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  1. Xx kiwiiwolf InSaNe xX

    You gay mother-

  2. Francisco M. Pagan

    Bring back Charlie the drunk Ginnie pig please the beer gods bring him back

  3. Harry Wompa

    so do the Golderbergs sponsor you guys? Cause they should lol

  4. I don’t know What I’m doing

    2020 what ever happened to food battle the game

  5. Just sub 2 me just 4 the lols

    Who here in 2020??

  6. Andrei Yerkushev

    Johnny bravo

  7. Bob Joseph

    David will be so much more successful than you ever

  8. I don’t know What I’m doing

    2020 man old smosh was better

  9. Jack Init

    AnD EvEN THoUgH!

  10. Luis Preciado

    Who’s still watching 2020

  11. son Goku

    Wow. I never smosh could be even more dead. I'm surprised.

  12. unknownspirit 25

    2:55 he said accio wrong he said ass-io its ak-io

  13. Eak 2552


  14. Asher Chan


  15. Craig Not Greg

    It’s the good videos like these that give me hope for Smosh

  16. Acc No.5

    Did he say hey sir or madam OR Hey sir I’m adam

  17. Jack Init

    Haha lol big funy

  18. jon carlson

    Who knew Kyles liked a Taco Bell?

  19. xXSCAR117Xx Gaming

    Damien pretty much nailed the Piper voice.😂

  20. w0nu


  21. Turtl3PlayZ

    Looks like he lost his best friend who left anyway at least he didn’t lose his love for Pokemon also XD


    This video just feels like Smosh! 🤩🤩

  23. Hey hey hey Want some chicken today

    Who is Shane in the Goldbergs I don’t recognize him

  24. CiTaco

    whos here in 2020

  25. Matilde Estrada

    Sonic: lets see the new smash rap Mario: offends Sonic Sonic: ... U BIT-- Mega Man: Got u fam

  26. Ali Rosenbusch


  27. Awkward Animator

    I love this

  28. RetroJ3000

    If Damien just played Shane in the next few videos and no one said anything it would be amazing

  29. Rowan Szymczak

    I finishef the goldbergs 7 times on hulu has live sports

  30. I don’t know What I’m doing

    2020 old days of SLsel was the best

  31. Chika Ndukwe

    I'm sorry, what show was Shane on again?

  32. VulloPlayz

    This is just 6 minutes of Damien being a drama queen huh?

  33. VulloPlayz

    "Its a little old..." "So are we, but we still play high schoolers in sketches" funniest line in the sketch

  34. I don’t know What I’m doing

    2020 old school SLsel was better

  35. Crypto X

    1:59 That’s against the Geneva Convention

  36. DaDanMan Guy

    I think that’s the first time out of the like 3-4 years he’s been on the show that they mentioned the Goldbergs

  37. VulloPlayz

    dang all these comments are from 1-3 years ago... 2020 GaNg AnYoNE?

  38. Thomas 9212008

    They should have made a joke were star bucks was made aka Seattle WA

  39. Anna M

    Why do you change the titles

  40. I don’t know What I’m doing

    2020 you miss the old days of SLsel

  41. jon carlson

    Some off these can count as Quick Check.

  42. z

    Man use office supplies to save the world

  43. Red Earaser

    3:02 I thought that was a chicken 😂

  44. Les Incompétents

    2020 and we have a toy story 4 did u went in the future with the time machine ? Anyways it was good.

  45. doris Ciseski

    I miss Anthony 😭😭😭

  46. Adrian Canela

    Wow now you changed alot

  47. Liam Koppens

    love the conteny bro keep iy up. XXXXXXDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  48. z

    Running like that is way more aerodynamic.

  49. Sky Billings

    There should be a how to not piss of men we get annoyed to AND STOP STEREOTYPING SEXEST

  50. CJ_CrushingC_R

    I knew Damien couldn’t be trusted. First the peanut butter thing & now this.

  51. Yeet Tricks

    Every library ever

  52. Tony Gray

    To be smart for my next wish to come true and to have unlimited wishes

  53. Bruce I

    2020 anyoneeeeee

  54. Aiden Schwenger

    why do I feel like either Shane or Damien has directed very good smash skit since Anthony left?

  55. Khaya signature

    Dis still gets me for years

  56. Southern As Sweet Tea!

    I. Freaking. Love. This. So much. The best content on SLsel right now!! 🔥🔥😂😂😂😂

  57. I don’t know What I’m doing

    2020 I miss the old smosh

  58. Deon Spates

    Damien: I'm Shayne! Shayne: Wait, then I must be Damien!!!!

  59. Funnyguyfun7

    IAN OFFICER !!!!



  61. I don’t know What I’m doing

    2020 memories I remember when I first saw this video I would from then on say fire truck

  62. BoomerAnimates


  63. Seth Mathias

    Anyone wonder what there neighbors think of them

  64. Gavin Brown

    why would yall name it WITH NEW TESLA it should be new BIKE soo ye --_--( I made his comment with out watching the whole thing soo noow PLOT TWIST FF(FAKE FRIENDS

  65. Strawberry Cake

    Why did Shane’s over-eager to be working at a Halloween shop guy, remind me of Penguin from DC

  66. Alyssa Cahan

    I love this kind of sketch

  67. Alvin Lee

    2020 climate change

  68. Christine Hamilton

    Don’t know what the f this is, but it’s great

  69. Exotic Butters

    *gets copyright strike*

  70. Pearl Plummer

    this day was 11/11/11

  71. Alvin Lee

    I was a good kid I ate my veggies

  72. Unnknown 667

    Every mom ever

  73. Rinalynn Camacho

    999=666 (: 666 666 666 666 666

  74. Nadia Schoone

    I thought this would be a sweet video like the graduation but uhh it’s completely different.

  75. Delta Gear Advanced

    I like how i can tell each of the lines that SMG4 uses in his videos.

  76. NinjaXC

    So I’m on meds and this Video is trippy

  77. Extreme Minder

    I love how he was sleeping with cookie monster

  78. Alanna-Mary Quinn

    jacklyn shayne and damien are the trio we didnt know we needed for improv

  79. Seth Mathias

    You ever wonder why the kids leg looked like it got shot

  80. Like a boss Squad

    Oh nooo bango

  81. Logantheslayer404

    Everytime I say that someone will not believe something I always say it like MSM from that one skit they did

  82. Gestin Sison

    #0:28 I can see the arms

  83. Grand Jari

    Bring back the old Ian cop suit

  84. Annihilator

    Just noticed oliva as one of the influenced girls and Noah and Keith as funeral members

  85. No One Knows Ian

    For the love of God... Damien stay away from the sun. You don't need to sacrifice anything for you to be appreciated.

  86. Karizima Wright

    At 4:31 I thought/hoped it would be Damien 😂

  87. Arctic Fox


  88. Alex McGillvrey

    We want Ian and Anthony back together already!

  89. Wolfs don’t Care yz


  90. John Constantine

    Where’s Ian? Why there are no Ian in this Did Smosh died?

  91. yolo

    To much Goldberg’s

  92. minecraftgamer2202

    I honestly thought this was a me beast video xD

  93. Asher Russo

    i agree with shayne the goldbergs is the best show

  94. Lady Sunflower

    Yeah :(

  95. Danika Jolitz

    Wow Noah great orbiting your hips at 1:55 great.....

  96. Rxspzct

    Old but gold

  97. Lprince

    Smosh really ran outta ideas and turned into college humor huh

  98. Amanda Jacobson

    Omg this brings back so many memories

  99. white rice

    But don't forget to watch *GOLDBERGS ON ABC*

  100. Wolfs don’t Care yz

    Even though the guy was 200 years old he still has abs