Hi, I live in New York City and love SLsel.
some FAQs
Q. what'd i shoot that with
WIDE LENS; amzn.to/1VCtBhS
DRONE; amzn.to/1Sl75Uq
OLD DRONE (cheaper but still great); amzn.to/26lwt
Q. where did i go to film school
A. never went to film school or college
Q. what's that crazy space where i'm working in a lot of the videos
A. that's my production studio in NYC, i built this space and have been here for almost 10 years. no don't live in this space, just work
Q. what do i edit with
A. final cut x. i don't love it. too crashy and clitchy but i hate learning new software
Q. someone asked how old i am
A. i'm 35. well for now i am. i was born in 1981 so if i don't update this before next year you can keep track on your own

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    Love this man

  2. EDCOP66

    The sickening part is that there’s people that can afford that!!! Anybody that buys that kind of shit has no respect for humanity!!

  3. Drsoosstttm

    My birthday is the same as yours

  4. buff stewie

    Why does he wear glasses all the time?

  5. roman Gonzalaz

    Do use all a favor stay home because if you get it you could effect someone really important to you or someone else pls pls don’t go running around cause your board think someone be sides your self just because it does not effect pls

    1. roman Gonzalaz

      This is for everyone reading Casey’s blog the Casey pls stay home and safe

  6. Jack Pine

    What a great episode this was !

  7. Josephine Law

    So the big question - did you guys become closer?

  8. Vasilios Kambouras

    Great vlog man!!

  9. XxMadalynxX 911

    Whenever the man kept looking at the camera I was dead laughing 😂💀

  10. Peter Rotrovich

    When Concord was flying in those days from NY to Paris was 2 hours flight, first class US$10000 and second class US$8000, good food and drink when you finish with the meal, plane was already landing ! That was 1976 !

  11. Mike Peoro

    When you think it's a charging tesla but it's not

  12. UNG Sidqil

    I'm going to save you some time the answer is: "I don't know it depends on what you need it for" "All of them are good"

  13. Chelsea Kelso

    Only came to watch the opening of Evan & Katelyn's package. :)

  14. gp johnson

    Just another infomercial folkes .

  15. Kamal Luke

    That plane never left the ground.

  16. Hugh Barringer


  17. Model RC

    I would feel so awkward on that plane. I don’t like people doing everything for me

  18. CT Vaughan

    5:40 That’s a cool shot but what do you think the other people thought when they saw a camera peeking over their wall.

  19. Ultrax-Gaming

    4:43 random dude on the left🤣😂🤣😂😊

  20. Addi Fabis

    Him:who takes a ten minute long shower?! Me: uhm is that long? Cause my showers are fifteen minutes!

  21. Vivian Young

    I'm so glad your friend is doing well. Yesterday I learned that a NJ friend died from COVID19.

  22. gp johnson

    This 20 year old British race car driver, is hotter than Justin Bieber ever was. @3:53

  23. Salici Purser

    Who takes a 10 minute shower Me:uhhhhh idk who would do such a thing

  24. xavier gutowski

    Show off you are just trying to make people feel bad who don’t spend money on stupid stuff like you and you are always certain with stupid Measure

  25. Jack Pine

    3:44...now that is the kind of energy we need a lot more of...she's awesome!

  26. Leo Zou

    i am not buying Burger King now unless they say sorry... Like if u dislike what they did :/

  27. gp johnson

    #1 buy [email protected]:20 #2 must be 18 to buy white spray paint. #3 spray paint sunglasses. #4 wipe spray paint off sunglasses, before it dries. #5 go on youtube and make people laugh. (lost-his painted sunglasses) after math lesson. @ 6:25

  28. Gabriel Bernarte

    Me : who sleeps with glasses on casey : me Me : why do you sleep with galsses on Casey: for views Me : waaaaaahhhhhh!

  29. Christopher Wilford

    That's mad

  30. Ed

    First course , main course, intercourse

  31. Soumojit Ghosh

    China virus

  32. Leo Zou

    the shark just runs beside the two couples kissing...

  33. HRose Danal

    Allan Regama

  34. HRose Danal

    Wow! Nice drone ❤️ I also watched this kind of drone from Allan Regama channel and he has also videos using his mavic mini👍👍

  35. Dave Lewis

    I’m a Handman and I always repurpose plastic Starbucks cups also for painting. Great minds! 😃😃😃😃😃

  36. Captain Fin

    A fokken Does, most irresponsible entitled BS video, you should just stay home with your family, adhere to the gov. request. Home means home unless you need to buy food or pharmacy emergency.

  37. Dh Haifa

    I've never been on a plane 😅✌️

  38. Peto Pedro

    Resident Evil 3 remake outbreak is real ..

  39. s.q


  40. So Tangy!

    Consistently great content .

  41. جميل المحيا

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  42. Ba7nous Gaming

    I adore mail time 😍

  43. Nik

    I know I’m late but could anyone please tell me the name of the song at 0:12

  44. Alex Eusebio

    Garmin won

  45. ItzJosephRoth


  46. Diego


  47. The Milo

    Luisito comunica gringo

  48. Christina Dimitriou

    Tearing up.

  49. Gamermtx

    5:10 who takes a 10 minute shower? Me who takes 2 hour showers😨🙈

  50. Switch Playz 847

    Hey Casey what is your text number? I need to ask u something

  51. Switch Playz 847

    Hey Casey what is your text number? I need to ask u somethinh

  52. 南山上的来客

    wearing fxxking mask is not So hard

  53. Tracey Sok

    Now the U.S is the first most affected by the corona

  54. Salsylex Hagen

    Can't wait for his vote biden vid. Fucking tool

  55. Christina Dimitriou

    I love how much you love your family.

  56. Really Ryan

    To all the people getting cheesed in the comments, where were y’all at 20 years old??

  57. Maria B.

    Become a navy recruit. They call them a "Riccy carwash".(Ricky, ricruit) Boot camp must be fun. By the time you get in the shower you are so exhausted from the day you are moving at a snail's pace to start with. Then you get ten minutes to shower and the water turns off. If you don't find the energy to do a proper job, you are going to bed soapy. Ew.

  58. Queenslander

    The old codger working the tin mine out in ‘whoop whoop’ will be just fine.

  59. YellowFellow Gaming

    Casey: this is the best airplane seat As years go on... Casey: this is the best airplane seat

  60. Sabes

    You're the reason we gonna be inside until june

  61. Fnaf real Foxy 2 gaming

    Sleeps with sunglasses

  62. Splatterson Gamer

    The suite is sweet

  63. Shova Bista

    Sir 🙏plz tell me when Australia air port will open my visa will expire on august 6th

  64. George Brash

    The views paid for the ticket I'm sure

  65. Roxell Vazquez

    I went to Quintana Roo last year and I rent the exact SUV you rent

  66. Shark _Plays

    His hike is so Big and spacey

  67. Eva Abdul-Rahim


  68. Leigh loves Simon

    I would so love to ride in that accommodation!

  69. Jennifer MacKinnon

    Dont be so selfish. Here in Canada beaches are closed. They should be there too, maybe by now they are. You're going out runnning and surfing. What part of "stay inside" do you not get? Why are you special? What if everyone went running? STAY INSIDE. Thousands and thousands are going to die, dont make it worse.

  70. howie Desu

    Everyone who sees this message please take advise!!!! Vitamin C 500 mg/day Vitamin E 100 units/ day the one on top is for the people who does not have Covid-19 And the one on the bottom are for the ones that has Covid-19 Vitamin C 3000 mg/ day maximum Vitamin E 1000 unit/ day maximum please take these Vitamins, highly recommended!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Alex Morales

    His son doesnt seems to be that happy

  72. RAES Studios

    Watched in 2020!

  73. Chesty Puller


  74. Steven Mrozek

    Do they do the flight following mode?

  75. Jean-Claude Delorme

    "STAY HOME, CASEY". Did you hear me ?

  76. Alan Garcia

    Casey- Let's talk about money *intense smile 7:47

  77. Results Velocity

    It’s not just the virus causing the changes that you’re feeling. Big energies are waking people up and catalyzing resistance simultaneously.

  78. Kyle Graybill

    I think he has been watching to much CNN

  79. Srujan Jayati

    oh man, just because your government doesn't strictly enforce it, doesn't mean you take advantage! do it regardless, stay at home, especially since you can afford to!

  80. The Great Train Adventure

    3:37, is that just me, or does that look like the ghostbusters firehouse in the background

  81. Businessvio

    Stay home ...Stay safe .. we need to maintain this.

  82. Ethan Awald


  83. Ethan Awald

    The intros are good

  84. Kikai Flores

    2-3 Weeks ago it was also allowed to go out to jog, walk the dogs or bicycling but cases never drops down, instead it goes a thousand higher in 24hrs time and worst numbers of death getting higher by 100-200 in 24hrs time as well. Almost every week or even after 2days quarantine rules changes, like jail time for rule breakers was raised from 3months to 6 months. Still 50k people were caught violating home quarantine, and Mayors are already loosing their grip going out just to tell their constituents to go home, some even calling out on social media teary eyed begging everyone to stay at home, just last wk the Gov't decided to increase the penalty from 206€ to 3k € and now jail time is 12yrs. And now jogging, walking the dogs and bicycling is no longer allowed and Supermarkets & Pharmacy is only open during weekdays. And fortunately cases begin to slow down, but the number of deaths are still significantly high. That's why as early as now STAY AT HOME! Or end up like us here in Lombardy Region.

  85. The Jedi Sentinels

    3:03 Did anyone else notice that “Appetizers” are spelled wrong?

  86. TheLemerShotx

    What is the song at 14:28??

  87. Eva Abdul-Rahim

    This guy knows how to be a dad. So much love and understanding

  88. Patrick Sheils

    And he want even in first class lol

  89. AiO tv

    watching in quarantine. corona :(

  90. CONNHOCKEY76 Dubeau

    How much is the hotel room it looks so nice and expensive

  91. Derrick Cui

    Welcome to 200,000 cases in a week.

  92. Midnight

    A good reason not to do drugs, you forget to take your sunglasses off in a room? with no windows.

  93. H. MATYI

    Dan’s accent thooo

  94. Robontbmo Roblox

    This makes me sad.

  95. J Smooth

    How was the burger? Delicious ;) lol

  96. Rain by uwu

    Hey Casey that's an awesome pride support hat!

  97. Stefan

    this guy is showering with his sunglasses!

  98. Grace Irlanda

    U wanna help ppl so u ask ur working class fans to donate $? Just donate ur own fucking money if u want 2 help!!!

  99. yessir tq

    BTW, fly on next expensive tickets to Hawaii and upload new video.

  100. sagar jadhav

    5:28 Johny bravo😂