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  1. Tanvi Kumari


  2. loghu kavi

    Emily is that the lipstick is chocolate

  3. Sún Fłowęr

    Can you do tutorial if making the big candys

  4. Jagjeet Singh

    I really like one of the eggs

  5. Lila Ibrahim

    I could do most of it

  6. Enda Cormican


  7. Jagjeet Singh

    But how much is the bill

  8. Bandi Deepu

    Alice your doing overaction I hate your expressions😵😵😵😠😠😠

  9. Tasha Jardien


  10. antarix Gautam


  11. Norin Jacobe

    I love this video 123go this video is cool nice

  12. Lindsay Liu

    Why did it look so easy when the pros did it cause we have bad eyes

  13. Norin Jacobe

    This part is cool

  14. Kimberly Arnold

    He should not eat that much cookies

  15. Lindsay Warner

    I’m warm all the time

  16. Norin Jacobe

    So lovely and... Nice

  17. Emmanuella Kekeke


  18. Elmoudden Rabia

    بحب 123

  19. Stella Huang

    Is Lily’s tounge fake? The shape when she reaches up to her nose is wrong.

  20. balakanniah balakannaiah

    I don't like short hair girl 🤮😠

  21. Roy Wilkes



    I love hot things

  23. Debipersad Rita


  24. Election Cell 1st.IR.Battalion

    123 go is the best

  25. Tiger Dan

    Do one video of you naked

  26. Enda Cormican

    good job

  27. Reya Infante

    That red fruit is called Rambutn here in Phil.

  28. Enda Cormican

    l can put my fist in my mouth

  29. Ejen Arissa

    im confuse they still question every round and still got the same thing

  30. Niranjit Rai

    Emily cheated

  31. Margherita Magarelli

    Claire was fair

  32. Nowshin zaman Dia

    why you call Justin dear. is he your roommate or husband. 🙄😕

  33. Emmanuella Amponsah

    Nice hair Amy

  34. Ash. C.

    why do you have 101 or so extensions

  35. Joannna Pena

    Ai get. You. Hana

  36. crazy potato

    Wait did emily cut her hair

  37. Natasha Burgos


  38. Kaimee Mungall

    The noobs: why did it look so easy when the pros did it Me:BC THERE THE PROS

  39. Zoe - Vxbes

    I like coldness more like in reality, but in games... I need to be lookin' hot though xD

  40. Hsja anna

    Omg wery good👍👍

  41. avi the goku king okli

    That hot apple

  42. avi the goku king okli

    Cyka blyat

  43. Sheneka Sandy

    Vicky is the best

  44. Charity Ntinyari

    I love chocolate,🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫

  45. andrea ferras

    Keven is very funny when the lava came😆

  46. Γιώργος Τσιπλίδης


  47. andrea ferras

    Why did alivyancopy Emily?

  48. Charity Ntinyari

    Lona gets chocolate too much 💋💯💖💗

  49. Mona Abdallah

    You need to peel the fruit first I tried it in Malaysia and it was amazing

  50. Mona Abdallah

    You need to peel the fruit first I tried it in Malaysia and it was amazing

  51. Shirley Cummins

    Don’t know

  52. Darshita Srivastava

    I like cats🐈🐈🐈🐺🐺🐺💌💌💐💐💐