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    Bro I feel you

  2. Monica Huang UwU

    Hola buenos días o tardes :v

  3. Ashy UvU

    the teddy bear is cute even when it’s scary

  4. TALI •

    Title: America vs the rest of the world 😂

  5. Maria Felix

    6:50 ameeee Díganme que nos soy la única que habla español

  6. Even Dead I am The Hero

    Great man. Try making more and more and more INSIDE videos I love it. Make a video on attempting examination. It would be cooler.

  7. Fernando Salazar

    I loved the video, make another part🤩

  8. Yareli Fun world


    1. Yareli Fun world

      1 like 1 # Hannah and Juanpa and the weird cookie

  9. JJxJOT

    I love my parents

  10. Michelle Rodriguez

    That teddy bear tho Oop-

  11. Angelina Lopez

    The title should be American vs. Hispanics

  12. Brianna Huertas

    Patriots suck

  13. bebe yoda

    What is ur fave part of mèxico?

  14. griselda ortega


  15. Maria Fe Campos Cueva


  16. Akelia Gordon


  17. Akelia Gordon

    I like this so much, its super close to what a movie looks like, wow lovely ❤❤❤❤❤😂😂😂😂😂🇬🇾 it was also super funny!

  18. Grace Alvarado

    What a big deal just for a fart 💨😂😂😂🤣

  19. • C o f f e e M o o n•

    4:47 LMBO

  20. Silvia Martinez

    Comment down below how many times Juanpa said WOW WOW

  21. Karamellmel 23

    Me as a russian feeling a bit weird watching this

  22. Saderra Jeter

    as soon as the video came on i almost cut it off that dress tho. 🤣🤣🤣😋😋😂😂

  23. Nuria Esther Hernandez castillo

    que bien te ves juan Pablo vestido de mujer y Brent tambien

  24. Dusit Elemo

    Is this real?

  25. Adri Gutierrez !!

    Jaja me encanto

  26. Ariah Sommers

    Should be the occasional white mom vs. Every other mom

  27. Tbug 523

    i wish that I had a mom like brents

  28. Luisa Sanchxz


  29. leeza786 leeza786

    After watching this I realised that Pakistanis are SO SIMILAR to Mexicans even the clothes ( but we wear leggings but looser .) We also don’t drink)

  30. Sophia Ritenour

    Well I like American because I am one

  31. Xcha :3

    If you need to solve a case,Detective Zurita is your first option

  32. Mariana Doni

    It's so so funny

  33. Imran El Boustati

    is ur name lorenzo or Juanpa

  34. Trevor Voltorz

    The dinosaurs died from the sugar what

  35. Bruce Wagenberg

    Very realistic. Next time date Lele. She'll hone your defensive fighting techniques. The Latino brothers were very accurate.

  36. Hannah Beke

    mhmmmm Juampa , you are really cute bruh like wow.

  37. Makenzie Jackson

    What are your brain talking another day is you purple

  38. BlueBerryツ

    It disturbs me that the chip made no sound

  39. itz_ nat

    brents lips visibly had lipstick on bc its red lipstick so its stained a lil bit

  40. Staci Schreiber

    I think ur moms lying because I’ve never been to a cooking class with her

  41. Sierra Porter

    No offense brent but my eyes are SCARED!! no dress ok brent lol no dress good video

  42. Michaela Mark

    I don’t wanna be haunted

  43. D. BOYS TZ

    Click on that link down there 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 don't forget to subscribe please

  44. Beth Guillén


  45. trash boat

    this was bad

  46. Tuti paint

    Eso es siempre lo que me dice mi mamá

  47. trash boat

    3:30 wth was that, she cant even dance

  48. Clinton Hollibaugh


  49. rosa bel

    Juanpa!!! You have real swag in kitchen dude!!!😁

  50. Sibelle Schweizer

    I would not don’t date Either of them

  51. Lil' Loki

    Ya'll would make good women XD

  52. riptorn

    I'm Chilean and Mexican mix and this is really stupid I could only watch a few seconds, and Latin does not only mean Native American looking, some of us have majority Iberian DNA,

  53. Rima khuleelai

    Juanpa's girl is lucky af

  54. Rima khuleelai

    His friend reminds me of Corey of that's so raven Nevermind it's him hehe

  55. Mask Rick

  56. Ani Francisca

    Jajajaja Qué cringe 😒

  57. Kimly Son


  58. gladys rocha

    No se porque este video me da vergüenza jsjsjsjs

  59. Kimly Son

    Latina's are crazy American's are always Jealous

  60. Sadia Rose

    You do know that American is not a race right?

  61. Sophia Freytis

    Latinas are strict and Whites are not <3

  62. Hector R

    Y si

  63. Kang Taehyun


  64. Ava Takes Savannah

    Jaumpa is soooooo cute

  65. WWEJesusq

    So accurate tho🤣

  66. vivahernando1

    Waitress es camarera, no?

  67. Jackye Alvarado

    Wow español and English 😊😊😊😊👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣

  68. Alejandro Chan

    Juana is the best SLselr ever. hahahahaha

  69. meli

    okay.... this is full of stupid stereotypes (and no, im not white) i hated it

  70. Rosternumber377


  71. fidged spinner aya

    Juanpa like my comments plzzzzzzzz Love ur videos

  72. fidged spinner aya

    Haha funny

  73. Tessietubbie

    Me no halbo españolo but i mucho liked it