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  1. Karina Chavez

    Why does Niki look better here than now?

  2. Fabulous Farihah

    Kyle: KFlash His Friend: EC Group Name: Two Piece Chicken Nugget Him: No one is this original Me: Are you high???

  3. TACO_YTect

    the comments below are late.

  4. its jam

    What if in next season you find love for one of your BOY best friend?

  5. Not Available

    omg the guy next to the first couple that was Troy from twin my heart so my theory is that it was all a setup....but idk🤷‍♀️

  6. sofia arenas

    did anyone else hear niki say “me and collin called this bed”

  7. Martin Romano

    NOOOOOO RYAN AND FRANNY & DUSTIN AND NEZZA ARE SOULMATES LIKE NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I’m so mad but obviously it wasn’t me and I didn’t see everything

  8. Jade-Alexia Zapata

    denzel is gonna be eliminated

  9. Ryder Higdon

    I wanted Ryan as soon as he got out of the bus

  10. just erin

    I like how Franny laughs at Ryan and I think she made a good choice because even if Denzel makes her laugh, Ryan was actually doing the same they are so meant to be

  11. Lexi M.

    YAYYY FRANNY AND RYAN !!! EDIT) OMG NEZZA AND VINCE That's what I was hoping for!💕 I was correct!!

  12. Sophia Rodriguez

    Niki: idk Nate what should I do Nate: follow your heart Niki:🤨 what does that mean

  13. Suresh Jadhav

    Ben and lexis definitely!! Like to agree

  14. Elizabeth Solia

    HoW iS bEn 17 WhEn He LoOkS lIkE a TwEnTy Yr OlD!?

  15. Meena Reddy

    The brothers why I liked them better

  16. Mildred Boral

    Its finish,whos next??maybe Roni just asking

  17. Morgan Smith

    Alex or Christan the only way to go

  18. Tatum Castillo

    Guys I just realized that this is Daniel seaveys brother😮

  19. Mathias


  20. Bella hi

    I think Christian should win ur heart

  21. Fabulous Farihah

    Idk, this might be better then Malibu Surf😏🤣💀


    I couldn't stop laughing when alex came out 😂

  23. Saraim Ortega

    Larri is sometimes so mean lol

  24. C A L A N CHLOE

    Who hates brandon like if you do

  25. Damaris Leon

    Rio didn’t even yell!!

  26. rahmee.

    Is it just me or something cuz I feel like Franny and Ryan are gonna end up as friends

  27. chding zuure


  28. rahmee.

    For season 3 the Mooney bro’s should come back to find love

    1. chding zuure

      Dustin deserves better🥺

  29. Emily Escoto


  30. michael bruce

    Blue and dark perfect for u

  31. michael bruce

    You're making a good choice christens eyes are beautiful

  32. Pink Wave

    11:58 what noise did larry just make💀💀💀

  33. Fabulous Farihah

    Courtney loves to stir the pot (she also is kinda funny looking)💀🤣😂

  34. Panda_girll 101

    I think you guys should put Alex Wasabi for season 3

  35. uh oh

    the hype house looks boring and strict i feel like the sway house has more personality idk

  36. Jofre Sisters

    I am half Cuban and half Argentinian and I love empanaras so much they are the best!!

  37. Vanessa Ward

    Nikki 🤦🏻‍♀️ she had asthma oh no I mean I know Nikki isn't a bad guy so oof

  38. Stuff Idk


  39. Arianna Moody

    I cry a lot but I might get called a CRY BABY

  40. k hisghman

    already don’t like this sarah girl

  41. Paulina Ceballos

    I would’ve quit if i had a coach like that tf

  42. Cristian EDUCATION

    Can roni be next on season 3?!!.. Pleaaasee

  43. Valeria Niño

    Drama 😶

  44. Muneera

    I feel like they don’t like the melanin 🤭

  45. Its Mimi

    The brothers are honestly the best 😂😁

  46. Jessie Kerby

    Y’all should find love for Alex and Aaron!!!😱

  47. Soha Ahmed

    Im so happy kenny and brielle r not in this season! They cause the most drama

  48. E and M Croc

    Are we not going to pass the fact that guy was hitting on larri

  49. Elly Anderson

    kenny is so insufferable

  50. C A L A N CHLOE

    Lol roni does not like brandon

  51. Johana Rivas

    Victoria its soooo nice not fair she’s doing that

  52. Yocelyn Hernandez

    I feel bad for commenting that Sam was being bad because she changed her attitude and so I take it back

  53. Galaxybunny gamer Chan

    I agree with you

  54. Sofia Dudek

    spoilers: Nessa got Vince Franny got Ryan

  55. Tumpa Roy


  56. Tumpa Roy


  57. Gaming Unicorns

    Try and find love for Alex wasabi

  58. Gamergirl_all around


  59. Lightning Striker

    I like how every one is helping prepare the party while Andrew is playing video game’s and raging

  60. C A L A N CHLOE

    I dont think brandon is good for nessa I like cristian for nesssa cause cristian so sweet

  61. Jissella Hazel Susanto

    Happy 10 Millions

  62. Pawan Kumar Verma

    Nessa had the better outfut

  63. Caleb Elequin

    Vince: i do think it is possible to fall in love with someone in 6 days maybe even less than that Me: ROmEo AnD JuLIeT tYpe BeAt

  64. Madiha Dahllon

    This is the first one I saw in food truck fanatics

  65. Aviana Dinh

    Me realizing Matt is Carter Sharer editer

  66. Gwen Duch

    Can i be in season 3 I love this so crazy much!

  67. Abby

    Brielle is definitely a shady sister.

  68. Pop & Friends

    This episode brought tears to my eyes.

  69. John Kliyae

    honestly i think for season 3 if they do one, they should bring out one of their friends that’s a boy and change it up

  70. opzz xsin

    I seriously missed Christian cause he’s such a sweetheart 💕💕

  71. Damaris Leon

    I love rio honestly she has a really good vibe!! Rio and Sophia all the way. I really just don’t like ally💯

  72. Lightning Striker

    I think Ben and the lexis won this challenge

  73. Gwen Duch

    Hi, So I think that you guys should do way more of these because these are so good and the boys are so cute that you guys picked. Also, I think it would be so cool if you did a twist and find girlfriends for the guys.

  74. Arianna Carafa

    Does anyone else just get annoyed when denis talks

  75. Yunuen Castellon

    I love how Gabi and Niki can trust Mike with everything like they how become so close with him like he helps them with their dresses and they can talk to him about anything

  76. Olivia S

    tayler has really perfect teeth just saying

  77. Kody Hines


  78. Kaylee Eudy

    I have 2 kids in my class named Blake and Brice

  79. Lightning Striker

    Jeez the twins look so mean in this video especially to Lexi Hensler

  80. Stella May

    Who wears a hat and makeup to a waterpark? Like... who?

  81. Riri Suigenerisyann

    no more songs for justin please. let them move on and be happy :)

  82. Dajai Anderson

    yeah I had to stop at 12:03 this is so dumb

  83. Ayana Nakagawa

    Endgame should have been Dustin and Denzel !!!!!

  84. G C

    The random stuff I watch during quarantine.

  85. Maddie T

    “I think our plan worked” messy friends 🙄

  86. Amelia Luck

    Omg when the boys came in to talk to Franny I thought that was so cute like they where he older brother apologizing to her❤️😢

  87. Sofia Gomez

    I wanted u guys to pick the Mooney bro’s but I know it’s all fake anyway (Vince is 🤮)

  88. Mikayda Russell

    Andrew is so cute

  89. evelin alfaro


  90. BigPapa Chuck

    At the ²nd episode i cried bc brandon was in the bottom 3


    i dont like the ending

  92. Yadira Garcia

    Dustin deserves better🥺

  93. —Lexi- -

    Gabi needs to chill!

  94. sxnsetpeach

    11:10 Is no one gonna talk about how Roni tries to remove her shoes effortlessly 😂 11:13 And also Nezza and Nessa said the same thing at the same time like how did that happen 🤪😂 jk

  95. Ye Ji Choi

    I hate Brandon he kissed her !!! 🤬😡