I review technology from the inside with smartphone durability tests and teardown videos! Mixed with other projects and things I enjoy. Like drones & fixing random things.
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American Fork, Utah
If you want me to make a video tear-down on a product, feel free to send it. But there is no guarantee of a video unless agreed upon beforehand via email.
Videos are for Entertainment Purposes only. Attempt any repairs at your own risk.
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  1. Range sover

    Fixes phones more like destroys/tests phones

  2. Parth k Patidar

    Its great

  3. Day Sage

    jake find it

  4. Safiya Abbas

    Dont break it please give it to me i dont have a phone this is my mothers phone😢 and when he is scratching the ipad my heart is like :💔

  5. EpicPurpleHavok

    I've had this phone for just over a year. Mostly good until the Android 10 update which seems like LG software is not fully compatible with so it's pretty slow these days. I'm considering my first Samsung as my next phone !!

  6. Gabriel Vlasceanu

    Hello!! Please do it Samsung Galaxy A51 Durability Test!!

  7. Ehtisham Khan

    Man! this's brutal.

  8. Sengbath Momin

    Just give me the phone don't torcher it 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Fresh

    I like how you went all nostradamus regarding the dubble battery for apple

  10. Saffiullah Muhammad

    Look It’s a Apple Tree

  11. BEiN ZEWO


  12. Fabien Charles

    Star Wars is coming to life

  13. Rose Gregg

    Glass = glass, glass = break

  14. Isfaaq Elaheebocus

    You should try to break the nomu s50pro

  15. H K Rathi

    Don't you feel bad when you are doing this all

  16. Alpha De Omega

    "Size isn't everything" - JerryRigEverything

  17. Aryan Mane

    he went to lian yu 5:00

  18. Alyssa Herrera

    What a waste of money. ;-;

  19. Satyam Raj

    Sir plz make a video on poco f2 pro

  20. sinar bintang

    If Jerry mom find out he broke be like: *WHAT DID I SAY STOP RIGGING EVERYTHING*

  21. Paul Dunna

    Does the roof finish last 30yrs too? Otherwise you’ll be stripping the panels off the roof to get the roof replaced.

  22. mollie hardwick

    So it’s not very good then? *watches man stabbing with sharp knife*. Well I don’t know about you but I don’t really do this to my possessions so it’s kinda irrelevant? Who apart from physio paths are going to scratch the screen with spikes and keys anyway?

  23. Chris Errett

    Isn’t the marketing the biggest vibrater for an android. I think an android size comparison is needed.

  24. Jiji

    "That proves you can look awesome on the outside even if you are kinda dead on the inside"

  25. Zonked Tubers

    your fingre fibres trigger me

  26. Xin ’

    Who thought he sliced the real screen 😂

  27. ii i

    His talking sense ,style is great.{india}.

  28. Taylor Black

    Me: ...... Zack: "Just like little legos." Me: *cheering*

  29. Bradley Steele


  30. Xin ’

    His voice should be all the technical assistants lol

  31. Ganesh Bhagavath

    If you are not using any phone please give me and don't have a smartphone right now please please please please please

  32. Justin Garcia

    NOOOO that’s my dream baby

  33. Deepankar Chakraborty

    Rest In Peace Grant <3

  34. s1nisteR

    Yes Realme X2 Pro. 65W charging. Samsung isn't the only benchmark these days.

  35. confused yoda

    Samsung: The First Folding Phones Are Now For Sale. Nokia: *Am I A Joke To You?*

  36. Evan Guppy

    2:54 pls stop

  37. gug is god

    .....how are we supposed to see the 8k videos? Answer me

  38. Baconface McGee


  39. Emiliano Martinez

    Apple: YEA MINE is twice as long longer and wider Me:what is longer twice as long and wider Appel Appel:my well my um should I say it ok I will even tho this video will get demonetized my Vibrator

  40. antony joseph

    Worst product

  41. Noobkill 17

    1 like 1 prayer for that phone

  42. Amirhamza9696

    Its one of the best phone in the market

  43. Pepa0602

    Nedělej to

  44. Niels Gebhardt

    This phone is so ugly and crappy

  45. Gacha Spill

    The fact that he said maybe will bring back the iPhone SE and they actually did

  46. State Florin

    Huawei p40lite want in

  47. Anthony Pickering

    Jerry you need to trademark this

  48. Lance Davies

    i didnt make it past 35seconds. given up. phone is in the bin.

  49. redhat985

    After a month of use, do you recommend this product?

  50. Jawad Daoud

    I have android why am I watching this

  51. TGNM

    Rest in peace Grant <3

  52. Supercat

    3:04 is what you came for

  53. Dhanik Mk

    Jerry you missed p40 pro

  54. James Markakis

    I have a case

  55. James Markakis

    I have a switch

  56. D_D

    This guy is the main reason why we're getting quality products...

  57. Maine Playz

    Me when he’s scraping the phone: ;-; why.

  58. Polarbear Frost S

    When you have a kid: "Now for the scratch test"

  59. default squad

    That is The Rock in jumanji

  60. Cara StGermain

    my apple watch didnt even last 2 months of legit not using it

  61. Justin Weil

    Do you have any plans to test the Motorola edge plus?

  62. Ahsan Chauhan

    oh man don't do this please give me this ipad😭😭if you give me this ipad people give you more views

  63. Imran Ali

    Why are you broke it give me

  64. Ashfaaq Rojoa

    Hey jerry can you please test the Xperia 1 ii ?

  65. AJ ACJ


  66. Amos Daka

    Everyone will go nuts when apple inverts this a couple of years from now😂😂😂

  67. AJ ACJ

    Bro 😭😭😭

  68. Gary Doan

    Threw my phone at a metal bed frame and it killed it

  69. AJ ACJ

    Bro 😭😭😭

  70. Blaze otg

    razooooooor.....my god....it is screetching isnide my head down to my tooth

  71. AJ ACJ

    Bro 😭😭😭

  72. Spider_ Subs

    This man makes building Lego’s sound so professional

  73. AJ ACJ

    Loo bro 😭😭😭

  74. AJ ACJ

    Bro 😭😭😭

  75. Spider_ Subs

    If that happens you can just turn the car off and on again then you can turn on autopilot again

  76. SurvivusTheVirus

    3:00 was so true haha.

  77. Rea Per

    PLEASE SEND ME THAT OPPO!! I love the phone!! But had to buy a guitar! Please please please please please send it to me ♥️😢

  78. Polarbear Frost S

    Apple should bring back pressure sensitivity on their phone screens.

  79. G3 FPV

    so speaking from experience here my note 8 was having the same issue with the speaker to where even on max volume i couldnt hear most of the conversation. now i knew that i had to clean my type c port out probably every three months from the pocket lint and what not so i though well maybe thats my issue with the speaker. so i took a toothbrush and ran the phone under water while brushing and bam worked sound came right back and lots of "pocket sand" came out as it was stuck to the mesh. figured id share this for others.

  80. its P.Y.N

    How many of you who call that phone a pussy S41 phone instead of cat S41 phone ? Edit : don't tell me its okay if you don't want to

  81. jon stolpe

    Pretty surprised of how well that worked. Of course I have heard of them but never witnessed one working. Guns to me are just another tool, it's not the hammers fault your thumb is bloody, it's the user.... My 2 cents, Thanks for the demo, it was cool to see it in action. 👍👍

  82. Masanit

    i cringe a little every time he scratches the metal with his razorblade. it tickles my back

  83. TS MX uHigh'

    I love you

  84. LEON K.

    Sir can u please make one video with poco x2 mid range phon ....

  85. Olav Linkens

    I use my iphone 11pro for daily usage and still have scratches on the screen that i can feel with my finger nail does anyone have a clue what could have scratched it?

  86. Ryan Ando

    sir ist dangerous if the pastic of new battery has not been removed ???

  87. Vinayak Goyal

    Soundcore literally may have blasted him with money for so much of advertisement LOL

  88. The Newfie Gamer

    haha my iphone 5s doesnt bend

  89. Range sover

    Is everything a little lego

  90. Rider Tech SÚRÂJÌT

    Torne se achha kisi garib ka bhala kar deta

  91. Thor Odinson

    Plss no

  92. Jarken MVP

    It's customers fault batteries aren't easy accessible anymore.

  93. Yanian monte

    But why😔😔😣

  94. Manu Raju

    Bro...please donot destroy phone...please.....i donot have a good phone.

  95. Jo Stewart

    rum & raisin

  96. Vinayak Goyal

    3:29 looks like cracking an egg in the morning for breakfast🤣

  97. Hank And Ryan's Useless Vlog Channel

    Why can this not be played in background

  98. الཻـبᤠــى בא ꪜ

    والله لو ناطينيه ادعيلك ليل ونهار


    Kindly Break this i phone and

  100. Alfs Āboltiņš

    Jerry: scratching phones finger print scanner with a knife. Phones finger print scanner: not working. Also Jerry : hmm... interesting