Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias' style of comedy is a mixture of story telling with characters and sound effects that bring all his personal issues to life. His amazing ability to cross over with a clean animated style of comedy has put him in big demand throughout the stand-up comedy circuit. Ask anyone who has seen him in concert and you will probably hear the same thing, "He was so funny!"

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  1. Joseph Peters

    What happened to the video of " the last time fluffy wore pants " ...B_viacom block it here in the USA

  2. Derin Cuckoomon

    That Indian accent of his was what that made me laugh 🤣

  3. Ema sadiki

    your first view of the night at 12:35 am

  4. Brendan Oh


  5. Young Goten

    Felipe Oh My God Felipe he just causing problems

  6. Treefy idiot2

    Was he watching naughty inappropriate 18+ que cochino videos!?

  7. Luigi Mario 1997

    *Bruno, tell her I’m sorry...~*

  8. Johnathon Waggoner

    You know, I wish Gaberial Iglesias and dude perfect would do an Overtime show together and cause some mayhem on the show.

  9. Akshay Chitranshi

    You are an idiot

  10. Jesus Colon

    Was he told that he was getting deported?!

  11. Tasnim Ahmed

    What does being Hispanic or Latino even mean? If you live in a country that was a former Spanish colony regardless of your actual ethnicity? Many indigenous people in Latin America don’t have a drop of Spanish in their bloodlines (and many cannot speak Spanish and can only speak indigenous languages) yet they are all considered Latino? Is a monolingual speaker of Nahuatl in Mexico or Quechua in Peru a Latino? Is a full-blooded Mayan from Guatemala who is forced to learn Spanish in school (because their own languages are not recognized or promoted by their own country) and as a result speaks Spanish as a second language a Latino? My ancestors are from the Indian subcontinent, if I take some online courses and learn how to speak Spanish will I suddenly become a Latino?

  12. Madison Taylor

    Felipe??????? Flamingo???????

  13. Henco Steyn

    I've been watching your videos 24/7 because of the lockdown here in South Africa

  14. BurnaBurna

    I’m supposed to be doing an online school assignment but oh well. This is a lot better.

  15. Aditya Banka

    SOOOOOO MADE UP.... when have we liked fanta so much?

  16. Jimmy Rempel

    Buey I can confirm this is precisely how Mexicans behave onscreen

  17. BFM Young Nola

    The funniest man in the world

  18. Animesh Das

    I love the CCs. Best CCs ever!!

  19. Megan Newbanks


  20. Logan Miller

    Poor Bruno. Lol

  21. diseased world

    India is going anywhere else.

  22. Bradley Munodei

    "Dude you said you wanted to be black" 😹😹😹🙌

  23. Alezandra Davila


  24. Just A Human

    I knew it was gonna be bad but I didn’t expect “BLOOD OF JEWS” bad 😂

  25. Mackenzie Kindle

    That is racist and funny but WHO has the guts to do that!?

  26. Utkarsh Sharma

    We like tea more than "Fanta"

  27. My Shirt Creations

    love you Fluffy

  28. mrz80

    This was great stuff. Our pastor is Mexican, and his wife is Cuban :D

  29. aryan

    Hello stereotypes!

  30. Izzul Islam

    Its a cute miaw hahaa

  31. Aristos Dexer Dre


  32. Julian Harvey

    I wanna see this show so bad

  33. Shauka Hodan

    "So I shut off my phone" My wife would have murdered me.

  34. White Knight

    Too damn funny ya !

  35. REXLORD15 Games

    The horn part is true because in class we were watching something on India. The reporter was in a Delhi and all you heard was horns

  36. Alezender Wong

    How is this not part of the original special? Is this a bonus DVD feature?

  37. Pasupathy Devaraj

    This is one of the stand up shows where they make jokes about India , and I am not offended by them . Good one 🤣🤣

  38. Jhonas Gimeno

    I like how he is telling jokes while encouraging us to live a life at the same time. This shit made my day

  39. The Joker

    Iglesias season 2 series?

  40. ryan Hunter

    Never gets old when you want to have a laugh

  41. Digvijay Singh

    Huge fan 🤘😂

  42. Madhavi Kanwar

    Am an indian n am going to grab a fanta and unfriend all my german friends. Will surely order bloody mary too

  43. jamin thru life

    i know the feeling i suffer depression not easy but live love enjoy life

  44. апокрифическая любовь

    I am Arabic, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Hispanic, and American I also speak each language And I’ve never seen a Hispanic black guy

  45. bonypony 65

    I guess this guy never made ot to india 😂

  46. Hephsmith

    The conviction in G's voice when he accused Fluffy of eating his chicken was the perfect punchline!

  47. prathibha nandakumar

    very bad and offensive

  48. Manoj Kumar Srivastava

    He's so right about the cows. It's normal. It's our culture. One time my father was driving the bike and I was sitting at the backseat... we passed a cow, and the cow SNAPPED. She hit me in the face with her tail 😢. And I didn't even do anything, we just passed her! Yes she did. 😒 And I couldn't even DO anything. My father was laughing hysterically, and my mother was like--- “she blessed you!” You can imagine my reaction. 🙄

  49. madman 0409

    If a white guy did this , we would be called a racist

  50. Angel Zuniga-Munoz

    Funny comedy

  51. SoullessBRUH Gaming

    That oh hell nooo I know u ain’t talking about me, the most funny shit I’ve seen 😂😂

  52. Hunter Ozee

    I have a friend who was born in the Middle East they are really fun like Fluffy said and love to joke around.

  53. Dyana NYC


  54. Jonah 2

    Gabriel I love you so much I wish I could meet you go to Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada and I might just come to your show

  55. Ultimate Godzilla

    What did he say in spanish

  56. Xong Lo

    That is so truth about American traffic accident! !!!

  57. Pappu Bhai

    That joke on Donald Duck 😂😂😂

  58. Joseph Fernandez

    Gabriel: A Cell phone isn't a necessity, its a luxury Every Parent: * Starts Clapping *

  59. Beaux Jones

    If Uncle Joey just say thank you. Cause you’re gonna be on the trip of a lifetime

  60. Cyril Thomas

    Barack was the worst you politically correct asshole that's coming from an I Indian stop being politically correct

  61. Tyler PlaysThings

    you try speaking black and the next thing you know you've been classified as Puerto Rican.

  62. ZombieWolfShade

    Grand Theft Auto: India Sounds like an online server

  63. Marvin Moran

    This was on my birthday 😍 This makes me happy 😍

  64. Luis Herrera

    Im kinda worried that I dont find Fluffy funny at all😑, Im pretty sure I have good sense of humor because I LMAO with Dave Chappelle specials👍. Does someone else find fluffy not funny.

  65. Fabian Rodriguez

    Is Martin still in your show ?

  66. Edward Zaleski

    Showed him da BUNN

  67. Mathias Frandsen

    Thanks for this love from Denmark

  68. John Marston


  69. Alezandra Davila


  70. Alezandra Davila

    Big fan

  71. oreo_squad_is_awsome lago

    It’s not osama bin Lopez it’s osama big Lopez

  72. Chris Jagielski


  73. Daniel A.

    Ok so I’m part Indian and Namaste means “the god in me recognizes the god in you” .. this is the greeting in India.

  74. Jesse Orlando

    He’s not funny

  75. Jnai Lard

    I wasn't born in the 90s but ik what a fucking collect call

  76. JonGon Productions

    It's weird to hear an argument about Marvel and DC without mentioning Spider Man or the X Men

  77. D H

    Lol never get into an argument with ventriloquists as well those guys can do it even better 😂

  78. D H

    Now I want a black woman Siri fluffy makes this sound amazing

  79. Mavii68

    You are right, we love our puertorrican flag. We place it and recognize it everywhere we go, but lots of main land US citizens still don’t get it. We proudly wave it and we are US citizens too. 🇵🇷🇵🇷

  80. Pan Pan8

    Wuy is this so funny i am weird

    1. Shauka Hodan


  81. Metal Heart

    5:42 The terrified stare, then two huge eyes blinking like an anime character...

  82. ROGUE X94

    Last time I received a collect call it was from a prison. Didn't even know who the fuck it was I was only 14. 😂

  83. Toxic_Tomb123 4

    This show would be better if everyone were played by fluffy

  84. Prince Dusk saber

    Gabe how did you not wind up sleeping on the floor in the living room for that? This is sad for me to admit but when I do something that stupid my girlfriend makes me sleep in her car and the worst part is that it’s a volt wagon beetle.😑

  85. Madeleine Montalvo

    I was thinking of getting my Easter gift baskets ready because I'm Mexican and have way to many siblings and cousins. Then I remembered this video and had an idea I might've been in the garden section for a long time Can wait for easter

  86. Madeleine Montalvo

    "Is that what he said? Haha, god damn Scooby Doo. " -Dave the bus driver Me: Teacher I got my senior quote ready to turn in

  87. Ana Nieto

    lol about to suck your blood

  88. Le Monke

    yo I'm from South Florida and this just makes me happy because I'm latino too so this fixes all my problems in life with latinos

  89. TheViennawaltz

    MY Covid Relief!

  90. Raw Octopus

    it wouldnt been a bit funnier if he said gracias at the end

  91. Djibril Baldè

    That’s true about djibril = Gabriel in arabic my pops call me the same

  92. yir b

    Okay... Its true😂

  93. Al Abdon


  94. NovaFusionZero

    You should do strong man you'll still be fluffy and you can eat what ever you want but you be as strong as a gorilla

  95. Mithun Gopinath

    I'm an Indian and This dude is saying things we don't know. Thank you for the enlightenment.

  96. Mario Aranda

    Black woman imitation...👍👍👍😁😁😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😂

  97. Sarbartha Mukherjee

    That's Howrah bridge of Kolkata in background

  98. okow tina

    Imagine how confused the dog is