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  1. Anthony Chopra

    i know i can almost fold all my fingers the other way. folding humans

  2. PopoPes

    Ngaf about you boiii😎

  3. Isaiah Villalobos

    This man has pewdiepies number of subs but with iPhone 11s

  4. Deep hug

    “They offered me 1000 dollars not to open this” I’m pretty sure that’s called a price

  5. Jatziry Viridiana Quintero Rubio

    Mé regalas uno

  6. James Woolley

    I honestly like the design of the Galaxy Fold better

  7. Sticker Chief


  8. Chad klopfenstein

    I look like the first iPhone and the 11 phone 11 pro put together

  9. EAP

    Imagine if it just popped

  10. Liam Caughey

    Completely rigged, buy 10 then I'll beleive

  11. Sesamifish

    The fact that he is eating this isn’t stressing me out, the fact that he did dip it in lemon is pissing me off.

  12. Conservative Canuck

    I just found a security flaw with this phone.. I can bypass lock screen passcode and fingerprint easily, in fact too easily, with no tools... Contacted Huawei, bitches better pay me or the world gets to see how

  13. The Nomad Lifestyle

    Yeah the crease is definitely there. But I could get used to it. I'd like to see this one being used in MOBA games. Would the fold actually affect the game's graphics and all.

  14. Ivan

    I switched from my s9+ to the 11 pro max and I love it, before my s9 I had an iPhone 6, I kinda always switch back and forth. I think it honestly doesn’t matter, a phone is a phone and it’s all up to what someone wants

  15. Kudakwashe jijita Chiponda

    I'm still using a galaxy S4 mini


    This guy has no common sense. I think so. Just watch closely on the thumbnail and u will know why. He is holding the phone upside down.😂😂😃

  17. DumbnessThings Stuff

    You forgot pro buds

  18. arman sesar

    Mark my word next year the whole top section will be cameras, now that would look sick.

  19. Hygieux

    Man... Wish I could ever afford to get a monitor like that. 😓

  20. DavyDave1313

    My god whats next - a phone with the entire back covered in camera lenses and sensors smh 💀

  21. Matt Ventura

    Could you do a review on the Lenovo yoga A940

  22. Melissa melis

    *all thanks to gregcyber111_ on insta for unlocking my macbook*

  23. Melissa melis

    *My macbook got unlock through gregcyber111_ on !nstagram that guy is a pro hacker am so happy😊😊*

  24. John Peter

    Now you are considered rich if you have a flip phone

  25. Melissa melis

    *My macbook got unlock through gregcyber111_ on !nstagram that guy is a pro hacker am so happy😊😊*

  26. R I

    What is this? A phone for ants??!!

  27. Tom HGN

    Imagine helping one guy who doesnt has a bad income instead of people that actually need help

  28. Ahmaud Lewis

    1400 for a camera 🤨

  29. Akash Sharma

    When will Samsung stop copying lmao

  30. Future Appeaser

    Only video of his I disliked, shame.

    1. Deep hug

      ordering and then calling american express amex platinum after getting a pair of underwear for money back lul

  31. Zach Phelps

    The shutter sounds like a firearm

  32. Sas Boi

    Ha when its 2020 and people make fun of your small pixels

  33. Kazi Shantonu

    They forgot x-rays exist

  34. coco king JR

    Vatican wather nah...sorry is ok... 🥶

    1. coco king JR

      1,000 for a box... lmao come on and wather..

  35. Star Wraith


  36. Noah Trejbal

    If you buy a thousand dollars worth then wait it out..... then boom you are now 10,000 dollars richer

  37. Siftji13

    who's getting this recommended almost every 2 months.

  38. Bridget Maamek

    Send me a link for where you found it

  39. Set _AnExample

    Eat your cereal

  40. arman sesar

    Not glass

  41. Raven fan12345789

    Me:I would like the iphone 11 pro please Apple:that will be 3000 plus tax Me:What why this price APPLE:SCREEN AND BATTERY SOLD SEPARATELY

  42. J.N. Richey

    My question: why would you run the 100m in Air Maxes?

  43. Kuba Falkowski

    Japanese people:how cutee Meanwhile somewhere in japan:hmm this puppy taste DELICIOUS 🤦‍♂️

  44. AfroManiac465

    literally thought that was drake for a sec lmao

  45. beedsj roiue

    Will: shrugs Anthropologists: Ladies and gentlemen here we are witnessing history

  46. taner aman

    Mizzy bealinda

  47. Jacob Stringer

    So what happens if your wallet if stolen? and has no WIFI how can you find it/get the images?

  48. Destiny Nkone

    "I kinda juss thought it was a nothing thing"😂

  49. Phil Protheroe

    So like... what if I bought 10.... and sat on them for 100 days... you think they would pay up?

  50. J.N. Richey

    Or y'know, you could strap two water beds to your feet.

  51. MDRam

    Didn't we see all this on the Palm Pre back in 2009? :D

  52. Kimmminem West

    I just wanna know how is it surprising that its heat coming off flames

  53. SuperFuzzmonkey

    I miss proper unbox therapy 😔

  54. Jorge Williams

    U just brought back so many memories of the movie air bud

  55. jason jones

    When TVs start getting packaged in tubes so I can roll them and put them on my wall then I will be impressed

  56. Lingiune Gaming

    It’s crazy people go crazy for shirt in a phone that’s wild

  57. MrTfuzz

    I miss these types of unboxings

  58. Matthew Saunders

    @9:40, his answer is EXACTLY how I feel. Currently holding a Pixel 2XL, and I want the ultra for the features but what's holding me back is the size. I do the like the small form factor. Its a tough decision, I don't know if I'm going to like it.

  59. Darkvoidxtreme

    Nike really having a collaboration with the bible

  60. Rama Nrusimhadevara

    What about the double-tap feature? Does it still work?

  61. Pranav Bhardwaj

    P A P E R C L I P

  62. Caleb Henke

    Ugh idk about y’all but you could make bank off this Step one: spend 2 grand buying boxes (20 boxes) Step two: wait 100 days Step 3: return and make a profit of 18k and repeat

  63. Coraggio 19

    SLsel offers you more to open them for your audience.

  64. scum loser

    Watching on Android doesn't have home button 🤣🤣🤣

  65. Foxtrot Delta

    The life of a shill. 40 years ago this guy would have been in a Mad Men office, selling cigarettes and laundry detergent.

  66. Funkteon

    Anyone who has a friend working at the Port Authority or at a Radiology clinic will have access to an x-ray scanner to take a look at what's in the box without breaking the seal..

  67. mybrdcst

    You got my attention at 16g ram.

    1. beedsj roiue

      Soon the world will have to decide whether to buy a car or a phone 🤣

  68. Gideon Daniel

    But hold on! What are you supposed to tell the people at the post office when they ask "So, whats in the box?" Something smells fish market.

  69. Toure Taylor

    7:30 I own that phone and I use it not so often. And I would go 2 days and several hours without charge.

  70. Jolico

    Nooo bro delete it. You'll have to make an apology video later.

  71. Jesse Cruz_Plays

    Hey I checked out the wifi and i was wondering is there a monthly bill?

  72. ExO Ghostzy

    With the amount of phones he has, will we ever know which one he actually uses?

  73. Diego Castro

    If you turn on captions and go to minute 1:54 it says kkk😂😂😂😂

  74. Konrad Bauer

    They are from Apple, nobody can fix this :C

  75. muath zahra

    Dude , you talk more than actually showing snd reviewing the actual device

  76. PsychoSunshine

    I was really hoping Samsung would do away with the hole punch this time around. Guess my next phone is still a Note 9.

  77. Fir 6996

    Comment if you are Samsung user😍

  78. Jus Badd

    stick with note 9 or s9 plus & save your money & give the money you save to your mum

  79. MrBoriqua2000

    Buy 100 of these boxes and you'll have $100,000 in 100 days. Sounds good to me

  80. Kuba Falkowski

    Does it make sense how fast your phone is charged,when you can't use it more than 8 hours..? Btw.maybe that why they did it 🤪

  81. kwakuslay king

    Unbox Therapy

  82. Astral'o Pithecus

    This is a variation of the famous Ponzi scheme (Pyramidal scheme), but I'm sure it's legal considering they're based in the US...

  83. Metaldetector Experimenter

    No shit! this is good...

  84. Honklerton

    For the people saying "X-Rays" - they could EASILY include some X-Ray sensitive film inside hidden somewhere in the cardboard and they will be able TO TELL if you did that!!!!!!!!

  85. Óscar Fernández Diez

    Walk on the table

  86. Brandon D

    this would be amazing with a DAW

  87. Bamboo Bandit

    The pen tech is not good for artists, unfortunately. If they make a new version with Wacom EMR pen tech, I'm SOLD 100%

  88. Otis JA Walker

    I've always dreamed of having that drone 😔

  89. Syd Adler

    Me: buys Beats Solos 3 Apple: Releases Beats Solo Pros

  90. Beyond the Box

    ordering and then calling american express amex platinum after getting a pair of underwear for money back lul

  91. TheChico868

    The Beast

  92. Brandon D

    just saw this at Office Depot and I didn't want to leave the store, damn it's there now just doing nothing. I miss it so

  93. Astral'o Pithecus

    If this company is legit I'm gonna buy 10 boxes and get $10'000 in about 3 months.

  94. Alex McCaffrey

    Real quick doesn't mean the same as Really quick. You're saying the quickness is real :-/

  95. jay sir

    If you made one tower, and not two, it shows your lack of priority to sound quality. Diamond boxes would smash these

  96. J.Howard J

    I'll buy 10 of these, wait 100 days and pay off some bills.

  97. Leowo Last Name

    This is a Drop CTRL keyboard which costs 200$. It uses the Drop X MiTo GMK Laser keycap set which costs around 200$ It has 16 artisan keycaps, that are beautifully handmade on the f row with 8 extra's. ... That's the keyboard. So artisan keycaps are handmade keycaps, that you will normally use on your f row. Because you don't use your f row very often, it's completely fine. Artisan keycaps are also very expensive keycaps, hence the expensive price. people normally either buy artisan keycaps as a nice looking escape key, but some people collect them too. edit: If you think that the Drop CTRL keyboard is still expensive then remember: -It has very good RGB shine-through and underglow -The PCB has hotswappable switch sockets, so you can change the switches if desired. -The keyboard's build quality is pretty good. -It has magnetic feet.

  98. irishcoliny

    Not paying $1400 for a crease.

  99. Xylo Arch

    Shame the wired speeds weren't shown :/

  100. Honklerton

    These people MUST have done A LOT of social experiments before this - have done the math - and determined that ENOUGH people will open the boxes to the point where they will either break even or make a profit. THEY HAD TO. OR this is just one GIANT social experiment and they know they are going to lose money.