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  1. 김동영

    Old school vibe

  2. ray see

    Metric for the win

  3. Clarence Gonsalves

    This car is so much super interesting magnificent fun!

  4. Kevin Cameron

    Always good to leave a healthy two car lengths between you and the intersection. 18:11

  5. HurricaneWanderer

    Now that he has reviewed a slingshot. Doug needs to review a Vanderhall.

  6. Craig Merkey

    thank you... I sometimes get lost in the delivery but I appreciate the video

  7. shaida rasul

    Please review the LC 70 series 5door wagon plzz

  8. Captain ZeroF's

    Take a remarkably unreliable company (BMW) that is insanely expensive to "Fix" temporarily and add a bunch of remarkably unreliable electric bullshit to it. What could possibly go wrong?

  9. Jean C Louivil

    I’m getting this car soon!

  10. Hector R

    Why does he always talk about the climate controls first?

  11. Alvaro Ferrera

    Nigga with that tanning and those chanclas you obviously need more than a Ferrari to pick some...😄

  12. mrk107

    Wow, $60,000 for a mid engine super car is way to much.

  13. Hector R

    Fun fact : probably nobody commenting here (myself included) can afford this car

  14. R Task

    Hopefully on the y the car animations on the screen are less buggy than on the 3. My mom has the 3 and the car or van animations get stuck in each other constantly.

  15. Alexey Andreev

    Starts around 40000 and you can buy it for starting price of 53000. Good job on review. Which way your neck will break when you sit in the back, and have rear end accident? Have so tiny headrest. Either right or left.

  16. CSAR392 T/A

    Is that the new vette

  17. Timothy Elison

    V8 Targa Top Store able roof This is a poor man Koenigsegg

  18. Gelo Lelo

    Doug DeMuro:this is the best lambo ever The stradman: hey you should buy a V12 buy a V12

  19. Benjamin

    why can you not coast?

  20. Adrian Lowe

    *demonstrating rear leg room* Doug: *caresses own leg*

  21. Pizzard

    Joe? Joe mama!

  22. stereocandy

    looks like a corvette

  23. Steve McQueen

    Have to agree about the key hole on outside of door, stands out like dogs balls, which my dog just had removed two weeks ago.

  24. Arcade Nostalgia

    The kids would play with the heated seats. A genius decision.

  25. randombloke

    9:12 shows how Doug drives along behind the scenes

  26. comedy_ goldman

    Might as well put a fucking car in it

  27. amir talaei

    Amazing vehicle 👌🏼

  28. Brenden John

    Elaine would definitely buy this car, explanation points!!!

  29. IcyBlocks

    more like drawbacks of having low car

  30. Kevin Pinson

    Dont forget all 600’s are AWD

  31. Matthew Sampson

    The passenger should be changing anything

  32. Vegito 1087

    one of my fav porsche ever

  33. Robert hentschelmann

    I wish auto manufacturers would stop "fixing" things that don't need fixing.

  34. DD dunn

    It's too bad they named the car "Corvette" as historically the Corvette was a POS. This seems to be a different car but may be just a different POS.

  35. Michael Cox

    Of all vehicles to compare size/weight, Doug chooses a BMW X5. BRILLIANT!

  36. Techy Geeky Nerdy

    19:46 For once I thought, it's gonna be the hellcat video all over again.

  37. Nathan Pennington

    Joe mamma

  38. Generic Goat

    140,000 is really expensive for an MP4-12C now. A lot of them are sitting around 100,000-110,000. Still not cheap by any definition but I just wanted to put that out there.

  39. mike abrams

    Whoa , what a negative dude ! negative story about a cool car (IMO) !

  40. Mike Souza

    Doug, the type of guy to empty his nuts all over my face and not even flush.

  41. hoodoo2001

    For the 70 plus crowd. HEY! I wanted one of these when I was forty-seven! .....oh wait. I do remember when I saw all the grey headed people driving them and it was a turn off.

  42. Ted Dana

    HEY DOUG! Joe Rogan mentioned you in his new podcast #1449 at around the time mark of 37 minutes.

  43. MJ king

    You’re all wrong this is the new corvette. Jk

  44. SushiBeast


  45. lionjklwlf

    They didn’t let you drive it

  46. Crowded Spirit

    Hold up u mean the fastest street legal car the MacLaren f1 is legal but an r34 is illegal. WTF

  47. Joseph Godzwa

    The police would never look in the second floor compartment in the trunk... except if they watch Dougs videos

  48. Greg C

    Whoever detailed this guy's car sucks and should be fired....Certified Mobile Car Detailer here....MR. DETAILERS MOBILE AUTO DETAILING...CHECK OUT MY FACEBOOK .... would be my honor to keep this car looking presidential

  49. Nathan

    So, we have a Japanese (By name only) built in Germany by BMW with the Z4 in mind. OK, who was the bright boy that green-lit this POS. Buy the Z4, you'll be much happier in the end.

  50. ッΛCE

    So its a high end Escape?

  51. Nick Roj

    IDK man i'm not a "fan" of the cooled seats. Those fart spreaders can stay missing for me.


    Base price of $60K makes it STILL the best bang for the buck of any performance car. It’s slightly disappointing to pay the extra equivalent-of-a-new-economy-car (+$25K) to get all the bells and whistles and a bit added performance. It feels like a bargain and a rip off at the same time.

  53. Mike Souza

    Doug, the type of guy to squat over my chest and let out a huge turd.

  54. Bhavya Bhargava

    At 27:16 your face is looking Hilarious 😂

  55. nina mama

    No the Bugatti divo is the fastest car

  56. HX3_EnFr


  57. John Moore

    A condom seat cover. The seat is practicing safe sex with Doug.😂

  58. DZON

    You vs The guy she tells you not to worry about C8 Ferrari F8

  59. Ali-A Spidey Stunts

    Conclusion: get a limo

  60. ッΛCE

    Why all the dislikes?

  61. Matt Robinson

    That toyota Highlander was hovering all over you.

  62. Ethan Garber

    Why are miata fanboys so die hard about their boring cars?

  63. JSD HK

    You are positively revolting and repulsive. A real celebrity graciously sends out signed photographs. Only a cheap, greedy, classless cretin charges money. If you had an iota of decency, you’d donate every penny to charity.

  64. Timithegamer55 YT

    Someone in Tesla: They can see through the window Elon Musk: TINT IT!!!!!

  65. commenter78

    This video screams Lamborgini sux at attention to detail

  66. pontiacGXPfan

    Because the disappointment hasn't set in yet even though it'll probably be a year before anybody can actually buy the car that they placed an order for 6 months ago


    Quit complaining short shorts

  68. Rezendez

    Eventually this car is made to be modified, don’t get me wrong they should’ve just made it to the best they could and let people make it even better.

  69. Alex Birrueta

    joe mama

  70. Eddie Costa

    Exhaust sound in the cabin can be shut off now

  71. Bradley Kurtz

    I had a 2002 Volvo S80 with a little yellow button on the key fob that would turn on my taillights and little door lights from underneath the rear view mirrors...LOVED IT!

  72. No Flex Zone

    Looks like a shitty gta car

  73. beemerchef27

    Shoulda given me a call, i would have given ya a run for the money in my 2002 Audi Allroad

  74. rayyan from GM

    Make a chevy Colorado review

  75. Simon Abeid Caldera

    What about the mask and the coronavirus? you shouldn't stay home in quarantine. Or you recorded this a few weeks ago?

  76. Robert Clayton McCoin

    Lol. This guy is a straight-up douche-nozzle. Damn.

  77. rayyan from GM

    Make a gmc yukon review

  78. Justin Drewer

    This was 2018? Why does it feel like this was just uploaded?

  79. Michael the goat Nagi

    The trunk of this car is more than my Lexus IS 350

  80. Nick Roj

    I almost went to jail driving the GT 350 I loved that sucker. This is the 350 with so much more...hate ford. love the cobra

  81. Louis Greenberg

    slsel.info/video/video/oNmojKhmn5-arsQ.html skip to 29:42 to see this car brand new

  82. Ekphrasys

    I never understood all that hype around the E-Type ... It was a beautiful car (better the spider version) That couldn't keep the road unlike cars like Lamborghinis or Ferraris ... 🤷‍♂️ Even Enzo Ferrari was jealous of it ....

  83. B Q

    The rear haunches look a bit bloated and out of form, why is this?

  84. That One Guy

    The steering wheel looks super comfy and fat with padding.

  85. Азамат Туков

    Doug you are the best

  86. Nick Roj

    That steering wheel is really beautiful.Edit that sound is just...idk the word...i know the word but i can't really spell it.

  87. CUP CAKE

    Best way to entertain yourself during quarantine

  88. David A

    The rear end of this new Lotus is nice.

  89. Siva Kumar Kakara

    The front looks almost same as Lexus LFA

  90. N K

    The Mona Lisa of Supra

  91. George Holloway

    Vintage Doug!

  92. Abhishek

    The music took me back to my kindergarten days

  93. Joe

    Doug you get 0 in the dougscore because you no longer do it... bring it BACK!

  94. сука ебать

    The guy @35:28

  95. Jake Griffin

    The NSX probably sold out after this video.

  96. srinitaaigaura

    Wheel sizes are becoming ridiculous and tire sidewalls are becoming newspaper thin.

  97. Alex Cao

    Jesus, this is Doug in 2017? It looks like it's from 300 B.C.

  98. Real Truth

    Too bad most people are too broke to own it and the company that created it is just a fairy tale.

  99. Zoo Fam Productions


  100. Quinn McGuire

    Soooo... is this a coupe or a sedan?😂