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  1. Aishwarya Raj

    Expected. Very expected from Joana.

  2. Noa Knol

    Question is: did she break her swimming record?

  3. Kunchok Lagal

    She makes it soo funny to shave her head I love your vids ❤️❤️

  4. Rock N' Roll

    You might as well go outside until you reach the coronatime

  5. heiji


  6. Don’t comment on my post , kid.

    The Bald Girl. Duh

  7. Marija Parežanin

    She tbh looks better bald

  8. Yoda


  9. Jullie93


  10. Sad Bunny

    She should try this hairstyle now....oh wait.

  11. Nico

    i like that you made this vid 4:20

  12. VJMPX

    This vid came out a week ago but like I swear??? I saw this vid??? Months ago????

  13. Ember

    This is the first Joanna video I ever watched and I fell in LOVE

  14. Kalyta Long

    From cutting ur hair tutorial to going bald😂

  15. GD LixDay

    when you said it's 9:30am on a Saturday morning, it now is 9:30amon a Saturday morning. 🤪

  16. BROOKgaming

    Brad mondo ScReAmInG rn

  17. • eMy bL •

    soy la unica que viene por Angie Velasco? no? puta cuarentena...

  18. Amelie Wright


  19. A lil bit Ritardando

    When I was in preschool they legit gave us chik-fil-a as a snack/lunch sometimes. Like chicken nuggets and a fruit cup

  20. Olive Akashiya

    You actually look really good bald

  21. jojack

    now it's time to shave your eyebrows

  22. Alina Suhood

    “you made fun of my bald hair” *bald hair*

  23. muffins6270

    i have watched this video four times through. thank you

  24. kaylee

    Haven't watched your video in months and I'm just checking in and I expected nothing less

  25. Ulti_Gualatacos

    Omg I memorized that Poem that you said invictus by William Ernest Henley omg

  26. Amalie Rosenberg

    When she said time to quarantine........

  27. Miki L

    You look really pretty! I'm happy that you're happy about it. :D

  28. Chaitanya Mishra

    Well I remember her saying in the craft scissors video, " if the apocalypse ever happens , I'm going bald"

  29. Michaela Lankford

    “Don’t worry, I’ll cover up the undertones of insanity with some very nice classical music” will be my senior yearbook quote

  30. Cass with sass

    John Cena, you look beautiful omw.

  31. Is Math Related To Science?

    The description......it's amazing

  32. Charis :3

    nobody: joana: eYe caN dO thAt tOo

  33. Paul Brezina

    I love it U go John cena

  34. Mia Langrehr

    I like tomatoes...... *pause No wonder I'm so lonely.

  35. alysha

    bruh killing it

  36. Jada TV

    I felt that eczema comment

  37. crazycali_w8


  38. Saint Emy

    I loved your reaction. Btw, you look gorgeous ;)

  39. rachel rabbit

    I'm allergic *two cats and dogs. Yet we have to dogs!, but that's OK!, because they are happy I'm happy my parents are happy my siblings are happy. We ..are.. vibing!!!!

  40. Charis :3

    joana: good morning my dudes me, at 11:59: hah

  41. _ Bo _

    Hey, hey Brad. Yes, you, Brad Mondo, are you on this yet?

  42. Ulti_Gualatacos

    Good, I’m in 6th hmmmmm

  43. T H I C C

    she pulled off a Britany spears

  44. Ella Fagerquist

    the sheer power and utter tenacity you possess should make everyone shake in their boots

  45. Mad Cat

    ........and they were delicious?

  46. Ashlyn Williams

    Mother goose... I’m here for you. You are okay. You’re fine. It’s fine. We’re all going to be FiNe! Joana... what would the world be without you?

  47. nico kuwano

    no offense but... 11:54 I AGREE

    1. nico kuwano

      Sorry to yall K-pop fans

  48. Baylee

    i like how the video is 4 minutes and 20 seconds

  49. Malia Vincent-Wilson


  50. Rianna Xx

    ur so precious🥺🥺

  51. kermit

    im... I'm sorry but is it just me or like titts? what? happened edit: lmao .I kinda love her tho

  52. ava fergo

    she suits it

  53. Jezalia Vlogs

    She’s brave to do that lol I love my hair to much to shave my head 😂

  54. yes


  55. dindaasyfr

    okay but why do i find this hot

  56. ALI S

    I just pierced my ears at home 🤣😂 I love being impulsive

  57. Lanz Ye


  58. sophdoes videosforyou

    luv u joana I stan fo sho

  59. Dani_0


  60. Grecia Arzola

    7:50 Its 2:13am where i am too lol

  61. hoe shit

    Me: not touching my hair for years so it grows and it doesnt grow Joana: has perfectly long hair and SHAVES IT

  62. Abby Cao

    Okay now you look like Baldis basics wife

  63. paula ulloa

    Throughout the whole video i thought in 3:28 padre goose said "HEYYY!! YOUR STRAIGHT" I didn't EVEN THINK it was SLIGHTLY OFF until i read the comments, i-

  64. Your Average Teen

    im very hungry

  65. Your Average Teen

    i feel very tall

  66. Taraji Reaves

    WHO......in the name of sanity let her watch elmo

  67. Peace 123

    I want to shave my head now

  68. Your Average Teen

    i feel dizzy

  69. fruit by the foot 1

    At 2:05 I thought there was something on my screen

  70. Trinity Grace

    Not trying to be mean but you reminded me of gypsy rose from the Act

  71. Squishy Sushi

    Please shave your eyebrows next. 😊

  72. FlyingPotatoes

    2018: hair tutorial 2020: shaving my head

  73. Addison G

    Joana Ceddia You don’t give yourself enough credit! You are such a talented artist! Just saying! ❤️❤️❤️

  74. maddie

    4:20. nice.

  75. Kaileen Navas

    Who’s binging Joana from the coronavirus lockdown??

  76. YUP

    You look cute af

  77. Alessandra Magana

    Funny because you and Brady were joking that u would go bald

  78. Lanting Zhu

    these captions... i

  79. Annamarie Denman

    hi um thank you for making me happy when i was about to have a whole ass mental breakdown

  80. Gay To the Max!

    But like your a ripe patato.

  81. ItsJazmin G

    you look spectacular dear

  82. samantha grace


  83. ava’s awkward vlogs

    you high key look rlly good

  84. Jc_Weeb

    Brad Mondo is *QUAKING*

  85. pepitogrillo xd

    Wey te ammooo

  86. Kaileen Navas

    Why does she actually look good??

  87. connor carpenter

    i am astonished how joanna’s voice overs have the best grammar i have ever heard

  88. Jeanie Son

    why did I see Jenna marbles when they were done with her

  89. Julian Viñuelas

    Oh my god

  90. Maggie Teng

    lzr x was the woat suit

  91. Someone Unspecial

    Joana Ceddia : *Exist* Everyone : omg im so jealous

  92. Fruitninja

    You look gorgeous bald

  93. Ana HR


  94. Miledys Lajara

    That one moment when mother goose does not want the camera’s attention had me speechless

  95. imen salhi

    You look so nice

  96. Elexia :3

    o-o I thought this was a joke o-o

  97. Anna Williams

    6:46 mother goose predicted what would happen

  98. Kevin Bennett

    You look Amazing with a buzz head keep it

  99. MUNTI _

    i told brad mondo hs coming.

  100. Tyler Bogle

    Brad Mondo is crying