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  1. Dave World

    9:23 13k for 2 seats lmao

  2. Huy Nguyen

    The Celica looks amazing. Cars don't look that good anymore.

  3. Pascal Krzeminski

    The new A2

  4. Anish Sharma

    I hate the front


    16:18 what the fvck was moving outside that guys window

  6. eldy kallfano

    jimny the best ever.

  7. Juby Raj

    Absolute legends... nothing comes near BMW

  8. agofficial1

    Is that a Barbour jacket?

  9. Larissa Martinez

    this was such an interesting video. Looks like KIA came the closest to telling the truth. traveled 90% of claimed range. I would consider buying a KIA E-CAR.🚘👯‍♀️

  10. TheMadarhorsev

    Better than VW!?!?..Not possible 😂😂😂

  11. GiovanniLACA17XD

    All that money and its black on black!?!?

  12. William Néron

    I watched your reviews even before you were with carwow ;)

  13. PaulHawx

    M4 to get more girls

  14. Cesar Castillo

    The exterior and interior look very 2005

  15. Seth Shaffer

    220 miles is the width of ohio

  16. Michael Sutcliffe

    The front headlights are disappointing

  17. 일해라쉑웨스

    Please Genesis GV80

  18. Evan Gantley

    That’s one mean looking car, take off the badges and it’s could be a superhero car.

  19. AllanteA4

    Beautiful car!! You are hilarious 😂

  20. Brainiac Bold

    That m8 is nasty and I’m a Mercedes fan

  21. Brian Finn

    I really don’t understand him very well. Subtitles helped. I could care less what he thinks though. I did see several people arguing over what a decade is...that’s how irrelevant this video was. So the Tundra has two issues:It’s an old design and impgs You trade reliability for mpgs. Traded in my 13 cuz she loved gas and ate brakes but that’s about it. I’ll wait till the next decade to see what Toyota is going to do.. 🤣

  22. John Jones

    They were already dead in case you hadn’t noticed...

  23. Chris S

    That M8 resembles a Ford Mustang for some reason. Could be wrong.



  25. ace boogie

    An LFA was something special......I have no idea why it was discontinued.......

  26. Sunshine Viking

    If you're this much of a klutz just walking around, please don't do things like driving, or operating machinery.

  27. Darwin Estep

    Whats the world come to even RR is going SUV? Sad to say I did too.

  28. Fay Ahmad

    Why don’t you get the driving knob selector on the cla 35 steering wheel????

  29. Mr YB Executive

    Wow a 400k black cab. NOICE

  30. CteFox Zeus

    That GTR is the worst I have seen, including the driver.

  31. Eddie Eagles

    What's wrong with the car, this Diesel is bloody awesome to drive. Love it ❤

  32. batcore

    Hits the car then switch to a red car brilliant

  33. Shauka Hodan

    this looks like a fancy hearse 😂😂

  34. Dwilliams

    M8 definitely sounds better... and bimmer definitely sneaked a few extra ponies under the hood without telling anyone. Just to make the 20k extra make sense.. cant say I blame them👍👍

  35. STiGZ

    So happy I bought my Audi in 2011 when all this tech crap was not available yet 😂😂😂😂

  36. okow tina

    "just a little bit quikcle" 2 cars. LOL thats a lot buddy

  37. S85 V10

    Does it come with all you can eat headgaskets 🤣

  38. Firago Music

    Really fast cars! Looking at an s3 - might have to go stage 1...

  39. kevinmsft

    The backseats are surprisingly crap (for the price).

  40. Nikola Tomic

    Your videos are very funny, I truly enjoyed! Thanks for showing Rols. Honestly I expected space shuttle for that price... Does it have all electronics inside as expected (auto park assistances, auto drive, massage, night vision, safety brakes, loud sound with wooffers...?) or it is as minimal as it seems from my point of view?

  41. ilion

    Watching this with my s8 in my s8

  42. David Shin

    "The friend" looks like Dwayne Johnson


    Same car with Toyota badge is around £57,000 mark on auto trader! Toyota Vellfire it’s called apart from the badge everything comes standard, With Lexus badge costing another £110,000 🤣

  44. Milan Ap

    2,9t - Porsche

  45. Dave N Japan

    Then they just key your door for being a jerk 🔑

  46. kolo la

    Peddle shift double down same time convt to manual mode isn't it 🤔 like GTi golf.. try b4

  47. Jack njones

    Point is the 760li is a full out comfort cruiser with smooth v12 refinement . Effortless drive . The s63 is a full out race car . It was meant to go quick and handle . Why do you think the S65 amg v12 is slower than the s63 amg ????

  48. Dave N Japan

    Sooooo Ugly.......So much power is so stupid too

  49. ソルト

    I don't know that skoda is automobile maker... I only knew that skoda is Tank maker...

  50. Validio Dito Islam

    Tesla Roadster Vs Bugatti Chiron

  51. bob jones


    1. Shauka Hodan

      I feel like if you run someone over with this car, people will come over to the car seeing if it is okay

  52. Andrew Prater

    I have that same truck and it works great

  53. Gaston Saradino Mi NENA EL MUSEO DE LOS NIÑOS EN ARGENTINA BUENOS AIRES , Visiten, Gracias.😇

  54. Gerard Donovan

    The dust caps on the wheels are more expensive than my car..

  55. cooolwhippp

    I’ll stick to my Prius. 22 bucks 550 miles

  56. davidallmon

    So Volkswagen is still lowkey toying with the "Phaeton" huh? hmmm.....

  57. Timothy Isenhart

    I know the real reason why F150s are the number 1 selling truck in the U.S. It's because us Americans have became less intelligent over the last 30 years because of our own laziness in the desire of learning. If we were more intelligent we wouldn't buy these over priced aluminum cans with wheels. 😁

  58. evo emperor

    Am i the only one who noticed the windshield pillar grab handle trim is missing? 🤣

  59. Koke

    The APR stage 1 ecu & tcu tune is similar but extra bhp. Insane mod and well worth the money! Transforms the Golf R immensely!

  60. mrtviStrike ?

    Do m8 vs Tesla

  61. Aryan M

    What color is the m8

  62. Vivek

    Because it's not ..

  63. M. Low

    So basically the ultimate vehicle would be a AWD vehicle with a electric motor to give you that instant response, plus a turbo charged motor that would kick in once the electric motor has completed it task.

  64. Joel H

    11:07: "Jeeves, take me to the KFC drive through, i wish to experience the food of the common people!"

  65. Steven SQ5

    I've always wondered... Why do you use walkie-talkies? Don't all the cars you test usually have Bluetooth?? 😂 I still like all your videos 👌👍

    1. okow tina

      but Matt goes off the starting line first

  66. David Mkhuleko Ndlovu

    Audi is just the one 👌🏽

  67. Dr. DeepInsideYa

    Look it's the new Kia Soul

  68. LMHS63 John

    OK...nice but I'll keep my 2009 LS-3 Corvette for a while !

  69. PATSFBALL 4466

    Y he start in mud. Only reason e do vid

  70. Red Planet

    Put better tires on the Suzuki

  71. justrobert_ yt

    Race bugatties

  72. Ethan Wilson

    The title of this is a bit excessive carwow..

  73. Muss Reichen

    Was die da vergleichen.....

  74. musicluv80

    I saw one of these last year and it didn't look that big either.

  75. rupert the bear

    over 4000 lbs in weigh 0 to 60 in 4 seconds and some moron goggling at a computer screen... (how is that safer than using a mobile phone).... that scenario spells death for everyone else on the road... expect road deaths to go up soon...thanks. nice to see the ladies involved... chauvinists!!

  76. JBCOM

    Stone age transmission is letting Aventador down

  77. Oleksii Zubach

    Porsche 🤣🤣🤣

  78. I am milan

    Very luxurious

  79. Mark Bardosh

    This brake test is a joke from a scientific point of view

  80. Aly Ibrahim

    What a disappointment. Reminds me of the Honda Element. Looks like a big toy. And how can you say aggressive!!!

  81. HORTY D

    It does remind me of someone , expensive with 2 holes.

  82. gmax876

    I had an 07 tundra and I would've bought another one if they came out with a fresh one, but I bought a RAM instead.

  83. Darkside 91

    8:40... MGMT gets a POP!!! 📻🔉🔉🔊🎼🎹🎤🎧🎧🎧🤗🤗🤗

  84. Brian

    I’ve owned two F-150’s, both with 5.0 V8’s.Both were great.The best part, no cylinder deactivation.

  85. Joshua Santos

    Still would rather have an E63S

  86. Darkside 91

    4:45... That space was clearly designed to fit the world’s smallest pizza slice. 🍕🌎

  87. fast_eddie

    Remember when there was no ABS, Traction control or launch control?

  88. J J

    Am I the only one that thinks it's hideous?

  89. K onliner

    Audi is my dream car. I love the quality of VW Group cars.

  90. NallenTV

    Keeping it real carwow...

  91. Pritam Shishupal

    China is a copycat market at the moment but I think it's going to be capital of smart electrical cars for a long long time...

  92. REDOUTE94

    M8 look is so baad soo nasty

  93. Adi Georgian

    Put a turbo on that nsx , its old it needs some help

  94. Alan Jenkinson

    Wayyyyyyyyy too many bloody adverts

  95. Gerard Jachymiak

    2:20 boring people would do wh per mile

  96. sackiteylawrence

    Spoiler : There's a winner

  97. Простой парень из Питера

    10:19 10:27 most expensive

  98. G Sterling

    The virtue signaling by Tesla owners is laughable at best. Fully electric and hybrid vehicles leave a large environmental impact caused by the batteries. The mining of exotic chemicals, the manufacture, and the disposal puts a black eye on the whole process. Most of those activities are carried out in third world countries where the "believers" don't see the problems or deal with those problems. Then the carbon footprint cannot be dismissed because most of the electricity is generated by coal. Then the change out of batteries is not cheap, both for the owners and the shops doing the change and abiding by strict disposal laws. Bottom line; is it is too early to swoon over electric vehicles. It will happen when the technology and practicality come together.

  99. Mansoor

    Who counted all the 0-60 times in there head and got it right?

  100. SHOTGUN

    Give me that M3......i beh you, it's phenomenal