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  1. Exarian

    I have a gamesir gamepad and I gotta say it is incredibly comfortable and well built for 30 bucks. They seem like a really solid budget brand.

  2. andy raynor

    oh my lord your kid is so cute reminds me of mine kudos linus kudos

  3. Chris M

    When she dropped the Motherboard, she proved she is your child

  4. mohammad jaran

    Try powder metallurgy for your next time

  5. Jay Cie

    My father used to push me and my sister around like that. Ok he was a janitor so putting us in a trashcan isn't as nice a story.

  6. Marc Martha

    Ahaha she is doing great

  7. captainrobots

    Linus- be careful with the motherboard His Daughter- slaps it Me- dying because it's funny 😄

  8. Perth Road Studios

    “You take vacations?” is the most electrician comment his buddy could have made.

  9. frugalaudio

    All the greatest minds in the world watch and wonder: howz a dude like you get such a cute kid???!! ;-)

  10. Rueben Kokilepersaud

    "No thanfks" is the way B-)

  11. Josh Miller

    9:12 I am DEAD xD

  12. Mike Stavola

    This tiny child is probably the best tech SLselr on Earth

  13. xzy

    Anybody here after the latest daughter daddy build?

  14. Christopher John Elancheziyan

    200 bucks for a keycaps....that better be picaso level of arts

  15. dAveAlldAy

    I had a similar experience building a computer with/for my 62 year old dad.

  16. GLASSY

    Seems we got the future of LTT And it's looks really cute

  17. Roach DoggJR

    9:51 Dude, that face is reaction gif material!

  18. M.R. Saar

    I wish I could count my money like that

  19. Chandler T

    this is dumb who would buy this lmfaooo

  20. Chaz Hinkeldey

    Haha hahahahaaaa!!!!! Loved that!!! 😁 😁 😁 😁


    My freaking heart

  22. Jooosh

    I absolutely love these videos. They melt my heart. I'm glad you get your kids involved and spend time with them at the same time.

  23. 10,000 subscribers without any videos

    Linus’s kids first world: Da... Right after this message from our sponsor!

  24. Cao Minh

    how can u dislike this video? unbelieveable

  25. Skrrr Boi

    I wish dude.😅😭

  26. yshbfs

    one...two...three...four... five, six, seven lol

  27. Another guy without a mustache

    Omg he’s referencing the pc building game I’m done

  28. chico River

    This was almost a tech reality show we got the counter guy, also the I'm sure guy & last but not least the deep throat voice guy. I didn't see any tears or pizza to binge watch the next episode.

  29. Magic Tofu

    I recently upgraded my 128GB Plextor M3 Pro boot drive to a 500GB 860 EVO (2.5 SATA to 2.5 SATA) because I literally had 500MBs left on the old one. How much of a performance hit does a system take when it’s boot drive is almost filled to the max? Nothing else in my system changed besides the SSD and it just feels significantly faster from boot times to file transfers etc or am I crazy?

  30. otherworldlynob

    Those kids are so lucky lol. My parents don't like gaming so I don't have anything gaming-capable, while these kids have like best of the best and always will.

  31. Amaan Siddiqui

    What kind of cpu do you want? A white one...

  32. TurnItOff

    HAHAHA all those effects of her daughter is making me laugh so hard.

  33. Xamiz

    I have a ryzen 5 3600x and a gtx 1660 am I bottlenecking??

  34. Mystical Apple

    I got so scared when I saw Linus pick up his daughter

  35. rod barbe

    Whata little cutie........Smarter than the average DAD

  36. Sai Sibi

    Wow. Adorable. Said this atleast 5 times. I now know what else I'll watch. Techlinked host is her. It'll be so cute.

  37. Universe C sky

    I want to be the kind of father that teaches my children to build a PC when they are 3 years

  38. Bill Fletcher

    what a cutie

  39. a dead channel

    Replace my laptop with a gaming pc plz

  40. Nathan ::::::

    Welp we know who got dads brain

  41. Daryl Rodriguez

    Worries about coffee influencing tests, ignores Adderall and marijuana.

  42. Joel Doxtator

    Sounds like you had a transformer failure inside the UPS. Transformer melted causing an internal short AFTER the circuit protection devices. This is a failure of cooling and or an undersized transformer was used that could not handle that load spike of 1000 watts.

  43. Abdul Soleh


  44. Wumbo

    The SSD's are measured in MBPS not MB/s, it's meant to be measured in MB/s cause literally 1 MBPS = 0.125 MB/s.

  45. Bryan Leyva

    Um Linus please adopt me lol...i realize im 23 but like cool...daad? But honesty like your a awesome dad dude. Keep up the Awesome work!

  46. Eli Yot

    ohhhkay I gave it a like. Like I couldn't! Wholesome.

  47. mrtheoden

    "no thanks" lolz! Linus, she has you wrapped around her fingers mate. Have fun in Ten years when she's dating.

  48. Marvin Martian

    The Verge is watching taking notes from the kid.

  49. Baloo

    Definitely not showing my girlfriend this video. Too cute.

  50. Roger Canda

    what is the max ssd for this laptop? I want to upgarade my ssd from 128GB to 512 or 1TB.

  51. Amaan Siddiqui

    No fanks part 2

  52. Another guy without a mustache

    Dennis is my favorite at ltt

  53. Steven German

    Im not ready to be a dad 😰

  54. WhateverItzMee

    Please send her to a cast of the real life versio of Monsters Inc for the role as Boo. xd (Not as an insult. They are both very cute in the same way. ^^)

  55. Begohan1234

    I didn't fully watch the video because it's not the kind of content im interested in, but I am really happy Linus found a good way to include his family in his work and strike a better work-family-life balance with this video.

  56. Mohit soni

    Dadddddy I am your long lost child I will also advertise but first we will build a beast gaming pc

  57. Greg Ward

    this video should have ended with Linus saying "should you buy this keyboard" /cutaway to Linus smashing keyboard with a slug hammer

  58. The Dusty Donut

    I prefer Velveeta mac and cheese myself

  59. cynox

    Be gentle with the 250 $motherboard daughter punches it

  60. Henley Deng

    You can’t blame the little one if the workstation mobo died from impact. 😂🤣

  61. MLG PRO 2234567

    He just brought a tear to my eye and that’s hard to do man😭

  62. Kenneth Cox

    Damn I wish he woulda typed “Xeon” first. That first X. That google history. That sweat. Woulda been gold.

  63. Unsolicited Content

    Time for me to show my parents this. Proof that they can build a computer as well.

  64. ryannathans

    You're getting tricked by windows caching recently used files in RAM...

  65. KK Geek

    She has a better processor than I do and I use it for gaming

  66. Gygabiite

    Thats the cutest video I've ever watched

  67. Marco olivares

    Watching at 1.25 speed and gotta say. It just makes it seem like Linus is cracked out 😂😂😂

  68. Aldila Novrizal

    Linus tries to get new viewers subscribrers, toddlers 😁😁😁😁

  69. Crypto

    currently listening to this with matte black limited edition solo3s

  70. OG Rustbuckets

    Sooo Cute

  71. Kapil Diwan

    Hey Linus Send this video to the rog rebuild last contestent

  72. Tonkotsu2k10

    holy crap thats kawaii

  73. Natsumi dragneel

    cute, adorable and savagely honest

  74. henriktre

    as we say in norway: Den må tidlig krøkes som god krok skal bli

  75. Louie Friesen

    You forgot the mosquito net/cover for rain and to keep bugs out.

  76. masmayon games

    i first saw "building a beast rig for my 3 year old

  77. ice bread

    Holy crap she is really good at that for her age Also me: tries to hold back asian jokes Im sorry 😂😂

  78. Israel Wokoh

    16:12 My God, that is a *cursed* edit.

  79. Shayashi of Myth

    3 year old slaps CPU in perfectly with sheer confidence... Meanwhile I'm bawling and sweating as I play minesweeper with mine...

  80. LegitGalaxy


  81. Popeye

    She got some talent 👌

  82. wolfe

    He didnt even showed us how the temp is at idle and full load

  83. Morphin

    8:46 So, I'm just going to go light on this. *Sprays the entire canister*

  84. chris pak

    she is way too cute!!

  85. Alex Robert

    Ruyi .. this thing is Overwolf fork.

  86. Versatility

    13:40 ‘ay yo dad, where’s your hairline going?’

  87. RectalDiscourse


  88. Cereal 27

    That keyboard bit caught me off guard

  89. matt barnett

    he look like that guy from dr squatch soap

  90. Marvin Zimmerman

    Why does she look Asian

  91. Versatility

    Holy shit I can’t wait to have kids

  92. Fouren

    People just know this, If you ever wondered how Mini Ladd would be as a girl then there you go LMFAO.

  93. Ray

    So today we found out that linus isnt beneath using his kids for sponsorship


    This was so cute to watch ! She Is Adorable ! !

  95. Mark Schafer

    Absolutely loved this!!! What a great dad!!! Such a great little helper :)

  96. Paul Dietz

    Dang my man Linus is really blessed.

  97. Charles Hocker

    Oh no! She has the same drop issues as Linus. Insurance rates will skyrocket.

  98. IGoThrough

    Give me 10 mins on fortnite that shit will be in pieces

  99. Martin Trolmiki

    Amazing 3 years kid having better PC than the one i worked for, Normally I would just pass the vid but I like this Chanel and it’s sad that another kid getting pc that won’t be Abel to use in 10% for next 10 years or more.

  100. Neohki XB1

    This was the cutest thing. I think we found the next Linus