SLsel is an American video-sharing platform headquartered in San Bruno, California. Three former PayPal employees-Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim-created the service in February 2005. Google bought the site in November 2006 for US$1.65 billion; SLsel now operates as one of Google's subsidiaries.

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  1. FireWolfJax

    ahhh dolphin man is y FAVORITE superhero.... aHHHHHHHH MYY CLILDISH BUTT IS DYINGGGG LMAOOO

  2. Henryhogg

    I saw that kinda fish a couple days ago the pond monster is a fish

  3. Maher Hossain

    I do not understand why does he just leave a song in the end ???

  4. Ragerous Pickle

    My vote:no

  5. walrusman 180

    That rapping bar ice cream made me spit out the water I was drinking(in a good way)

  6. shark snake

    i cant believe i watched this channel without hesitation

  7. StormChasingNinja

    "You look like ravioli and I got the formuoli" hold up that hit different.

  8. Jazeera Alexa Tamondong

    Ehhem. Ehhem im just ganna say something your a bad singer #letmegohelpyou let jojo siwa,shawn medez,andbruno mars help you i fill like im ganna throw up🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  9. Hello Friends

    "if you're a girl, you understand the plight of stray bobby pins." I have never even seen a bobby pin in my house like ever.

  10. Jazeera Alexa Tamondong

    Im throwing up🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 i freakin hate you

  11. Jude Studt

    i don't want Mickey Mouse to attack me but I know he wouldn't

  12. Professor OOF

    I fell asleep and I woke up to “MORGAN MORGAN!”

  13. AJ_one

    Doctor: And what is your gender? Everyone who knows danny: Ah, I am a greg....

  14. gsarra

    Meanwhile in a parallel Universe What's up's greg

  15. An Nguyen

    Made me angry u said Peppa the Pig

  16. Madison Cooper

    Lmfao i am literally dying

  17. Jude Studt

    HOT!!HOT!!HOT!!!!!!!!! (some other person) not

  18. Why Not Gaming

    Christmas Lights!

  19. The ALEXdoodles

    I disliked the video because of the movie

  20. Jake Paul


  21. Madison Cooper

    Why are there two of these? One 16 minutes one 18?!

  22. Jessica Rivera

    acually, the fastest growing is Pewdiepie, Who is the fastest growing SLselr?

  23. E Smith

    Subscribed and notifications on. I am now truly a member of the Greg clan

  24. Crazy_Llama_ Lover

    *Danny talking about a serious issue* *me wondering if hes gonna notice that his little nutcracker guy is fallen over :(*

  25. Digital Strider

    hannah montana songd skdhejbdj

  26. Couz Were awesome

    You are just jealous

  27. guy011

    Thanks greg

  28. Lexi TheGameBoss

    8:57 I don't know why but that actually made my day. I couldn't help but laugh at that face 😂

  29. Tsukari Kaoru

    8:32 killed me

  30. Queen Of Weird

    I just saw the worst rip off of Kung Fu Panda and there needs to be a reaction lmao

  31. Space Turkey

    Why does Danny constantly look like he was just told that there was homework

  32. Suvidh Sudheer

    What fucking losers

  33. Johnathan Houston

    You look like my cool reading teachers brother that made her cool

  34. BattleCore 706

    0:00 I thought this was the start of the femur breaker sound in scp:cb

  35. JokerDemon 9000

    I feel bad for morgz's neighbors

  36. Isaiah Scott

    Nobody: Girl: I d O n T c A r E


    Fantastic product! I’ll take 19

  38. Heath Laughlin

    Yup everyone knows that 0:52


    Every video they collab I just love so much they always just have actually really fun and it just seems like they are just having a good time this video I was just dying the whole time also did he say guy at the end instead of Greg lol

  40. Chicken master

    I remember watching this in a car dealership lol

  41. Raffique Pierre

    Now you see kids are talking to the fridge and the parents are bring them to the metal institution haha 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣

  42. Foxy Goldmaster

    I’m G.R.E.G in #notificationsquad

  43. Aiden Lincoln

    I just realized Danny looks like my stepbrother

  44. Joshua Austria

    Actually No Joke You Can Really Google The Time By Searching What Is The Time Right Now And By The Way Watch Jay Vs AldosWorld

  45. Kawaii Hə¿mr¡kr

    Nobody: Dannys' knees: *crunch crunch*

  46. CatPlayz

    gre g

  47. David DaDragon

    They pour the missing sand in our shoes as we sleep

  48. Infinite YT

    5:12 damn it’s 12 am and I’m laughing loud af

  49. Tboy 205

    Lol. Casey Simpson is from Nick Ricky Dicky and Dawn....... don’t ask me why I know that

  50. Ana Augusto

    Hey Danny you ain’t pretty you bootiful :>

  51. Isaiah Scott

    That one dude name Craig Dam it

  52. Anonymus Commentor

    He’s only surprised that she’s brushing her teeth because... well... she’s British?

  53. Nicholas L

    13:31 he touched the lens dude

  54. jenna matty

    he literally looks the same five years later omg

  55. Boba Tea

    these days, writing evil on something makes it evil.

  56. Saprogeist

    boxboy: *clearly holding boxing gloves* Punch me! random girl: *bare knuckles to his face*

  57. contrasted red

    Breaks glass 0:42

  58. Claire O'Connor

    Danny you need to bring back Girlfriend Character. She’s my favorite

  59. Pablo Esteban Bondaz

    13:53 how to forget when linus tech did that ad.

  60. Pablo Esteban Bondaz

    13:53 how to forget when linus tech did that ad.

  61. Foxy Goldmaster


  62. Bubba's Adventures uwu

    im 10 i dont sleep lmfao

  63. rotmg sucar

    your insane jarvis XD

  64. Jor Bore

    Did Danny just say he had sex with a nutcracker?

  65. wyrmy's weirdness

    The wind turbine story is true i believe, unless I'm mixing up 2 stories. One of the men jumped off and died from the fall and the other burned to death. Since then, I'm pretty sure they've improved wind turbine safety (thanks emo phase me)

  66. Mr. Ray

    Ah yes, alcohol. The worst drug of all.

  67. Adeline Waldorf

    Dobre brothers: gets 3.7 views Danny: gets 3.8 views

  68. Alexa Sparklin

    By gadgets do they mean a AR-15

  69. depresso doggo

    Hey guys, timestamp thumb:nail a baby fell

  70. Andrew Oliveira

    I don’t think that’s their backyard I think it’s a fucking golf course if so the golfers are probably like Tf are they doin attacking fish with lightsabers

  71. Alligator Mermaid

    React to bestie picks bae plez

  72. Saprogeist

    1:43 this is for me carry on with your business

  73. Chansaw McDuke


  74. Yotty Dotty

    We should just take advantage of the first amendment and go boom boom to the demons

  75. jenna l


  76. Suvidh Sudheer

    I love how she is like don’t do drugs then she’s like and if anyone fucking says anything negative about kick their fucking ass

  77. Hi F*****

    me: what if I unsubscribe? Danny: you won't me: good point

  78. K Wilson

    Lol rice gums rent costs more than jake pauls house and jake paul is a fake cuz his daily earnings are about 1k


    I love how it’s just them literally have Ming a good time like they are seriously just having fun it’s adorable and great

  80. Brennen's life Daily

    Imagine being an actual song artist and a SLselr makes a better song than you LOL

  81. Sophia Diaz

    12:36-15:36 your welcome

  82. Kate Bartoli

    The brother looks like u

  83. Kenzie K

    i love your guinea pig Laura!!

  84. Seabird Shop

    How many woahs did you count guys. 😂

  85. My world as Nya

    Troom Troom should be more happy because Danny is actually getting them more views 😂

  86. Claudia David

    when he said ITS DECEMBER FIRST! i had my mom next to me and I got super scared

  87. human

    how do you know what bike tires taste like?

  88. Mixxen

    Wait a minute aren’t carter and the lizz person dating? (My sister watches his videos)

  89. SacredGaming HD

    My face has retracted into my skull and is currently pressuring my dry, flakey brain out of the rear of my head from all of my cringe

  90. Carly Firestone

    If you look up the fastest growing SLsel army it actually says Greg idk if you know this danny but apparently google has your back

  91. Joshua Austria

    Look At There Video Ordering Stuff And Weird People From Deep Web

  92. Cy Anide

    Budget Ghost Adventures

  93. Amelia G

    okay but i never heard about a youtuber not vlog ?????

  94. h a i l e e

    We could all use some fun slides for quarentine

  95. Boba Tea

    the nutcrackers are multiplying.

  96. TheOneAndOnly Chris

    Notifications on I am truly Greg

  97. NeatPlainy

    Morgz sounds like muselk lol Oh and... his mom's a great ACTRESS... unless...

  98. Gavin Manshack

    Lil tay is now in youtube heaven flexing toliet paper

  99. Suvidh Sudheer

    Because of your songs, I started making my own songs. like the one song I made called Bouncing like a YoYo.Of course I’m too much of a bitch to post it so I yeah but I can always sing my own songs to myself Please continue to make songs

  100. RC568

    Screaming made my dog shut up. I’m not kidding