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  1. Lord Byron

    One of my favorite players!!!

  2. Cris Dilam

    Nadal hay uno solo...el nuevo Nadal??...por favor.

  3. Eduardo Melero


    1. Bruno Cereda


  4. Pat Langan

    You obviously have never been in his shoes, so you would have no idea what this win meant to him. And... you aren’t funny.

  5. Joacodpm

    Grande gago!!! 🇨🇱

  6. Lil Jeshu

    garín future top 10

  7. jc sj

    Wow, that net ball against Alacaraz in the first set is the difference.

  8. monkeyninja150

    I still think it's weird how they throw on clay tournaments in the middle of the hard court swing

    1. monkeyninja150

      @Peter t.c wow you must be pretty amazing to deduct all of that from my few words. I bet everyone would love to be your friend

    2. Peter t.c

      @monkeyninja150 yeah but you talk like this is the hard court swing and that when in reality indian wells and Miami are the tournaments that are in the middle of the clay court swing if you have a different view, and you also say it like we shouldn't have these tournaments, no offense intended tho

    3. monkeyninja150

      @Peter t.c lol I didn't know that having an opinion that doesn't harm anyone is selfish. I'll go to my corner and reflect on my mistake

    4. Peter t.c

      It's not really like that, these clay court tournaments were always there and a few years ago acapulco was also a clay tournament, it's for the southamerican and spanish players you dont have to be so selfish, the rest of the year is practically everything hard court and you still have hard court and indoors during these weeks, for us southamericans this are the only 3 weeks we have tennis in the calendar

  9. ohnoitsmchl

    "A Monday night blockbuster!"... only shows one point from the third set

  10. Kool Pikle

    Congrats to Coria!!!

  11. Trap Town HTC

    Great! Keep it up! Would you like to be SLsel friends? :)

    1. Nick Kyrgios

      Yeah mate

  12. Trap Town HTC

    Great video! Keep it up Would you like to be SLsel friends? :)

  13. だるぽよ登山部 / 週末楽しみ隊

    7:02 かっこいい

  14. GCDL Battles


  15. all satta matka india Shaw

    Online cricket or tennis betting I'd chahiye to Whatsapp pe sampark karo=8617211263

  16. 707ladytee

    Yea for Jack! I watched a small bit of this match. I was too tired and fell asleep :-) . Anyway, I hope this boosts his confidence for his upcoming matches.

  17. Cameron Earls

    Thiem's opponent has the most bizarre looking forehand I think I've ever seen

  18. Larvancio Ramos

    Please NO1E, come back!

  19. Tim Zelikovsky

    He's gonna be a top 5 player. He's 16 and look at that backhand.

  20. Official Original Soundtrack

    and garin?

  21. soufiane TV

    نادال الجديد😍

  22. 小龙

    that forehand drop shot is so Ferrero

  23. Ed

    This guy is my favourite sportsman in the whole circuit.

  24. Benjamin Mitchell

    Who's here after beating Albot?

  25. Joe J Herrington

    Couldn’t beat guys on the challenger tour but beats the defending champion 😂 not to mention he looks so out of shape

  26. Randy Marsh

    Dude, get some Accutane!

  27. Achraf chahbi


  28. Achraf chahbi


  29. luyk95

    I am quite worried when I see his leg injury... 2:44

  30. jacques vassor

    You've got to love the man. Great sportsmanship, great tennis level. All we wanna see on a tennis court. Wish him the best

  31. Kaan Yuce

    Lol I love how this stupid ass crowd was crying when their homeboys got whooped 7 goals in their hometown. Can't wait for Coric to shut them up.

  32. Kamil Florian

    Two models standing by their bench hehe. You don't see it much:)

  33. KDBBM

    The comeback begins...

  34. Giovanni Collatuzzo

    Ramos Is a sluggish regular clay court player. Full of mental strength and costance and stediness. For such reason is a mild top 50-100, but no talent and power for him. Alcatraz gas Just beaten barely a strong challenger player. Don t stand him too much

  35. Cole Coleman

    4 hrs. Mama Mia for 3 sets. Has to be really good

  36. Cole Coleman

    It had everything. Even the smokin hot chicks who stand by the side on a changeover. I think this is the only tournament that does that

  37. Diego Madueño

    You missed the 2011 US Open semifinal point against Federer. Novak saved two match points and finally won.

  38. Kevin Smith

    I am noticing tattoos and ear piercings are becoming more common in Tennis too now. FUCKING those bloody bastards have ruined the sanctity and simplicity of the sport.

  39. regguyftl65 Don

    Good to see Sock play well,again 👏👏. Still think he should concentrate on doubles.....it can’t hurt

  40. Ryo Shusuke

    The only reason he was crying is because Nike made him wear that atrocious outfit.

    1. 707ladytee


    2. Lac Laflare

      Ryo Shusuke ain’t gonna cap 🧢 it was terrible looking 😂

  41. Jchneo

    Why does that thumbnail make it look like he has deep acne scars wtf

  42. Ibrahim Khan

    bra for han

  43. Aditya Ramakrishnan

    Ok but why is there a car in the corner tho

  44. 원세현

    ???: I'm back! My back....

  45. Daniel Gilmour

    wheres james Blake? he had some beauties.

  46. Toni Georg

    The record for longest 2/3 sets in history is Nadal - Djokovic in Madrid 2009 - 4h 3min This was very close

  47. luike goulart

    Good to see him back.

  48. Hüsamettin Zaza

    Stan's backhand

  49. João Lima

    he is so fat now

  50. Robert Marston

    Thiems time on clay!!!?????

  51. Hyman Sahak

    Sock has a lot of weapons. A strong and accurate serve, a whipping forehand and great net skills. If he is in shape and motivated, he can do a lot of damage. Reason why he was number 8 in the world once...

  52. Alexander M

    Such an intense physical game as Thiem plays ... i would be surprised if this will not lead to injuries this season

  53. TheE4kid

    Embarrassing from vinolas! I remember the days he’d have top players like Murray on ropes now he’s losing to juniors

  54. Dimitris Blane

    Why is he crying?

  55. Snooka's Lab

    0:16 hahahah suck it joker

  56. Geraldine

    Wow mager won in one point! Impressive!

  57. HuKKy RPG

    Maybe the old Sock coming back? I'd love it jack, please do it for fans.

  58. DonNikonD2X

    Antes de que aparecieran todos estos basquetbolistas con raqueta.

  59. Michael Larson


  60. Michael Larson


  61. Jeffrey Chuang

    16? not bad.

  62. Иван Петров

    Albot is matchfixer

  63. Ken W Anderson

    SO GLAD to see you playing Jack, and winning! Blessings always.

  64. Jack Quinn

    WTF is Bublik?! A public joke or a serious contender. The latter it seems. I donno this dude at all, but he has the skill to join the ever expanding family of court buffoons: Kyrgios, Fognini, Paire etc. Not a bad qualificaton in the end. We do need buffoons, jesters and clowns amidst this serious shit called la vita.

  65. Cyrille Sayak

    sorry but Thiem's Ass tho 😁

  66. Milan Duchevski

    The amount of topsin he gets out of his forehand is actually insane

  67. Jeffrey Poupard

    You can tell how young they all are. Almost all the players mentioned have retired recently. Borg, Becker, Sampras, and Agassi are all good calls, but no Connors, Lendl, Edberg or McEnroe is just crazy talk

  68. rgncajun21

    I stopped watching after the first set! Dohhhhh! I didn’t know there would be so much

  69. QGodofGods RulerOfAll

    Actually his playing style is a clone of Djokovic. No where do I see Roger or Rafa.

  70. Reed B

    Idiotic fans

  71. A C

    Novak bouncing the ball 267 should've been on the serving motion question.

  72. Frank Hart

    I like the guy. Keep going Jack!

  73. Gianluca Daneri


  74. THE SLICE Tennis News

    Can confirm it was epic! Emotional match for him great effort.

  75. nadia robillard

    Djokovic felt offended? What? He has been every non fair play ever to all of them, come on, remember when he would stop a match for.. Roddick saying he had antrax??

  76. Henrique Lins

    Hey, do you know where you will spend eternity? Please watch Robert Breaker's video titled "HOW TO GET SAVED" Thank you and God Bless.

  77. Alex Susa


  78. 박기준

    Let's fucking goooo Jack!!!!! The don't stop even after you get to the top!

  79. Adrian Brown

    Tennis is richer for having Jack back on the court again. Just great.

  80. Junior Raymond

    Glad hes back

  81. Unseen Football

    Couldn’t let me find the result out from the video


    Just WoW😍

  83. Nero RoseUmu

    It's Great To See Jack Sock Winning Again After So Long, It's Also Good To See Jack Get Emotional, Cause It Shows How Much It Means To Him, Good Luck Jack I Hope Many More Good Times Come Your Way 🇺🇸 👍 🎾 🇬🇧.

  84. Daniel J. Scotti

    super creative tennis. was a joy to watch

  85. Keith Lauder Jr

    Nice Jack! That forehand up the line was sick!❤🎾

  86. Paul Johnson

    Thiem's form has dipped rather badly after the AO finals, in this form, even Murray would beat him, on clay, what to speak of Novak or Federer.

  87. Joker

    Jack looks lean, this is gonna be a good year 😎

  88. Steve Walters

    USTA/ITF Ruling: When he sprinted for the return of the underarm serve, he was “deemed ready” to receive. If he hadn’t tried for it, because ether wasn’t in the ready position, the serve would not have counted.

  89. Juan Cruz

    The Mager vs Ruud highlights were awesome

  90. Rishabh

    I really want him to win this title , so he can get some motivation 🤩🙏🙏

  91. Andres Porras

    2:45 .... 2 hotties in the back

  92. BuenaVida


  93. BuenaVida


  94. Ognjen Jakovljevic

    Sock samara lopticu forhendom koliko jebeno unikatno

  95. Usman lone

    leopard he introduced speedy tennis in the world of tennis

  96. TaJ Peterson

    Great job

  97. Listenchump

    Sad for Albot, who is a very good guy and will decline in the rankings, but nice to see Sock back.

  98. unowen7591

    Bruh idk how Domi can play with an ass that big wtf

  99. Empório do Tenista

    Como dizia nosso amigo Toretto “aqui é Brasil #€£¥%. Aqui é sempre como se fosse copa Davis e ainda nego vem querendo tirar onda com o Thiago e a torcida 🤣🤣🤣🤣 JUVENILLLLL

  100. roddickfan90

    Sad for Radu but great to see Sock looking so much fitter and playing so much better than last year, it clearly means a lot to him to be back at this level. Be interesting to see if he can back this result up and how far up the rankings he can go this season.