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  1. bomblaster42

    "Why is it so flimsy" "Made in Britain" Moss- "Aaaaahh"

  2. Pyromancy

    2:54 well e.g. slipknot has multiple

  3. Faraz Malik

    I just saw pulse way ad and linus was in it !!


    If I had that gaming setup and the music setup I don't even know where I would go first. :)

  5. EmpireBuilder

    0:24 Looks in dissapointment

  6. realety17

    2:43 "your deskTOCK"

  7. Isaac Mintz

    Thanks for the awesome video! Is it worth the extra $ for the Razer? Or are there new laptops on the market anyone would recommend for content creation (video/photo). Love the color-accuracy and performance on this, but weighing my options.

  8. Kev Hardy


  9. Vince Maakt Video's

    Cool make me a custom pc next.

  10. SortilaxApps

    Ceci n'est pas un laptop lol i'm french and the translation of laptop is ordinateur portable.

  11. Herocraft HD

    Does anyone know a good source of pc configurations. I am new to pc building and need some help.

  12. F. A.

    lots of AMD fanboys here including you. I'm not a fanboy of either. However, here is a summary by doing a simple internet search The 3950X is the best mainstream, non-HEDT chip we’ve ever seen when it comes to multi-threaded work and the 9900KS is the best gaming CPU we’ve ever played with. If you’re a pure gamer and want the absolute best performance money can buy, then the 9900KS is the chip for the job - although you might want to consider the 9900K and just overclock it yourself. Most can hit 5.0GHz all core without much difficulty, and you’ll save yourself as much as $100. Even more if you buy the graphics-free 9900KF. If you only want to buy AMD and you only game, we’d recommend the 3700X or 3800X, as they’re close enough to the 3950X in gaming capabilities and are far cheaper. But if you want a chip for work and play and you can make use of the extra four cores and eight threads of the 3950X over the 3900X, then it’s by far your best choice. The 9900KS isn’t even in the same ballpark as the 3950X in productivity tasks.

  13. Grimm Book

    Wish he would quit YT

  14. Matan Rubinstein

    Watching a Linus' ad, while waiting for a Linus' video, just for seeing more commercials in Linus' video? What a commercialised world...

  15. manish rumale

    my pc opens chrome in 1 minute

  16. CK Kish

    You should check out the company Infinera and do a VLOG on DWDM and OTN. They use a Photonic Integrated Circuit for long haul network speeds over Terabit Super channels on multiple wave lengths. (Maybe you have).

  17. Dipayan Ghosh

    Oh, noh Linus noh!!!! why will you build something for that racist piece of shit? !!!!! I was so happy when Tseries showed him his place.

  18. ParkersName

    with Linus you literally never know when there's about to be a sponsor transition

  19. Caid Johnson

    Anthony is my favourite guy on this show. :P

  20. Greg Trial

    Do wide monitors give any advantage for gaming on Cod modern warfare? PS4 pro by the way.

  21. Tiny

    Y is there a foot print on the wall

  22. WahidTrynaHeghugh

    Surely a well designed custom loop would beat it

  23. Nota Word

    Imagine coming across linus while he's doing this

  24. RyEvDee

    One question for Shroud: What are THOSE?

  25. Mr.Cardinal

    "if you have 2070 and higher its fine" Me with 2060: (

  26. Håkon Johnsen

    What if Felix needed to clean any dust?

  27. john milligan

    Woooooo VR Troopers reference!!!!!!

  28. World Theory

    Wacom tablets are actually massively over-priced, because they can get away with it. They're supposed to be the best drawing tablets on the market for professionals, or something. (Not sure that I believe that any more.) They hold patents for some key bits of tablet technology. And they've been the Apple of drawing tablets for a long time. (By that, I mean that they're seen by large businesses as “The professional choice”.) You'll notice that the pen for this Microsoft drawing tablet computer has the pressure sensor, not the screen itself. Wacom tablets have it in the screen. Also, tell your in-house graphic artist to get a fingerless glove for drawing or something; come on!

  29. Noblauch Nobi-Knobi

    *Pause at **2:19* (ob boys, you did it on purpose!)

  30. Titan Darkie

    useless for csgo though XD

  31. intellybit

    Take a looks at this review on the BEST BUDGET MECHANICAL KEYBOARD Under $50! leave a like n subscribe

  32. TheCynx

    No this is Patrick

  33. intellybit

    Take a looks at this review on the BEST BUDGET MECHANICAL KEYBOARD Under $50! leave a like n subscribe

  34. intellybit

    Take a looks at this review on the BEST BUDGET MECHANICAL KEYBOARD Under $50! leave a like n subscribe

  35. gaming labs project

    help me please i want to grow up my channel

  36. Amiel Calderon

    after all that just make sure you check out LTT store for some cable ties oh and a server board.

  37. JoyTheGeek

    You could've just called this a Creeper PC build. Like seriously, I get it boosted your views but have you seen Twitter?

  38. Adib Fahmi

    i like this guy, keep him more on the future video(s)

  39. JJ YT

    Dennis is an absolute moron

  40. Diamons FalLen

    send gpu

  41. Saif Ahmed

    Work for eu ?

  42. Infinity Mind™

    Thinkpad x1 Extreme gen 2 review, please?

  43. resevil2396

    Is the pcie the same as m.2? I keep wondering if m.2 makes a difference or is just marketing hype. I feel like its probably the latter for the average gamer.

  44. Tetrumo

    Excellent video, but I’m not shopping on alibaba lol

  45. Kreisenda Igel

    0:18 Me after torrenting an game.

  46. PyroTec OnDaBeat

    just leaves the butane bottle there xD

  47. Martin E

    Fuck me, 50 dollars for 3 boxers 😂

  48. joven tana

    Niceeeeeee.... Your the best Me: i have a 4gb pc and has less 30 fps playing minecraft

  49. Siddhesh Bagade

    Some of the happiest 27 mins of my life

  50. Casually Cereal

    when a core i7 is more expensive then your entire setup

  51. Torin Stolz

    Some variables I noticed they didn’t talk about. With me I have to be sitting in the exact same spot, if my chair is slightly different to what I’m use to or the angle is different it bugs me and I have to reposition it. The height of the desk has to be exact or my shot is off. People talking in the background can throw me off, different smells, different things around me. So much can effect my shot on a game and thought process. I get it’s a raw test but so many other variables can factor into this.

  52. Luke Askeland

    13:10 gru from despicable me

  53. Isus Krist

    I had same case on my dads old pc but its gray xd it huge

  54. Alpha S

    Imagine not having solar panels

  55. Joey Romaine

    such a sad expression of skills and tech. pews system prolly has dual or quad titans.

  56. Quinula

    r u dumb?! use a celeron

  57. Ricky grigoleit

    Lmao pewds hates it

  58. Max Wooks

    DOQAUS V9 come with COVID-19 offer though?

  59. itz mercury

    1:00 lol

  60. Conor D

    Riley make me go big haha

  61. Jag Dewit

    Looks like a pp when its put sideways

  62. Mo Klonus

    But the Dell doesn't come with any LTT cable ties -

  63. Turd Ferguson

    But, Best Buy carries a lot more than just this crappy Dell. Also you can buy all the parts from Best Buy now and have their Geek Squad build it and set it all up for you for a cool $200 which is the cost of Total Tech Support.

  64. na2rai

    Nothing like a white pc built by white men

  65. corz299 YT

    I always wondered how creepers were made.

  66. TheDutchisGaming

    MOM!!! Linus is breaking stuff again!!

  67. Zak Hunter-Gilbert

    I would LOVE to see a followup episode on the Mac. Will you tailor it specifically to the new Macbook (16")?

  68. Benjamin Franklin

    So when are you gonna hire her?

  69. Adenzel

    This ends so abruptly =/

  70. Leonhard Balster

    You could use it as virtual ram

  71. Lucas_sin_s

    Idk how this is gonna work out for Felix, as he’s sponsored by the company that built his PC and it’s a special PewDiePie edition... I’m not sure he can just use whatever PC he wants...

  72. Dystar 924

    "Bigger doesn't mean better, the higher pricing, the smarter its saving mode. True that, why having thunderbolt stand alone?!" 🗨😉🌱

  73. BikeNinja98

    There are better cheaper options But can we use it as a pc multiplayer controller? Imagine having 8 of these in a brawl/party game instead of having to share one screen

  74. tin

    it looks cheap af

  75. eugene andruszczenko

  76. Pinz _

    Throwing shade at Jayz2cents

  77. ItsmeSmile

    5 UMIDIGI or an iPhone?

  78. The Furry Sniper

    so the only pwerdiepie thing in this video, is your mentioning him, nice clickbait

  79. X1 Alpha


  80. Ben Sanders

    "wow is that a water jet?" lol he said that a kid in a candy store.


    saw this in harrods for 30k pounds

  82. Wild Wolf

    Linus over here with 3 petabytes of storage while I only have 400 gigs on my pc. I have more space on my Playstation 4 than my pc.

  83. Dhruv Belani

    Everytime I watch linus's vid I get Linus' ad

  84. I cannot change my name for 90 days ,


  85. Moe Lester

    He has got his own PC sponsor. I doubt he'll use it.

  86. Giffy

    It's still not as cool as Garage 54's Cybertruck

  87. Mllr hr

    Why though? The guy has enough money to buy one for everyone on youtube lol.

  88. Sean Givens

    This is epic

  89. kickass122112

    OH GOD!! double sided tape for metal on metal that shit is gonna stick for about a month. should have used metal epoxy

  90. Matt Bennion

    Anyone else get social distancing twitches when they high five?

  91. no decaf

    Where does one purchase extruded aluminum like this?

  92. ItsQu1ncy

    I actually purchased one of their Cyberpower PCs at the beginning of this month. It came with a Ryzen 3 2300x, RX 570, 8GB 3000MHz Ram, 250GB SSD with a 1TB mechanical drive, an EVGA 600 watt power supply, and an ASRock A320M-HDV motherboard for about $549 pretax. I already upgraded the ram to 16gb and I can play Modern Warfare comfortably at 100+ fps and even stream at times. I like how cheap it was since it was going to be for school primarily and gaming when i had the time. Plus it has a great upgrade path. In my eyes it was a pretty solid purchase.

  93. That Other Guy

    Fun fact, the most used OS in the world is Android and it runs on top of Linux.

  94. Janelle Souvane

    no body knows how to sneak in sponsors like linus

  95. Mareks Plays

    linus more like anus