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  1. lizbeth

    i be chugga chugga all day

  2. Trevor Khetsekile

    Can you please collaborate!!😭😭

  3. Jordan Volson

    Cole is really talking to a wall😂

  4. Jordan Volson

    Pump is high af

  5. Chandler Norwood

    Fireee short film

  6. YarinExile YT

    am i the only one who thinks he sounds like Travus scott in this song?

  7. Côme Roullet

    lil pump:"fuck all that shit" j.cole:"damn bro thats deep"

  8. AhtzeeGaming

    Ah. It’s ‘mag’ not ‘clip’ and yes I’m American.

  9. Mapps Maponya

    This really be me tryna connect with people

  10. Alex Capwell

    Why y'all complaining? The song is actually good

  11. syed nabil

    6.58 j cole "what do you mean?" Comee to my head "wth is he mummblimg" hahahhahhahhah

  12. Abigail Gabriel

    did anyone get that “Think like a man” reference when he washed his hands

  13. ChillZ ツ

    like this song, my mom lost a baby, he was supposed to be the middle child.

  14. Gordon Baltazar

    Imagine this with rich the kid

  15. Sador Hailu


  16. MaCro Collects

    how do ya feel about angie in this interview?

  17. Vanessa Casas


  18. Nasian Lee

    1:25 death note in a nutshell

  19. Bobby Nettles jr

    Gotta be 1 of the greatest songs ever..

  20. Berlin Boy

    Lil pump is whack

  21. Athletic Weeb

    I'm looking at the comments now and I honestly never knew he cheated. I was just here for j coles album. Im here revisiting for the first time and seeing all these comments

  22. Jovan James

    Watching this in 2020...and boy did this age well. Legends!

  23. Pixel Pyro

    If this was supposed to be "young and old" generation interview then Cordae would made the most sense

  24. insertyourquarters

    For people wondering where the official video is well the original can't be put online due to the high school band featured in it. The school didn't feel the lyrical content would be acceptable to present their image with.

  25. Ceylan

    Cole, I have a connection with yourself and tour music that I don’t think words could ever explain. You have taught me so many lessons and uplifted me in my darkest and most broken moments. Thank you. Along with that you continue to develop as an artist and I cannot wait for the Fall Off and a tour in Aus whenever that may be. I love you and thank you on behalf of the ville ❤️ dreamville

  26. Raptor

    1:05:55 pause


    such a banger, did i do the beat justice on my last vid? i tried to drop some heat🔥🔥🔥

  28. Ben Akinde

    After all these years this video just showed up in my recommendations 😂

  29. Maria Rosa

    Birds .

  30. Turnupblock 299

    Go to 4:51 high-key cuteness little jermaine cole lmao💀😂💀😂

  31. Lexus Bradbury

    Thought Cole was dropping something, Scurries back to record player with first hills drive I’ll be here

  32. Ryan Matson

    2 legends,.....

  33. Lucas de souza

    Huahuahua lol j.cole

  34. Ostyles23

    Kanye West - I Wonder !!!!!!!!!! Bring memories huge throwback and best album

  35. gm mon

    Im the middle child and this made feel good

  36. Potion Of Emotion

    This shit lit 👍🏻

  37. Uvuwuewuewue Onyetuenwemweubemubemosas

    quarantine and chill playlist

  38. wrtwrgergerert gefgethge

    Good song J.Cole. Please make it song available on SoundCloud without paid subscription.

  39. Franky Tauanuu

    👌💯just pour something in my cup..


    Can someone comment the times Lil pump actually talks thank you

  41. A.J. Gallegos

    I remember when i use to say weed isnt a big deal. It isnt in the sense that other drugs are alot more powerfull. But it is a big deal to someone really young. Weed is still strong and has a strong effect. It aint no nothing big if you 15...

  42. Saull_rd Almanzar

    @realcoleworld I like to think that “THE OFF SEASON” was really your features run in artists albums, and singles ,right? In the midst of that you weren’t completely on album mode and that feature run “WAS” indeed “The Off Season”. In the description of the video “Album of the year (Freestyle)” Referring to the (KOD Album) Uploaded on WORLDSTAR SLsel page you said: The Off Season coming soon... All roads lead to The Fall Off - Cole... since then you hopped on everybody’s album and doing a bunch of collabs; since you already gave us The Off Season with the features, now we’re just waiting for THE FALL OFF album, I could be wrong a thousand times but this is what I just think 🤔 💭 👀💀

  43. TaTiana Hendricks

    I want Credits, now.

  44. gelila dawit

    he answered that he was Happy in 0.03 secs and I wish I can get to that point in my life

  45. Kinetic Freak

    pump just seems like a kid who was misguided at a vulnerable age and he clearly has another side to him that he’s consciously and sub consciously repressing. Cole seems like a good influence on him and could give him the guidance he desperately needs

  46. Upendra Rizal

    J cole is trying so hard to make sense to him... Lol... Like he is thinking of appropriate words that would be easy to understand... He should be a therapist 🤣

  47. Kunwar Bamrah

    I can’t even understand lil pump when he talks..he’s like jdjdjskjdsjksshit .. hhsjzjKnsnsnfuck.. jdjdjksjkksksjbdya..

  48. David Shammas

    Cole hit dude with the double take he didnt dap him up 😂😂

  49. La MA

    I come back to this every few months as a reminder because there’s so much to be learned from this interview

  50. CameronnBrittney Owens

    As all the cheating mean like this song Ha

  51. GamingBoyz86

    Surprised lil pump wasn’t like “Gucci Gucci Gucci “ 5 hours later “Gucci Gucci Gucci”. He’s a broken record. Lol

  52. Lift Pot

    You good, T-Minus? Niggas been counting me out I'm counting my bullets I'm loading my clips I'm writing down names I'm making a list I'm checking it twice and I'm getting 'em hit The real ones been dying The fake ones is lit The game is off balance I'm back on my shit The Bentley is dirty My sneakers is dirty But that's how I like it You all on my dick I'm all in my bag This hard as it get I do not snort powder I might take a sip I might hit the blunt But I'm liable to trip I ain't popping no pill But you do as you wish I roll with some fiends I love 'em to death I got a few mil' But not all of them rich What good is the bread if my niggas is broke? What good is first class if my niggas can't sit? That's my next mission That's why I can't quit Just like LeBron Get my niggas more chips Just put the Rollie right back on my wrist This watch came from Drizzy He gave me a gift Back when the rap game was praying I'd diss They act like two legends cannot coexist But I'd never beef with a nigga for nothing If I smoke a rapper It's gon' be legit It won't be for clout It won't be for fame It won't be 'cause my shit ain't selling the same It won't be to sell you my latest lil' sneakers It won't be 'cause some nigga slid in my lane Everything grows It's destined to change I love you lil' niggas I'm glad that you came I hope that you scrape every dollar you can I hope you know money won't erase the pain To the OG's I'm thanking you now Was watching you when you was paving the ground I copied your cadence I mirrored your style I studied the greats I'm the greatest right now Fuck if you feel me You ain't got a choice Now I ain't do no promo Still made all that noise This shit gon' be different I set my intentions I promise to slap all that hate out your voice Niggas been counting me out I'm counting my bullets I'm loading my clips I'm writing down names I'm making a list I'm checking it twice and I'm getting 'em hit The real ones been dying The fake ones is lit The game is off balance I'm back on my shit The Bentley is dirty My sneakers is dirty But that's how I like it You all on my dick I just poured something in my cup I've been wanting something I can feel Promise I am never lettin' up Money in your palm don't make you real Foot is on they neck I got 'em stuck I'ma give 'em something they can feel If it ain't 'bout the squad Don't give a fuck Pistol in your hand don't make you real I'm dead in the middle of two generations I'm little bro and big bro all at once Just left the lab with young 21 Savage I'm 'bout to go and meet Jigga for lunch Had a long talk with the young nigga Kodak Reminded me of young niggas from 'Ville Straight out the projects No faking, just honest I wish that he had more guidance, for real Too many niggas in cycle of jail Spending they birthdays inside of a cell We coming from a long bloodline of trauma We raised by our mamas Lord we gotta heal We hurting our sisters The babies as well We killing our brothers They poisoned the well Distorted self image We set up to fail I'ma make sure that the real gon' prevail, nigga I just poured something in my cup I've been wanting something I can feel Promise I am never lettin' up Money in your palm don't make you real Foot is on they neck I got 'em stuck I'ma give 'em something they can feel If it ain't 'bout the squad Don't give a fuck Pistol in your hand don't make you real

  53. Zach Fetters.

    I hope cole wakes up to the political bullshit that he has had instilled in him. All the politics are bullshit. It's all a show to distract us so we dont actually look at them. We are just watching the show

  54. Ruben Delgado

    2:43 That Triliogy! Ok I’ll buy that! Do till we overdose👏🤷‍♂️👌



  56. Chris Krahn

    Don’t ever take this down

  57. Critics Karambit head

    It was cool that jcole talked to lil pump it was very interesting ig

  58. saturn

    0:45 Lil pump is like: ???

  59. Kari Stewart

    6ix9ine: J. Cole isn't a middle child

  60. Kiarash Sherafat

    j cole aka god

  61. Damian Martinez


  62. Drug Lord

    Smoke, skrrt, skrrt, somebodyyy

  63. Marius Loftum

    Seems like a pretty smart guy to me.

  64. RJ

    “BUT-“ “boom boom boom” “SHEESH”

  65. Laith Ellabban

    born sinner was better than forest hill

  66. YrNThe PRO

    I love everyone. I wish the best for all of you honestly man. We're all on the same team

  67. Meme Master 06

    My teachers be like... 3:41

  68. Bush Pig

    Was only 12 months before this lil pump brought out a trash j cole diss and that’s why lil pumps acting weird

  69. Dulla Bills

    his music really did change my mindset on alot of stuff

  70. YSN 19


  71. Dulla Bills

    honestly love his music, but the KOD album really didnt sit right with me, still wishing for something like Cole world or born sinner to come out

    1. Dulla Bills

      @Betzey Lee if i do im sure that i will like it, for its message and meaning, but the thing that i miss about his music is the construction of the song, the groove it used to have the pockets, im a producer and i know that cole produces his own stuff so when i listen to his music its not only for the lyricism and stories and meaning, im that guy who listens to how many instruments are there what chords they playing how did he flip that sample and shit like that

    2. Betzey Lee

      You should've heard from him on tour what he said the album was about cause I didn't like it much until he talked what's it about. I learned that about most artist. Instead of just putting on their songs, know the story before getting into it. Like a movie. You need to know the story before watching for example Comic books, History stuff etc.

  72. Dulla Bills

    j cole interviews get hella views man, people really love him for him and his music,

  73. HashOne

    This is a gold mine!!!

  74. Adira Ifidi

    That guy that took the ball was so mean 🙁

  75. Michael Franklin

    4:30 and this is how covid-19/ corona virus started

  76. Ramona Hodges

    legend says he still hasn’t washed his hands

  77. Ryan Johnson

    Best rapper in the game.I don't care what anyone says either

  78. HaitianMuslimah

    In the public eye you get crucified

  79. allanbedramatv

    THE FALL OFF 2020!!

  80. YS Entertainment

    The good old days before all these dumbass social media fame. Good times

  81. YS Entertainment

    Kevin hart. If you know, you know.

  82. Sukh121

    Instrumental is insane

  83. Rocket WasHere

    13:43 coles face when pump uses the N-word

  84. YDD & ATA Gaming

    “1985 I arrive”

  85. Llewellyn Mkhize

    How ironic the NBA has been since this corona shit been going around so we not gonna see anybody dunking crazy any time soon

  86. Brendan Gormley

    19 is for short

  87. Anwar Gaming

    Y'all realize That J. Cole Has NO Tattoos? cause He doesn't..

    1. Osvaldo Ernesto Da Cruz

      Coz Issa sin

    2. Jay George

      How astute.....

  88. Prykon West

    Petition to J Cole to do a podcast about hi-hop history

  89. anjuli vasquez


  90. Gabriel Gonzalez

    Man I really wanna have a conversation with cole

  91. ich brauch eine Umarmung

    J cole really said that pump is smart..

    1. T DUB

      he is tho...he manage to gain fame

  92. Starboy Alpha

    Lil pump hafakkfdjhdhskdhdjjdgdjshshjsjsjdhsh brain try to process j cole information

  93. Gnarly Attack

    Imagine if x had an interview with j Cole holy fuck

  94. London Falls

    Big Facts!! In 2020!!

  95. Young Dan


  96. Travis Ruffin

    I want to start a business with J Cole in NC. I don't know the business model yet but we could have one in a day. Let him know.

  97. annakay whyte


  98. Tip Toppa

    I think Cole was just tryna make him feel comfortable lol

  99. A Plate of Tacos

    Piano- My Song by Labi Siffre

  100. Nahom lintiso

    Come here lil man let me talk witchya