Subscribe and comment please I appreciate it thank you

  23. Gabriel Hernandez

    Happy I stumbled upon this yt channel 😂‼️

  24. WEBO 305 Logan

    Nice work 305 n the house

  25. Jacob Traxler

    The dash on the new Gladiators are sweet. I really like the red colored accent on it.

  26. Adam Brooker

    With the 2nd base being a metallic you guys should've used a mixing spray gun. It's simple and keeps the paint mixed so it doesn't spray different. Just letting ya know, I do like ur work and paint jobs but they could be alot better if you tired using that type of paint gun.

  27. Zachary 3D Prints

    Hey, that is looking great!


    You could have used one of these tools rather than weld the nut back on >>>>>>> www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_sop=10&_nkw=nutsert+tool&ul_noapp=true

  29. axcellgrease

    Dang Son....I went to get my T-Shirt, and you already sold out!

  30. Elimelec Peréz

    You guys need to rebuild a Tesla

  31. Zak Gohn


  32. Nate Plourde

    Nice work boys keep it up

  33. Dennis Navarro

    You guys make me proud!! I am happy to see some real gearheads under the age of 30! BTW, you might need to talk to your dealer about that "Service 4WD" light. It's a known Jeep issue, they should have a recall to "reprogram" your TDCM or FDCM. Keep up the great work!!

  34. Slim Docs

    Dammmm someone crashed into it... Crazy no worries... Tho y'all will fix it

  35. Shawn Mcneil

    I want it I’ll buy it

  36. The Goat

    Get a drill brush!

  37. John D

    I'm new to this channel. You guys made me lol as you talked about how cool your wrecked, stock, Ford pickup is, while a FREAKING LAMBO is just lurking in the background!! :D Subbed.

  38. John Smith

    Whoever edits your videos does an outstanding job. I really like watching!

  39. Kyle Dangler

    Please have it engine swaped with a hellcat motor

  40. thickr than a snickr

    You guys NEED a lift kit and some bigger rims and tires

  41. John Smith

    Always love your music!

  42. Sean Unrein

    Wow. Cant believe anything jeep related got into trending.

  43. Connor Schweikert

    To clear most codes on the push start dodge/chrysler cars all you have to do it turn the car on and off 3 times. It will automatically clear the codes that the car knows is fixed

  44. 1,000 Subscribers Without Videos Challenge

    4:46 🤣🤣🤣😁😫😫 The doggo taking his Tinder profile picture.

  45. John Smith

    Fantastic work guys! Simply Amazing skill.

  46. Spencer Meeks

    So how much was it at the auction?

  47. Rick Lake

    Did someone say "rock crawler?"

  48. Rich Burdick

    That is comical, I work in a Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Dealer, The selling dealer on that is about 15 minutes from us....lol.

  49. kefi elyes

    Your paint work is just something from another space... pffff well donnnnneeeee

  50. McGyver777ATGMAIL

    I don't know how to say this without sounding a little patronizing, but I'm awfully proud of you boys. You must have had a very good dad to talk and to teach you, to actually do something in this life instead of spending it all in a phone or on a video game. Makes me proud to see that young men like y'all exist in the world.

  51. Upstate Rebuilding

    Love the Jeep rebuild. Huge inspiration for my channel. Keep it up.

  52. BradW

    When the finishing videos are done with the boat, it would be good to include an impeller and bellows swap on the drive unit. With it sitting up the impeller is overdue and if it breaks apart it causes cooling nightmares...they usually are swapped out every 2 years for freshwater and yearly for saltwater use. Looking forward to the final series on the boat and this is being followed by boat forums too.

  53. daye3371

    Man where dose all the money $$ come from ????

  54. Tim Bouwman

    Do a engine swap

  55. Charlie Shell

    yall should diesel swap it

  56. Brian Noah

    Only two of your wheels were spinning. 4x4 is broken.

  57. Martha Guerrero

    amazing video...

  58. Desi Canadian Vlogger

    Nice video bro cool 😎 From (Desi Canadian vlogger) thanks

  59. Tahap Gaban

    They paid for this car or get free?

  60. Warren Keene

    Guys really, Autolite in a Mopar. SMFH

  61. Chris .Awesome

    One talking over the other. Gives me a headache 😒

  62. expensive luxury

    You should hellcat swap it like stradmans

  63. Todd uknow

    Awesome videos, I enjoy all of em guys !! Thanks for sharing 👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸😎

  64. Nautricity

    When its finished please get its frame and undercarriage Fluid Filmed NOT Undercoated

  65. Cameron Cameron

    why i subscribe to your channel is .the dept and anivation you guys do to go one step more .Nice JOB i wish you would consider doing a electric car one day it would be a real treat to see how fare you take it.

  66. Andrew Hardy

    Someday; "but we're gonna have to catch you in the morning cuz it got regular late on us & we're turning in for a normal bedtime. Talk amongst yourselves."

  67. Daniel Maldonado

    You guys should be proud. Top quality build, done on a budget, and presented flawlessly with this vid. Props for not cursing or trying to act out... keep it up 🤙

  68. Michael Heiser

    check the wire connector to the shift solieoid

  69. Royce Fast

    who remembers when they said they was gunna track the corvette lol

  70. Iwan Gunawan

    cool man...good job...

  71. Tyler Farrell

    Couldve probably used rivnuts for that bed nut you tacked in

  72. Terry Reeves

    Im running out of videos 😔

  73. David Rocker

    Why don't you guys use a random orbital polisher to remove the swirls?

  74. Marcus Burger

    channel is awesome. I didn’t know I live so close to y’all.

  75. MickHornbak

    Soap & Water bottle: *farts* - That's the noise it makes? - ...yeah. lmfao

  76. overholt2323

    The shirts sold out quick

  77. Joey Agosto

    Daaaammmm BooooyZZZzzzz each time I see ur vids I become Happyer & HAPPYER, it seems U're chears me up , ( nice ) Daaammm SON whatta a beauty Rubicon-Gladiator U have there ( may I test it for U? ^^ ) U may make me little bit more happy-er if U wanna give it 2 me Dammmm fly it over to Holland okey? xD, weel kent w8 u'r next vid come, Grtx pales + hugs 2 tha friends-Pets key? Ciao JoEy

  78. wirenut003

    Your POP just a really nice pick up. Hes gonna love you boys

  79. Craig Randall

    Hi from the UK. Love the channel guys. Keep up the good work. Craig.

  80. Robert Franciscus

    why are you not using threadlocker on those bolts??

  81. Barry Adamson

    Don't you have a spare Hemi engine that you can put in there?

  82. Scrum Reabar

    9:54 that little microwave smirk lol! She's like, these guys....haha

  83. Frederik Villumsen

    Where is the “We can probably just buf that out” t-shirts? 🙃

  84. Thorsten Fuchs

    Oh! A Bluetooth door handle? Everything is better with Bluetooth!😁

  85. S F

    Anyone know the brand of the light bar controller??

  86. wirenut003

    Its a Jeep Thing>>what a awesome job looks great

  87. Ceasar D.

    "There you go! there you go! you got it..... Nooo you dont" LOL!

  88. Lindsay S


  89. Mark Tinashe

    The power of perseverance. Have been with you guys ever since these days more or less. Life is a big wheel and fortune lies around the corner surely. PS: I still watch every Ad

  90. Jimmy T

    Guys I am very impressed with the way you two interact with each other. So many brothers these days can't stop fighting.

  91. Fabio Lucas

    Ajuda o Greg Ferreira a recuperar o gtr!!!!

  92. Menino Sonhador


  93. Menino Sonhador


  94. Menino Sonhador


  95. Joseph Karoly

    How's the dodge charger comeing along

  96. Wayne Wiggins

    Put the 5.7 in the jeep.

  97. Ben Wensley-Stock

    Maybe add the jeep Gladiator doors for summertime use?

  98. Jacob Wills

    Paint the hardtop red

  99. Mo Alalbani

    Engine swap it with a salvage hellcat engine. It’s gonna be lit

  100. Bani52

    What auction site did you find this on? Looking for a project but having trouble finding a good auction