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  1. Nightcore Malayalam

    I belived till the end.

  2. Michal Kliment

    Love it !

  3. MAX Invincible

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    Bro I want to upgrade my Jeep Compass

  5. Athar Ali


  6. philip munoz

    Hello Chris about to do oil change soon so what do think of Oil Change Pump Extractor, 12V 60W Motor Oil Diesel Fluid Transfer Pump Quick Oil Extractor compare to old fashion drain way sir????

  7. Aqib Raja

    This guy is talking too much..rather than work

  8. Sumbul Nayab

    Hey and what happened to the red Honda civic

  9. Sumbul Nayab

    I am also a Prius owner and thank you you helped us to fix our car it was also showing that sign and when I saw your video I also changed the battery and now it's fine and again thank you

  10. Evan LaClare

    7:39 I finally found your face

  11. KrazyOz

    Amazing, how you take the time to explain every detail and at the same time explain issues of incorrectly installed parts. Rear main seal a big deal. some just yank off and install new one and there's that leak again. (This is my first comment) Great info! I know there's people who watch this and glad they did after viewing. keep them Videos Cumin (No Pun)

  12. Cade Sponseller

    Hey chris! I know this has nothing to do with this video, but I have been trying to figure out how to replace a quadra lift air suspension in my Jeep Grand Cherokee overland with regular spring coils. I have been watching your videos and would love to hear any advice or what you think about making the conversion happen. Thank you!

  13. Alan Pasternak


  14. Ahmed ALjupore

    انا متابع جيد لقناتك وداعم لها وارجو إن تقوم بترجمه الفيديوات القادمه الى العربية .وارجو ان تقرا تعليقي ،🙏

  15. prinzkevin 2008

    My dream car is a Toyota supra mk4 I love this car

  16. Captain Taco

    My dream car is a BMW i8

  17. Yehia Ali

    Hello, Really like your videos. We don't have Meguiar's products here but we have sonax. Could you guide me which sonax polish and compound will give the same results? Sonax has polish for black paint, general polish and xtreme one so which one is the correct choice?

  18. Tiavor Kuroma

    except when you are driving on Diesel, then you need to change it more often.

  19. dhruthin dhruthin

    What about your drift stang

  20. xboxh8er ps3ftw

    *goes to hardware store* that’s not very chrisfix of you

  21. Alan Pasternak

    What is a ABS and by the way you are a nice person for buying a car for your dad.

  22. kelvin chan

    Nice I like your videos. but it only works on certain countries. Not expensive as fxxk countries like eg Singapore

  23. Alan Pasternak

    Car weight 34kg ME:bruhhhhhhhhhh ok wait that's the same weight as me

  24. Amir Asyraf

    Thank you chrisfix for this video

  25. Nazar Shevchenko

    Bro u could buy rims in great condition for these money that you spend on bad rims and material to fix it🙉🙉🙉🙉

  26. Crispy Jester

    hey chris can you make a video on interior detailing/revival??

  27. GMF62 V8

    Car throttle brought me here

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    Nice one. im amazed man ;) Please HIT my Channel also. Thanks )

  29. WHB JR

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    You forgot to put a little bit of grease on those gears.

  31. Adel Lalpourwal

    In the netherlands we say:”eerst liken dan kijken” that means:like first then watch

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  34. Sardar Shafqat

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  35. S1LV3R BULL37

    Maybe you can do a boxer 4 head gasket replacement? I know a lot of people who drive Subarus (myself included) and I really don't feel like teaching them how to replace a head gasket.

  36. branko andjelkovic

    there is a tool to compress the spring before in end out of car.simlly and safe

  37. Alister Vanderbiltz

    Amazing. You've managed to make me a 27 year old man tear up. My only regret in life was never being able to give my father the things he deserved. RIP Dad 1941-2013

  38. Lucas Pineda

    Rip humming bird Press f to pay respects

  39. KR

    did anyone tried it on a 1998+ Peugeot 206?

  40. yaj olrac

    F*ck! Good thing i watched 'til the end. I really thought my car's headlight assembly are the new technology that doesn't need that blinker fuild. Lol

  41. Ethan Drew

    Can you get a Daytona

  42. Matt Rivera

    Go to Eastwood's youtube channel and watch how to do it the right way! This is all garbage!

  43. Daniel Amsterdam

    Keep up the great work .. luv your hype in all ur vids


    Not every car that has immobilizer got an anti-theft light, and not all manual cars have a clutch safety switch.

  45. Mega Spray

    Did anyone notice that while he was on AutoTempest, his Email was @NiceTryGettingMyEmail

  46. gocopss

    I've used goo gone plenty of times. At work I'd let it soak on stickers for a few minutes. Made it easier. Not the best product for sap, but I wanted to mention it for when using it for glue.

  47. Cakedude 09

    Chrisfix: this jag is unreliable i want him to have a realiable car nobody: ChrisfiX: A MASERATI

  48. jared pasco yt streams and daily vlogs

    me my dream car is 2000 honda civic hatchback

  49. 4 Seven

    You're the Bob Ross of cars. You make everything look so effortless but it comes out looking amazing every time.

  50. Jo

    My owner's manual says 87 or higher ? So I guess all three are fine ?

  51. Lee MX

    hey chris, can u do a video on how to install a turbo. particularly on your drift-stang if possible. thanks :)

  52. Alister Vanderbiltz

    My man you got a new subscriber.

  53. One random guy

    14:35 was worth the two flights. One of the best days of my life.

  54. G.S.R

    Anyone know what the small too box on the left is? Or similar tool boxes like that exact thing I'm looking for but not sure a good brand.

  55. Varshav Gawas

    hey chris love ur videos a lot love from india......

  56. Nick Pa


  57. Roby K

    16:07 i see Bubbling in connection, upper side. Small but still xd

  58. lahiru yasanka

    Very good ac explain video. We Sri Lanka

  59. The Djinn

    Damn this looks sooooo gooood, gonna go to Home Depot right now and buy me some compound and stuff and work on my Malibu

  60. Michael Williamson

    How did I watch this almost 4 years ago, and show countless people this EXACT video, and not ever notice that you are the only person to use a sharpie till the freaking tip is nonexistent?

  61. Matthew T

    Hey Chris been a follower of your channel for awhile and I have a car issue question for you if you have the time!? I got a 2004 Mazda 3 and one day the cars power would drop and I would loose all electrical in my car so I replaced the alternator and it was working right as rain again. Then 2 weeks later I went to run a new power line to my subwoofer then after install I reconnected the battery and went to turn it over and it didn’t start. When turn key to ignition it starts to crank but doesn’t start... I’ve watched your stater Mazda truck fix but your truck wasn’t cranking.... I checked all my fuses and they all look good, I even went and I did the work I did and put it all back to how it was and still nothing. I’ve done loads of these installs and never have I had this happen. Any thought?been out of work due to the corona virus and don’t have money to take it to the shop so I’m trying to figure out what it is so hopefully I can fix it myself with your help. Thank you!!!!

  62. Shobolan Studios

    Oh, I'd love an Alfa Rome Giulia

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    Frustrating as I can't get this to work. I got the cables twisted with flux. Melt the solder on the iron but it keeps rolling off the copper wire and will not attach. I just have little balls of solder. Any ideas where I am going wrong?

  64. G P

    Nothing personal, but I don't have the patience to do that. Slip a cover on and I am done. Besides I like my steering wheels to be a little thicker.

  65. Sean N

    Damn Chris Fix you da man. I learned how to change breaks because of you

  66. T Sleezy

    If he jus ran up on the car and he hasn't seen it before....why is his logo on the licesne plate in the back......goes to show folks are FULLA lies...

  67. Fred Capp

    Most horns have a nut and adjusting screw, connect both terminals to a battery giving the faulty horn continuous live and earth, loosen the nut and stop it turning whilst moving the screw in or out until you have the sound, then tighten.

  68. lxCRON1Cxl

    I honestly can’t wait until I have to replace my clutch and transmission. I think it’s going to be fun and rewarding thanks Chris

  69. Daniel Nicholas

    22:59 Haha


    @ChriaFix Why are you wearing a helmet in your car? That's dangerous!

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    Del Sol! Are videos on it coming?

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    Chris I got a problem I tried this and my car caught on fire what do I do

  75. Patricia Crawford

    That was very helpful Thank You

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    Anyone else notice how he used body primer (For Metal) on plastic trim? Plastic primer has more flex and stretch so the paint wont crack. He knows this but forgot to mention it here i guess. Yes im nit picking as its only a small bit of door trim, but just dont do ya bumpers the same way trust me..

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    wasn't the clear coat worn out on those faded (yet still painted) spots on the right side of the car ? Great video anyway :D

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    I swear this is 3-4 completely Different videos compiled into one. Fantastic Video

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    If the timing belt slips, doesn't that mean the pistons can bust the valves if you try to turn it?

  85. lastservant

    I must say.... That was amazing! Chris you made it look easy and very do-a-ible

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  95. TheReal JohnWick

    Hey Chris new to your channel but I’ve always heard good things and I’ve watched a couple of ur videos and I see why. Quick question if I have my wheels fixed (road rash) or even fix them myself and decide to powder coast them later on will the powder coating cause damage to the bondo? Or should I just go about painting them or am I stuck deciding between fixing them or painting them ?