We take fictional ideas from movies, video games & comics, and make real working prototypes!
I quit my full-time job as an engineer and product developer to make only the coolest inventions -- just for you guys -- right here on SLsel. We show the engineering process of making our projects to inspire others into STEM fields, and to show that anything is possible with science!
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  1. Wolowitz Sinklement

    Can you make predator weapons?

  2. Firestarterman

    I cant wait u guys to finish the power loader.. but.. take your time.. its more awesome than I expected.... Meantime... I just realized about an impossible thing to replicate....... or is it ? THE GHOSTBUSTERS CONTAINMENT UNIT ! ;)

  3. Tumpa Nandy

    U can use it to be a Spiderman

  4. Manju Devi

    You will make Perman all the sets

  5. Rohaya Ahmad

    Try making a stormtrooper gun

  6. JoJo's DogHouse

    All of those viewers who say a light saber is a more likely to be plasma based if you think about it the blade is emitted from a crystal so it is more laser based except the fact that light is not shown through the crystal. Also I know it's an odd question but James have you thought about using highly concentrated lasers or would that be to expensive, I though if you had multiple highly concentrated lasers then use something to put together the lasers (like the hilt of the light saber) hope I could help even a minor amount.

  7. Mohammed Alam

    You have a ass LOL8:28

  8. Marcel Majed

    Can you make the real mjolnir from the mythologie

  9. Arturo Vargas Ramírez

    this would be further enhanced with a barrel with a rifling on it, and idk anything else would be overkill. maybe proposing something stupid like "give it full automatic fire" would be nice too and not that hard to implement, and maybe enhance the design of the very bullets, make shorter, thicker coils and shorter bullets. but idk i love it as is and as you said there is still a lot of potential

  10. Anmol Gupta

    He's building a fuckin' IRON MONGER ......

  11. Adrian [NIP]

    where is the finish project for the cyber truck

  12. Isaac O

    You know watch the hazbin hotel and see cherri bombs bombs and try and make those and watch the last kids on earth movie and make their weapons

  13. Ken Lopaz

    Y the he'll aren't you just throwing them smh

  14. LeoTheDovahkiin

    magnetic drill press may cause side effects like daddy issues XD

  15. Suurya KS

    Didn't expect this channel to start with such videos😂

  16. Tom Kerr

    Could you great a real life iron man gauntlant that actually shots?

  17. Carson Winter

    the Rick and Morty reference was hilarious

  18. Ya_Boi_ ẞky

    My Mom slapes 30x harder then this

  19. Rrchy

    Try making the hammer its self out of tungston?

  20. Chinglemba Irom


  21. benjamín correa

    Try destroy witch the stormbreaker a nokia

  22. Pete Orellana

    He may have changed out the pulatium when he made the second arc reactor

  23. Shrekticles

    Try to make the energy sword from halo


    Objects are crushed under the weight of fist I guess..... But not by the force created by cylinders

  25. Jake Loveland

    Antimatter and heat resistant gloves

  26. Just a Turtle

    Can it jump?


    A cuánto toda la replica

  28. Brodini Got Magic

    Even Dead I'm The Hero 😭😭😭

  29. NubyPro Yt

    Imagine world war three happening and the military hires these guys everybody gonna be running around with protosabers witb duel of fates running in the background

  30. DuoLingo


  31. vince and venise galindo family

    have you guys use a gerend???

  32. Marcos Esteban

    Cool but why! EA is just Ahhhhhh

  33. Bradley Erickson

    Hey an mgb that is worth a sub.

  34. Carlos Ramos

    Yo should make the skate board that herry use in spider man the green skate

  35. Coach Home UK

    So envious of you guys brains lol. We only want to build a hydraulic ramp to put a car in the back of our bus and it's panicking me :D

  36. Daniel Mcaulay

    You guys shiuld make a whole wprking bat suit for the new movie but your own cool take but absolutely every working gadget made

  37. Daniel Mcaulay

    You guys should make a full working bat suit and accessories

  38. Keshaun Jones-Crockett

    Can you hear everything

  39. Adrienne Kaio

    You should make a metal winter soldier arm

  40. Mrs. Tempo

    Sometimes I look at the guy that introduces some of the adverts and think that he was in one of the marvel hero movies.

  41. Mrs. Tempo

    Lightsaber making: 1. Grab the long light tube things. 2. Stick a handle on it. 3. Turn it on. 4. Get an electric shock because you were stupid enough to follow this stupid tutorial.

  42. locastmincer

    I'm probably not the first to think of this, but, make Mjolnir an actual official weight challenge in world's strongest man competitions, a really REALLY big version of Mjolnir.

  43. Trang Tran

    I think it's too short

  44. Mrs. Tempo

    Oh! It'd be so cool to make the grenade gloves from My Hero Academia! (Bakugou Katsuki).

  45. Josh Coon

    Could you put me. In a full of only

  46. Nicholas Ruzicka

    Do a another rainbow six siege

  47. Roki TheWarrior

    Yes do the drone

  48. MegaNoobyOfThePIEZZZ

    *Eveybody gangsta till the quiet kid brings a lightsaber to school*

  49. Jonas Schnelle

    Mind fuck, Im work at a John Deere Workshop in Germany... We have all American and European standards... That's make the job not easyer

  50. Nilesha Desai

    If you like Battle Royal can make a fortnite battle Royal junk rift please I will like the video if you do and subscribe so please can do it

  51. Nilesha Desai

    Star Wars

  52. Nilesha Desai


  53. Gul Eyy

    One punch

  54. Gul Eyy

    This is awesome

  55. Simon Lamb

    What about the LEGO batarang?

  56. Greninja 66

    Make one using plasma

  57. Christopher Bowling aka Z3R0P00L

    Has anyone ever been injured from the creations? Like a backfire or a short in the wiring causing a shock

  58. Gobang Pitung

    This a device-stuff to trying-built by the most-spirit effort from a sci-fi alien's movie inspiration with the enggine spare-part component inside like a heavy-metal tolls

  59. Brofesser X

    Can you make a flaming chain like ghost rider? That would be badass!


    Do it !

  61. Dank Pepe

    I wonder why you dont go and be engier at some military or army becouse you would know more than any military enginier yo did somthing nobody knows how to do these machanisams are awesome keep doing what you are doing also i know I did not spell right I dont live at englands or some country like that so I hope you can read it once make power suit which is resisted to hot metal it would be very helpful and safer and make it also gives strenght at liftin heavy metal like iron mans suit also very good video ideas keep doing it

  62. Kieran J

    News: Han Solo wannabe starts a forest fire

  63. Hetherowyy

    Mariusz Pudzianowski is the strongest

  64. Anomalously Anonymous

    You could try to make the blade like the toy lightsabers with the foldable blades. It could have a mechanism to make the blade pop out and fold back in.

    1. Anomalously Anonymous

      Also, you should catch lightning with the lightsaber

  65. NeuverusTM

    Makes blade of olympus please

  66. menosor The minotaur

    Can you make the terra blade from terraria?

  67. Nadys -GAMING

    Fizistyle is back

  68. Seniorsky 1

    Hacksmith is untimate super HERO

  69. Levi À há

    Wow ha it's nice i want it's ಥ‿ಥ

  70. Lorenzo Ables

    Do Aquaman Trident 🔱

  71. A. B-R

    I could definitely use this work, send me one? PLZZZZZZZZZ

  72. Liam Cloutier

    You should do a one-day build of Alistor's staff from Hazbin Hotel

  73. Adrienne Kaio

    I would buy one

  74. David McAfee

    It is amazing to see how far this channel has come. I remember watching James lift cinder blocks in his back yard, now there's a full ass assembly line of people working on a single project.

  75. TashiWangdü1109

    11.20 chair abuse

  76. Gabe Fowler

    You should experiment with doing color in the saber! Idrk how but it’d be cool!

  77. GrapL

    What are you going to use the power loader for you should start regularly using it

  78. Mr. Grizzly_Bur

    It’s a super heavy electric gun with the power of a BB gun.

  79. Hyakkimaru

    They're actually stark industries but in real life

  80. vernon stanton

    This is bass ass, i can’t wait for the final product, the wait is so hard but so fun to think of how far you will come each video. Your like the new king of random

  81. kisah kasih

    Would you like to make super fast hidrolic tecnology

  82. DONMO N99PH

    I love attacks on titan 1-2

  83. Hesa Dharma

    that's why u must wearing a mask

  84. Pankaj mall

    Please make something that kids also can make-love from India

  85. Microone HD

    You said you'd be doing it right but you didn't even make it spin

  86. Jesse Cabalar

    I think Thor's hammer is named Majornal in Sweden, so j sounds like y so in English it should be Mayornal. Just like Mojang, the j sounds like y, and in English it should be Moyang.

  87. PlaceB

    Now make it automatic

  88. Seth

    Just, WOW. wow.

  89. Дима Кошельков

    Create master sword in legend of zelda breath of the wild

  90. Jack Richard

    1:21 dude looks like Obi-Wan Kenobi

  91. Eren Öztürk

    Kaça satisan alayumm

  92. Neil Joseph

    If there was a zombie apocalypse, the hacksmith would survive

  93. NathanClyde Vlogs

    Hello hacksmith! I don't know if you are gonna do this, but I want you to make Steven's shield in Steven Universe. I'll subscribe you if you will.

  94. Tigga

    Do the Volvo Zeux Concept Loader

  95. 김재훈

    Wow good

  96. Eddie Holmes

    What about the spy car though

  97. Myth Gamer

    Too bad we didn’t get born in the future where everything i better than today.

  98. Myth Gamer

    Kids 50 years later would see this and say: bruh so this is where it all started? What a joke we can make them in one second!

  99. Æ J0Z3PH FŤ

    James what kind of Engineering Type did you study?

  100. Alpha Official

    Guys what course? Are u also tought chemistry?