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  1. DeepWubbinz79

    He could say they had a real relation with those emails.

  2. DeepWubbinz79

    So Joe who is the hooker in this story.

  3. TwoStackz A-LOT

    Lil B is a legend

  4. DeepWubbinz79

    Harvey should’ve ran. The girls came to him and wanted something for nothing.

  5. Beachcomber95

    Bryan has a big blind spot when discussing topics like this. He has already made his mind up

  6. s1xtc3nt

    Yh the unelected CIA definitely doesn't have unchecked powers right?

  7. eric RaviC fernando

    Sir please check out dota 2 game. Just like one doesn't like every reality game for some peculiar reason doesnt mean the others are bad.. just like that not all computer games are bad. Dota is like digital chess where u don't even have time to think.

  8. Benny Blanco

    They're literally describing me right now... Fuckin Annunaki man

  9. Matthew Mccurdy

    20 million phones from click farms. Not real people.

  10. Little Bill

    Just when I thought Joe Rogan wasn't stupid enough, he managed to surprise me. I don't know if he knows what he is saying. He knows the devil runs America and, supposedly he is woke and has his third eye open, now I saw the real Joe, he is with them by them I mean the industry. #killuminati If the rock runs America trust me we're fucked.

  11. Oliver Polyzois

    It isn’t hard to wake up at 5 in the morning, it is hard to have a schedule that allows you to go to sleep early. You’re going to have to sacrifice time with friends and family.

  12. Michael Pegasiou

    I don’t have my own personal sauna and any sauna I’ve been to always has pretty gross people using it.I feel I’m lucky to be able to have a hot shower.

  13. Choccie_Chip

    You can tell Americans think America is the whole world and it's cringe haha

  14. Daniel Puig

    come on, on quarantine, even grandma want to see some people fight at this point...this would be the bestday of quarantine for for a lot of people...and I'll fckng pay for this fight alone. I mean we have no sport, no entertainment....and this would be mind blowing.

  15. Jay Devine

    Communism wants your money to turn into bullets.

  16. Cameron Vincent

    Of all the talk show hosts to go after you go after the one that’s actually comedically talented bro come on lol. He’s been a writer on the Simpsons and SNL and he’s the only talk show host that’s actually attempting to evolve with the times. It’s not like he told Variety to write the headline lmao

  17. Rohan Thatte

    the Covid-19 quarantine is a great experiment for this to take place

  18. Cynthia Baker

    Why don't you think it is weird for people to have blue and pink hair? Why don't you think it is weird that people in the Jungle of Mynmar are wearing a Dallas Cowboy jersey? I think your argument is very selective.

  19. JonEnowhere

    Joe Rogan would NOT ghost Gal Gadot and everyone knows it.

  20. kameron erdman

    Democrats win again for having the worst possible candidate

  21. Ashy Pharaoh

    China is a giant biology experiment

  22. EveryDay


  23. Kevin Foster

    Didn’t like where Joey was going, then I liked where he was going

  24. theafi824

    "I want to rescue errrrrr....a group of women!" That was very telling.

  25. FPSmadMEDIC

    We had these things in Kansas, we would reel them in and shoot them in the head a few times. Bait, put some chicken or liver in a pantyhose with a big ass treble hook buried in the middle of the bait leaving the excess hose. They are terrible for fish populations when they take over.

  26. Gabriel Matthews

    Even Ibis Abas the black dude got it 😂😂😂😂

  27. Zach Helm

    he says thats how people overdose, but its pretty hard to die from benzos alone

  28. Neska Berry

    Hey, there's a devil too. Don't forget the devil. He is trying to fuck up the world

  29. mrob456

    The only ones that are offended are the “university” educated native Americans. In other words indoctrinated by white liberals.

  30. Audiocronic

    Bryan tries to pronounce Afghanistan correctly but doesn’t do the “gh” scratch. UNWATCHABLE

  31. ralvec

    There’s your death panels

  32. Design Rhythm

    Yes, this quarantine is anti 1st amendment. Buy guns/ammo amigos, they're coming for them.

  33. Bernando Silva Jr.

    Wow, Eddie makes Alex Jones look rational.

  34. Pj Tyra

    Could care less about Joe Ro this interview

  35. Trust The Process

    Stay off the benzos people

  36. Optimus Prime

    Hillary Clinton: "You have a public opinion and a private opinion." Shows what most of us already know. 99.9% of politicians are scumbags of the highest order.

  37. Cynthia Baker

    They want Ratzinger because he is a Jew.

  38. frontname backname

    I'm off to watch Bill Hicks stand up comedy

  39. nccchicko

    Imagine voting for a dementia patient who won’t change anything in a Pandemic where medical healthcare is needed 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ I hope somehow people wake up and vote for Bernie - only guy who cares for us regular people and will beat trump. Biden will loose so easy can’t even think about it

  40. holyworrier

    On Andrew Cuomo: theintercept.com/2020/03/25/coronavirus-andrew-cuomo-new-york-bail-reform/

  41. Steven Mccormick

    What’s a vpn

  42. theal1n

    At least now we know who the first line attention whores are. WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE WILL FERRELL !?!?!?!?

  43. the islander

    Y'all just hating. Joe sounds like a closeted gay man. I think Joe is gay.

  44. Tboooy A


  45. Qahnaarin 0

    dude was playing subnautica irl

  46. Anthanese Boissiere

    Imagine all celebrities throne in the deep blue sea.

  47. Gerardo Rodriguez

    If they want to unite people, they should tell their tribe to stop blaming everything on white people and men. They claim to be empathetic, but they treat anyone that disagrees with them with hostility. That is bigotry. You are not the party of tolerance. Practice what you preach

  48. mido riya

    fuck china

  49. Umair Fakhar

    She knows how to use diaphragm to speak

  50. Big Cheese

    Joe has the coolest job in the world. No doubt about it.

  51. A N

    Wahlberg is short, so his arms really aren't impressive at all. And he doesn't look that great for how much time and dedication he puts in (comparatively). Still in great shape though.

  52. Bob Lo

    Joe Biden isn’t up for the task. I feel for the guy. Trump is going to be in it for another term... no doubt.

  53. eric RaviC fernando

    Chinese gamers get a lot of girls to be true

  54. Andenni

    I want a Snickers so bad

  55. Chris Kirby

    You heard it here first

  56. ramonmonch

    I think meat packing plant is considered a necessary job

  57. Mota punx

    Dude, stop being such a hater. When's a good time to sing Imagine?? It's a great song. You think Lennon was poor? C'mon. Not saying that these celebrities are doing something great, but they are not hurting anyone either. Yeah, these are terrible times, but chill, man.

  58. THEremiXFACTOR

    Why are all the candidates in recent years looking like they just stepped out of the retirement home. You have to be over 70 to run for president now?

  59. Amadis Demitrius

    Elbows in pushups isolate the triceps, broader stance isolates the pectoral more.

  60. Kanikapila Ho'ohanai

    "beware" the m.i.c., corrupt politicians, human traffickers..."beware" all you like, complain all you like..."trust the plan" and make all the threatening predictions of vengeance... all of that is bread and circus to keep all the horrific actions with none of the consequences of actual action to stop it.

  61. Big K

    Forget the economy. Some people have to work or people will starve. It's just a fact.

  62. Chance Robertson

    Ari is a shithead man, at least tell him.

  63. UrNeighbor ChristianCSAball

    The first few minutes is just George A. Romero talking to the actors and co-producers in Call of The Dead.

  64. Back in blaCk

    The great Orson Wells farce of the 21st century

  65. Audiocronic

    This dude is just listing off the four horsemen over and over. Well, three of them. Pestilence is something that’s affecting some countries right now, apparently. I don’t hear too much about it or even know if it’s just hype, but there’s that.

  66. Bernando Silva Jr.

    3:04 tobacco, Riiiiight.

  67. Duncan Moore

    Nikola Tesla, Lester Hendershot, Stanley Meyer, Karen Silkwood, John Andrew and so many more who went against Big money and Power only to be destroyed. Read up on them, don't let their memories and what they tried to accomplish fade into the ether.

  68. Jimmy Aus

    It shoulda been in kembo's backyard

  69. Your Big Head Cousin

    Pauly had a very specific gimmick and it wore out. Dice Clay has the same problem.

  70. Michael Craig Broughton

    Those are nice animals but all those muscles don't mean shit...drop it in a pit with a game bred American Pitbull and it be torn to shreds...35to57 pound killers

  71. Adnan Sakha

    *where you gonna put the fuckin' judges* 😂😂

  72. TDT Records

    This girl is bad ass , I really hope she makes her flick. REALLY shouldn't allow Hollywood anywhere near such a topic. They would totally neuter & castrate it.

  73. Peter Figueroa

    They talked about this on ( the brainhole podcast) a week ago.

  74. Benis Broductions

    I feel bad for everyone rashing on his comedy

  75. Karl Lieber

    If you think Cuomo’s been honest, you’re an idiot. And not just exaggerating or the like but lying in the opposite direction from the truth. 🙈🙉🙊

  76. Weho2

    Anyone got a link to that instagram post of the 7 foods the buff dude was talking about?

  77. Aniket Maurya

    It's extremely cost effective to outsource in China and India and other third world countries. I am a Software developer in India where the entry level salary is around 3700$ per annum where as in US it is around 60000$ per annum according to payscale.com.

  78. Nig -

    Bryan is absolutely insufferable. He behaves so pompous by imitating intelligence.

  79. Blair Rich

    My watch says: self isolate (corona outbreak)

  80. Bernando Silva Jr.

    Alex "I'm kinda retarded" Jones

  81. Your Big Head Cousin

    Look man, wear what you want, what makes you happy, but 50 is too old to dress like this. He looks like a 50 year old divorced guy trying to find a 20 year old to date.

  82. Emiliano Castillo

    Rest In Peace big black king

  83. LordAugastus

    2:50 just described the USAs military industrial and corporate stranglehold over the gov and doesnt even realise it...

  84. 220 tdjr

    Joe rogans reaction is HILARIOUS

  85. David Lomax

    I live and work in China and Bryan is 100% correct about the different in moral standard. Businesses here will regularly screw over an employee out of compensation or whatever else and not feel they're doing anything wrong because it's seen as a smart move to help their bottom line. Similar to when haggling with a merchant and he gets you at a higher price than what you could have got if you had known better - it's not seen as morally wrong, it's just seen as "clever". Then they wonder why western people get angry, lose trust and leave a company. It's just a totally different way of thinking in terms of moral standard.

  86. Tim Kruse

    LOL this shit was funny how they roasted those elites

  87. Sikego

    every single person that had urge to pet those cubs are directly responsible for the existence of the lifestyle presented in this show ; it is sad that for some of the people working for those jerks that seams to be the only way to have some kind of life but the consciousness of the customers is so low and such a big number that this can even exist; how to explain to all those dumb fucks that tigers are not for petting for fuck sake and it is not cool to own the wild cat but on the other hand your country choose mr.orangeman for president so wtf to expect

  88. Derrick Luke

    Have you seen the three years of speech problems from Trump. It reminds me of my late grandpa that had dementia. Biden recognizes his gaffes, Trump doesn’t, which is a major dimentia signal for trump, and that Biden is just screwing up a rehearsed answer that he got wrong. Most videos he doesn’t have any gaffes.

  89. Jeremy Heck

    Get some damn glasses Rogan

  90. Christian Montes

    Joe “Why did I stop?!” Biden

  91. Sum Sum

    Abusive parents do not make stars or great people. If talent is only created by abuse theres most likely not going to be any passion in that. The person is just a robot. Although it depends on the person, and thats where great people are not created from trauma theyre created by themselves really. How they react to trauma.

  92. Rockers From Hell

    The government lets these scammers keep going but shut down craigslist, do u see whats going on!?

  93. shotgunn9

    Remember making money over fist selling bars even as a user myself...$1 wholesale...$5 retail. Ridiculous. An evil drug for many though. People act like crackheads.

  94. Blake Chertkow

    a black man invented peanut butter... thankful for that

  95. simon shotter

    Why can’t he say plastic

  96. Agent Smith

    In some Asian countries you get the death penalty just for a few grams of weed. Be careful before you travel!🙏🏻

  97. Lazaro Rodriguez

    Smh 🤦‍♂️

  98. Lazaro Rodriguez

    3 months later Corona Virus 🦠 COVID-19.....

  99. Dennis Day

    Joey Diaz: “Like Isbenobis” Rogan: “WHO?” Joey: “Isbenobis. The black dude.” Rogan: “Idris Elba?” LMAO 😂

  100. Donnie Brasco

    A $10K hooker?She better come with all the accessories and warranty