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  1. Jesmanuel Sky

    Tiene unos reflejos nivel dios. En todos los golpes duros anticipo a su oponente😨

  2. Allstar - ROTMG and more

    Logan: "It is going to be violent and aggressive.." The Fight: *Logan literally throwing jabs throughout for 5/6 rounds* Also Logan: "I sneezed Like...3 times today.. I was sick."

  3. Cobra- Boxin

    Devin pretty trash I can beat him myself

  4. Bergin Kysar

    What was the song in the background at the end of the fight?

  5. Big A /\

    Man shout out to Fonseca he’s been fighting anyone they give him. it ain’t easy getting in there.

  6. silentxx1street

    How much does that chick get payed just to hang out in the middle of the ring? 😂

  7. David Johnson Sr

    Oscar's son is the next face of boxing.

  8. Arto Grandholl

    This is the guy that has it all, davis is a tank but speed and precision is everything

  9. Arto Grandholl

    Garcia vs Davis is an crazy crazy fight,this guys speed is insane

  10. yota97


  11. Jason Pintur


  12. Egg with 5K subs.

    Who's here after the A.B Diss Track!!!!!

  13. Ev Wright

    If your coach talks to you like that it’s because they really care for you and know that you can do better. If that offends anybody then you are soft and have no competitive drive in you

  14. NoMas Chalupas

    His greatest moment was the creation of his biggest regret. He turned his fortune into sloth that took it all away in an instant.

  15. Stronglife6 Solis

    Ryan Garcia And Devin Haney can be great, looking forward to seeing they're skill's develop,

  16. ROJAK tv

    7:43 fight start 8:58 the KO

  17. Elliott Cook

    Gib hit shift way too many times

  18. Jose Dominguez

    Haney is a tuff dude he will soon be undisputed Idk if it will be at 135 because it seems like he can’t get the fights he wants but possibly at 140. And he’s young he will be at 147 within the next 4 years


    Wilder will certainly damage AJ

  20. Paul Diaz

    Tank who? 😏

  21. chupes h

    No digan mamadas....regresa marquez y ponle su putiza a este wey canelo

  22. Juan Garza

    Chavez Sr. deserves better.

  23. Zucc 69

    Who else is watching this after ksi beat this man😂

  24. Billcivivs FF

    Bro got set up


    CANELO high level💪💪💪💪☝️

  26. Nate Alspaugh

    This was deeply satisfying.

  27. Yo boy Koolaid

    That Mexican kid thinks his hard

  28. Kenneth Turknett

    Jo jake paul

  29. Gugu

    Both fighters didn’t deserve a W. They are terrible at boxing

  30. Abraham Chavez Ministries

    Lol, love it!

  31. Omar Rojas

    Ayoooo I love this how much fr y’all to pull up where I’m at

  32. FUN-TIME

    That was a dumb DQ. He didn't connect with those punches after the bill should have warned him and kept the fight going.

    1. David Ferrer

      FUN-TIME connected or not he threw those shots to land on purpose well after. And he attempted to throw one as the ref is pushing him back.

  33. DonMilfred Arroyo

    Ryan garcia is great fighter! respect to honor kobe and gigi put 2&24 to his boxer trunks😊

  34. David Johnson

    Low ball offers to various champions are poor excuse for Canelo. DAZN looks like organization low on money with overpaid and over-hyped Canelo, GGG and Joshua.

  35. Fawzi Binkassim


  36. Mr. Misfitted

    I’m not a boxing fan, but I could tell how bad this was.

  37. Ye

    Ryan is really the boy tho

  38. Hannah •

    ok but his daughters name on his shorts.. 🥺🦋

  39. Logan Belcher

    white james harden

  40. Jess Go Bills

    Adore Kyle!!

  41. Alexis

    Not with mayweather doe 😹🤦🏻‍♂️🙅🏻‍♂️☠️💀

  42. Luis O

    Jake is not going to win if he fight KSI

  43. Floreen Norman

    Hear it well it said ksi had 54 points and Logan had 55 point

  44. Floreen Norman

    What in the other fight he got one point taken away for that

  45. Wesley Ramos

    😂 he even threw the knockout hook after the weigh In

  46. COC Master 14

    Ksi can't eventalk😂


    What a pathetic scumbag.. he first looked for a way out by playing injured.. then figured he’d just get himself DQ’d so he doesn’t have to get clowned anymore

  48. Spaceman Pope

    That boy is talented. Fast, accurate, and powerful. 🥊

  49. Rolando Ojeda

    His combos are solid🥊

  50. Bryan River

    Arrogant Segun mexicano? Para ganarse ala raza mexicana pero un verdadero mexicano habla al cien el español. Le falta humildad

  51. Devin Naoroz

    I thought this man was dead

  52. erick montante

    They better make the 3 fight happen in 2020 because RUIZ is not done with Anthony

  53. moose chop


  54. Israel Garcia

    Ryan has stiff legs and no head movement. If they actually fight in may, Ryan has a problem.

  55. Hugo Plejer

    Is KSI vs JP confirmed?

  56. Epic Gamer

    Let’s hug it out come on!

  57. Gerardo Gonzalez

    Probably mayw

  58. Alpha Male Lifestyle TV

    Danny’s actually a decent fighter but dude wasn’t being totally far-fetched with his claims.

  59. Dnoxed

    If Haney hit that uppercut in the final seconds of round 5 he would have definitely dropped santiago

  60. Peerless Ty

    Fair play

  61. arjan manku

    JJ YOU CAN MULTITASK 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  62. bIGbOIbENNY1108

    my man said knowledge truth and integrity

  63. Bad Boys Hub

    Bro the fighter who got knocked out should have seen it coming, I legit saw Garcia’s energy picking up on the opportunity and the dude just walked right into it

  64. Logic Pyro

    Let see him and tank

  65. Riya And Ray Play

    Ryan in the first round. Watch.

  66. Benji Love

    Devin haney needs to fight Ryan Garcia


    Middle class Andre bishop

  68. Asas Asas


  69. Parker Peter

    Fight me.

  70. Bekzodbek Abdullayev


  71. Ace Rostien

    Let go Jake pu

  72. Jamal Zalim

    2020 feb?

  73. Abas Jaber

    7:57 kobe bryand

  74. Gio-6

    Oscar looks like he can translate common bro!!!

  75. Dovud Omon


  76. El californio El mariachi

    Rampage was scared to treat bunches

  77. Randall Bair

    No extra shots go fador true class

  78. Barclay 1444


  79. Michael Saquisili

    Yo all this is complete bullsh*t Logan should have won. I don’t care what you think

  80. Beats and Rhymes

    I bet he will be 35 or older. I am willing to bet Wendy Richter.

  81. PandaTheExplorer Official

    Haney vs Garcia? Well looking at those two fights i know that GARCIA will DESTROY Haney

  82. Rob Bourne

    Hopefully golden boy protects this kid from ruining his record keep him away from Puerto Rican wolf's

  83. Kenneth Blake

    I don't know that was a close fight

  84. David De Leon

    Jake Paul will get cracked against Ksi since both ksi and Logan got 2 points taken away, so no matter what ksi would’ve won.

  85. Laërtu

    I mean..moths later..still super satisfied about this..there's something about cockiness and showboating.

  86. Jaideep Abraham

    I watched "GOING BROKE" (AB diss track) For 12 hours straight... Click on the pic to watch

  87. the life of patryk

    1st round ko like a beast!💪

  88. ZodiaCap

    Cortez's body looks like my dad

  89. CDN Los Zetas

    Are they gonna fight?

  90. Ozzie Rose

    Ruiz is sloppy af.

  91. Emmanuel Manzo


  92. Kamar Williams

    Callum need to get on the weights

  93. Jeffrey Epstein

    Jake and Logan Paul need to be put in their place

  94. huttio srreu

    11:11 you can see devin haney stand up real quick after the knock out at left side.. in front of logan paul

  95. Emmanuel Manzo

    He has a style of manny Pacquiao.

  96. TDGHenry Artiga

    Ryan said "BOP" And the fight ended..

    1. huttio srreu

      Funny GARCIA is stronger and better than DELA HOYA

  97. JRG II

    He needs to fight Naoya Inoue in a catch weight.

  98. Tail Lights

    I like the youngsta attitude

  99. Not a Youtuber

    Was this logan v ksi undercard?

  100. I Am The Culture tv

    I love the energy it's all about the sport and respect