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  1. Chega Cansei

    this melon looks like "akuma no mi" from one piece

  2. Bella

    That's expensive. I don't even wanna spend 3$ on fruits .-.

  3. tempo gr

    pretty sure they arent suppose to be tasty only look good and big

  4. arman ashori

    "mMmm, tastes like two euros"

  5. _HaxDestroyer_

    Anomaly eating coronavirus stuff

  6. Tzud64

    Almost everything you said about Sweden is exactly same in France 😅


    Lil pump: am i a joke to you goffy

  8. Sone

    At least u eat fruits lol

  9. chop chop

    bruh u for scamed with the mandarin

  10. czSmoG_

    Old anomaly say = zmrde xddd

  11. Sone

    Anomaly when face reveal?? It is time

  12. Noro Kun

    They are DEVIL FRUITS

  13. Le_Chef the meme man

    grapes and apples spiced with the special touch of hiroshima

  14. Nabil Khaan

    This is if Apple sold fruits

  15. Endy ツ

    Maybe wash them?

  16. Abcdif


  17. PP SecRet_Missi0n

    Nothing was expensive in this maybe the poison...

  18. Falloutsp33dy1223

    Bro my heart started to hurt just watching

  19. sum boi

    wai are do anomelei tortiur papa big bad duod

  20. SeastreaM

    #1 float Melon

  21. PrimaryProduction

    A man has fallen to the *Helicopter*

  22. Falloutsp33dy1223

    You guys should watch funny video and both have water in your mouth

  23. GD Lore4ik

    Anomaly:This is a serious video. Also Anomaly : 8:26

  24. selling cigs 50p each

    flexing with your fruit bag because your a fruit cake

  25. OliSweGT

    Dude shout me out cuz im on da toilet and shitting while watching this useless video hahha xdddd #shitwhilewatchvideo

  26. Tamás Éder

    these are the best part of these animals , these are my favourite foods

  27. Tyromadek , the mystical creature

    so Victor is now anomalys girlfriend/bitch until he figures his life out ? :D or is he just outing ? in that case i‘m sorry victor i support your choice to be a transgender boy . :*

  28. Brando Dio

    Very juicy ❌ Very water✔️

  29. KrokO __

    Does Viktor gay?

  30. Zoryan_z

    Хехе, папа со снюсом. А в России его запретили:с

  31. Stefan Costa

    When a Japanese fruit looks like an One piece power fruit 🤔

  32. Shahriar Shirazi

    Children in Africa: **literally dying of hunger and thirst* Anomaly: AUTISTIC MEAL TIME (800'000 CALORIES)

  33. Tilen 3330

    Kozel is slovenian beer

  34. ManSteve Asperger

    Holy shit 10 Euro for a melon? In Germany it costs 2 Euro.

  35. Mr catucas

    Dude all fruits take from cernobyl

  36. DL Demyn


  37. Syed Muzammil Ali Shah


  38. Skidd

    We have that melon in Romania and is cost 2 euro...

  39. ItzCaet

    When is the case coming out?

  40. Covering TecH

    it just shows that expensive fruit is quite shit comared to the cheap ones

  41. Felix CRoyal

    А разве кенко это русский напиток?


    i love how he cant use his mask xd

  43. szapizsoli

    11:54 Is this your cold start bro?

  44. Nomis

    "Musk Melon" Explains the price

  45. Boren

    Nice lyft snus papanomaly.

  46. Pyro244

    finally this fatass finally eats something healthy

  47. Jerome Oakwood

    It's called a cantaloupe.

    1. Jerome Oakwood

      I shoot these as target practice...

  48. Bashanborlang khongshei

    Remember that video you uploaded twitch highlights when you first shows Haix existence...you scammed him in Ct spawn...by taking hi M4A1...well karmaa hit you back in this video...you got scammed 🤣🤣🤣lol Jst joking

  49. Jerome Oakwood

    Have you been to America? We don't use steroids in our fruit. Or gutter oil lol.

  50. EDU

    Ludde has never done anything this healthy, ever.

  51. Pixy シ

    i think you have to put water on the grapes becuase it like diskmedel on them

  52. Bashanborlang khongshei

    1:15 you look like the caustic skin in Apex legends🤣🤣

  53. SatrioMessa

    StatTrak™ Melon | Factory New Float : 0,0000001 Misc : -Sticker | iBUYPOWER (Holo) | Katowice 2014 -Sticker | Team Dignitas (Holo) | Katowice 2014 -Sticker | Titan (Holo) | Katowice 2014 -Sticker | Reason Gaming (Holo) | Katowice 2014

  54. Koffan

    (M)Elon Musk

  55. Mörth

    Papa is very afraid of hights and haix

  56. Liam Hahn

    In all fairness japan is so over populated that it’s hard for them to grow fruit therefore more money

  57. SEZY FAN

    Where is babaganoush

  58. ZoTac

    99% of this was english made food -_-

  59. B Sanzana

    It probably tasted bad because they didn't wash them, they all tasted like perfume/chemical he said...

  60. cooptheodor 06

    have you ever tasted perfume anomaly?

  61. mynameis juan

    What the hell is anomaly eating??? Why is he farting all the Time

  62. Dawid

    So how much for this boat including the "energy drinks"

  63. Hentai Senpai

    This is a metaphor for hypebeast culture.

  64. Zleppern

    aaah yes

  65. Incognito ¿

    Wash them

  66. Fanofmanythings

    This game is dangerous for papa

  67. GulleGamer

    Where is papi?

  68. Dead Potato

    The melon has a good float

  69. Stekaren HD

    I currently have an apple for sale, I want 750 000€ for it. This is most expensive fruit, clickbait as usual...

  70. Storm_gaming


  71. Fangster

    this is not anomaly,this is Benim

  72. Angon4xD

    I wouldn't call a 10 euro melon cheap

  73. Dupla D

    10:24 what the fuck happened

  74. Dank NiBBa

    I blame anomaly for australian bushfires

  75. MiyaOSU

    In Japan the Food DNA can be changed (by injecting some sort of liquid or so), so you probably got scammed dude.

  76. Maruski


  77. Finn TW

    This is fucking sad, people paying hundreds of euros for fucking fruit.

  78. Mark Smeli

    Nobody: Anomaly:unboxing a melon

  79. kubEr folmo

    Normal 25y.o. People:going to work Anomaly: oooff THISGRAPE HELLAA BIG

  80. Santtu Jokinen

    I paused the video and went to get fruits

  81. Marianne Arnum

    4:49 Nice voice crack idiot

  82. N3XX0

    You dont want to open a 160€ melon but got a virtual skin worth even more

  83. P1xhelS

    Maybe u r supposed to wash the fruits?

  84. keke vuorila

    Anomaly: this will be the only serious video i'll ever make Also anomaly: 11:22

  85. MB BEATZ


  86. luca tjadasiswholgeheim

    47 erlesene kräuter.

  87. SawiSami

    Who else thought the fruit in the thumbnail was a devil fruit?

  88. Flow Dropzz

    11:57 ikea’s desks be like

  89. Alexander Zulkarnain

    I'm liking this video so that he can buy more expensive fruits

  90. Swag Gaming


  91. Λευτέρης Καραγιάννης

    I think thats the most queit intro anomaly has ever done

  92. skurt lil

    fat becomes flexing dietman but still fat i wonder why

  93. Icecreamagent

    oof it is the last episode :'(

  94. Theproplayer


  95. PewDiePies Goldfish

    Things that are impossible but still happened: The big bang Space overall Anomaly eating fruit

  96. N1ghtmare

    11:36 Anermly says "voi vittu" under his breath. Anomerlin Finnish confrimed?

  97. Fleggy

    I'm just watching Swedish obese man eating fruits. I should do something with my life...

  98. Ziemniak908

    These Japanese bought these fruits for 1 € / kg in the bazaar and sold you at a high price, now they are probably laughing at you KEKW

  99. XianGGaming

    1:28 says respect the fruit then proceeds to call the honeydew watermelon