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  1. Bönzeaux Bleuxgrën

    I hope that dog doesn’t have a yummy dream

  2. liliffied


  3. omar maghirang

    Eagle: Turtle: you picked the wrong riverbank fool

  4. Toure Yacoubou

    We don’t have to blame on this innocent crutches, human selfishness and greed is to be blamed, please God forgive us and restore our innocent planet, that some of us selfishly wanted to destroy by burning forests which is home of millions of innocent animals,nonsense revolution civil war everywhere in Africa Syria Iraq South American countries Israel and Palestine borders that continue to kill our innocent people women children for none sense revolution of human greed, hopefully we will all come together as one people under one God, God you are the greatest and we’re surrendering to your power and greatness, please God restore peace unity and good health to all us including this beautiful innocent animals 0:25 and rest of beautiful planet that you give to all of us, Amen

  5. Bunny

    The bird did NOT want that

  6. iono maybe

    daily dose of internet sounds like leafyishere

  7. ZACK XD

    You forgot the people

  8. Random Facts Of The Day

    Great compilations, and great traffic, can i put my video link in description for some buck coz I need traffic to video, too, let me know if possible?

  9. FoaxirGM

    This doesn't look safe 2:33

  10. Un Scholar

    0:54 Lord Voldemort with hair

  11. FoaxirGM

    I think this is how the virus happen. 1:38

  12. Stu Gemmell


  13. Rei Covers

    1:05 aku ga mau

  14. Cooky Jeon

    That bird is me hahahahaha

  15. Pretty Mainey

    I would comment but there were toooooooo many great videos to comment on just one

  16. a -

    This video was so damn wholesome 😍

  17. JohnNiemsMusic


  18. Project JoJo

    Is bird depressed? :(

  19. Greenlight

    1:53 sneaking out of your girlfriends bedroom back in highschool lmao

  20. 21st century sloth

    So the bird ate a fish, then got eaten by a fish, and lived to squawk the tale? YOOOOO

  21. Beby yoda

    I hope the dog who broke the glass is okay it shattered alot of pieces its possible it hit him he even stepped on it

  22. Justsumkid

    Me:*Says a joke* The squad: 0:21

  23. ReDEyEzZ

    Who clicked because of the "anus hedgehog"?

  24. lancen blaylock

    *tuna fish eats bird* bird: I ALMOST SAW THE LIGHT

  25. Marquis de Masoque

    Is the orgami guy single? 😉

  26. Just crying in the Club

    The cat looked stuck I'm hoping they helped it

  27. Dragon Ahh

    Crab mom: who’s ready for a big meal That one kid: where’s the food? Crab mom: ..........

  28. Luke Warren

    Okay I thought that the daily dose of internet was a meme and when I actually started watching I was like that was nice :)

  29. The german cow

    *"these students in china...."* me: OH HELL NO **grabs glock loads snickers bar into it and runs to front door**

    1. The german cow

      yes, I watch Russian badger

  30. Friendly Salamander

    Thanks random elephant for saving our world

  31. Something Something

    The steak looks so awful honestly

  32. Watermelon _Mermaid11

    For people wondering how you would clean clothes with the coating on it. You don’t. Nothing can get on it. That’s the whole point.

  33. Winter The Wolf


  34. Spacey Girl

    Jocks: *I fear no man but that thing* *Buff kangaroo* Jocks: *It scares me*

  35. Con D. Oriano

    Invisibility is now real My hot, thicc neighbor: (sweating nervously) I think I'm in danger 😨

  36. Magic Pringle

    He whistled! I can’t even whistle!

  37. Jeff Sanders

    Ice: exists Submarine: So you have chosen death?

  38. zeroinfinityzero

    Looks like a giant crocodile at :27.


    I poop on my hand and toss it in the toilet

  40. Rashaad Mustafa

    who was that beatboxer?

  41. Xi-K

    Those bikers have a death wish fr

  42. JR

    I had no F clue that Walrus can do that.......

  43. Meyaka Brown

    The turtle squish like sea doggo. 😊

  44. chip599XX

    How did the cop knew?


    By the way this guy talks, I'd bet he wears "skinny jeans" and has a boyfriend.

  46. Darren F J

    When you dont know how to drift a car

  47. Why must you be this way, mom?

    Why is this just a vore dose of internet now?

  48. Christa Sloan

    he's purring and meowing at the same time.

  49. ze chicken

    I wish that walrus was my man..

  50. Fierce Mouse

    0:15 In America we call them Democrats

  51. Redd Jones

    Kobe: don't try that noo Frying the helicopter: wwwweeeeeee 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  52. Ross Hebert


  53. Ben Dover

    0:25 I would take the product and give her the money back. I wouldn’t serve her for shit. Moreso I might even press charges for battery given that she’s being so petty. I bet at least one coin hit him. I’d play petty too.

  54. Modern Gaming

    M This is my favorite channel

  55. Becca Bean

    That duck was the BEST thing today! Oh I needed this laugh!

  56. YuKai G

    The 3rd one is very helpful If you know what i mean 😏

  57. • Sleepy Head •

    0:03 Day 6 of stripmining on my Minecraft world.

  58. tom young

    The Rhino looks like he's thinkong: I gave this guy the wrong end of my body.

  59. • Sleepy Head •

    How i feel exploring my Minecraft world: 2:03

  60. Ben Dover

    Many organisms do this. It’s called biofluorescence. It differs from bioluminescence.

  61. Tyler Bugica

    Bird: *This is what I call a pro gamer move*

  62. Minecraft Master

    Eagle: sitting Turtle: *I'm about to end this whole man's career*

  63. The gaming Fisherman

    The fish is called a sea robin

  64. hee hee

    Drone then gets corona virus

  65. Felicis Official

    I, Owlo Giowlo, has a stick

  66. Arthur Dmitriyenko

    The cat in the dogs mouth “eet izz what eet izz”

  67. InfinitRage

    That walrus whistling is just rubbing it in to how much of a failure I am

  68. Ab1l1ty1 E

    When he said daddy, I felt that

  69. Jessica Lee

    The cat woman's eyes say.. "my cats a pervert... " 😟

  70. party tomato22

    0:43 and he was never seen again

  71. Sharea The Gemini

    how I be sleeping when life ain’t going right, in debt, falling behind in college classes, & rent is due all in one week. 0:30

  72. Doc Holladay

    Sorry glass don't break like that. Fakkkkkeee

  73. ilRegulator

    1:00 The Harlem guy was like: "Alright bro, we get it"

  74. Derek Gamer

    Can we talk about that tower it must of took hours to make that pic

  75. hey role trash

    2:11 my brains cells in math

  76. HaiZproductionz Gaming


  77. Hitler

    6 in the morning, tired as hell, i want to sleep SLsel: Before you fall asleep.... do you want to see a slice of bread that hates mustard? It got me thinkin that bread kinda fresh doe 😳😳

  78. Natto

    0:56 This cat was saying "socorro" ,in Brazilian Portuguese, "socorro" is "help". What can you prove to me that there was no human in there? Sorry if the English is wrong, I'm Brazilian.

  79. Vito Azcona

    Who else flinched because of the metal?

  80. Maple Syrup

    Translation: ay yo, where my boy tut at?

  81. Hanafi 2

    I love his voice

  82. Dibya Rokka

    Dude change the way you say "you're daily dose of Internet"

  83. DramaticSeel

    This bird has goals beyond your understanding.

  84. ThatNaruto Guy

    At 0:40 u can see the clouds move

  85. MajesticalVoltage0524

    What An Awesome Video About The Good Year 2019 to Forget The Thought That 2020 Is Going To End Us All!

  86. Vintrex

    This is probably the best Daily Dose of Internet video ever!

  87. GOH Austin Cze Lam

    the wolf has a collar dude

  88. Omar Jordans

    This is me not going to Minnesota

  89. Lemon Fur Arts

    Thicc floof

  90. Who spilled My beans

    Scary world huh

  91. JJSmith Lago

    Retractable eyes?!?!

  92. Berning Sandwiches

    3:00 King simp.

  93. Crimezzzy

    Leafy i know it’s you can’t trick me

  94. Albert Zhao

    0:44 when your dream finally comes true

  95. TheBeast15436

    That bird like Jonah in the Bible.

  96. Traë

    1:05 What the last Pringle chip sees.

  97. Shoop E

    2:46 me when im done with the paster test

  98. Acro Senpai

    Happy birthday.


    More like weekly dose of internet

  100. Lot G

    The title has the same energy as the headline “man kills himself and runs away”