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  1. Katie- Rae Dyers

    I can do some of them but it's not easy

  2. Nora Lenihan

    I can roll my eyes like she did

  3. Nikola_Playzzz :3 & Gacha Wolfie :3

    How 123 go basically work: 20% Drama and Cringe 20% Hacks 10% DIY 10% No Copyright 30% Challenges 5% 99% can’t do this 5% Comments and likes and subscribers’ thoughts 20+20=40 40+10=50 50+10=60 60+30=90 90+5=95 95+5=100

  4. The Shentall Fam

    Wait how am I first 😐

  5. The Shentall Fam

    Wow any looked ugly in that 100 💯 layers of makeup and how can bella breath under those 💯 layers of clothes 😐😎😂

  6. CryptoBP

    Vvvv v👤👣

  7. Jose Gutierrez


  8. steeponfloor shreemila345


  9. Zaara Kakarzai

    I can do all of them 😎❤️🖤

  10. Byambadorj Amingoo

    Olivia is so stupid

  11. Emmy Cabrera

    Ugh guys l get it that we need to talk it not break up you guys some times it means break up

  12. Amina Mohammed


  13. himabindu eppa

    i can do everything except the standing on arms with the legs on elbows and the last one

  14. Îňęș Míŕkôv

    I hate wet egg yokes, bleh! 😛😛

  15. Jannat Wab

    I love cute cats so mutch


    I did all

  17. Kalikot Pusa

    I hate sofia she is a mean to amie

  18. Yongyu Wu

    123 go do you know what friend did to me on sunday she did this 🖕

  19. Yongyu Wu

    I can do the wipt cream chalinge with out looking and i can do the gum chalinge in 20 secons😇😇.

  20. rekha moti

    Very easy