Gav and Dan take on the world in Slow Motion!
Definitely in the top 10 of slow motion based SLsel channels!
If you can, watch our videos at the highest possible resolution on your device for some offensively crisp slow motion footage.
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  1. lil_ gezus

    Did anyone else feel uncomfortable knowing a bullet is coming towards you

  2. corbloxo

    0:34 I’d go with nuts

  3. Tuan Dinh

    When I was a younger kid “I thought these were cool and funny until I learnt what are condemns are”

  4. albrt _

    Recreate that pleaseeeee

  5. Macintosh Fan

    Just got this in my recommendations and I’m blown away that this exists!

  6. Alo Tor

    She's enjoying it so much

  7. Darth Vader

    It looks like thinking putty

  8. Kristofferson

    He basically just water boarded himself smh

  9. facite non victimarum

    Reminds me of the movie, "Dumb and dummer."

  10. NitroSpider VIlluminati

    them: only functioning sherman in the world demolition ranch: check this out

  11. NitroSpider VIlluminati

    What Ram drivers are: Ram truck drivers What they think they are: 0:42

  12. GioGios Bizzare Mafia

    Netflix adaption of demon slayer

  13. SC O'Dubhlaoch

    That's a really thick needle. I guess "needle" sounded better in a title than "nail" though lol.

  14. NitroSpider VIlluminati

    Cast: M4 Sherman tank 152mm Russian howitzer cannon yep that's it

  15. NitroSpider VIlluminati

    "I've had a word with the blue men'' how

  16. Jeffrey Guinn

    Buick LeSabre is a great choice of cars.

  17. NitroSpider VIlluminati

    11:40 Rare footage of the end of WW1

  18. George Kraus

    Are we going to "see" photon as a particle or wave or both?

  19. Awesome Mark

    Ah yes my childhood bruh im 11 this came out my search when i search wipeout

  20. Ben Paunescu

    Imagine being able to have 10 trillion fps in a game

  21. Ak 26

    yeah but thats nothing on youtubes 2x fast speed

  22. Katauna Damron


  23. Thiago Schaffer Carvalho

    vcs são muito sem graça

  24. NitroSpider VIlluminati

    15:05 MINI NUKE

  25. NitroSpider VIlluminati

    i remember watching this in 2015 and didn't know it was you guys

  26. LumberJack

    Imagine using this on a house intruder .

  27. Khushnuma Sagar


  28. lanford johnson

    You should do a video on rotary broaching

  29. Muhammad Ridwan


  30. CactusLasagna

    dan becomes a doctor, but secretly doesnt have a medical lisence and overdoses 6 people then gets the death penalty

  31. NitroSpider VIlluminati

    1:10 **Windows XP shutdown noise intensifies**

  32. Felipe Peixoto de azevedo

    13:15 Completely normal .... I see lots of moments like this at the and my soft hand

  33. Alex

    They also got some red lightning

  34. TheReal Kalli

    WTF WHY THE BEAMER??????😭😭😭

  35. Dotun Arowolo

    Instead of shooting a camera, do you realize that you could have shot a periscope and have the same effect?

  36. Hussein Ales guys u should do the pumpkin trick. It would awesome with the slow motion stuff 😊

  37. Thaamawi a

    Laughed instantly since i saw the thumbnail🤣🤣🤣

  38. Arktos der böse Schneemann

    This is why you should NEVER use a grinding wheel above it´s recommended RPM!

  39. ShadowOps Airman1

    No such thing as an assault rifle

  40. Nicholas Ragusano

    I'm wondering if the cause of the breaking is that the outside portion of the record has approached or exceeded the speed of sound? If that's the case, then I'm not at all surprised that the records broke as they did.

  41. kgf channel

    Beautiful video


    Fake! British scientists.... dolboyobi bezgramotniye. :(

  43. Greg Steele

    So, how do you like the design for the new bidet?

  44. Krog Ognog

    When you crush the candy talk about candy Crush

  45. tierra viva

    Bad camara angle, they should show the floor and the shot of the camara would be more interesting

  46. Cyfen

    This wind tunnel gave me throwbacks to playing CSGO with Russians

  47. CocoTheCatVloger

    Who da flick puts lè ketchup on lè corn, u puts salt n’ butter on lè corn or just me

  48. Regardt Klopper

    It takes a lot of faith to continue believing in evolution after considering the complex design of the iris

  49. el giee deee

    Imagine having this kind of FPS

  50. Patrick Cervantes

    3:46 0.25x TIME FREEZE

  51. Михаил Мещеряков

    Парни, вам нужно было с этой пушки выстрелить по вашему танку. Вот это было бы крутое зреллище.

  52. Marulien Swiftarrow

    You should really get the Mantis Shrimp

  53. Christian Reyes

    Wow 😮😮😮

  54. 101 NEGÃO

    15:25 kkkkkk BR

  55. Cyfen

    0:58 that’s how Australia was made.

  56. Steven Villar

    May i know the music you guys use when slow-mo is presented? Its relaxing,..

  57. Red Wings Official

    I just lost my mind

  58. Dragonz

    Can u slowmo the speed of light by using flashlight

  59. piktureit

    rip haus

  60. DarthKirby7601

    What about QLED

  61. Char Riel


  62. namee ee

    unfortunately this has been patched in the 2020 update

  63. Wayland Ark

    *10 trillion FPS* Roblox: 3, take it or leave it

  64. Rice Boi

    Just imagine your getting robbed and you pull up up a mini gun

  65. exiled veteran

    I can only imagine what he's doing this late in quarantine

  66. hilma121379

    10:40 we will be looking at a women's part... Here we go, into the hole...OH look a baby

  67. Heat YT

    Dude perfect card trick shot (Slow mo Guys Edition)

  68. cyberborberb

    This is one of my favorite videos :)

  69. Couture Oconner


  70. johneygd

    Yep, and now try to reconstruct all these broken vinyl records back together with glue, haha lol.

  71. Ethan Wall

    Does anyone think it would be possible to shoot two guns so that the bullets hit each other mid flight, and record this impact? I think it would be an insane video due to the difficulties of making them collide, but it is possible. It would also require quite a lot of safety precautions, of course.

  72. AMajesticMango - AMM

    Did...did he just put his feet with socks on in water?

  73. JustaGamer

    Dan sufferimg for 2 minutes straight

  74. Mr. Sylver

    Their camera: *1 trillion Fps* My camera: *60 Fps take it or leave it*

  75. Mr. Sylver

    There is no way this is real

  76. SlyNine

    *if it was red yellow blue, it would appear dark gray. You're not dreaming with additive colors.

  77. Franta Omacka

    i have a tip for you guys, take a slowmo shot of particles in cloud chamber pls :)

  78. João Pedro

    Mano esse cara na thumb é o caba velho !!

  79. pulesi joe Salvatore


  80. RTV FishstickZ

    You guys should shoot a watermelon

  81. Desperadox23

    You don't tranquilize Dan?

  82. Javere Harris

    How about give me a car and seeing my reaction in slow motion Scene 1:Oooh! Look at his dimples Scene 2: his smile is priceless

  83. just jacob11

    I'm over here in quarantine, and I witnessed this beautiful video. Here from 2020 during the coronavirus

  84. just jacob11

    We're here in quarantine, and I witness this beautiful video

  85. Alicia

    Every so often, when I’m feeling down, I’ll come back and watch this video. Every time I laugh as hard as I did the first time I saw it! Absolute legends!

  86. Jan Černý

    Where can i actually get it?

  87. technically it’s a ferret

    that house looked nice :(

  88. Apple Pie

    In before Rachel sees this video and freaks tf out amirite

  89. technically it’s a ferret

    it looks like his face has gotten crushed! *wth does it look like*

  90. Miko Scootz

    Booooo Gav! He doesn’t even do anything

  91. technically it’s a ferret

    hmm, yes. *the floor here is made of floor*

  92. technically it’s a ferret

    *what is that, from the 30’s?* *way ahead of ya.* yeah, literally.

  93. technically it’s a ferret

    watch gav eat ink for a few minutes

  94. Dominic Nardiello

    is it just me, or does Gavin look like astro boy's dad...i cant unsee it

  95. Code Hustler

    now you have to split a cannon ball in 8 pieces.

  96. Hayden Schaaf

    Americans say jello

  97. technically it’s a ferret

    3:24 *o o m p a l o o m p a s*

  98. randall armstrong

    Surprised he didn’t have Curry dunk it for him...

  99. technically it’s a ferret

    that camera quality tho