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  1. Rainbow_sparkle15

    Who's watching this after Endgame and Spiderman far from home?

  2. Nidhi Bhat

    This has to be a joke omg

  3. Adrian Diaz

    I missed robin😞😫😪

  4. 6115TK421

    The biggest pussy on that stage is Kimmel

  5. r.x ash

    Yeah the centre is actually really bad

  6. RSI Raistlin

    That last one didnt age well

  7. Indy Custom Made

    That was a great story. Huey Lewis is an American icon. I have listened to him since the early '80s. I hope he gets to a point to start playing music again.

  8. Sebastian

    Why does Harrison just seem like an old man with dementia?

  9. Melissa Williams

    this is easy to be laughed at by someone on TV when we know for fact that vaccinations are making black kids retarded and mental and exedra exedra exedra I look at the comment and woe to you all when God comes because God know your intentions your malice where your hearts are and all of that whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa to you all and may you all received the worst punishment ever you don't think we know what you're doing we do it's not our fault that God chose us. Look in the mirror at yourselves and looking at the world today that we all result in God knew what was going to happen and God knew who's hearts was and wasn't in the right place woe to you all when God comes. No weapons formed against us shall prosper in Jesus name ✨💖👏🖤👑💯

  10. Ten Two

    He is having a stiff drink and a good time! loved this interview.

  11. John Smith

    His sister is a big LBGT civil rights attorney in Nashville. Major “B” too. I hired her once. She and her staff were really nasty and mishandled my case. She quit when I caught her in a lie.

  12. That's A Dandy

    Obesity kills in many different ways people.

  13. Jack Tripper

    It's good to see Kimmel NOT degrading women anymore on tv. Remember that? Looking at you liberals.

  14. Dane Little

    The 294 people who disliked this dislike pot

  15. Edna Mode

    I would’ve said the same thing moms (sucks to be you suckersssss) yesss I met BTS

  16. Stan7670

    Arnie is a pisser (hilarious).

  17. Hardcoreper

    Haha i love this show😂

  18. Marcelo Liberman De Loreto

    The color of her eyes. LOL

  19. Sean Clay

    She is beautiful.

  20. Gwen B

    Huey Lewis is STILL gorgeous!

  21. Rakrawee Chaisuriya

    Just gonna confess here that I don't remember my bf of 4 years birthday.... 😬

  22. JimmyG

    Hmm, my situation is weird right now. I live "at home" but my parents moved out and into a nice smaller home. Now I'm here by myself with all the pets and THEIR hoard of stuff. Do I still live with my parents? It still feels like I live with my parents...

  23. AsmrGeek1234

    2:30 who else realized he met his husband 7 years before his WIFE died!🤣🤣🤣

  24. Snesko Kosanji

    To busy people me too.

  25. Aesar

    6:27 ME to my uncle

  26. Snesko Kosanji

    He is good.I would like to see that movie Once upon no time in Hollywood.

  27. Tara Plock

    I just asked my bf these questions.. He just looked at me stupidly and said "Do you want to hit this blunt"🤣🤣🤣 I hit the blunt

  28. mike

    Kim Kardashian is a tinto lover

  29. i cant splel

    They really broke the bank with this experiment

  30. mrbear1302

    he is definitely on something!

  31. Andrew Boone

    She is wearing a black jacket with nothing underneath. HAH

  32. Moneynvrsleeps

    Maybe he just needs a new drug,

  33. Not Green

    It's a comedy show... chill.

  34. Chase Conroy

    can’t think of worse acting job...

  35. K J

    Man Samoas are my all time favorite, they’re so tasty haha! I have to agree with him on the Thin Mints though. 😂

  36. Trail Treker

    Aging ....pffft , I dont think so . Her WTF Moment occurs after all that plastic surgery , stretched skin , mouth , and chin lines , and now looks thin and not like before.

  37. arnoldII marino

    Oscar's should make him a presenter for int'l films or comedy

  38. Special K

    Wow! Very pathetic! Cover it up with laughter.

  39. Indieshack

    This guy's a great interviewee - just wonderful! National treasure. Wish him the best with his hearing. Clapton (and may others) also have similar issues, though I'm not sure about Meniere's disease.

  40. tiberiius

    these guys are just trying to be polite cause they are on tv. behind closed doors people talk.

  41. Izzati Idrus

    I get why the audience was quiet though. It's hard to catch up with people who are so comfortable with each other that they seem to be in a completely different world or talk like everything's an inside joke.

  42. Neguib Abubakar

    The funniest joke was " the Irishman doesn't want to talk to the Mexican" when Robert de Niro passed him, I legit burst out laughing.

  43. K Zee

    This is so sad. Just stay single folks 🥴

  44. Adnan A

    Coming from an immigrant family, we barely know about each other 😂

  45. TrademarkofAZ

    Let’s be honest, they’re all just smashing without wanting to be really be invested

    1. TrademarkofAZ

      I say this as a joke

  46. lisa

    I met David Sedaris about 7 years ago after a reading I attended, he was so real. He definitely engaged me, so much I felt I had to go back into the hall when he was open to questions. I asked a few questions. He actually called on me and answered my questions. I will never forget that!

  47. rajamma John

    Last one made me cry!!

  48. Naila Hussain

    The men in the comments defending this behaviour.. wow. And all the men here objectify women too. Ya'll going to hell.

  49. OibLEh BiOIuaAala

    3:31 guy at the back, looks like mr. beast. 😂😂😂

  50. Best Phone Repair

    I ALWAYS remind my fiancé I’m allergic to Penicillin and Amoxicillin. Literally life or death situation!

  51. Nicole C

    last one was the best!😆🙊

  52. Katie Maggioli

    What’s your wife favorite meal He said is a hard one lmao She said no is not is bear and pizza Lmao I’m dead!!! No wonder there so many divorce.

  53. Mariela Rodriguez

    Tristen Thompson’s face when Guillermo said “This feels nice”😂😂

  54. Kimberly Beth

    I watch this video once a week it puts me in a good mood every time it’s a fun story and Shia tells it so well. I picture everything in my head. Love it.

  55. Best Phone Repair

    Hopefully some of these people are just camera shy.... because damn! Haha

  56. Alyssa Smith

    OMG if they put get in the van on the movie it's a wrap 😂💀

  57. wasi vahed

    Spoilt American kids. Many kids from Africa and Middle East will cry tears of joy for any veggies

  58. Katie Maggioli

    The first guy was so bad lol

  59. Ryan Jiang


  60. Louis Iovine

    I almost pissed my pants !!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Dee Jaaay

    Lebrons a total asshole!!!!!

  62. Best Phone Repair

    That guy wanted her to be wrong about his parents names so bad hahahaha

  63. Big Wiggum

    7:51 Taiko?

  64. John Smith

    These kids were obviously coached what to say, at least most of them. It sucks when shows have to do this. At least make it into a skit, don't try to fool everyone like this is real. No way kids are answering questions so fast.

  65. DJToneRI

    I was in love with a woman once. And I knew every intimate detail of her life. I paid close attention, I studied. Then she ripped my heart out of my asshole and I never remembered another detail about another girlfriend ever again

  66. Gary Angel

    God Jimmy's a giant pussy with all of the animals this dude brings in.

  67. TheNich29

    I love that show when I was a kid I have the box it and I have the action figure

  68. Chayla Green

    His personality is everything..My Crush

  69. The Nido king

    Wow science bob sucks

  70. Silver Maknae

    i honestly didn’t realize just how many people thought africa was a country until i watched this video

  71. UserInterface00

    Many couples saw Sonic the Hedgehog on Valentine’s Day. Opened to a tune of 58million 3day and 70million 4day!

  72. Monica Luna

    I love Guillermo!

  73. The Furry Gamer

    At 6:51 why is there no American flag behind that Eagle

  74. Auto Matic

    Welcome to Brian Fellow’s Safari Planet. Am Brian Fellows !

  75. Dyson Square

    Wow! That Letterman make up is top notch!

  76. Ale

    “ you took everything for me”

  77. Aline

    Courteney ❤❤❤❤

  78. Marlee MacGregor

    Do we seriously still live in a world where it’s funny that men are shitty partners???

  79. Jeremy Wolf

    Snl sucks I feel they weren't as funny like they were back then.

  80. Barbie GC

    can't stop laughing lmao lol

  81. Red T

    I'm amazed no one got hurt falling down/against things/etc.

  82. Mariko True

    With all the red and pink decor, boxes of discounted candy, soon-to-be wilted floral bouquets, garish heart-shaped pendants and Hallmark movies out there, finally a Valentine's Day reality check that we all needed. Ironically during the upcoming separation and divorce hearings probably all unknown facts portrayed in this video and more will become legally available.

  83. Sebastian Eickhoff

    Budapest ^^

  84. Matt Del Videos VLOGS

    CROWD went nuts when she walked in!

  85. Garrett Peitz

    You'd never see a KC fan do this. And even if one did they'd be kicked outta the city 😂

  86. PGV Gaming

    “Isn’t he a horny little sweetheart” 😂

  87. asrsi

    The US president is a big disgrace for the whole world!

  88. Douglas Drasher

    This has got to be fake

  89. FabulousKilljoy917

    Daaaaaamn the look on every girl’s face🤭

  90. Emma Romanini

    They're so cute i can't handle them !

  91. Not Green

    I like the Guy Q Test

  92. Jody April

    He is so good looking for an older guy. Damn...

  93. Will Power

    Amazing hair for 77 yrs old

  94. Stewart Cook

    The only "disgrace" is Jimmy Kimmel. What a brainless twit!!!

  95. Achadler

    There's a housing crisis in my country so nobody moves out till they're 30 now

  96. Taziko Bdy


  97. Judith Hayes


  98. Penboy as 'god'

    "It indicates we have a problem with our public education system." *_The fact that someone like Trump could actually be President, is most definitely proof of that._*

  99. K M

    She is on fire

  100. TrashPanda 365

    I assume those were supposed to be actors from the show? Good lord, why is You Tube recommending these videos to me? 😭😭😭