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  1. Thanh Tram Nguyen

    But how did the deer get in the town without the cops seeing him?

  2. Jarle Dybendal

    4:40 wtf was that?

  3. Andrew Byi

    He's mad that Santa has been picking Rudolph every year.

  4. Andromeda Galaxy

    that isnt a dust storm that's just me brushing my room

  5. wishie washie

    why do people even dislike these videos, they really are confusing people huh?

  6. Pajamboy

    that traffic dog is awesome but did that guy serioulsy just honk at a group of prescoolers crossi g a street?? Peoe can be absolute entitled douchebags that shit drive me nuts.

  7. Luke Porter

    2:40 *pufferfish:* am i a joke to you?

  8. yonnas mom

    I'm thinking of the PROTIEN guy from aggretsuko

  9. Josh Gomez

    Last one is IRL Brain Griffin

  10. Emma The Artist

    When they caught the video of the meteor I like how the guy in the back round just be like:bruh bruh bruh I ain’t even trippin yall(btw that’s not what he said but I couldn’t catch what he said) Other guys in background:bruh wth is that?!

  11. Your Boi Kermit

    0:35 Tacocat, backwards or forwards it spells the same

  12. HentaiSweetie

    Last one is reincarnated Grumpy Cat.

  13. Brayden Query

    We’re not gonna talk about the fortnite music in the cat clip😪

  14. Wizzlet

    Somebody roll that deer up in a blanket

  15. ᄀᄂ Itz Aria

    Deer: *breaks in* Everywone: oh no Me: OMG YAY


    Store owner : This is going to cost me deerly

  17. Aussie Peps

    The graph showing the most populated cities in the world should have horror music not upbeat music. Over population is bad.

  18. sbot ,


  19. Rendroc

    Sometimes you just really need a trim. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  20. lullitaA 0310

    well at least he used the door when he was leaving

  21. Jack Whitty

    Raccoon be like ok ima head out

  22. Stickamation

    Deer runs into a man. Deer runs into a hair salon. What's next?

  23. Rounak Mukherjee

    This is the number of times that barber said "Oh My God" ↓

  24. Chad Mckay

    That deer dolphin dived right over grandma any closer and she would have been road kill.

  25. C Hopkins Hickman

    😂 Poor deer. It looked like it was on a roll too just before it hit the window.

  26. Shun

    1:19 looks like a bad 3D animation

  27. Omer Ali

    This deer really tried to not be late for his/her appointment

  28. Ajj ka gamer

    Today is my 12 th exam in India wish me luck I feel chilled out after watching this @dailydoseofinternet

  29. Shape Inexplicável

    1:22 Ebrietad ,is that you?

  30. Ausster

    3:04 me when i see my grades

  31. CypherTony


  32. TheWeeNoobPlayz

    Yo if u look at the sea slug in the beginning U can see a black girl with a yellow tank top and blue jeans

  33. Birb

    Lady: *oh ma GAWWWDD!!*

  34. mr. vans Johnson

    It straight up rammed into the window.

  35. Kyon. M

    Deer Needed A Haircut

  36. V S

    Deer came for haircut instead of mirror used window.☺.

  37. Efe Gun

    * c h e e t o*

  38. Ex Muslim

    3:13 constipated dog

  39. Reign

    😲 Dude doing flips

  40. Parthiban Suruliraaj

    There's a man who ran faster than ussain bolt. I thought you'd day this

  41. Jackson Keltner

    The dog at the end looks like Sylvester Stallone😭

  42. Luis Tejada

    Eat your cereal ‼️‼️‼️

  43. Spicy

    Can't just be me who heard the Fortnite lobby music.

  44. Luciano Perez

    LOL men the video of deer is SO SO OLD ._.

  45. Lord of Tartar Sauce

    That sea angel looks like the mom from Dexter's Laboratory.

  46. Noah Defauwes

    Looks lie a mimic octopus

  47. Clare McCarthy

    The deer are taking revenge for their lost brothers and sisters.

  48. Yaboijeff101

    1:55 revealing lana in Operation Void Edge

  49. Ryku

    Weird i thought i already see the deer vid before

  50. Elijah Ellis

    Hope they had Farmer's insurance. They know a thing or two because they've seen a thing or two.

  51. Mr H

    1:14 Aquaman: That is not my mom.

  52. Nine Tailed Fox

    Imagine if the guy was getting his beard shaved when the deer crashed in 😬.

  53. Dragon Slayer

    deer just wanted a little trim 😓

  54. XxReggiexX 357

    At least he got out through the door

  55. Daniel Stephens

    No one literally no one: Cat pillow

  56. Don Makaveli

    So you think she finished his haircut ?

  57. TrainZ876

    This did make my day, I was in the hospital barely breathing

  58. Giuseppe Merenda

    10:13 tom and jerry

  59. Lone_wolf- 164561

    3:01 actual footage of Brian Griffin documented.

  60. Jeey Ghshs

    0:23 deer stole the hair straightener, that is what this is all about.

  61. James Waltemath

    I don't like how no one is talking about Pebbles

  62. Moonlight

    1:48 he was a crossing guard in his past life

  63. WhatWereTheyThinking

    That deer video is from last early year sometime ?

  64. Donald Trump

    Oh deer...

  65. Andrew Young

    Nobody in the comments is going to acknowledge Pebbles the Cat? 😭😭 So cute

  66. Shayden Read

    China should be going down because of the corona virus

  67. Spookay T'is Me

    That poor deer! That's animal abuse! Dislike!!

  68. IronDog

    0:32 anyone else notice the fortnite music in the background lol

  69. Syrpä Kyylä

    I hate your voice.

  70. Sherloid Bai

    " I caMe In lIKe a wRekInG bAll" -Doe!

  71. XChypher Productions

    Eat your cereal

  72. CozyGhost

    I see the roles has switched

  73. Me_ Zei

    0:27 Leave the people, tell me about the deer. -_-

  74. Cambridge Zen Center

    Nice! Thanks!

  75. briel

    “dear leaves” guy: but can i still get my haircut ???

  76. Biffit

    Goat simulator irl

  77. IceBringer227

    The deer just wanted a hair cut 😢😭

  78. Hello, 123’s

    Narrator: “After the aftermath of the deer crash, the hair salon had to pay more than a hundred dollars.”

  79. IceBringer227

    The deer in the salon seems like it would be in a Farmers insurance commercial

  80. Ugly Jojo siwa

    Aliens: pffff, this invisibility technology is nothing.

  81. FEY8


  82. Jasper Bob

    Damn thats a good stag.

  83. Bodenlose Dosenhose

    The cyclist and the deer must be related.


    Nobody got hurt!! Crashed door : am I a joke?

  85. CJ Effigie

    I hope she finished his cut

  86. Ashton saefong


  87. Jeet Productions

    0:40 you can hear fortnite background music

  88. Joe Many

    0:03 of course india

  89. M T

    Deer: *HERES JOHHNY*

  90. Àngelic Cottagè

    *Deer didnt got his hair appointment so he wanted revenge* >:)

  91. ChocoKE ‘

    You never seem to disappoint me Alan Dracula.

  92. 5k subs By comments?

    Day 6 of trying to get 5k subs with comments, please help youtube community ❤️

  93. Bry Alrighty

    Hope that poor deer was okay.

  94. 『Laira-Chan 中國女孩』

    A great way to your day. Watch a deer break glass

  95. Maxime Bober

    That deer stupid af why is every deer stupid?

  96. SA Mapping

    1:21 that looks like my first microsoft paint image

  97. Tarisma

    Upload 5 hours ago and already 1 mio views Amazing

  98. qishuo wang

    Doctor: Dude what happened to your mouth? You have 3 degree burns! I eat te heeeembur gerr

  99. Infinite Pepe

    0:30 Dude I wanna do that to my cat,but my siblings would call it abuse.

  100. Jelly Beans

    Random question but does insurance pay for the damage the deer did? Is there such thing as deer protection insurance? Genuine question