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  1. HappySingh 3456

    Da baller

  2. Joshua Gonzalez

    That's fire

  3. Bobby Ly


  4. tomasz blicharz

    Very nice

  5. Mudawi


  6. Beast Bros


  7. ImBored

    Everyone out here talking bout tobi but look at manny his verses were fire🔥🔥

  8. uNclE BEniZ


  9. 808 d3mon beats

    I don’t think they cursed once

  10. compilations yt

    Tobi the type of person to celebrate when his mums says make sure you take your little brother and sister

  11. Boss Odi

    Rip my brother gone too soon

  12. Shehroz Randomthings

    Your not betraying ksi

  13. Umor Ali

    I’ve realised that most rappers go on about the same thing but you smashed it and switched it up and smashed it keep it up!!!

  14. Tom A W B

    Can we also appreciate how Tobi and manny’s sister does the background singing

  15. SkeletauR Y

    Tobi is the best!

  16. rogba d


  17. Akeel Butt

    Deji X Ksi?

    1. Alexander Bowles



    wonderful vibes, love these guys to humble

  19. Jose Urbina

    Good video

  20. kaelyn elizabeth

    they have no reflective jackets

  21. Patrick Bita

    The whole family is good at singing

  22. Emmanuel

    I think I speak for everyone when I say tht I love this song and I want them to do more

  23. Unkun Away

    Want This in Spotify

  24. Acidic Mortal

    When you realize this song has more likes than Wake Up Call

  25. Fiyin Abraham

    this bags hard ahlie destined for greatness indeed 🔥🔥🔥

  26. Gaoussou Plea

    Tobi is like 21 savage 😂

  27. Boris nahh

    Keep going

  28. Boris nahh

    Better than ksi

  29. XYTheRobloxian

    This makes me wish I had a brother 😭😭

  30. Lucas Davis

    This songs fire 🔥

  31. Alister Wilkie

    Road to 10 milion views🙇‍♂️

  32. craig is a hero oh yeah yeah

    Im from iceland🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸

  33. xOnlyLucky

    The dislikes are people from the upside down thinking it was a like

  34. Dan O’Neill

    Shoutout Janelle though honestly

  35. lebronRoN7

    2:26- BROMANCE #####

  36. SSJGodD2

    7:32 😂😂😂😂😂

  37. Chris Willson

    Ay this song is lit it's already on his most popular videos and most of those are 3 years ago

  38. xXxpornstarxXx


  39. litlBIGChIckEn

    someone please sort out manny’s earphone wire 😖😬

  40. Zinxx

    7.3 mil

  41. BHX Spotter Josh

    who would like to see JJ's reaction to this song ? :)

  42. Charlie Cloake

    Tobi and his big words Just like me known for his latness

  43. Jacob Topal

    Why is your clothing only for big money people?

  44. sven driesen

    this is sick

  45. Maplan

    His songs are 100X better than ksis

  46. Maplan

    He could have easily took Ksi instead of his brother but no he cares for his family

  47. capri son

    Yo they have to make 1 with JJ🙌🙌

  48. Frixus

    Petition for tobi to make this his intro 👇👇👇

  49. ez zu dem stegixx

    Jes tobi is on fire 🔥

  50. Yousef Osman



    2020. SUB TO ME IF YOU'RE ALSO FROM 2020

  52. Jordan Handley

    This song is fire

    1. beedsj roiue

      The song has so many views so why can’t they all subscribe

  53. Lindamarie Reid

    Best song ever

    1. beedsj roiue

      This song has more views dan Jake Paul song of 2 mounts ago these dreams and it has only been 10 day for tobi Tobi is doing the most for his family and for his career

  54. Miriam Unicorni

    Jannele the sister

  55. Miriam Unicorni

    Very good rapping tobi and manni and very good singing

  56. ritz

    amazing song keep up the work bro

  57. JLK YT

    Is janellé their sister

  58. Arshia Man

    i wish i had a 10mil channel that i could react to your music video on

  59. ACE Limitless

    Prolly One of the best songs don’t by a SLselr and one of my favs

  60. Dragonwarlord ❶

    *Dislikers are gays*

  61. Themba Kganyago

    Guys let’s not lie this track is fire

  62. Sujiram

    Anyone else have this playing in their car by default?

  63. Kevin Serious

    For freee? Nope. £175 😔

  64. Capt. Waseem


  65. EdzyYt


  66. DJ StaRyu

    Unpopular opinion: i dont like the song xd.

  67. Oliver Platt


  68. Vallah Leqit

    Still love it

  69. The Daily Snail

    2:25 sounded like a rap

  70. Sten Martin Kuuskor

    that was epic!

  71. Vithu K

    This Can cure Coronavirus

  72. ni ange

    This song has more views dan Jake Paul song of 2 mounts ago these dreams and it has only been 10 day for tobi Tobi is doing the most for his family and for his career

  73. Sanah Zeb

    Tobi looking like some Starbucks cup

  74. ASG_ Jamba

    The song has so many views so why can’t they all subscribe

  75. Xx_yxng_ alf

    Come on I listened to this song like 50 times in a row

  76. Violeta Blancas


  77. Ross X

    Janelle Sung really well 🔥

  78. Mark Mitchell

    I think this is my fav song. Edit: I KNOW this is my fav song

  79. FIFA Killer

    Respect them they have came a long way to be were they are now

  80. Salema Bibi

    Everything they say is true I always listen to this

  81. Rhys Brennan

    Everyone below me is gay

  82. harvasblackjacket _

    Tobi is underrated

  83. onTOP LAB

    i love you bro subscribe to TBJZL

  84. Cristangelo 7

    This vid proves how deji was mistake

  85. Hannah Jones

    This is catchy

  86. Wilkz 1705

    Why is it now not on amazon music

  87. Xenyncks

    *Wake Up Call has more views* *Destined For Greatness has more likes*

  88. Karl Deans

    prob the most hubble youtubers there is no joke ,great at sports,now this song like WOW (love the song)

  89. Boddypen

    What on earth is the cal wearing?? Lol

  90. lucky shorts

    In the thumbnail they look like Simpson characters

  91. Attno

    I liked this on all my google accounts because that’s how good this is

  92. CrypticZ Official


  93. Bcool 6699

    Tobi raps are cool

  94. Bcool 6699

    Cool rap

  95. Bob Jack


  96. MobileGamer yt

    C'mon Manny give us some bars

  97. Bcool 6699


  98. Jahanzaib Aamir

    Deji manny tobi ksi on one song imagine the atmosphere

  99. NotBlaze

    Love this song I have watched this so much

  100. Jahanzaib Aamir

    What a song instead of doing it with one with the greats instead now I bet u he will be the great because of u now next Bez x toby x manny x JMe BTW whoever dislikes this song is a rlly bad person