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  1. E K Daufin

    Brilliant Amber on voting while Black. So Amber’s married? Let’s see her hubby!

  2. buff samurai fred

    More trump hating, while China takes advantage of the corona virus they created. Obama didn’t do anything while SWINE FLU killed thousands.

  3. AlexanderDraconis

    I'm really enjoying some of the free-form banter and the side comments, like about THAT MONSTER IAN @THECHISPERER OMGHOWDAREYOU ....😆 Have a good weekend, guys.

  4. Martin Valdivia

    Actually, is a good idea!. He just needs to pack the church whit a lot of his followers.

  5. OGL iaDL

    If journalists were not to attend trumps press conferences, nor mention his name for a week, he may actually cause his own death. Hey media, shall we test this theory?

  6. Chuck G


  7. lorrane

    In Australia, our prime minister is giving extra money to unemployed for the period of the pandemic. He also pays employers to keep jobs for the workers so they have jobs to return to when we are done with the virus. Australia is ready to reclaim our economy as soon as the virus is over. Why don’t you add a Coronavirus supplement to your unemployment payments. Then unemployment benefits return to normal when you take the Coronavirus supplement back and people are able to work after the virus is over. Why can’t you guys help your fellow citizens. No one wants to live on benefits, people want jobs and security

  8. Dinsdale Seven

    Beautiful. Keep em coming sir.

  9. nanpopco

    Trump is months LATE...He has blood on his hands...MOST INCOMPETENT ADMINISTRATION IN HISTORY.

  10. Chronic Crypto

    I was having an anxiety attack and this made everything better. I needed some good comedy news

  11. E K Daufin

    Love the theme song from multi locations! Sound is worse than the first day!

  12. Grace Fairchild

    I’m so glad the toilet paper aisle mom could get MO on the map 🥰

  13. Bob Singh

    Keep going Seth and crew. Appreciate the effort and wit and care.

  14. Aaron S

    wash your hands, be safe, we love you. i'm choked up and i don't understand why

  15. Nathan Hadley

    Holy crap, I didn’t realize that nurses are so underpaid.

  16. Moxi G

    It’s true, transparent people might be bad poker players

  17. Dan P

    I agree Seth, I also love 'Sarcastic Bernie'. The fact that we're not going to get to see a 2020 Bernie/Trump debate is such a shame. That would have been amazing. Instead there'll be two people on stage talking a bunch of nonsense, both of whom will be making multiple gaffs. Unfortunately unless the moderators draw attention to it, neither one of them will be selfaware enough to capitalize on it. I imagine the moderators are going to have their hands full while trying to keep them both focused & on topic.

  18. K McIntosh

    All these late night studio boys are turning into pretty competent single camera vloggers, huh? I love the show but Seth vlogging in a garage like a fifteen year old in 2013 really does it for me for some reason.

  19. Travis Davis

    I have watched this 46 times, and it never gets old. She is really cute here. Her voice and that laugh. Love it!

  20. Js Somewhere

    Seth the home report is getting better. A little sound dampening in the ole garage would help the echoes. Some inexpensive hunks of carpet hung just a bit off the walls. That way you won't be forced to listen to your jokes repeat themselves. Note: writing jokes in a place without an overseer and a horse whip. Does not seem to produce the same quality. Maybe connecting electric shock systems would jolt them back to the very above average quality we are used to. Or maybe it's the fact that all the time off has given me to much rest and made me overly critical of everything. Hum, maybe that is why I'm forced into the garage and not allowed to attend family meetings hum could be.

  21. Deez Nutts

    Till the end!!! Im watchin to the fucing end!!!

  22. Jack R

    Bernie 🥰 Anyone that voted for Biden should be ashamed. Bernie actually cares about us and has a track record to prove it.

  23. Wizard Suth

    Trump is so self-centred that when the World Health Organization declares a global pandemic and strongly recommends 7.8 billion people self-isolate (i.e. quarantine) to slow the spread of the disease, he assumes it's all a conspiracy to make him look bad. Never mind that over 27,000 people have died from it in the past 3 months and the projected death toll is in the tens of millions. Everything always has to be about him.

  24. ηθστιν η

    I want that shirt. Well, not that one, but a new one that looks like it from the same maker.

  25. mikey Martinez


  26. Inquizition

    So, Orange Man. *GASP* Bad. *UPROARIOUS APPLAUSE*

  27. Naturally weird

    Hahaha I am laughing at your state ... Bro she had to practice it ... You call yourself a journalist shame on you ...

  28. Joycetta Butler

    Dude, you do the best Bernie Sanders...Oh my Gosh!

  29. Sweet Gamer

    The “Coronaflu”

  30. Will Sims

    Dont mean to be pedantic but it should be, "his Yin to Carter's Yang". Yin is -ve and Yang is +ve.

  31. gelfie

    Here for the Bernie impressions

  32. Tim Marshall

    RE Biden on the View. Seth needs to listen again, it's just a two part answer from Biden - he said 1. Finding a cure is priority then answered Sara Haines' question about trumps hope to return folks to work prematurely "that can only make the problem worse. Basically Biden answered the question as it was out to him but after a momentary interjection that finding a cure is the 1 priority. It's what we all tend to do in natural conversation, we don't always just straight up function like "question, answer, question, answer" we sometimes throw in an aside as we are going and it's exactly why we sometimes need to read conversation transcripts over a couple of times

  33. Cassandra Rieman

    I love this side of you! And the self deprecation bits are amazing. Seeing the show dressed down temporarily is entertaining, so don't worry about anything else.

  34. Grace Fairchild

    My favorite Seth Meyers is when Seth Meyers knows he’s just done a terrible joke but must continue with his Seth Meyers smile anyway.

  35. Tom Upton

    Goddamn traitors for not speaking up publicly

  36. Ivan Muniz-Brown

    Wallace was the communication director for W Bush. She was pretty convincing but now she says she was “spinning”. Now she’s the gate keeper for the Democrat establishment over at MSNBC and she’s still pretty convincing although now her tune has changed pretty dramatically. I wonder when she was lying, back in the 2000’s or now. It’s the old conundrum: if she was lying so convincingly back then how do we know she’s telling the truth now? And if she was telling the truth why should we listen to a liar?

  37. Sally Boyer

    His nose is so rosy... maybe he has glasses of brandy in the morning too? 😂

  38. Mariah Williams

    Trump. Your An Idiot.

  39. ManuelPabloArnao

    Bob Muller disappointed all of America and didn’t do the job he was entrusted to do

  40. Simon Wilson

    Your face is out of focus but your arm is sharp..

  41. Enat P

    Love Bernie Sanders!! Common sense amongst stupidity

  42. EV &J

    Thanks Seth. You and your family stay safe and healthy ♥️❤️♥️❤️

  43. Robin

    Screw Chump! Report on the 2020 census and presidential primary!

  44. Donna Howard

    You are spot on!!!!! lol

  45. lorrane

    28 March 2020 the world total of confirmed cases is 570,000

  46. Laura Stufflebean

    😂😂😂Bird troubles!!!! 😂😂

  47. i

    What a beautiful man! 🙌 God took his time making him.

  48. Ehsan Nishaburi

    Trump, you have raised the bars for stupidity.... For this, you are the best!!!

  49. Heather Shea

    Loved this! All true. People who don’t already see trump for what he really is, never will. Trump has always been honest about being a terrible person.

  50. Suh Steven

    People do not spend money not because of they do not have money. They do not spend money because of they are scared to spend money at the stores shops malls etc. Helicopter money is not proper solution and panacea. Vaccine and medicine are the antidote to overcome this catastrophe. Because decrease in consumption and unemployment by coronavirus is the reason why global economy is under recession. This tragedy is not from financial crisis, but from natural disaster.

  51. ZkSnixer07 H.

    #MARKIPLIAR is one of the best SLselrs Ever In History

  52. EV &J

    I think these idiots should sacrifice themselves. Their grandchildren probably hate them anyway. Me, my granddaughter thinks her Mimi rocks, and would like me to be here for awhile. So nah, I’m home until further notice

  53. Lynn Deel

    Damn straight Bernie

  54. Waggish Sagacity

    3 quick points: (1) "[President] Jimmy Carter is the ying to Trump's yang," Priceless. (2) Parents, please send your kids' "Junie B," "Nancy Drew, " and especially, " Diary of a Wimpy Kid" books to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington D.C. Trump will ACTUALLY read ANYTHING now, but he has to start very slowly; and (3) Seth from home is even better than in the studio. Carry on Seth --makeup or not, you're fantastic!

  55. robicenco1

    All this because in the year *2020*, the Chinese still think it's a good idea to eat wild animals. Sigh.

  56. Joe Playing Outdoors

    Look up when the first case was DOCUMENTED then ask yourself how many before that were NOT DOCUMENTED? How many have not been documented? Add those in and the mortality rate changes. I was sicker than I have ever been physically after a plane ride home at Thanksgiving with a plane full of college students that where going back after bouncing around the world for 10 days. Who knows where the plane itself had been. The symptoms matched this latest little media darling . . . my case is not documented, neither are the dozen or so people I work with, two of which were sick before Thanksgiving. Only one of us went to the doctor. Lots of online friends across the country have related similar illness too. The numbers are skewed, the panic has cleaned the toilet paper from the shelves and we are about to go deeper into debt with the rest of the world. Now if we didn't have our collective head's up our ass we would have been more concerned with the over 100,000 deaths from the regular influenza in the past three years. Would have been less chance for the spread of covid-19. Anyway, to all those who have lost family and friends to both bugs, my condolences.

  57. elvislives81677

    I keep trying, but its nothing but Trump every time. Still not humorous or witty. Next.

  58. Zoë McGonnell

    Ngl this and kimmel have been lifesavers for these quarantine reports. Stay safe y’all!

  59. อัจฉรา วงศ์สง่า

    Personally, no one listen to this moron Trump any more from his bullshits.

  60. Jacqueline Ainsworth

    Love you, man. I smile the whole time.

  61. eddyvideostar

    To Seth Meyers and the producer: At the time of 4:12 minutes: You are dirty to use a doctored fraudulent picture of the President. This is wrong.

  62. D. R. Cole

    Good work Seth.......keep keeping on.

  63. lorrane

    28 March 2020 your confirmed cases of Coronavirus has topped at 57,000

  64. D64nz

    How did they even think about cancelling the 99? I want someones head for this!

  65. EV &J

    trump and his sycophants all need to meet up on Easter. The larger the crowd of minions, the better. 👌🏼

  66. Sunil GANU

    Finally, the right question popped up at 12:30! The day you find the answer to that, Sir Seth, you will have done your country a great service!

  67. Kate White

    I love Seth and I love Bernie! Thank you for a brilliant monologue. 🧡

  68. Stylized! Circus Baby -SL-


  69. millieo

    Does he know why people celebrate Easter?

  70. landahoy222

    dude... all your content is gold... Please keep it up.

  71. lorrane

    In Australia 🇦🇺 our medical care is FREE. Australians demand first class medical care and we expect the government to pick up the tab.

  72. serious

    I love the dancing kids

  73. m m

    that's not a sweater you're wearing its a cardigan, you silly man

  74. Douglas West

    TRUMP should fight with the corrupt Dems governors . they want to milk the country dry.WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE STAND WITH TRUMP NOT THE CORRUPT DEMS that paid China to make the virus. SORRY LOSER

  75. Dynasty Duck

    We love you Seth!

  76. da' Clickster

    “Oh right! The Sharonavirus....... from the meeting.” You and your team are doing great, Seth. Please please please keep these coming.

  77. Chris Koczka

    The emperor has no clothes on. Trump is psychologically unfit to be left alone in a kitchen, much less ever holding public office. Anyone that thinks this moron-in-chief is doing a good job, should just let the pandemic wipe their gene pool from this planet.

  78. Sleepy Mandragora

    this was one of the best written episodes, thanks to seth and the team!



  80. rmholt1

    Is that a dog barking - I just got mine to shut up


    Trump is doing an amazing job. This video is the definition of fake news.

  82. Legwarmer Productions

    Thank you

  83. Dan P

    "One day he'll be your best friend, the next day he'll hate you." A day after that he'll call you a great man & the next day an idiot. If you continue to be a really bad boy he'll likely deny ever knowing you. In which case it probably won't be long before you're facing some type of criminal charge.

  84. TitansSoul

    i love her

  85. Stimulator7

    I miss the sound of laughter and of comedians breaking character

  86. asherael

    I like the old guy yelling at the end. How cool would it be if that guy could have been president ? Someone actually ON OUR SIDE??? I can't even imagne what that would hve been like. If only there'd been some way to find out

  87. Danielle Johnson

    I am so terrified for my residents. We've had our campus locked down for the past few weeks. Everyone's temp gets checked frequently. Staff at the beginning of our shift and residents every 12hrs. Other symptoms are being noted as well. Cough. S.o.B. We do not have all the supplies we need.

  88. Don Dareshore


  89. Sabrina Estep

    Hell wild just the beginning of December

  90. Rock Hounder2414

    The sound of you voice is terrible probley from sucking on Nancy Pelosis ass

  91. Sabrina Estep

    Tell you how it works but hahaha 😂😂


    Republicans have always been slow response to any disaster,ill prepared or don't know what to do !but fast to cut taxes for their friends !

  93. Seine Durchlaucht

    I love that this bit is so quiet. No laughter makes presenting these serious topics more serious.

  94. reddoodler

    This was the funniest ever.

  95. lisa Bee


  96. Brian Wurch

    Martial l law is democrat/communist wet dream. "Six ways from Sunday" Shummer said so,. Now after Russia Russia , impeachment, the Bio Warfare Plague. and it is only Thursday, Next the great ballot stuff. Two White guys in MAGA hats did it, always.

  97. Francie Marceau


  98. Rock Hounder2414

    He has done more in 4 years than the last 2 presidents did in there lives.

  99. theusernameyouwanted

    Thank you for continuing to make videos, my whole family gets together to watch :)

  100. Dan P

    "Got people on twitter telling me I'm worse at SLsel videos than their teenage daughters. Well No Sh*t! I'm 46, which probably wont suprise you now that you see what I look like when I'm doing my own make-up." D*mn I felt that... It has been rather interesting seeing how all these celebs actually look when they don't have their lighting & make up crew around to enhance them. After seeing a few of them all I can say is there are some make up artist that don't get paid nearly enough.