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  1. Paul Rose

    You can't go to California from Ohio or Kentucky or Indiana they don't have to California driver's license

  2. Ron Berman

    Police are getting worse and worse all the time. Treat civilians like shit!!

  3. Buddy Vision

    This is a super sad video and it pisses me off that cop was such a smug prick about it.

  4. pho man

    My 69 nova would take that pole down and just need buffing.......real steel

  5. Derek introvert

    Grown men acting like Teenage boys ! You make yourself a Target of Law enforcement agencies

  6. Buddy Vision

    Haha the Mercedes was such a impulse buy but made cool content for sure

  7. Buddy Vision

    I loved this the first time I watched it and loved it again this time. Getting Jamie the Porsche was way awesome of you guys.

  8. Buddy Vision

    Yeeessssss the start of the relationship with sheepey. In case you don’t know Alex started in the Honda world and is a fuckin beast.

  9. Schuyler Gutting

    I thought Canadians were nice 😂

  10. Buddy Vision

    I love that everyone one you guys that’s on this channel has no problem admitting when they fuck up. Alex huge thumbs up most guys woulda been too coool to fess yo

  11. Derek introvert

    You Guys Do Some Silly things to be Grown ass Men !!! Then Wonder Why Cops Target you

  12. Buddy Vision

    It’s shocking how crazy quick those Tesla’s are. I’m really running out of things to write on these videos. Not sure why I’m doing this. I doubt anyone even notices.

  13. Buddy Vision

    Realizing it took roughly 5 years to get your channel to this level shows tons of sacrifices and hard work pay off.

  14. Fabricio Franco

    Bikes always win

  15. Buddy Vision

    Solid entertainment as always. In the several hundred dde vlogs I’ve watched this week not a single one let me down.

  16. DMyles Worldwide

    I been looking for this video lol

  17. alan sebast

    LOL Damon is just walking away fast from those crazy bastards 😂

  18. Buddy Vision

    First gi vlog. The start of another era.

  19. Lovey Hope

    Guy in car had an attitude 1st

  20. Buddy Vision

    Nothing like a warehouse full of crazy cars that don’t get driven. Big thumbs up

  21. Dazed MG

    13:29 just get one we already know you want one and I miss the R8

  22. Buddy Vision

    Damn it guys I’m running out of steam for sure but I won’t give up. Watching liking and commenting on all dde videos in upload order

  23. Buddy Vision

    The hummer footage was rad while you guys had them. Pretty now you just have the white one and it’s being built?

  24. Buddy Vision

    March 2020 quarantine and I’m watching liking and commenting on every dde in upload order. Started from the bottom now I’m here

  25. Restoration work

    Good get out of our country making money on merch on our soil

  26. Buddy Vision

    No matter what country you’re in you guys get fucked with. I guess at least you know it’s coming any time you see a cop.

  27. Charlene Torres

    That is so sweet!!

  28. Doubledotking

    Why do you block the speeddomiter (sorry if I spelt it wrong)

  29. Darkside Films

    Does anyone know what colour that 35 GTR is called

  30. Trill_a_G

    You handled that very well. I wouldnt have been able to do that.

  31. Hunter Sparkman

    I’m surprised they didn’t damage the car, because you know they can’t pay for the it

  32. Noortwyck

    your friend's decision to stay in his car is the biggest pussy move on the internet... that guy should rethink his entire existence otherwise this will haunt him forever..

  33. nikazizi94

    That boy deserves to be raised in a better family and his dad deserves to live in the jail.

  34. Joseph Brown

    That kind of people need to be looked up in Jail, what was their problem, their anger, their attitude, the way in which they talked and punched everything, that is a serious physiological problem. They need special help because who knows what they are capable to do. Thank God nothing serious happened and they are ok.

  35. George Johnson

    Amusing and disturbing! A person who is non-white would NOT receive similar courteous service....I'd bet ANYTHING! A I am not a betting person...

  36. Buddy Vision

    Oh shit the uniting of choy and Choi. Looks like you guys had a blast. Kickin ass as always.

  37. Buddy Vision

    DDE is out here killin the vlogs for sure. Subscribers number should be tripled. Keep it up guys solid content.

  38. OG JOSH

    F12 sounds the bet fasho

  39. Buddy Vision

    The beginning of the short life of a gallardo it was good while it lasted.

  40. Buddy Vision

    Watched liked and commented this one before so on the next one. Gotta get them all in order.

  41. Buddy Vision

    Anthony has his hands in everything dudes a real hustler. Congrats on your success fellas

  42. Buddy Vision

    More entertaining content. You fellas go above and beyond thank you. Watching liking and commenting on every video in upload order during this March 2020 quarantine

  43. Mr.Borrany

    Lambo? Ferrari? Bugatti? Mc Laren? forget it. The GT2 is the best looking sports car on earth. Nothing's like a Porsche, nothing!

  44. Integirity?

    Cops are only taught to think one way, very narrow minded.

  45. Dodgerhouse

    Alberta office??

  46. Brad Lawson

    Who's watching this during the pandemic?



  48. JuanKyZayas

    Si amazing!

  49. sean thompson

    You are pretty regularly a pretentious dick. Cops most certainly have a superiority complex, but you NEVER help the situation. I suppose the asshole in an expensive car stereotype overrules the polite Canadian stereotype. EDIT: Dave seems chill.

  50. Oswaldo Velasquez

    Dave stayed in the car

  51. Art Amezcua

    I thought people were overly polite in Canada haha

  52. FifaMessi010

    I thought Canadians were friendly lol

  53. BohlinJ

    your youtube channel is sick . i love it :D and I am jealous i just drive a Volvo Amazon from 1966 :D

  54. jacob morgan

    on my xbox i have a dde murcialgoe

  55. dj grane


  56. Nicolas Davis

    What if you went to a Canadian american border city wich theres alot and if you have an american license plate slip into the american side real quick and use the bank

  57. Liam Hoel

    He’s crazy and I have never seen a bugatti do donuts

  58. tammy beaty

    FAKE, FAKE You should be slapped.

  59. Ninja Skater

    After 300 some Coronavirus videos finally I clicked LIKE DDE VIDEO☑️🙉 I REALLY MISSED WATCHING YOUR VIDEOS 😁 ALL I SEE IS THE GOT DAM CORONAVIRUS VIDEOS 😔 I was confused that crazy guy his buddy will pull up in a bike or bicycle 🤔😁😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂 DDE U LIVE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF EARTH 😁😁😁😁

  60. Chuck Watson

    What a nice bunch of gentleman you met at the gas station

  61. Tone Semitone

    I'm seeing a dude on a burnout pad in a Lamborghini. No amount of teeth whitening can make that any smarter. Might as well pour petrol over it and set it alight. You guys must have flushed your brains down the toilet with the those cheap chinese products you keep selling.

  62. Chuck Watson

    Why bounce tires around the cars. 😏

  63. Marc Seki

    Fkn idiots I’m glad they didn’t hurt you guys especially with your daughter being there. Glad you showed restraint!

  64. BiG CaT

    This is why western Canada wants to annex B.C.

  65. JuanKyZayas

    This will be the perfect car for a daily car for DDE !

  66. ava gunning

    He did nothing

  67. heinekenboy

    seriously Cop in the State are retard lol

  68. Keath Bennetch

    Put a race inspired spoiler on that F12.

  69. George Sakketos

    I think your lambo was white

  70. Jaekob.O C.

    P1 for sure with large seats of course lol!!!

  71. Buddy Vision

    I’ve been watching nothing but DDE for a week starting with the first video uploaded and now I’m here and still not a dull moment.

  72. Buddy Vision

    I loved when this R8 was on the channel and you guys went crazy over the top with it. Great work DDE. Another video down on my quest to watch like and comment them all in order of upload.

  73. hunter kerle

    Omg trip down memory lane!!!

  74. Buddy Vision

    Best automotive channel on SLsel hands down.

  75. Derek Samuel

    It's a car shower. She said it first here. It will now be known forever as such.

  76. Buddy Vision

    Not sure why there’s always so much hate in the comments. All of you guys in this channel do a solid job and Emilia always kicked ass on here too

  77. Jakob Daikens-brown

    I'm from Alberta and live in Alberta and these guys must have been on something to be acting like that because us Canadians we don't usually act like that to people

  78. Buddy Vision

    I freakin love those tunnel runs. I need to hit the tunnel sometime. So many crazy cars. Dream life you guys are living

  79. Buddy Vision

    It’s always rad when you put the fam in the vlogs. They look happy working with you. Everyone always looking happy

  80. Buddy Vision

    I bet you were so happy to get rid of those bags. Such a pain the ass. Damon bags are for groceries only. Love the channel huge thumbs up fellas

  81. Buddy Vision

    March 2020 quarantine and I’m killing time by watching liking and commenting on every dde video in upload order. Started at the first one and I have made it here. My eyes burn and I can’t wait to not be staring at my phone.

  82. Maurice Myers

    Damn white people got the game. I'd be terrified in the presence of these devils without a weapon 😂😂😭😭😭😭😂😂

  83. Buddy Vision

    Already watched like and comment this one before so on to the next

  84. Beazy 4220

    You don't need a C8 screw that EVERYBODY HAS IT. Do something different but new

  85. Buddy Vision

    You guys got lucky with that cop. If it was one of those douche Cali cops they would of thrown the book at you

  86. Buddy Vision

    Dave looked really uncomfortable holding the Scarface am. March 2020 quarantine and my goal is to watch like and comment on every DDE video in upload order. Started at the bottom now I’m here.

  87. Buddy Vision

    You guys are for sure living the dream life but I know it took massive sacrifices to get where you are. You guys are killin it

  88. Buddy Vision

    Watching liking and commenting on every video in upload order during this March 2020 quarantine. So many baller ass cars in this one. Thumbs up fellas

  89. Savage Pancake66

    Why is he saying it’s not his business to do his job right that cop should be fired

  90. Kacen Newman

    What are the odds you guys fund my car build

  91. Roy Klopfenstein

    The police say you have ten days to change your license.

  92. Buddy Vision

    Love the Texas content. Tons of money down here so tons of crazy cars.