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  1. 17Industries

    This seems a lot like like the #killdozer thing back in 2004 😂

  2. Tommy119TTV turbo

    I won’t watch your videos if you keep playing that dumb ass music😡

  3. S i a

    New siege character

  4. lorfyxx

    the neighbors:

  5. Booglehoop :]

    Idk if anyone else notice but you spelt Designed wrong in the end. You missed the n

  6. 10kevinUSA 09

    Know this is late but your aluminum welding is good. Only time you know it's bad when it looks bad. They looked decent. I do it for a living. Pretty sure it's the same material I use. Superb quality by the way. Love it.

  7. Sam S

    Love How People Are Comment On Facebook How The Child Is “Traumatized”

  8. Сергій Могила

    crossout mb?)

  9. 吴永


  10. Ohmloud

    Duse i hear look mum no computer?

  11. Unit ZER0

    I own an RC version of what he's building: It's based on this:

  12. L4RRY

    You definitely edited out the cat repeatedly trying to escape through a locked cat flap haha..

  13. Zkarea Sherwan

    Źòr gwana

  14. Reggaeman YO

    Damn, really good idea for hiding valuables as well...

  15. Anonymous Anonymous

    True procrastination for when you don't want to hoover

  16. K B


  17. Sage TX

    See You Next Tuesday! 🤔 😯 😏 🤣🤣🤣

  18. Harry Matlock

    Ahhhhh the Brexit bunker

  19. qutubuddin Patwa


  20. Kayden Neuenfeldt

    carbon fiber would work better

  21. Jack Fisher

    If you can make a tank then I bet you can make a submarine as well? Is that a worthy challenge for you?

  22. Drake-Silver

    As a man interested in medieval accessories and as a man interested in tools that can be ready-to-use in a moments notice...SHUT-UP AND TAKE MY MONEY, PLEASE!

  23. poya kiani

    working without your safety tie?? Not a good idea!!

  24. Мортик Brawl Stars


  25. zachary railey

    Treads like the Shagohod. :3 also how can anyone dislike Colin's videos? There always amazing, and fun to watch.

  26. solisium

    I believe that if i ever produce a child i'll be forced to build one of these lol this is genius!

  27. TeviDZlyden

    Обычные машины в России в 12 ночи

  28. Code Red

    Guys got a bunker in back yard. Man wish i could meet ya colin

  29. Jesus Christ

    Every mums wet dream

  30. Victor Meza


  31. ZLD Smogless

    3:36 😅

  32. Thomas Hopkins

    Imagin buying this house

  33. Lorenz Huttner

    I thought he was building a water Reservoir u screw in the ground😅

  34. Muaz Gani

    Iv never seen somone so exited about springs

  35. AmGay Production

    Fun fact another word for these screws. is Augers.

  36. David Counsell

    It’s a tie INTERCEPRTOR

  37. Akhmed Rv

    Колин на маска работает?

  38. D1sc0de

    Combine this with the ice thing.

  39. jeff walls

    Maybe use a pipe that slides over other pipe and spring welded at each end???

  40. Sickwolf64

    No insurance company would ever issue him a single policy.

  41. Sickwolf64

    Soon Chinese would launch it with navigation system.

  42. Bas Bakker

    I appreciate the music! Way better then what you had the last time i watched (hard rock or something like that)! Especially the first time lapse music (the relaxing) after that came pretty trash music

  43. ꧁༒ALEXツ༒꧂ ꧁༒REDツ༒꧂

    1:46 terroris win

  44. Code Red

    Next project. Death star

  45. Ry Guy


  46. Danny Becker

    Someone may mistake this base for a outhouse.. watch out anyone in the “underground secret base”

  47. Felipe

    You honestly look like Ewan Mcgregor XD

  48. Crazy Nerd Inventor

    3:13 I don't see how the actual welders out there could complain. That weld bead is neater than my life. Ngl I would not be surprised if Colin was trying to flex how neat his welding is dispite doing it "wrong"

  49. Redd Bread

    We need this mounted to a exoskeleton

  50. Miles M

    How much is your power bill XD

  51. Miles M

    A nuke for 10 mil?!?! Is that even legal?

  52. A P Developments

    What I want to know is where does he get his money from? You can’t do all this stuff whilst having a full time job as well. Unless he’s Elon musk.

  53. Никита Попов

    Hello from USSR...

  54. Will Smith

    Code doesnt Work

  55. David Schmidt

    Colin is so fuckin' nuts you can't help but love him, and tune in again to see what the hell he's up to next!! I work with some 'special' kids...I'm TOTALLY comfortable here....

  56. LaGuerre19

    7:03 always gotta finish the very tip of it off, that's the best part *_*cough_**

  57. Danielle Shinkle

    its past new years

  58. Tom Clague

    Nobody: Colin: way to hot

  59. Necrosis S

    Why does he look like a gordon ramsey


    Anyone see the thermite glitch out when he fired it 1:04

  61. IIXII ๊

    Soviet Car

  62. Bait28

    I think a weighted proportioning valve for controlling the air bypass based on inches of vacuum would work well for this to stop it from starving of too much oxygen

  63. 044332B

    Colin Furze is a new Iron Man supervillain

  64. The Eurge

    If he was my dad I would love him to death

  65. James Barrows

    Colin! Did you go down to The Tank Museum for research? :D

  66. eric senja bahari

    Thank you, treadmill is better than draft requirement.

  67. The Zen

    i want the cup, where do i get one lol

  68. Richard Talbot Smith

    Make a battle bot or whatever and face some other people

  69. Wuut Da Hell

    Soooooo, the most important question is... will they add this tank to the game?

  70. 吉祥

    I want that car

  71. Graham Smith

    That is so gorgeous, please don't paint it!

  72. Lonely Rider

    WoT promo code aint working for me. Anybody here also tried it?

  73. muzzassmith

    Learn from others who have gone before you Colin!

  74. saeid safaei

    awesome please make auto on & off

  75. Heymalte 1407

    Nice Video. Pleace build a sportcar. And Drive on the Street. And im from Germany

  76. Robert

    Build somebody a ColinFurze style flood defence system for their house!

  77. Luke

    0:01 just did a line of coke

  78. stevo450ify

    What this guy creates from his rather modest shop is really cool!

  79. bratha nice

    he then takes a nap next to a *HIGH VOLTAGE SIGN*

  80. Paul Luce

  81. Sam Barrett

    bruh 3:20 was fuckin dope

  82. sad boi

    Oppressor mk3

  83. stinger the gun slinger

    you should make a motorised wheely bin

  84. Caleb Alex

    My mum when I’m trying to sleep in

  85. Travis Smith

    This were actually invented for the purpose of pulling loads across snow to replace snowmobiles. while effective at first, it turns out that it doesn’t get enough traction and the speeds are very limited.

  86. Anonymous

    "So Im just gunna pummel it into the shed door" lmao

    1. Anonymous

      "I LIKE IT!!!!"

  87. Rocky Atlantis

    Is it just me or the second part of every video hidden behind the JOIN Paygateway ?

  88. Dylan Randall

    Hacksmith: power loader, Allen pan: plasma sword, colin: TANK!!!!

  89. AlpacaBoi7

    2:35 imagine you're the neighbor watering the flowers, you look across the street and see this

  90. Holmesy87

    I can't wait for World of Warships to sponsor him and he builds a fucking Battleship xD

  91. OrangeFedora

    Anyone else get the shawshank redemption reference???

  92. Joni English

    MAKE IT ELECTRIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Alan Harper

    1:12 lol it felt like Doug Demuro was talking

  94. OrangeFedora

    How does he get down?

  95. AlpacaBoi7

    Yo drive that on the sidewalk and see what people think