Italian guy who wants to share his passion for slapping the BASS.
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  1. Ambrogio Maresca

    Davie you already taken your headpones off in the video where you cook spagetti OMG


    Why i dont see E-pick Seriosly i dont see it

  3. Alejandro Cuadrado

    Es Fake

  4. Hotel Papa


  5. Sacheen Pukhrambam

    Nobody slaps like Davie :) Actually the bass itself slaps :)

  6. Death Scythe

    You guys are the best couple!

  7. Kazuki Kazami

    4:52 Lmao

  8. Leo Verheggen

    I wanted to slap like but pinched instead, me a guitarist inaccurately slapped duslike *shame opun me*

  9. Sharanya Chakraborty Originals

    Very impressive.. but what can you do with a broken bass?

  10. Lars's Wig

    "I'm a girl. Like you." -in a deep manly velvety voice

  11. D. Roshe

    Damn I join to my second account and slap like again!

  12. Seiser

    whatever luigi from mario games

  13. Bikram Sarkar

    Playing with di*k

  14. Pchel's Bitch

    Epical.. There is Slap Ukulele guitar P.S. OMG it's a Davie504 on my screen.

  15. Nithish Nithish

    You missed the 'bass'ic part...... Ha checkmate!

  16. Elliott Sz.-B.

    I want someone to look at me the way Davie504 looks at the camera. <3

  17. Shadow Freddy


  18. Andy Kampen

    yours was by far the best

  19. Harrysound

    Some of these are great

  20. Δημητρης Ιωαννου

    Toss a coin to your Bass Player oh valley of plenty

  21. gvymamdvcnj131309



    Its ALOONA

  23. SnapDragon

    Not cringe

  24. Tillolenski Art

    It worked

  25. Ethan Lim

    I want know the non reverse

  26. kv ds

    pewdiepie 😂

  27. Roseta Kuing


  28. extra ordinary coder

    Its the instrument of my country

  29. Angel Perez

    I think $69 did the best Not because the nunber.........smh

  30. Tweek Tweek Tweeker


  31. Gorilla


  32. Wisdom Ntshalintshali

    Watching Dave504 trying hard not to laugh was Epicc. Slap like now!!!

  33. choppingshif

    *PP HARD*

  34. Jaydude _

    6:44 THE L I C C

  35. Carlos K

    Song name 7:50?

  36. San Sesbunso

    Actually Davie looks better with this filter

  37. Mina Hatsuko

    2:18 i can't stop laughing XDDDDD

  38. SpacePope


  39. Jeremy Spike

    I mean Tool is metal...

  40. Don't even try it

    Girl: Do you know Prom Dress? Definitely not Davie504: Yes *proceeds to play megalovania theme*

  41. Liam Deißl

    I become my bass today

  42. Tasty Boii

    ngl I think the bending ones are underrated

  43. 17seventySIX

    We thought the 7 dollar drummer did better than the $190.. but the$300 drummer(we don't even consider this shmuck a drummer) just sucked balls

  44. Der Dude

    hast to stay on vacation because of corona. Epic or not Apic

  45. Nifuji Hirotaka

    what instrument is this

  46. Nick Thomas

    May I have permission to play the BASS Davie? OMG!!!

  47. Christian Tanner

    N a. N. I.

  48. Kyle Jitskie Juridico

    0:46-1:04 G U I T A R !!!

  49. Chill Nation

    Im horney😂

  50. Krishna Gupta

    What is pp.... I am confused


    this vid’s intro is EPICO

  52. Jason Carter

    TOOL @ 5:30

  53. Chill Nation

    U inian??

  54. -robo-

    Well, I'm gay now I guess.

  55. FIake Caron

    Пхах, я кстати задумался, а почему гопники носили именно ADiDaS?

  56. Jason Carter

    Would have been more authentic if it were a wig and his GF did some femme makeup.


    "My comment epicc"

  58. BadAss Snake

    My pp Was 🔥!!!!

  59. Davin Playz

    "If you're not japanese, say something japanese anyway" *YAMETE* *KUDASAI*

  60. KOTA .N


  61. Pandu Salam

    Charlie chaplin : are u challenging me?!

  62. Hrangbung peningwar

    Teach me how to play in video


    where's the cap Восьмиклинка and the black makasini

  64. Hrangbung peningwar

    Davie I buy bass wat should I do ?

  65. Adbeel Gamer

    and think that this was the video I met you with I feel old xd

  66. Jason Carter

    You look like Cher

  67. Jason Carter

    Hey slapper ! Is it true that 'virago' is an Italian word for 'an effeminate man? In Australia, it was the name of a motorcycle

  68. Paolo Fallea

    0:32 ahahahahaaha he put dislike in his own video !

  69. si hiu

    0:46 bruh


    the most popular singer is Цой

  71. Danny Silvas

    Davie504 omg! U Lie to me! I slap like and I STILL cannot slap bass! Not epico!

  72. Kaustie Productions

    Learn Maths Always OK?

  73. Ma. Thereza Bandala

    Why 504 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  74. jacob cpp2

    Can you play killing in the name by rage against the machine?

  75. Stefanko C

    0:48 his face

  76. Duc Minh Tran


  77. jenny ,

    Ending was nice..OMG👀😂

  78. Pranjal Mehla

    Hey you were telling boys only some and girls long

  79. Ma. Thereza Bandala

    Small bass small pipi

  80. devilko marian

    you have 51 year wtf? 😅

  81. Roblox istnieje naprawde YT


  82. WaKandaks Forever

    Sub mga tao/ay kababayan pala....PH

  83. MasterChiefCovenant


  84. standartformat jpeg

    My dad plays bass my mom plays guitar (very evil smh) so I'm playing a mini guitar-bass hybrid aka ukulele.

  85. Tweek Tweek Tweeker

    I like $47 guy he is good 4:37

  86. devilko marian

    8:10 Amsterdam?

  87. Archer

    10:02 OMG

  88. Тимофей Богачев

    Это не он играет

  89. Adbeel Gamer


  90. devilko marian

    7:17 I'm cold ❄

  91. WaKandaks Forever

    Some day i will find it.

  92. Rasyid Izzar


  93. Malcolm Moore

    checkmate 344k

  94. mike johnson

    Omg this is too good 😂

  95. Rasyid Izzar

    What The

  96. angle bemis

    i absolutely knew 1 was gonna be Sweden

  97. Adniel Hernandez


  98. Gilles bkf

    You should definitely have got a realistic wig instead of that sloppy filter

  99. Oleg Leonchenko

    ok. now i cant sleep normaly. i need bass