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  1. JadoLive Salih

    Bu sizde Good doctor bide mucize doktor

  2. TheRManProds

    I think the Drunk Guy or Alex's Dad hit Eddie!

  3. TheRManProds


  4. Korrin Perez

    Ugh that accent! What kind of Mexican accent is that hahah

  5. TheRManProds


  6. shadow hunter

    Ok guys. She's there to promote her new movie. That's why she's there.

  7. TheRManProds

    EVE IS TRASH!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Chloe Schiek


  9. Melanie Kime

    ummm remember when roseanne was funny?

  10. LoganAddisMusic

    Welcome to DrunkenBots

  11. Manu Gulati

    Here for the Barbara jokes as always

  12. MegaDreamer1991

    She was so cute when she so little

  13. Elvira Florence

    Emery's romance innocence is blighted by parents' taxes

  14. XxGacha BlueCherryxX


  15. Harry Smith

    Barbara: I can smell your protein farts so I am out.

  16. Yee Man Cho

    It’s more like a Vacuum battle

  17. Frank Cucunato

    Here from Jomboy. It's just a rake, for leaves.

  18. motso archibald

    Dear Shonda, PLEASE don't kill Richard Weber..... PRETTY PLEASE

  19. Scoddygoat

    That's some serious Three's Company shit right there.

  20. Sheila Vazquez

    This is why I pretend I'm illegal sometimes. Someone's mama or other family members always be like she has papers/ she will fix you. I don't watch the show, but this was a good issue to cover. If Becky really wants it she should go do it. Especially if he loves her. Round of applause for the writers.

  21. Emiart

    Barbara giving Kevin a mOUThful.

  22. idontno0

    The brother waits til the dude took her out to dinner and brought her back to give her a speech while getting ready to shoot her.

  23. fabio pereira

    unloads ;)

  24. Josiah Ybarra

    Not Nimah it's Raigna that likes him

  25. Pyro_ 77ygh

    Sneaky bitch

  26. Carlos A.N

    What a bunch of cornballs at the end

  27. Victor Persaud

    The nurse handed the clamp in the horizontal position. This would be really awkward because he would have to grab it, turn it, and awkwardly adjust it. When you hand the “maestro” his clamp, you deliver it so without adjustment. He runs the show. Don’t be out of “tune”, or do something that forces him out of his zone.

  28. Kaitlyn Ojeda

    I’ve said it once I’ll say it again.... IF THEY GIVE HIM ALZHEIMER’S IM GOING TO CUT ALL MY HAIR OFF! On period😤😤😤 but seriously the Catherine heart slide did catch me

  29. SteveGamesFTW

    Props to the rakedown, but Hypershock's driving was incredible.

  30. ceejezzyes06

    Goose bumps!!! Omfg that was amazing

  31. dakota cowatch

    when it was shown that catherine was never there i literally had to rewind to see if i saw what i thought i did

  32. Kayode

    Dam fif. Why you always gotta play the characters niccas wanna hate. Now I can’t wait to see your character get murked. 🤦🏽‍♂️😂

  33. Hannah Rowe

    why is her name taylor but her real name is Meg

    1. shadow hunter

      She's there to promote her new movie.

  34. Melissa Torres


  35. Chanel Graham

    IT’S JUST A SHOW FOLKS. ITS JUST A SHOW....RELAX!!!! 😂🤦🏾‍♀️🙄 Goodness gracious. That just says what great actors we have on this show. They have folks in their feelings about PORTRAYALS. Literal PORTRAYALS. Quarantined life is something serious.

  36. SteveHarvey

    Why I fired the poolboy, there is something going on with the poolboy and Marjorie.😣😣

  37. Katrina Lui

    can anyone tall me, which episode is this

  38. rgalang74

    Typical grandma taking over everything and badgering the husband !

  39. vanessa harth

    so we are just not gonna talk abt how andrews said to lim “new blouse... nicee.”? 😂 okie

  40. flyhound97

    Haley's tits were looking juicy here.

  41. Abe Changsta

    who was the other lady besides loori and barb here???

  42. Super Koo

    $180K and a breast hug, not a bad deal

  43. Cassie Johnson

    Wasn't he in a band before

  44. zouru

    hes so precious 🥺

  45. Evelyn Harris

    Was there really any other choice?

  46. AYB BELL

    instead her name meg Donnelly

  47. Adam K

    Lecy's acting has gotten much better. She is the best this season

  48. hannibalking86

    "Hate greed" yea right

  49. V P

    Who are the 21 idiots that disliked this clip?? This show never fails to put me on an emotional rollercoaster.

  50. Just Alicia


  51. Conjure Corpse

    How did Jessica know Eddies gender in that flashback

  52. CozyCat ASMR

    HOW LONG HAS THIS SHOW BEEN ON?! I thought Lily was a baby still!!!!!! 😂

  53. Andy Bob

    Here from Jomboy. #TeamRake

  54. A A

    No one has come close to what she's done since 2007.

  55. Isabel Caldara

    ok so i hate how they take him off and everything. but the fact that he chose IZZIE STEVENS over jo after everything is just - ugh. nope i hate the writers

  56. Matt Dickerson

    Our hero’s unite us! I have chills. Thank you Renee you are a beautiful woman and a talented actor. I am so happy that you were able to channel Judy in this film ♥️

  57. Elijah Fineran

    she's so happy!!!

  58. wolveseyolvesey

    I absolutely LOVE Hook... but honey, not only did you steal Rumple's wife first, then you kidnapped his son, and THEN you stole his son's girlfriend! XD

  59. Kamila Moncada Suazo

    why did she say her name was taylor otto and not meg donnelly

    1. shadow hunter

      She's there to promote her new movie.

  60. Robert Sherman

    Be nice to see the presentation so that we know what they are fighting for, and for this I’m thumbs down.

  61. ah

    I thought this show was over

  62. Rage was Taken

    I feel like the Nicolas Cage Origin story had more emotion

  63. Not.enough to.go.around

    Im thinking bigger.. If they can create power using boiling water what are the applications like on a larger scale? Can they make a unit that can generate enough power to power a house?

  64. PGT Beauregard

    They appeared to be very high quality products, I'm more impressed when an occidental can speak Chinese, though.

  65. Alia Cameron

    That meg Donnalee

  66. nocalsteve

    Rule #1 of Battle Bot design: Don’t equip Bot with self-destruct device.

  67. PGT Beauregard

    This was a pitch for a cooler, but how it was different from 1,000 other much cheaper coolers eluded me. I mean, 'look, it can keep 3 things cold at once'? I think it would be easier to lift up that huge construction tire than it would be to make money with that invention. A deceptively smart guy, though...

  68. Dannalisa

    I remember her from beasts of the southern wild and ofc Annie, I watched her Annie today

  69. May Bobby

    Her parents aren’t supportive of her singing and just want her to go to collage, yet she’s an actress.

  70. orazal99

    "All that focus." "Strangely intriguing." OOOOHHH they want some of that Shaun focus.

  71. PGT Beauregard

    It was such a relief to see the fine wine glass product being sold by a nice guy and not that obnoxious other franchisee from N. California. To be sure, these guys should've just had a packaging play, getting net income and profit from royalties. Going into actual mass production was an immensely expensive mistake...

  72. Sean Casinelli

    She definitely had some kind of filter on her voice

  73. Max Powell

    It’s like someone doing an impression of a pop singer. that artificial sex kitten style of singing.

  74. mertaylivia

    This scene with Meredith and her kids is one of the cutest scenes ever!

  75. mertaylivia

    I miss season 15 merluca :( Back when things weren't so complicated

  76. NK

    lol fvck no don’t go just yet Maggie. That’s the logical answer because y’all could break up in 2,3 months n you realized you just moved across the country to love some stranger. 😌 but the heart in me tells me to do it. She’s got a huge decision to make.

  77. SavPlayz Minecraft

    I don’t want dr Glassman dr lim dr park Claire Melendez Morgan Lea or Shaun to die :(

  78. Addy Time

    Why do you people just call her “that girl from Disney Channel”. Her ACTUAL name is in the description and it is Meg Donnelly. If you guys would take 5 seconds out of your day to figure out who she is, bc this talented, beautiful, amazing young woman deserves to be called by her name.

  79. nocalsteve

    Damn you, Jomboy! I can’t stop watching these!

  80. Gacha Angel

    She already is a singer! She was in zombies and zombies 2 and she has her own channel with music 🎶 videos.

  81. Ke'Tiyah Trim

    The face Meg had made at the mom😂😂😂

  82. I know you’re right but

    Lori blocked me on IG because I merely said I want to suck get toes ☹️

  83. ryall

    They should have never revamped this show. The original was great. This mess tarnishes the former.

  84. G MIX

    Is it me or does Karen Philipeli look light skin mix hispanic mixed caucasian??

  85. Cute panda Cuddles

    I’m from Connecticut! ❤️

  86. Miracle

    Out of ten I rate it a 6.5 😶

  87. OS10100

    Majority of the entrepreneurs on this show fail to realize the value of having a successful investor who is willing to believe in you. It's not a bank giving you a loan. They are worth the additional shares they ask for. The more shares they have, the more they will work to make your company succeed.

  88. Sandra De León

    1:23 fucking idiot you're the right guy <3

  89. mertaylivia

    In the midst of every other story line going sour, at least there's one happy story line with Amelia and Link :) I'm going to be so mad if they ruin it (but this is Grey's so of course they will). Scared to see how the season is going to end since it's cut short

  90. nitewanderer

    I hate that I can’t find the clip where the guy shows up and that shuts the family up

  91. KJ Beast

    Ok, but someone really needs to break it to Dre and Ruby that they're NOT dark skin.

  92. UKWN Jae

    Mark has been getting every single deal lately

  93. mertaylivia

    This story line with Andrew is so sad. I hope he can get the help he needs. He and Meredith have gone through so much, but I think they're endgame. It's easy to tell someone you love them when they say it to you, but he did the exact opposite and she still told him she loved him.

  94. Ed P91

    I’m going to miss this show when it ends.

  95. love bug

    This is how my family is!😂 I was the last kid until my mom and stepdad decided to have 2 more.... They had a kid graduating highschool and kindergarten the same year😂

  96. RealEstateInsider247

    3:49 Mr Wonderful looks good in the crown at the very end :)

  97. nocalsteve

    This is probably where Trump got the idea to use rakes to prevent forest fires.

  98. Franco Prime

    I guess there can be only one tombstone

  99. Korinna Beckenbauer

    Whoever wrote this has never actually been on instagram or seen how influencers act

  100. Franco Prime

    I’m liking tombstone more and more