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  1. Eddie Animations

    Imagine getting swarmed by girl that possibly liked you and getting treated like a king and popular... like WTF

  2. Gamer_tag3657 Kevin

    I died ACTUALLY HAPPE-oops wrong channel

  3. Maria P


  4. Gloomy Umi

    But the dad is a male -.-

  5. Speed Racer



    Why wouldn't Emily just use your money to get food instead off going into the dumpster 😑😑

  7. Mel0 Wtf

    That’s what you get and I deadass hope you don’t get your child . That’s some real slimey shit

  8. Avva Alexander-Ray

    Title: I was in a coma and I heard everything! Thumbnail: looking at everything

  9. Edson Silva

    Wait what she said she woke up from a coma at 16 then she says I’m Move out a month when I turn 18 like how does that make sense

  10. Kirb

    Bathrooms have windows???

  11. Georgianna Morris


  12. 14 potatoes

    This doesn't make sense Shes about to turn 18 And she met her boyfriend...... At a bar?

  13. Carrie Hromek

    I feel like this isn’t true

  14. The Goofy twins

    Girl… kids are a nightmare Me…Girl you were once a baby everybody was like what the heck My brother: I know she was once a baby why does she hate babys

  15. Melissa Strange

    She is the thirstiest girl alive.

  16. Rxzer

    Kids are nightmares but once you were once a kid

  17. agam sran

    It tack

  18. • Nervous Orange •

    This girl is a bitch

  19. emilyyy lopez

    she rather let a bus run over her hand then go to a doctor. SMH!

  20. Rebecca Henry

    Did anyone else notice that the girl in the beginning that her bobs were jiggiling

  21. Deb Martel

    This is the fakest bullshit ive ever seen.

  22. Flips with Mason

    She funny🤣

  23. Savannah Blanset

    girl if you're reading this I just wanted to let you know that I love your voice it's so pretty I wish I had your voice i...i I just want you to hear my voice it sucks so I always have to use like this baby boys I really like it but my parents don't approve of it because it says it's not for my age waaaaaa

  24. Brayden Morrow

    My nigga what

  25. Heaven Marie

    So he beat ass cuz she pregnant so either they live in alabama or he cudnt afford a abortion its not that deep

  26. Evyonne Circle

    part 2

  27. Ender Dragon prince

    Master roshi

  28. Laura Ruhl


  29. Chandler Brooke

    I thought she said his wife worked as a meth teacher 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😂😂😂😂😂

  30. cat m

    oh nooooooooooo i am sorry you going to drop out of school just wait a couple of weeks why would he spend 700 doulars cool do it lookup somessoulotions or just ask one of your friends tellyou

  31. Pugs Rule

    𝓗𝓲𝓲𝓲 . ✋

  32. Pugs Rule

    𝓗𝓲𝓲 𝓼𝓲𝓼𝓽𝓮𝓻𝓼

  33. Astronaut Girl

    Who else thought about Bethany Hamilton????

  34. Savannah Blanset

    Iknow it


    Now that's just lashes too much fossil unit I literally send the video and then I said Hi and then I want to act like I was going to send the video and then I want to shed give me a hundred thousand and I won't tell a hundred thousand

  36. Goku

    Yeesh, the intro is actually kinda scary!

  37. Savannah Blanset

    this is for Area Remember that snobby girl on the train is an animation you too look alike and the other girl must have been the man's wife but he replaced it with you

  38. Spy Gurl

    Love the bonus one!

  39. вσвα тєα

    Of course her name is “Anime”

  40. bladekyle2010

    yes, I have

  41. Pickel Boi


  42. Fatin Shadab

    come on , Is every story about boys cheating on girls and becoming monster to the girls !

  43. Ari’s Artz

    How are there dads when clearly they were raised in the village for 20 years. SO ADDING ON the is the fakest story I have seen PERIDOT

  44. Nik

    3:56 Is this a horror movie?

  45. hxney baby

    and this is why kids you dont run away

  46. Nik

    3:46 *insert knuckles oh no here*

  47. Aidan Jiang

    Why would you talk between windows and embarrass yourself

  48. XxXToxic_soulsXxX

    Wth are the titles now


    Youuuuu have what omg...

  50. React Time

    There was a secret message that sed Andy on the girl in the red shirt on her foot

  51. Neylan Daughtrey

    First story cruel second story sad

  52. DummyThicc Platypus


  53. Dylan Miller

    Haha he said he thought he started war world3

  54. Super Dreamer

    Am I the only one whose thinking: I need a part two

  55. Nazzy R

    "I was the only man in town" The mayor, the officer, the doctor

  56. вσвα тєα

    Yea sorry , as a new yorker its easy . Closer to many jobs , its exspensive . Further away from jobs , less rent . lol

  57. Evelin Rodriguez

    My weird disease is this SLsel video

  58. BrewingBoy55

    Wait what about the dad

  59. Devorah Cohen

    i cant beleive she didnt run away!

  60. TheFlopOfAllTime


  61. mendoi

    Blackmail ....

  62. DADI 666

    why isnt nobody talking about how her phone works after 6 months of being outside on the ground

  63. ᴄᴀꜱᴇʏ ᴀɴᴅ ꜰɪʀᴇ

    So... if this girl "couldn't" open her eyes, how is it that she could explain what she's seen around her? 🤔

  64. RealmTr1m

    3:12 she ate her mom

  65. Olivia Howard

    Did anyone think she pierced her v*********a

  66. Mario Lee


  67. Sean Capers

    Im a black nigga i want to party


    Heel heel heel heel heel👃

  69. Keaten Schuster

    Next title:the world need so I it perego with mars

  70. Brooke Gooding

    Like at 4 minutes he said her "regular table" how would she know that she always sits there... Somethin fish is going on.



  72. Sean Capers

    I do not want to be a farther meh ):

  73. Bobby The Cat

    And I heard everything Thumbnail: surprised about what they saw Use it a microscope

  74. Adam Murphy

    2020: I'm the only boy in town 9086: I got a paper cut turned into a TV and got took by a pterodactyl




    They caught Corona Virus bc they asian.

  77. epic beyblade Master

    Next video: *my dog gave birth to a bear*

  78. Tierra Garrett

    Damn that’s saddd an tuff

  79. Live Laugh Love

    Did anyone else click just to see those greatly animated brests? .....*cough* Okay...just me....carry on.

  80. Adam Murphy

    OK here are all the boys His dad The girls dad The police The doctors The 2 sons he had The adiunse and The guy that is trying to get the guy to stay So there is a lot of boys The g

  81. Gloria Chen

    Aw, I really wanted to see a story from a person who’s moms are conjoined twins

  82. Juan Jaimes

    Me uses WTF butten

  83. Maddalenita


  84. K.H.B x A.P.B

    What happen to the dather

  85. Hexa??

    What the f*ck is with these damn titles Jesus Christ

  86. Babyy Sarah

    How tf did she not know that wasnt her son. Lmao like whatt

  87. ᗪᑌᑕKY ᗰOᗰO

    Shit hit the fan

  88. RIP X

    I dont like that girl

  89. Martin Kernberg

    snowball from rick and morty?

  90. Brendon #nofilter

    *I dunno man sounds pretty glmm to me*

  91. CuteTracy YT

    Boy's Cannot get Pregnant XD😂😂😂😂😂

  92. Karina Chavez

    You lame asf for dat

  93. Gloria Chen

    Yeah he did this to you Oh wait no, you did this to yourself 🙄

  94. Ashanti Coote

    So if if a woman village how did they get pregnant

  95. Luna Bhattarai

    Your mother is protected you in heaven

  96. L M C

    Her head moving up and down was annoying💀

  97. Moon Echo

    I thought by the cover that this child was Elizabeth Afton- and the security guard was William Afton-

  98. C Swain


  99. gabyto13

    While I’m here being ignored by everything that lives, I admire the kid, not the girl, the one who got watched.

  100. coolpolice guy

    Eat ur cereal