Double, double toil and trouble!
Team Saf:
Safiya Nygaard
Tyler Williams
Claire Wiley
Emily Linden
Mai Linh Nguyen
Josie Latino
Ben Chrobak-Prince

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  1. Hailey Dee

    Make it a series! I wanna see what they send every month!

  2. Caty Saucer

    that face @8:45 is maybe the cutest shit i've ever seen

  3. Douglas Griffiths

    The white dress was the worst. I would never buy something like that. I don't do white. Most of your other outfits looked good though.(Jan Griffiths).

  4. MTDP_12 UwU

    "SHMASH that 'like' hole"

  5. sarah donovan

    this is porn. blocked n reported

  6. bacon crumbs

    The emo-punk-rock Avril Lavigne style was the only fashion i followed back then.. was 12 years of age and following my idol.

  7. D L

    Ro speaking with her mouth full is hilarious.

  8. J Johnson


  9. June Liu

    1:42 Jake Paul?!?!?

  10. Juan Delgado

    when is Jenna Marbles basketball game???

  11. Abz Star

    When a few of my highlighters are almost finished, I just mix them together like this and create one highlighter. The last one I made actually became my favourite highlighter!

  12. Betsy/BA BF


  13. Kailee Lawhorne

    who noticed that she said shmall instead of small

  14. Megan Veach

    Why did you eat that mask😳

  15. Betsy/BA BF

    My mother owned a bridal shop and designed wedding gowns. I went and eloped. Only thing I regret is her disappointment, but she understood. Marriage lasted 23 yrs and 6 babies, one we lost at birth, and my husband passed away the week after he turned 45. Miss him like crazy.

  16. Izzy Balcom

    There are regular and platform KFC crocs!!!!

  17. Megan Thompson

    says its freezing. Me in Minnesota, ITS FUCKING BELOW ZERO!

  18. D L

    oh this is a runaway lemon! what the hell?! screw banana time, it's lemon time. **strange Safiya noises**

  19. Betsy/BA BF

    I got this box and one of my favorites. The Exfolikate alone is worth $85 and I use it so getting that alone for $40 would be worth it. Loved the mug too. Just got Kate Somerville's peptide serum in Boxycharm...I have wanted it but costs $98 & didn't want to pay that. Paid $21 for the whole box and got that & 4 other products I also like.

  20. Tamara Kennedy

    Dig the 40s and 60s look so sexy..

  21. James Jones

    15:06 I know this is an older video, but... "Seymour! Feed me Seymour!!"

    1. James Jones

      27:44 "SEYMOUR!!!!" I'm sorry for my lsoh reference...

  22. Iranett Camacho

    ok so am i the only one who feels satisfied when her ‘alright’ comes on

  23. ChimChims Jams

    Cheese Theme park: Hey! Let’s make this pizza class for kids and Families Also The Cheese theme park: **gives super sharp knives to them**

  24. Fairytale Ponies


  25. Noe Gonyou

    Name idea: I like to mauve it mauve it

  26. Middle of Somewhere

    My coworker was just talking about this service the other day. It does seem very similar to stitch fix

  27. Marshal Mallow

    I hate this shirt a lot, but I kinda like it too

  28. B.S _

    There’s Amazon Dating now

  29. jahseh tesfaye

    BRO 500 FOR 8 ITEMS? Absolutely not

  30. meulin leijon

    when you want to try out Lolita but you're poor and dont have any money.

  31. Sarah Morris

    Was that about us page computer generated?

  32. Douglas Griffiths

    We actually have a shower head like that. Bought it from Wish too. It's fun to take a shower with a light show. I'm going to get another one for our other shower. (Jan Griffiths).

  33. Giulia Tatulli

    Tyler went “PPA-PPA-PPALGAN MAT, GUNGGEUMHAE HONEY” (Idk if i wrote it right eheh)

  34. Kiwi With a Scarf

    They rode all burray up (IDK how to spell)

  35. D L

    Tyler's right foot has a disturbing number of fish on it.

  36. _ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ _

    Why is everything sooooo expensive?!

  37. Alejandra Fuadalupe

    what is the makeup at 20:07

  38. vbddfy euuyt

    These clothes are so overpriced for such a mediocre quality 😲

  39. lOoKiNg LiKe A dUmb sNaCk

    the first thing in my mind was, "Murkin Mauve" for some reason.

  40. H. M. Perdue

    It looks like you're mildly allergic, or at least very irritated by the lash stuff.

  41. Danielle

    Binge watching your videos, that’s all 😱

  42. XxW o l f i e xX

    11:20 is EVERYTHING

  43. Macy Edgington

    I frickin' lovethis thumbnail... I LOVE it, it's just like the movie

  44. Ryebread the 5th

    Is it bad that when I heard “party” I immediately thought of that one moment in RuPauls drag race?

  45. Douglas Griffiths

    "Shein" is pronounced "shine". I've never bought from them. I usually don't buy clothes online. I go to the outlet mall for designer stuff, and usually Kohl's for everyday stuff. I want to see and try on something before I buy it. (Jan Griffiths).

  46. Gabriela Roberts

    "smash that hole" **spits out tea**

  47. Zoe Li

    Heyyy could u do a video of buying really cheap makeup from this chinese online store called taobao? I’m rlly curious what the results r!

  48. Afiqah's Room

    I was today old when I found out her intro said "this is Safiya Nygaard intro song"

    1. vbddfy euuyt

      would be really interesting

  49. Lily_of_the_Forest

    Y’all really are very organized and meticulous. Very high quality effort. Much respect!

  50. Panda Corn

    Me:*watching the video* Also me:h💿l💿 💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿

  51. Douglas Griffiths

    Wear shorts under short skirts. I do that all the time. I learned that from elementary school, when all girls had to wear dresses, no pants or jeans. No one sees your skivvies (or anything else) that way. I like the black sheer top with the stars the best, but most of the clothes seemed small, even size large. I don't think they were made for Americans. (Jan Griffiths).

  52. Asnath Waldner

    I don't understand how 11k people missed the like butten.

  53. Laine COWLEY [08M1]

    Franken mauve

  54. Danielle

    And than you’d see my pubes... Pube anxiety. I died.

  55. Kiwi With a Scarf


  56. Elizabeth H

    The dress with the stars is super cute! It's a good shape for you :)

  57. BaconFrappe

    23:09 Jenna and Julien!!

  58. Nan Ngo

    This shop has been popping on tik tok recently and i just came across this video again, and i thought it'd be really cool if you did an update on this since so many new products have shown up and people of the youth are raving, (lashes and alll)!!

  59. Not Your Average GLOW Up

    I want to see u use all ur Frankenstein makeup at once

  60. Douglas Griffiths

    I actually like the black ones. (Jan Griffiths).

  61. delsy scumbag


  62. Zambie-Girl-1o1

    Link to the black star dress PLEASE?! 😭❤

  63. LunaJana_야나

    "Red Velvet" Me: :DDDD

  64. Joey Bing

    Yup. You should definitely be styled by Tyler Lambert

  65. Macy Edgington

    omg, i love that scene from princess diary! It's such a good movie

  66. Elysia Tan


  67. Faith Flatters

    Tbh i wasnt born in 2007 i wo born 1 year later so idk this trend x

  68. notoriousGuava

    why is your phone time not matching the actual time tho

  69. belle N

    Anyone elses quality really weird

  70. ItsPiper

    love your home screen safiya

  71. Lily Galvin

    they're so easy together oml

  72. ChaosxTheory42

    The star dress is only available in XS now. 🙄

  73. OfficialJoeKingOne

    Your voice reminds me of another SLselr: Ask A Mortician Related?

  74. AubreyPotato

    This is

    1. AubreyPotato

      Its Aubrey potato

    2. AubreyPotato

      Who’s AubreyPotata

    3. AubreyPotato

      I don’t gat it @AubreyPotata

    4. AubreyPotato

      So funny

    5. AubreyPotato


  75. sonya buck

    They look do happy together

  76. Cassie Barnett

    Do you ever check when the the video was out to see if you can still enter the giveaway to get the item and you realise the video was from like 2 years ago

  77. Maddie Grinnan

    Mother Franken

  78. SlothAdventure


  79. Megannn !

    Every time I wear my crocs, I always trip in them and nearly break my nose. I *cannot* imagine tripping in these bad boys

  80. Sydnie Taylor

    1 month shy of 3 yrs and over 8 milion

  81. Candy’s Girls

    Je vous invite à ma chaîne SLsel de très bon concept show me some support 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  82. Jessica

    This is the only time I've been curious about how much Saf spent just because it is sure to be a high number.

  83. Lauren Tkatch

    Hi Safiya! I’d just like to say I love rewatching your old videos! I also play them in the background when I draw, because the fashion, history, and beauty content gives me lots of ideas when I have art block 😂 thanks for having lots of high quality content so I never run out of videos to replay :) Don’t worry though, I don’t sketch when watching a video for the first time so I can fully absorb everything that is said (and catch every joke made 😁)

  84. Nineteen 19

    why did you drink it

  85. Gacha Wolfy

    Safiya; i have nothing against bracelets or sweaters. its just i dont wear them that much. Me; but your wearing one during this video so what are you talking about?

  86. Cassy Surrette

    Literally my color selection would be the same lmao

  87. Y e o r o b u n

    her: “water hands badda bing badda boom” me, a blink: “cLICK CLACK BADDA BING BADDA BOOM”

  88. crying potato

    U look adorable wehn u do asmr🥺

  89. Sara Barbosa

    Wait!!! The dress she is wearing is the one from Amazon Prime Style video...👀

  90. aldana vegana

    honestly, these shoes are really ugly