Italian guy who wants to share his passion for slapping the BASS.
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  1. Gumintang

    WHERE'S BUTTERCUP1! 1!1!1!1!1

  2. Theodor Georgiou

    Fanculo 😂

  3. smitemus

    Intro reaction Slow approach --> *SLAP* --> Smiling --> "STOP SMILING" --> Proceed to LMAO.

  4. Koko Akram

    Real Voice and face at 6:15.5 🤫

  5. Kyle Perera

    do you ever brush your teeth? : /

  6. Siwy


  7. Shattein D

    Me: some illegal loggers came to talk to our village captain to get some trees for 💰 Davie: I agree Me: our Captain accepts the bribed money then let those illegal logger get our trees :( Davie: im so proud of thia community Me: wait what!?

  8. EVYuuma


  9. Андрій Котляр

    5:33 i didn't understand, someone, explaine me plz

  10. Prabha Agarwal

    I wish I was D E A D

  11. Netrix 26

    0:41 Eminem would say "Something is wrong i can fell it"

  12. KahluA x Milk

    davie's laughing fights corona

  13. Ryuta Kung

    Davie504: leave a comment what meme you like Me: Writing that i like No.93 meme Davie504: *OMG*

  14. Nicholas Whorley

    @davie504 25 = Darde = Sandstorm

  15. Loran tyro Nabo

    The Africa one 😂

  16. beep

    5:36 I am big brain.

  17. checho pecho

    Omg anyone know the song baby I'm yours?🙄

  18. Chamberly Vandora

    Now seriously you could go to Tennessee and play some bass bluegrass music. TN is a music state. Get to Nashville and enjoy!

    1. Chamberly Vandora

      Warning though some people love Cooperhead Road song so you might as well get ready for that too.

  19. King Crimzon

    Nobody gonna mention that he rickrold us?

  20. Tumeka Jeme

    Can you play bass? 🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁

  21. Rafiuddin Ahmed

    The unknown song is 'Sandstorm - Darude'.

  22. Thor Herrera

    You have smol pp 6 years ago

  23. an chit gamer

    It's like Davie is upset ,cause of whats happening in his country

  24. Tabaskas '

    1:15 vaffanculo What have u done Davie? (I know what you said) 😂😂😂😂😂

  25. lol lol

    Big bass smol pp

  26. Aaron Cruz

    *(uses headphones again and cursed)*

  27. Marc Tutaan

    Try GOOD OLD FASHIONED LOVER BASS (Good old fashioned lover boy by queen)

  28. Studiolab 39

    Putain !!! tu joues toi

  29. Epic Voice

    Ok 9 milion subs you MUST give us the cutouts

  30. xeome

    i need dj snake turn down for what full bass cover

  31. Johnriey Albert Continedo

    hey davie hope you read this comment In our country Philippines PP means Vagina🤫

  32. KurikPA

    2:17 70% unsubscribe and 47.1% subscribe 117.1% view his videos

  33. Ben Aya

    Wait he is smiling a lot ILLEGAL!!


    You did the best job❤️❤️❤️🤣

  35. Jøšhuå


  36. TheInquisitor

    I wish I was dead

  37. Komron Mansurov

    it is an ukulele bass man

  38. JuStInE MoSeS

    Davie504 your so bello

  39. PlayerJotta

    Orochi da gringa kkkkkkkkkkkk

  40. Vighnesh Bhat


  41. Dark night 05

    Questo video è uno dei più belli che abbia mai visto tu sei veramente fenomenale a è vero scusa: “this video is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen, you are a phenomenal “ 👍🏻

    1. Dark night 05

      Like for my English

  42. Владимир Колесников

    25. darude- sandstorm

  43. VS Chosen

    Damn kinda made me tear up at the end ngl

  44. Thomie Plays

    well davie504 what happens to me . i'm a lefty i don't play with my right i play with my left . DAVIE504 IS A LEFTIST (he bees mean to lefties saying slap with your right hand but lefties can't)

  45. Lessa baby

    I don't know where im going with this but davie504 girl version looks like Ursula from Spider-man 3

  46. Ham Burgur

    guitar!!! delete this now!!!!!

  47. Mr Zen

    Thanks davie504 i learn to slap my teacher

  48. Anant Tripathi

    I wish i was dead

  49. mixenrafter

    Bruh that's Brazil

  50. Fred Boger

    Very impressive but can you play ruby with a ruby B A S S

  51. aaditey pashine

    i wish i was d e a d

  52. Ghelarion Besson

    0:55 he said smash not slapp, not epic

  53. Chaitanya Keshri

    Dead right 😂💀?

  54. FIR3 BLADE

    1:13 fancu*o. Dico solo questo 😂

  55. E

    I was scrolling through the videos when the thumbnail wasn't changed. And my friend was like "what are you watching"

  56. Nyasmin Cat

    My favourite meme is YOU

  57. 1000 subscribers before  april 29

    What is the name of first song?

  58. Sukyta

    Roundabout please!!

  59. Pedro Lopes

    If you are from Brazil, the only thing you've noticed on this video is "FAUSTÃO CANTANDO LUAN SANTANA"! 7:17

  60. aaron mones


  61. Joe Jerde

    Davie seems like a cool guy in real life but this channel is too monotonous. Great for half-wits. Unsubscribed...

  62. Crazy Vaso


  63. Hannah _330

    Who's here when the title was "My new look"

  64. hamster glaciale

    Around the world is the best song but its better with BASS

  65. Mike-GB

    ti guardo mentre faccio videolezione I watch you while I make a video lesson

  66. Amos Peters

    1:16 Bass: omg...its beautiful

  67. Gordonk 19

    25 is SandStorm

  68. Kayc Trinket

    🔴SONG #25 is: Darude Sandstorm.... but Davie already knew , he was just testing you. CHECKMATE !

  69. Ask to seduce Miss

    Davie504: If You’re From The Philippines, Then Slap Like Now!!! Filipinos: Hold My Adobo

  70. Vinayak Shukla

    Davie: Makes a *SECRET* video. Also Davie: Uploads it on youtube.

  71. _fallendj_

    coolest intro ever

  72. PH Alves


  73. Drop Cat

    0:39 that's illegal

  74. SpiderGamerXxx

    *S L A P P*

  75. Матвей Сотириади

    I wish I was DEAD. Big brain confirmed.

  76. Spader ILYIVOS


    1. Spader ILYIVOS

      @Ky Bridgmon tol

    2. Ky Bridgmon

      Naol nga ter

    3. Ky Bridgmon


    4. Ask to seduce Miss

      Davie. You can Check the Compilations Videos of "Music Hero (Bass)" from a Philippines Game Show.

  77. MephistoBelek

    9:09 Waluigi