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    Sidemen play wwe royal rumble that would be a banger

  2. Sythplay

    Draw my life guy: KSI’s brother Deji almost has 10 million subscribers Vik:*almost* KSI: Laughs Deji: He has an inferiority complex

  3. ItzKobster

    19:39 what did he say?

  4. Cole Lavin


  5. Mr. dude Phil


  6. Video Star

    Why does the drawn version of w2s look like Morgan??😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. BlindSquirrel

    Maybe all of y’all should unlock the next bike so it’s more even

  8. Hamsa Yusuf

    Why is harry so shook, Everyone but him participated, Everything was funny and awkward but he was legit dead at this challenge.

  9. Ghalb Q

    Vick fuckin hell kill the game😂🔥

  10. Kaydin Paul

    Do more of these

  11. Ryan H

    7:48 JJ - “Vikk this is your... Boom”

  12. thesonski93

    Wish the sidemen knew all the tekkers for Trials, then this would be a great series to watch! They all need to master the bunny hop 🙏

  13. Ezga

    I loved them saying “Edgar” (since that’s my name)

  14. ricebagaar

    "Cory and Cody are the twins" i died a little inside

  15. Ryan H

    This is strange but imagine it with Toni and without josh and Vikk

  16. Nick Seddon

    Josh: 'Is this Miami?' Australian flags everywhere

  17. Master_ Gaming

    13:19-13:22 when u win the lottery

  18. Asahii-

    i uploaded my first warzone video support will be amazing!

    1. Asahii-

      stop self promoting peasant

  19. Anonymous

    Legend says that JJ, Vik and Harry are still trying to complete the last course.

  20. Max Spencer

    This was recorded like over 3 weeks ago lol. You can tell by JJs hair

  21. joshy SkLz

    I swear vik cried🤣 3:03

  22. Joshua Myers

    I remember this game back in 2010

  23. flikzkxsh yt

    Why is Ethans phone always listening

  24. ApexFishClips 123

    18:53 was soo cute

  25. kahn2960 kahn2960

    jj could of used the rhino bike the whole time, it said recomended lmao

  26. sharyn ehiri

    watching this again i just realised the cream charger reference, he got harry nangs LMAOOOO

  27. ApexFishClips 123

    JJ was soo calm and happy about animals

  28. Troll

    Sidemen should play Rainbow Six Siege...?👀

  29. Judah Baggerman

    "Why am i blowing up fam?" "Vikk this is all your fault" Me:👀

  30. EdgerTV

    They were missing on purpose to get a 10 min vid

  31. xxdarkslays

    Why isnt jjs hair red?

  32. johngattuso1

    The Last Map: has Australian flags everywhere The Sidemen: this MUST be Miami

  33. Engelation

    You need 34 iron to build a complete set of armour with all tools exept a hoe. And shield included.

  34. FootlongSub

    Ethan needs to shut his mouth about guava juice not having a legacy, "He BaThS iN sLiMe, ThAtS nOt A lEgAcY." your ratin ghim off of newer videos not older, i know this is super late but Ethan needs to shut his clapped mouth the filthy nonce.

  35. Galaxy By The Way

    Why is josh bullying vik

  36. milan-hoi

    Someone tell JJ it's all about the back tire. He doesn't get it. Always keep the back tire on the floor to keep grip.

  37. ThisIsLegitness

    whos watching this after ksi after joe weller and logan paul?

  38. milan-hoi

    What do you mean "best sidemen"? Try throwing Josh out and adding Ethan and Simon.

  39. Liam Murphy

    You know that it is the gold coast in Australia not miami you can see the aussie flag in the background

  40. Tactical Pacifist

    To add that stone pocket pussy looks like it’s the next level up from blue waffle

  41. Abby Mast

    Ok but he’s adorable 😂🥺

  42. Tactical Pacifist

    Yo the fossil the vik got for Josh legit looks like beerus’s ears or if barney had a vag

  43. Ftfyfcgnfv

    Quarantine gang anyone?

  44. The Parkour Partners

    3:54 🤣🤣

  45. MYSchamp _i

    Add Ethan to this group and it would be sick.

  46. Ayoga Valendra

    6:51 vikk say the n word

  47. Om Bharat

    Oi this combo is lit Vik and Josh are good at games JJ and Harry are hilarious You get the best of everything

  48. Luis Renato

    4:34 she got a facial

  49. Mylan Tej

    Jj hair isnt red

  50. Fitzroy Watson

    14:03 I would never expect grown men to be arguing about their feet for this long

  51. David Johansson

    This still have me wondering why JME dosen’t produce more music?!

  52. Ahmad Grisha

    Petition for them to play gta again

  53. Calyn Smith

    The amount of disrespect to JJ 😂😂

  54. overcooked doggo

    play more this game

  55. Craig Bowers

    Please for the love of God mute KSI's mic when he's screaming.

  56. kristie. jpeg

    you can see how influenced about others Ethan is: he literally looked behind him each time for where other people were going before he decided. But I give him props for standing in the front each time.

  57. fat panda roblox 13


  58. Daniel Hester

    13:58 : *Australian flag next to starting line* Josh: iS tHiS mIaMi?!?!

  59. Scavenger Brad

    I love Jj

  60. ________

    One thing about vik I hate is, when vik do a bully, its ok. then if other sidemen do to him. its bully. its too much! We need less of vik! OR be mindful others VIK. i think i speak for others who oppose vik. I believe that JJ is more energetic is because VIK is here and when JJ do anything towards VIK. Everyone in the chat keep saying JJ buly VIK. which i believe its too much. Maybe its not them because they have to appeal to fans. especially vik fans.I really hate that VIK keep getting the spotlight, i applaud vik that he has gone through the transformation. BUT i think he get more arrogant. which is i think its not himself. I want a vid where vik can actually ignore other people criticism and not fire back because its weird for me to see do this. vik think when he do that, he look cool when actually he is not. BE YOURSELF VIK. I know you want to be more confidence but try to step down . Its not always about you vik. you think using your voice loud means cool. which is not.

  61. Yung Slimzy

    videos we didn’t ask for but we wanted and got it

  62. BC MU

    This video should be called: Josh trying not to swear


    I laughed so hard when jj cursed at the player

  64. Daisy wraight

    only watch these to see jj go mad 🤣🤣

  65. SHOIBG10

    More trials plz!

  66. Carly stepler

    harry: *loves cheese on toast* also harry: *allergic to wheat*

  67. YFM 250

    You guys should ride dirt bikes for a vlog

  68. Ali Star

    13:14 wtf 😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂 that’s the best thing I’ve seen today

  69. Dylan Simonella

    13:58 “is this Miami” *Australia flag in background*

  70. Zero Gaming

    U know there’s no content going about when even the moresidemen channel are going 2nd on trending rn

  71. ChrisM

    josh pisses me off. just eyeing out vikk all the time. mate you look like a 60 year old.

  72. Random

    They should do more Gmod like prop hunt, murder, death run and TTT

  73. Louise hope


  74. TS Media

    What a team. Love this set up! More from these 4 together please

  75. CaelBrad

    KSI: 'why am I here, why am I playing this game' *awkward laughter* no answer In their head: VIEWS, we need your face for the thumbnail

  76. Isaiah Malladi Rasmussen

    Josh vik and harry: lets all overreact on the thumbnail and not tell Vik

  77. Wilko Is Mee

    Next More Sidemen Gaming video should be Harry, JJ and Ethan playing warzone.

  78. drttyu liqm

    Sidemen: THE MOST PAINFUL GAME EVER Gucci Berry: Am i a joke to you?

  79. Lily Lily

    "we gotta be in Miami" *sad Australia noises

  80. Ben Mackie

    these 4 should do more video's of just the four of them because they're very funny as a collective and have very good chemistry together

  81. Abel Idicula

    They decide to leave Simon and Toni our because they played to much

  82. Justin Kizube

    We gonna go over the fact that jj Said why do I keep blowing up , VIK this is your fault

  83. Bilal Waheed

    Jme is 35...let that sink in

  84. Yeetus Yootas

    I actually can’t 🤣👌🏻

  85. Max Lam

    Josh is good at every game...

  86. Celtic Productions

    JJ: Falls after being tackled Vic: Falls a few meters in the air, "My shoulder's a bit numb." Vic can take a hit better than JJ


    Due to the virus who thinks sideme should bring back old Games for sidemen sunday

  88. Mason White

    I'm kinda violating but there not the best 4 it's Harry, Ethan, JJ and Tobi

  89. Matt From Wii Sports

    ChrisMD is the sorta guy you press on one of his new videos then you press off onto a sidemen video while the add is still playing

  90. ImJulian XO

    Computer version of hill climb racing 2

  91. yung irish

    I ordered one Youtooz figure. I ordered JJ and my bro ordered Harry. Keep up the good work guys 🤪👍

  92. Leigh Duncan

    11:15 - Who else thinks just looks sick with purple hair and an orange bandana

  93. Tristine

    *About twenty thousand Australian flags* vik and josh: yeah this looks like Miami


    Why does JJ not have red hair in this video when hes hair is red on his own channel

  95. Riley Rasmussen

    Electrified 😂

  96. Safwan Ahmad

    13:17 my reaction to ksi beating Jake paul

  97. ErazedbyRazerblade

    11:22 Simon looks like he got a facial from every sidemen

  98. Danny Tinkler

    this crew is fire

  99. Larissa -

    When Vik makes so many bad jokes he doesn’t expect anyone to laugh anymore

  100. Kealan Hogan