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  1. Eric Bobbington

    Like the vid

  2. Za'Kyrah Coffey


  3. Kimberly Peterson-Aquilino

    There is something wrong with them they all have yellow teeth

  4. Kimberly Peterson-Aquilino

    Curling your hair like that is really dangerous it can set ur house on fire and Sophia just get a curling iron duh


    I love these hacks . So going to use them

  6. Brielle Roach

    That is not appropriate for SLsel

  7. Karen Ramos

    :) i love the dog its so cuteeeeee

  8. Olivia Smith

    no i don't believe you guys and your guises teeth are so yellow it is disgusting

  9. Gr

    It is fine if you have the same dress as someone else no big deal it would be cool

  10. Alyssa Avery

    I'm the shortest person in the world I'm only 7 I'm going to be eight in one month

  11. Zgh Ahh

    My favorite show 123 go yoooooooohooooooooo

  12. zainab-malak aliraqi

    She is so races she said she looks crazy for wear the scarf 4:58

  13. Natalie Jayne Thornton


  14. Swati Arora

    I love your channel very much

  15. Poppy Pettitt


  16. هبة بركات

    Pink hair love to be pink

  17. Ej Castillo

    Sofia's book will downnnnn okay now i see it :(

  18. Ej Castillo

    its not funny

  19. it's raining cats and dogs

    World: Global warming Vicky:brrrr! I'm in my house with thermostat at 107! Better make myself some "cozy slippers"!


    And so cute


    The dog looks kinda fake

  22. Shalizeh Vlogs

    i can see the pit stains when you wear the scarf

  23. Wanted Bear

    Tiktok did that first you didn't come up with the McDonald's one

  24. Marissa aziz

    The thumbnail looks racist oof

  25. Mo

    The thumbnail is disrespect rn

  26. Jake Zelaya

    Sofia try to be cute but she ain't👎

  27. Nur Hidayah

    Umm seriously the thumbnail your desrespecting the muslim hijabs

  28. Czerl Ialynn Robles

    I love wacth 1 2 3 go like

  29. hind alfalasi

    I always copy them

    1. hind alfalasi

      I’m always be right yaaaaaaaaaa

  30. Saajdah Bilal

    So as my kids scrolled down you came across and my kid asked me why is it a cross over the one wearing the scarf 🧣 and a check mark over the one who isn’t we are Muslims, and maybe this wasn’t you intention but sends off the wrong message to kids who do wear hijabs

  31. SmokeManCz


  32. K9SAMMY !

    It doesn't work

  33. John Agutu

    pretty good hacks you've got there

  34. The amazing world of MIA!

    you guys already put most of these in your other videos.

  35. Princes_unicorn 1231

    I tryed all it worked! But not the end

  36. Katie Proffit

    I love you Lily!!!!!!!!

  37. Ali Dimitra

    I am totally type b

  38. KaiMapDawg2010

    Davehax already did the opening door Chips hack

  39. Ramesh Makwana

    1:00 was awesome

  40. Aqib Iqbal


  41. gargi joshi

    @dannygonzolez react to this video

  42. nabilah almadi

    I don’t know what I want but

  43. Poor Lil Tay

    When amy done the eye liner she didnt have lipstick after she done it she had *PINK* lipstick when she had no *PINK* pencils

  44. Shannon Aaron

    You are. Cool

  45. Varalakshmi Chinta

    I love 123 go !!!!!!

  46. Kimberly Peterson-Aquilino

    Lol that dog is so cute But ur usually not allowed to bring dogs into restraunts And if u want to make sure to let it do its buissness outside

  47. Kohinoor Khurshid

    Plz reply you all done do anything

  48. شهد مبارك عبدالله

    أنا شهد يا صفي شوفوني أنا وياكم👋👋👋 madeya Mariam saif

  49. Kimberly Peterson-Aquilino

    XD All of you guys have a point Bella should know by now to where fancy cloths to a party

  50. mohamed Ismail

    Pls do School video

  51. Osas Okuns

    I like 123 like

  52. Kelly Ray


  53. Rajeshwari G


  54. Krishna Moorthy


  55. Jeevens Charles

    Hi there I’m just going home now I’m just going home 🏠

  56. Jeevens Charles

    Hi I believe you I think I did help you

  57. Lougie Abulencia

    Diy prank for siblings kids age 10 and 6

  58. Timitfa Blaze

    Screw you!! You disrespect my religion.

  59. esther nunoo

    Yutute was utiy a great weekend I was yyittutuy

  60. Save Tree

    Abey kon lejata hai ye sab 🙄

  61. • kreative _kitty •

    Why are the pit stains yellow 😛

  62. Jade Miles

    I like 123 go it is the best

  63. Jodie Hancock

    We can see herpants under that dress

  64. Simon Chua


  65. Xian Lopez Channel

    Pls shout out xian lopez channel

  66. Angelina Bernadette


  67. Dragon Flames

    Why do they make weird noises

  68. Sajid Ahmadi

    J cold

  69. Amen Ao

    Am I 16 hours late no worry at least I saw the video

  70. Ruby Harris


  71. Olutunji Oladimeji

    Maaaaad oooooooh

  72. lee fazackerley

    Amy Vicky and Bella are so pretty but every one else is to so don’t worry 😉

  73. melaniemartirmaligon

    WOW, You look AMAZING Can i try some of them? do they work or fail? like if yes

  74. Hadil Abdul

    Why you always need to buy things every days like makeup. Clothes and shoes

  75. Kuntola Maitra Sayoni Sayoni

    I don't like maya,,,, I hate hate hate maya

  76. Danny the red

    4.10 I tryed that and it didn't work 😔😔

  77. Rosie Daly

    Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola.

  78. Mithili Subramaniam


  79. arnold andam

    The first time i see this it was so funneh

  80. chxoticangelz

    The thumbnail is so messed up

  81. una esbieto

    Winters over

  82. Ellisa Sasa

    Daddy and mommy can you please bunny keeps objects can daddy give me a mermaidand mommy give me money Little like mine you don't like my little love my knee checked mine do you need a special surprise of the capsule chicksnnnnm,. And 🍿🍩🍮🍲🍢🍭🍶🍼🍸🍩🎂🍷🍵🍸🍬🍩🍷☕️🍩🍵🍿🍵🍶🍻🍾🍻🍭🍦🍘🍱🍢🍡🍧🍨🍚🍱🍬🍬🍬🎱🎱🍸🍘🎂🎂🍼🎾⛳️🍬🍩🍻🍵🍿aqqaX

  83. bloom *******

    Some trick r repited

  84. Shivali Rana


  85. Mehak K

    Wait won’t the plate stink ?

  86. rhea Richardson

    6:10 just open the drawer 🙄

  87. zara ali

    😊😊😊😊😊 I love 123 GO !

  88. Pankaj Kawatra

    Why do you got to say I smart😂😍🤑😎🤑🥰🤣🤑😃😄😢

  89. Nazuki • Lav

    If u guys reached 900K Subs u guys must do a real VOICE reveal :3

  90. Nikola_Playzzz :3 & Gacha Wolfie :3

    No one: Not even god: Nothing: Dog: RUFFFF RUFFF GRRR

  91. Debabrata Das

    I live in India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  92. Jimson Monteser


  93. fiza zack

    Like me I bring a scarf on my had

  94. David Campbell

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  95. Nada Plays

    9:14 I like the idea but I think you should get the shirt off because people will still smell that. Im just giving an idea.

  96. Amna akram

    Yousucks troom troom rule

  97. Priscilla Oriordan


  98. Raul Letazo

    Your pranks are dangerous

  99. Tony Dunford


  100. Jackie Cruz

    Amazing craft